Ørgreen Optics 20 years: a tribute to the future

2017 represents an invigorating moment of achievement at Ørgreen Optics, the Danish eyewear design company that has become synonymous with cutting-edge minimal titanium frames, produced in Japan. The mood this year is all about eyewear excellence and the driving force of the label, innovation, experimentation and design expertise as they celebrate 20 years.

Eyestylist met Henrik Ørgreen for a taste of what’s coming over cocktails at Brønnum, a favourite haunt of the Danish entrepreneur who lives just round the corner. “We are seen as a pioneering design company, and that is what we are celebrating again. We have started this year with several new Limited Editions, and there is a lot more to show including a huge focus on our company’s proven technical capabilities through a new concept we will launch at Silmo and a reexploration of our roots and the materials we first came to market with. 2018 is going to represent another key phase for us as we must keep improving what we do through exploration and pushing our capabilities that little bit further once again. There are very many collections out there today and I always benchmark with that and challenge it.”

HT1110/ HT1011 – Ørgreen Limited Edition

“Already the year has shown the dynamic attitude of the team with the launch of new Limited Editions and more to come.” High End High Tech is one of those new releases (above). Two round panto styles complementing each other in colour and in shape, and focused on technology with digitally inspired colours and the titanium material, known as a Nasa favourite for spacecraft construction.

Rook – Limited Edition – Out of Orbit

The square style Rook (above) and more rounded Taurus are part of the Out of Orbit Capsule. Rook is named after Montes Rook, the ring-shaped mountain range on the far side of the moon that’s only visible from the edge from Earth. The exciting colour options include allusions to lunar rock formations and stone-effect surface patterns – a first in titanium, and perfectly in keeping with the mood of experimentation seen at Opti Munich where the On Fire collection – featuring “out-there” frames with a “burnt surface” – were first on display. For more details on the new Collections launching at Ørgreen Optics keep your eye on www.orgreenoptics.com CN

Red Dot Design Award: MONOCEROS

Elegance, beauty and technology convene in ARA – the natural buffalo horn frame by MONOCEROS that was honoured with the Red Dot Design Award in the fashion design category for exceptional design concept. For over sixty years, Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany has presented the prestigious award for design innovation. The Austrian brand MONOCEROS won for their unique eyewear made from a single piece of eco-friendly buffalo horn.

ARA by MONOCEROS Red Dot Design Award

Specific horn processing technologies developed by a small group of creators at MONOCEROS have enabled this noble material to be transformed into stunning eyewear. ARA’s contemporary silhouette is stylish, sophisticated and durable. Congratulations to MONOCEROS on the receipt of the Red Dot Award. www.monoceros.cc JG

Clément Louis illustrations for Alfred Kerbs

Illustrator and photographer Clément Louis is a newcomer to the eyewear scene. In a experimental liaison with the Barcelona brand Alfred Kerbs, the Parisian multidisciplinary artist has defined the complete SS17 series of sunglasses by Kerbs in a powerful portrait collection evocative of the style of Egon Schiele.

Above: Art + eyewear – model Billy by Alfred Kerbs illustrated by Clément Louis. Part of a series for the Barcelona eyewear label.

Billy in coffee by Alfred Kerbs

Model Billy by Alfred Kerbs is new in the acetate collection for SS17. Colour is underlined in fresh combinations and a play on tonal contrasts while the square 70s shape has intellectual overtones. Available in black, coffee (as seen in the illustration, top, and above), striped havana and the very chic tones of “toasty” or “cheetah”. More information about the artist and the new sunglasses at www.alfredkerbs.com CN

Lafont Paris US Special Edition : Thirty

Lafont Paris is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in North America with an exceptional frame creation produced in a limited edition of 400 pieces and one unique colour scheme. The design recognises the extraordinary successes of the Parisian design house in the USA, where Laurence and Philippe Lafont first began selling their frames in 1987 in some of the finest American eyewear boutiques of the time. The frame follows other special releases such as model Twenty, the 2007 metal edition for the US market that was famously worn by Lady Gaga.

