April in Bloom….

and blossoming with innovative sunglasses and spectacles – see REVIEWS for stylish eyewear to enhance spring fashions. Designer of the Month features an Italian design duo, and there is a must-see BOUTIQUE in Madrid. Italian fashion heritage highlights a beautiful exhibition in London – click on CITY GUIDES. Remember to sign up for Eyestylist Exclusives – our newsletter with special frame and accessory trends to keep you aware of international style setters. It’s all on Eyestylist – www.eyestylist.com

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Keep it personal

Keep it personal

Bushakan, San Francisco

18th April 2014 As well as the ongoing trend in personalising eyewear – we have spotted some beautiful personalised accessories including these by Bushakan – makers of sustainable storage for eyewear, phones and iPads. The label, which is based in San Francisco, produces solid walnut or maple three and five piece eyewear stands, iPhone and iPad docks which can be engraved with a logo, name or initials. Each design starts as a solid piece of wood, sourced from sustainably managed forests, and in the final stages, finished by hand. (Above: Bushakan 5 pocket storage, below, 3 pocket design).

Bushakan's 3 pocket storage in maple

Bushakan 3 pocket storage in maple

Bushakan dock

Bushakan dock in walnut for phone and glasses

This unique US label sells online and directly to optical shops; since we spoke to them last, the owners say they are stocking stores from Australia to Iceland. www.bushakan.com. For our introduction to the label: http://www.eyestylist.com/2013/06/one-to-watch/ CN

Multicolour Magic

Multicolour Magic

Burst into Colour!

15th April 2014 Colour and more colour is the fashion password this season. Australian designer Jono Hennessy has launched a frame collection of festive colourations in silk fabrics sourced from Down Under. The result is style 6320 (above) that is available in a wide range of lively, diverse tones. A chic little cat-eye shape highlights the beautifully vibrant colours. www.jonohennessy.com

Vibrant Colours by Benedetta Bruzziches

Colour Magic by Benedetta Bruzziches


Accessory designer Benedetta Bruzziches says: “I believe in energy and colours.” She also loves to experiment, and the gorgeous Carmen Harlequin bag in a riot of quilted coloured leather is a testimony to her beliefs. The bags are all handcrafted in Italy. www.benedettabruzziches.com JG

OP LA / Open Pop collection

OP LA / Open Pop collection

Anne & Valentin

11th April 2014 Anne & Valentin has us marvelling again at the delectable details of Open Pop, a new collection with a gorgeous colour concept that plays with transparency and retro colour ‘pops’. Inspired by Lichtenstein, William Klein’s visions of pop culture and the geometries of the 60s, the Open Pop concept is light, airy and excitingly sassy.

Model ‘Op La’ is one of several shapes in the line – oversize and boldly geometric, with graphic lines and a striped resin inlay that gives a couture definition to this statement eyewear. The temples have been cut to go from bold and thick to delicate and thin, creating a floating effect when on the face.

OPLA 1424

Choose the Op La in spectacular colours – a classic darker tone such as tortoise and black (top) for Audrey Hepburn glamour or an explosive pastel combo with chic green almond (above) for 60s divas. www.anneetvalentin.com CN

Blue Beauties

Blue Beauties

Vibrant Colour in Statement Eyewear

7th April 2014 Brilliant shades of blue are a highlight in many collections this season – stunning, rich tones in exciting variations. The intensity of the colour is a nod to the famous deep blue hue created in 1961 by French artist Yves Klein, with input from a chemist – a colour that Klein often used in his paintings. International designers offer delightful interpretations – here are Four Beautiful Blues!

Theo in Belgium (above) sculpts an asymmetrical shape with their eye-witness UC titanium frame in blue teamed with black. The laser-cut titanium pieces are welded together though a different laser process – and the result  is precision craftsmanship! www.theo.be

Glamorous Blue by Mondellaini

Glamorous Blue by Mondelliani

Italian brand Mondelliani’s lustrous two-tone acetate – Salina – features superb volume styling, and hints of retro with the exaggerated brow shaping. Very glamorous! www.mondelliani.it

8321 JH

Translucent Blue by Jono Hennessy


Down Under in Australia, Jono Hennessy admits “we love blue” and created an optical frame in bright blue acetate, with a lovely slim line cat eye shape. With its glossy translucence, style 8321, has soft shine and luminosity. www.jonohennessy.com


Bold Blue by Face à Face Paris

Bright, bold and beautiful! Light and airy aluminium – Aliumair 2 – by Face à Face Paris – features a dash of sunny yellow on the inner temples. www.faceaface-paris.com JG

Futura - Trendsetting Sunglasses by Silhouette

Futura – Trendsetting Sunglasses by Silhouette

Third Generation Frame with Timeless Style

4th April 2014 Certain designs are timeless – indeed, they improve with age. Silhouette’s FUTURA is an iconic frame that transcends the years. Futura was introduced in 1974 (above); then there was a retake on the cult frame in 2004. The latest reinterpretation is the Futura 2014 to coincide with Silhouette’s 50th Anniversary.