Certified with the Origin France Guarantee, model Thirty represents an iconic design with an exciting decorative concept. The asymmetrical black and ivory carved acetate sunglass style is embellished with cut outs of the Statue of Liberty on one temple and the Eiffel Tower on the other.

THIRTY – Lafont Paris

Lafont first started making luxurious eyewear in 1923. By the 80s when the family brought their frames to the States, their unique decorative style and luxurious shapes and colours were among a handful of collections focusing exclusively on traditional handcrafting techniques and fine quality materials.  The family business has helped shape the innovations and developments we see today in the design and decoration of luxury eyewear.  For more information on Thirty, visit www.lafont.comCN

theo trio

Stimulating, creative fresh ideas permeate the latest designs from theo. The Belgium brand orchestrates eyewear with innovation in silhouette and construction, plus unique colour combinations in a range of materials. Inspiration abounds in theo collections, and Kamasutra set creative genes in action with frame “positions” based on the ancient sex manual. Lotus Blossom and Sideways Samba (above)  – unite in two pieces that then click the frame together. No screws or other fixtures…oh! so theo!

Patatas from the Potatoes Acetate collection by theo

Potatoes acetate are fun frames named after a much-loved food – the potato. Six different shapes (Patatas shown above) range from bold and brash to elegant and feminine, very stylish and contemporary. Super theo colour combinations too – really a delicious feast for the eyes!

mille+47 from the MILLE quarante Collection by theo

The theo mille quarante collection introduces four new models in eight different colour combinations. The timeless designs and streamlined contours are further enhanced with unexpected textures, as expressed in mille+47 (above) For more information on theo’s exciting new releases, visit www.theo.be JG



Die Brillenmesse Köln – input and new collections

May launches with a merry start as the Die Brillenmesse independent eyewear show takes place in Cologne. The Rhine City event is held in the spacious surroundings of Dock One, and features independent eyewear designer flair. Nathanaël Wenger Co-director of the show (above with co-director Steffen Keil) gives an exclusive interview to Eyestylist about the forthcoming show.

Elizabeth von Guttman – founder of System Magazine – wears elegant rimless from The Collection Götti Perspective

Could you please share with us the development of Die Brillenmesse Köln? “We are on track with Cologne with around 30 exhibitors so far, and quite a few more in the pipeline. With the business uncertainty, some smaller companies are reducing their marketing costs this year. Cologne is still new and we think and believe that Cologne is a perfect place for our show.”

Who are some of the exhibitors in Köln this year? “There is interesting brand variety that includes Adrian Marwitz; Andy Wolf; Götti Switzerland; Anne et Valentin; Baars Eyewear; Blackfin; Coblens; Götti Switzerland; Lunor; Orgreen Optics; Joel Lesca Optique; Kerl; Miamai; Masunaga, Markus T.; Martin & Martin; Robert la Roche and TD Tom Davis Ltd. to mention just a few.”

Universus 3 in Loving Grey by Adrian Marwitz

Die Brillenmesse is a great supporter of independent labels. Nowadays, as eyewear is evolving rapidly for both the industry and the consumer, what challenges do independent creators face? “First there is a great uncertainty in the market due to the global crisis (Trump, Turkey, Brexit etc.), the future of online, clients changing behaviour (higher demands, price sensitiveness, information level…) and big pressures on Retail in general. So it is not easy to find a clear direction in these turbulences. We try to give some direction by supporting independent labels, design and innovation, but also Newcomers. Nowadays, it is even more important to find new ways of doing business and being different from the mass-market. This is our mission, and we can see that it works with many independent opticians in Switzerland. I think it is important that opticians focus on their strengths – which is personal contact, artisanship, good advice, innovation and high-end quality.”

MIAMAI sunglasses in Ocean

Please tell us about the Think Tank sessions that are part of the Die Brillenmesse Programme.“The response to the Think Tank sessions was positive and we will feature similar subjects as in Stuttgart. This will include how to reach new clients, digital change, and technical innovations. Again, the aim is to give the independent opticians some input and inspiration on how they can keep direction in a rough sea. We are also delighted that two Vintage collectors – Christian Metzler and Alexander Dosiehn will show their Vintage Collections in Köln with amazing beauties!”

Orgreen’s Chromatic Ecstatic Collection will be featured at Die Brillenmesse Köln

Mark you calendars now! Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th May at Dock One in Cologne for Die Brillenmesse Köln 2017. Further info at www.diebrillenmesse.de JG



Multiple choices: Opticals with flair

Prescription frame wearers can anticipate stylish selections with the new optical collections. Whether you are an avid fan of the cat-eye shape; round in all sizes; rectangular; square or aviator; choices abound in traditional and unconventional materials, plus fabulous colours and alluring neutrals. Anna-Karin Karlsson embraces optical designs with romantic charisma. Le Papillon (above) is gracefully feminine: 24caret gold plated, with elegant butterfly accents. Explore more of the Swedish creator’s luxurious designs at www.annakarinkarlsson.com

Lance by SALT. Optics

The latest collection from SALT. Optics includes timeless designs in beautiful nature-inspired colourations. Slim styling in Lance features a new colour for the California brand – Dried Herb. Discover more of the SALT. eyewear universe at www.saltoptics.com

Dixon from The Signature Collection by Fleye Copenhagen

Fleye Copenhagen has introduced their stunning new Signature Collection – beautifully crafted silhouettes with form and texture. The frames mix cool metals with warm natural materials – as in Dixon – and the results are designs with unique character and style. www.fleye.dk

Weber by l.a. Eyeworks

Green is a predominant tone in collections – with colour sensitivity that is a pleasure for the complexion. Weber in Kiwi Shimmer on Gunmetal Satin – acetate overlay on stainless steel – is a chic frame by l.a.Eyeworks. Superbly crafted in Italy, the shape is flattering for both men and women. www.laeyeworks.com

Ron by Vue dc

Red in a variety of jubilant, joyous tones is trend-setting this season. Ron by Chris Mascré and Yolande de Clercq at Vue dc in lustrous acetate combines retro panache with modern, artisan techniques. www.vuedc.fr JG



Design curiosities

Eyewear experiences continue to expand beyond the everyday. Innovative brands take new risks with clever techniques to bring new technological scope to new collections. 3D printed frames are a fast expanding eyewear choice, increasing the opportunity in personalisation as well as comfort and practicality. The Danish label MONOQOOL shows fast-paced innovation in this arena, with the launch of super thin frame structures in its new Slider Series. The frames, which weigh just 4 grams, have an ultra thin front design combined with cool horizontal temples and a clever hinge system. www.monoqool.com

Siens Eye Code: Eye Code 16 in shiny silver

Siens Eye Code from Milan presented their first Creatures collection in 2016 with a concept that boasts three patents for hinge, lens assembly and packaging “integrated to the glasses”. The idea is to unite art and technology, vision and science, to blend each element in one high-tech product produced using traditional expertise in the Veneto. The brand has exciting new entries coming for Autumn 2017 that we have been able to preview ahead of the Autumn fairs. More details at www.sienseyecode.com

Uranus by Bob Sdrunk

Italian lifestyle brand Bob Sdrunk is creating a buzz with its 100% made in Italy designs from a team of expert opticians – attentive to design, modern quality and the all important fit. The round model Uranus is typical of the unconventional shapes in the collection. The very narrow metal construction of the style (pictured in gold) with cross bar balanced over the classic round shape brings a chic contemporary look that is immediately appealing. www.bobsdrunk.com CN

In Memoriam – Philippe Lafont

Lafont Paris has sadly announced the recent passing of Philippe Lafont, president of Lafont Paris, and a passionate advocate of eyewear. Lafont was also president of SILMO, and contributed his outstanding talents and professional expertise to GIFO.