Futura - Lightweight marvels to celebrate Silhouette's 50th Anniversary

Futura – Lightweight marvels to celebrate Silhouette’s 50th Anniversary

“Thanks to Silhouette’s special material technology, the new Futura moulds itself completely to the head, appearing to almost hover on the face,” said designer Gerhard Fuchs. The exceptionally stunning frame is available in three energizing colours: a black temple and silver mirrored lenses; a white temple with bonze-colour mirrored lenses; and sunny yellow with black lenses.

Last evening in London, Matches – the ultra chic fashion and accessory store – celebrated Silhouette’s landmark occasion and the Futura Anniversary Collection with a private preview. The gala event was held in a beautiful townhouse – 23 Welbeck Street –  owned by the founders of Matches. Tali Lennox, who appears in Silhouette’s Futura campaign, was at the event, and chatted with guests and press. For minimalistic and trendsetter coolness, Futura is the ultimate accessory for summer fashion. www.silhouette.com Futura can be ordered online at www.matchesfashion.com JG

Trend watch: Shades of the sea

Trend watch: Shades of the sea

1st April 2014 Accessories across the spectrum from shoes, to bags to sunglasses reflect fashion’s love affair with ocean hues, from pastel acquas to bright teal or deep turquoise, in blocked colour or intricately patterned or textured with delicate detail. Eyestylist.com has picked some personal highlights….

1. Adriana from the Lace Collection by Sama Eyewear, www.samaeyewear.net 2. Ankle boots by Eva Turner, www.premiata.it  3. Luxury scarf design ‘Mystical Eye’ by Age Of Reason, from £210, online at www.age-of-reason-studios.com 4. Acqua 2 by Face à Face , www.faceaface-paris.com 5. Shoes by United Nude, £180, www.unitednude.com 6. Vittoria Bag by Si-V / Sivan Shraga www.si-v.com 7. Handmade Veda sunglasses by Larke Optics in London, £295, online from www.larkeoptics.com. CN



Spring impressions…

roar in like a lion for March, and COLOUR is keynote from subtle to strong, see our designer eyewear REVIEWS. Utrecht in The Netherlands is your destination for an elegant boutique, and our DESIGNER OF THE MONTH is a bonafide Parisian. Take a voyage down fashion’s memory lane with a beautiful exhibition in CITY GUIDES. Eyestylist.com updates regularly in all sections throughout the month, so for the latest accessories and style statements, click and stay with Eyestylist.

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Eyewear Essential - Tortoiseshell

Eyewear Essential – Tortoiseshell

Timeless Treasure

28th March 2014 Tortoiseshell has been a treasured material since ancient times, as people loved the splendid markings and its organic warmth. In eyewear, the use of tortoiseshell was first noted about 1675. However, real  tortoiseshell has been banned since the 1970′s to protect turtles – an endangered species – and fragile eco systems. Fortunately, technology has paved the way for lovely tortoiseshell adaptations made from superior quality acetate.

Tortoiseshell and its timeless beauty contributed to the success of the costumes for The Great Gatsby. Catherine Martin won an Oscar for Best Costume Design this year. Christian Roth, who understands the lure and naturalness of beautiful classic materials and fine design, created the distinctive sunglasses featured in the film. Elizabeth Debicki (above) portrays 1920′s chic with her sleek turban and voluminously proportioned Christian Roth Tortoiseshell sunglasses. www.christian-roth.com


Claire Goldsmith and Ainjali Fine - Tortoiseshell advocates!

Claire Goldsmith and Ainjali Fine – Tortoiseshell advocates!

Claire Goldsmith and Ainjali Fine at Finest Seven both enthusiastically embrace modern day tortoiseshell interpretations. Robust proportions enhance Begbie by Claire Goldsmith in glossy Electric Tortoiseshell acetate, with expertly beveled temples.

BEGBIE in Electric Tortoiseshell by Oliver Goldsmith

BEGBIE in Electric Tortoiseshell by Oliver Goldsmith


Soft Tortoiseshell acetate with subtle shading and a keyhole bridge highlight Zero05 by Finest Seven. With elegance and superb crafting, Tortoiseshell possesses beauty and enduring style.JG

Zero 05 in Dark Tortoiseshell by Finest Seven

Zero 05 in Dark Tortoiseshell by Finest Seven

www.olivergoldsmith.com www.finestseven.com

Photo of Claire Goldsmith and Ainjali Fine by Luca Santocono Exclusively for Eyestylist.com

Great Gatsby image: Warner Brothers/Courtesy of Everett Collection


Roman treats in London

Roman treats in London

Chocolate by ‘SAID dal 1923′, Prosecco by Nino Franco and sunglasses by Mondelliani….

26th March 2014 Rome’s handmade sunglasses label Mondelliani brought some much needed Spring ‘pizazz‘ to a cold rainy evening in London’s West End this evening. The brand held its launch event at ‘SAID dal 1923′, a branch of the Roman chocolatier that opened in the UK a few months ago. With its Mediterranean colours and spirited 1960s and 1970s character, the Eolie collection by Mondelliani was showcased with brightly coloured chocolate bars, and alongside a new delicate capsule collection, DOC – inspired by three iconic wine glass silhouettes.

Lipari by Mondelliani

Lipari by Mondelliani

Mondelliani sunglasses are now available at leading opticians and fashion boutiques in London including Wolf & Badger and Kirsten Goss. New optical stockists soon to be announced on Eyestylist.com. For worldwide stockists and further information visit www.mondelliani.it CN

United Nude with Iris Van Herpen

United Nude with Iris Van Herpen

An eye-catching break with convention

25th March 2014 United Nude’s collaboration (AW14) with Iris Van Herpen, the avant-garde fashion designer, is a super chic display of innovation in shoe design. First shown on the catwalk in Paris this month, the futuristic Biopiracy Boot and the Biopiracy peep toe ankle Bootie feature staggeringly high 7 inch platform cantilevered heels which extend the legs with an exciting silhouette.

Iris van Herpen, AW14/15

United Nude was launched by architect Rem D Koolhaas and seventh generation shoemaker Galahad Clark in 2003. Turning dreams into reality, their first shoe ‘the Möbius’ was developed with the guidance of the great Sergio Rossi and technical shoemaker Maurizio Martignago in Italy. Ever since, United Nude has become an iconic brand at the intersection of fashion and design, creating products that are about clear concepts, elegance and innovation. While available in over 50 countries worldwide, United Nude now has seven flagship stores in Amsterdam, London, New York, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Tokyo. CN

Catwalk photos by M. Zoeter x Iris van Herpen www.unitednude.com 


Stylish Sunglasses for Youngsters

Stylish Sunglasses for Youngsters

Python Prints for Budding Fashionistas

21st March 2014 A charming, fashion forward design, Sunny – by award winning Zoobug – is now available in a catwalk inspired python print finish. The frame is one that children will love to wear with its smart round shape and distinct details. Eye surgeon Dr. Julie Le created Zoobug; so she understands the vulnerability of children’s eyes, and the need to protect them. High quality polarised lenses ensure safety as well as style for young wearers.


Pink Python in SUNNY by Zoobug

Pink Python in SUNNY by Zoobug

In two graceful colours – pale blue and pale pink – Zoobug’s Sunny possesses ultimate sunglass savvy for today’s fashion conscious young girls, who want to be au courant with trends. www.zoobug.com JG

Subtle Shades of Grey

Subtle Shades of Grey

Silver to Slate Grey Tones for Spring Accessories

18th March 2014 We’ve seen some beautiful eyewear and accessories this spring in gorgeous grey variations. Grey is a lovely alternative to black and looks fresh and elegant. Jérémy Tarian has included a stunning, strong  style – Zurich –  in his sunglass collection in tonal greys that work harmoniously on the skin, and with a variety of colours in one’s wardrobe. www.jeremytarian.com


Silver Sheen by Zoe Lee

Silver Sheen by Zoe Lee

Silvery sparkle for chic footwear is highlighted at Zoe Lee, whose beautiful shoes and boots are luxuriously crafted and fit like a dream. Silver leather and mesh unite in this streamlined boot – a super asset for spring fashions. Zoe’s innovative footwear can be found in her Paris boutique and at www.zoelee.co.uk


Textural elegance - Sussex by Savile Row

Textural elegance – Sussex by Savile Row

Handcrafted in England by Algha Works, Savile Row presents Sussex – an acetate optical frame with an unusual textural effect that resembles wood. The frame shape combines a hint of vintage with modern overtones; it’s lightweight and so comfortable to wear. www.algha.com


Streamlined chic by Finest Seven

Streamlined chic by Finest Seven

Rich slate grey acetate is the theme at Finest Seven in style Zero04 – an authentic retro shape accented with a metal trim. Clodagh wears these frames which she describes as “gorgeous and very unique.” www.finesteven.com JG