In additional to Lafont’s numerous roles in the optical community, he was enthusiastic about opera; always polite, kind and courteous. Thomas and Matthieu Lafont will continue to support their father’s dedication to the family legacy as a pioneer and innovator of luxury eyewear made in France, upholding the company’s core values of integrity, craftsmanship and elegance.

Eyestylist extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to Thomas, Matthieu, family, friends and the Lafont team. JG

Colour and design at Copenhagen Specs

Energetic colour and new chic designs with consistent attention to the small details: the mood at Copenhagen Specs this weekend was upbeat and friendly as designers from Scandinavia and further afield brought new ideas for 2017. The fair showed its commitment to independent labels, and attracted more than 80 companies and a wide range of frame styles from Scandinavian innovators through to small start-ups from Italy (Viveur), Poland (Love Belford), Spain (Paper & Paper) and France (Plein Les Mirettes /PLM).

The Italian titanium specialists Blackfin showed their new collection featured in the 2017 campaign: Sky’s The Limit. The brand currently offers an eclectic mix of titanium styles including trend-focused thicker rims such as model Montego Bay (above). Further details: www.blackfin.eu

Diva by Plein les Mirettes PLM

Plein Les Mirettes showed their colourful acetate range for women for the first time in Denmark. The uniquely crafted glamorous shapes have a bright energetic elegance and are made in Normandy in a prestigious traditional eyewear factory. Model Diva brings the camouflage trend into eyewear in a playful and elegant interpretation for the face. www.plein-les-mirettes.fr.

Brad by Viveur Sunglasses

Italian start-up Viveur Sunglasses by Carlo Opice showed a metal collection produced in the Veneto. The frames revisit vintage styling but bring a modern “street style” to the look, creating a line that is youthful and wearable. Very narrow proportions and the variety of nice classic lens colours in the metal sunglasses line are on trend for the SS17 season. More details at www.viveursunglasses.com

Nia by Salt. Optics

Alongside bright primary colours, neutral eyewear tones are evolving in new ways. Model Nia by Salt. Optics has a thin profiled shape, the narrowest of temples and custom detailing. Nia comes in a super Oyster Grey / Black Sand combination with “Lovers Soul” gradient lenses. More details on the new entries presented by Salt. Optics at www.saltoptics.com

Fuchs by Fleye Copenhagen

Lightness, technical know-how and an innovative take on materials are instantly noticeable in the Fleye collection, presented to us by co-founder Hanne Andersen at the show. Once again, the trend for extremely narrow proportions is beautifully played out in special ways with the addition of touches of colour and finely textured finishes in high-tech carbon fibre. www.fleye.dk

Copenhagen Specs returns to the same venue in 2018 from 3-4th March: for more details about the fair visit www.copenhagenspecs.dk CN

Destination Denmark!

It can snow in Denmark in March but a chilly climate never changes the warm Danish welcome! The friendly, fast-growing Scandinavian eyewear fair Copenhagen Specs approaches this weekend and promises eclectic frame style from international brands setting an energetic outlook for Spring/Summer.

Exhibitors include Copenhagen’s very own Ørgreen Optics with their new collection dazzling in a SS17 campaign (above) about colour confidence…bolds, neons, and rich and vibrant tonal contrasts. www.orgreenoptics.com

Seymour by Claire Goldsmith – in bottle green

Ørgreen’s British partner Claire Goldsmith will have her team present to show both the eponymous collection of sun and optical frames as well as the renowned Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses collection. There are a few extra special colour surprises including a limited edition of the classy Manhattan in soft summery gelato tones. www.clairegoldsmith.com

Explorer by Silhouette Eyewear

The ‘Explorer’ model by Silhouette Eyewear will be among the new finds at the Austrian company’s stand during the fair. This minimal, chic design perfectly reflects the flair of the 1950s, with unusual colour gradients such as orange with blue and glossy purple. The lens-in-lens technology creates the perception of a rim while offering the advantage of being very light and comfortable. More information at www.silhouetteeyewear.com

Fine features at MONOQOOL

Monoqool’s 3D printed collection, produced in Denmark, will also be a highlight at the fair. The collection is on point with very fine profiles that are lightweight and aesthetically striking – look for the new Slider Series – described as “the thinnest 3D printed glasses in the world.”

Copenhagen Specs takes place from 4th-5th March 2017 at Lokomotivvaerkstedet. More details and a full list of exhibitors is available at www.copenhagenspecs.dk CN

Stunning Sunglasses

Fresh, innovative, and dramatic sunglass designs are plentiful in the latest collections. Summer and sunglasses are synonymous, but no longer only for warmer months. Sun specs are now worn on a year ’round basis to protect the wearer’s eyes, as well as make a superb style statement. Eyestylist highlights some of the enticing and enchanting creations from acclaimed global designers. Hoops (above) from Face à Face Paris captures the vintage spirit in two-tone acetate. www.faceaface-paris.com

Mayir by Vera Wang

Volume and sparkling Swarovski crystals define Vera Wang’s glamorous design Mayir in garnet acetate. www.kenmarkoptical.com

Zero 13 by Finest Seven

Dashing Zero 13 by Finest Seven combines luxury and style in yellow gold with vibrant violet mirror lenses. www.finestseven.com

Charming sunnies for youngsters by Zoobug

Children respond with enthusiasm to Zoobug’s delightful collection of sunglasses, specially crafted and sized to fit little faces. Featured above are a selection of super, fun styles for youngsters from the 2017 collection. Photo by Sarah Winborn www.zoobug.com

Penelope by Res/Rei

Italian eyewear craftsman Oliviero Zanon for Res/Rei endorses retro styling with Penelope, in Mazzucchelli marbled tortoiseshell acetate. www.resrei.com

Taylor by Walter & Herbert

Sumptuous curves and bold straight lines pair beautifully in Taylor by British brand Walter & Herbert, in shimmering crystal acetate. www.walterandherbert.com

Vivid Sea of Flames by Orgreen

Orgreen’s Limited Edition On Fire includes this stunning design Vivid Sea of Flames. A special burning process creates an intriguing iridescent finish to the frames. www.orgreenoptics.com JG

Round and Round

Eyewear in Round shapes has the distinction of being both traditional – and new. Round frames have been favoured from Benjamin Franklin to Ghandi, Iris Apfel, Elton John and Harry Potter. What is new, is the amazing diversity and the eyewear impact of dynamic Round shapes. Whether in wood, titanium, acetate, rimless, stainless steel, or mixed materials – the enthusiasm for the Round silhouette is a highlight of this season’s eyewear.

Children also love the Round shape, with Zoobug’s stylishly chic design ZB1030 certain to appeal to emerging fashion enthusiasts. The handmade acetate frame – with superb fit for young faces – is among the exciting new optical range from the award winning British brand. Fabulous colours too – including a fun, streaky mix of blue/purple/crystal, featured above. Photo by Sarah Winborn. www.zoobug.com

Perspective/Shape RR53 by Götti Switzerland

Putting rimless frames into Perspective: Sven Götti reinvents the sleekness, and minimalist aesthetics of the Round shape with his new designs from the Götti Perspective Collection. Masterfully engineered – which Götti researched and refined during several years – the frames have no soldering involved, no screws, and no glue. Perspective/Shape RR53 is a new dimension in streamlined eyewear. www.gotti.ch

Cutler BF794 Blackfin Lamina PLUS

Blackfin has launched a new chapter in their Collection – Blackfin Lamina PLUS. Superbly crafted in Italy, the frames unite titanium with cellulose acetate eye-rims. The Italian brand expresses style and innovation with Cutler BF794 in beautiful colourations. www.blackfin.eu

Topolino by ROLF Spectacles

ROLF Spectacles, the pioneers in fine wood frames, has won the renowned GOOD DESIGN Award – the prestigious recognition for cutting-edge products – with Topolino. The Round shape is reminiscent of the Italian classic car for which it is named. Handcrafted in the Tyrol, ROLF’s Topolino is available in luxurious wood combinations. www.rolf-spectacles.com

Carter Bond 9207

Bold colour accentuates Carter Bond 9207 in shimmering emerald acetate with colour-coordinating wood scratch temples. Discover more Round shapes in acetate and mixed materials from the Australian brand at www.carterbond.com

Rise by Karmoie

Norwegian designers Kirsten and Lars Iversen appreciate the timelessness of vintage frames, whilst bringing a fresh approach to their lightweight, contemporary designs. Rise in Twig acetate harmonises naturally with contrasting colour on the sides. www.karmoie.com

Iman by Spectacle Eyeworks

Canadian creator Mehran Baghaie interprets the Round shape with an intriguing design – Iman – in ultra-thin stainless steel. Colourations are linked to the various stages of the maple leaf. Explore more innovative styles at www.spec-eyeworks.com

Style 619 by Pollipo’

Pollipo’ favours the Round form in Tortoiseshell Amber acetate – style 619 – with handmade riveted hinges on the front and temples. The frames are crafted in Italy, and hand polished with the traditional tumbling process. www.pollipocchiali.it JG


100% Optical 2017: luxury, eco and technical trends

From small first-time exhibitors to highly regarded international designers, the selection of frames at 100% Optical offered an exceptional opportunity to British opticians and international buyers last weekend. New launches by Tavat Eyewear, Gotti Switzerland, Kirk & Kirk, Silhouette, SALT. Optics, MonkeyGlasses and L.G.R, among others, ensured that diverse, fast-paced innovations in eyewear could be fully appreciated.

Tavat Eyewear, from Italy,  returns to 100% annually. Pictured above: campaign for Tavat’s forward-thinking SoupCan Collection AW16/17 – a unique “sandwich” frame design with rimrock closing and watch crown mechanism. More details at  www.tavat-eyewear.com

Eco directions: Valerie from the neubau collection

neubau eyewear launched several new frames which will be available from April. The designs are created in natural PX, a high quality eco-friendly polymer that is light, flexible and durable. The frames (above, model Valerie) come in delicate natural colours including crystal clear versions and trendy shades of green. www.neubau-eyewear.com

Photo engraved titanium surfaces: model Loven by Blackfin

Italian titanium specialists Blackfin, who have just started to make their mark in the UK, showed their innovative new optical and sunglasses collection. Designs such as model Loven by Blackfin show their achievements in decorative work on super light Japanese titanium. www.blackfin.eu

Independent newcomers: Mouet Eyewear from Valencia, Spain

Mouet Eyewear, created in 2014, exhibited for the first time at 100% in London. Carlos Martin and Fran Penalba, a designer and an architect, have developed a range of artisan acetate designs, made in one of the last remaining traditional frame workshops in Spain. www.moueteyewear.com

Sustainable leather: a new launch by MonkeyGlasses from Denmark

MonkeyGlasses, one of the notable design-focused eco frame brands, based in Denmark, launched a new eyewear collection with colourful sustainable leather coverings. The eight colours are inspired by the Nordic night sky and include silver or gold coated stainless steel with a natural horn/wood look for spectacle temples. www.monkeyglasses.com

The judging of the excellent RCA x 100% eyewear design competition took place during the fair. Congratulations to Becky K. Hong –  the overall winner, and all the shortlisted RCA students whose eyewear projects showed innovation, imagination and a detailed understanding of today’s eyewear trends and new directions. 100% Optical takes place from 27th to 29th January 2018. For further details visit www.100percentoptical.com CN

Nonconformist: frame du jour by RIGARDS

Expressive, charismatic eyewear is symbolic with Ti Kwa designs. The latest imaginative creation is RIGARDS RG2020. Strong, yet extremely light, the shield construction features a mirror coating, with sleek temples made of beta-titanium. Other distinguishing features include a zero-curve, ultra-thin visor lens fabricated from a single piece of polyamide.

Innovative and cool sophistication: RIGARDS2020

The ultimate, powerful identity is the hand-carved solid horn top bar. Ti Kwa often references history in his designs, and the carved horn represents the infinity symbol. It is also an allusion to the supremely elegant flying buttresses in Gothic architecture. The final pièce de resistance is adjustable half-moon shaped horn nose pads for superior fit and comfort. Ti dedicates this design to devotees of all things bold and bodacious. www.rigards.com JG



Opti ’17: a look to the future

Cold temperatures, intense morning fog and a snowy outlook, but whatever the weather, Germany’s Opti fair is always a fresh and friendly start to the eyewear year. A strong mix of technical companies alongside a roster of international eyewear designers and rule-breaking start-ups ensures there is always plenty of innovation and more than a hint of the creative trends on the horizon.

Above: Inspirational eyewear designers – Vue dc Founder, Chris Mascré and Yolande De Clercq, showing chic acetate eyewear designs (below), made in France – www.vuedc.comPhoto by Elisa Biscotti for Eyestylist.com / www.elisabiscotti.de

Intensely chic: KOT by Vue dc in monochrome tones – photo by Elisa Biscotti

This year saw new and innovative collection launches from Gotti Switzerland (Rimless Collection), Monoqool Denmark (new Slider Series), Yuniku (vision-centric 3d tailored eyewear by Hoya) and Vava from Berlin (Aluminium Series), among other new releases.

Vava Eyewear: Aluminium Series, introduced at Opti

Vava’s new concept of very light designs in aluminium prioritises highly developed physical and mechanical properties – made in Italy, the frames are created using cutting-edge industrial milling techniques. www.vavaeyewear.com

Falvin Eyewear – model Moonlight / Black Crystal Collection

At Falvin Eyewear, A Danish-born brand, the combination of technical precision with luxury has achieved excellent success with optical boutiques and the brand concept evolves with new precious platings of Palladium and 24 carat gold. www.falvineyewear.com

Aris Rubio with Alex Carrasco – LOOL Eyewear from Barcelona – photo by Elisa Biscotti

LOOL Eyewear won the first ever Blogger Spectacle Award, part of a new enterprising Opti initiative that puts emerging labels under the spotlight, by introducing them to an audience of fashion and eyewear bloggers who then cast a vote for their favourite concept. LOOL, a start-up from Barcelona by Aris Rubio, co-founder and Alex Carrasco, marketing director, has achieved immediate recognition from the optical and fashion industries for its design excellence and innovative patented hinge system. www.looleyewear.com

The Grid / Surface – by LOOL Eyewear – photo by Elisa Biscotti

Opti 2018 takes place on 12th to 14th January next year. More releases from the Opti fair will appear on Eyestylist.com in the weeks ahead. For further information on the programme of events, visit: www.opti.de CN

Get Ready for London

London’s 100% Optical Fair opens its doors this coming weekend, with an extensive choice of international eyewear on display for British optical professionals. Independent labels will feature across the fair, and include luxury and artisan collections that have become leaders in their field of expertise.

Gotti’s success in the UK is built on a reputation for Swiss design married with Japanese production excellence. Their selection of frames now encompasses horn, acetate, titanium, a state-of-the-art 3d printed range – showing for the first time in London, and brand new screwless rimless eyewear. For more details: www.gotti.ch

Photo above: fashion blogger Oliver Lips wears the eye-catching model Ellis by Gotti Switzerland.

Monastir by L.G.R

100% Optical offers a special opportunity to see the latest luxury frames by Italian designer Luca Gnecchi Ruscone. L.G.R’s dedication to old-school artisan techniques is highlighted in optical frames and sunglasses such as the eloquent Monastir, a supremely lightweight frame with round eye shape and textured metal nose bridge. The metal work is extremely accomplished and unique. www.lgrworld.com

Burkhart by SALT. Optics

Returning to 100% this month, Salt. Optics, from California brings a wide selection of new designs to the fair, including model Burkhart (pictured in matte mauve mist) fitted with Polarized CR39 lenses. The Burkhart’s 80’s inspired silhouette adds a new aesthetic of simplicity in functional styling with very narrow beta-titanium temples combined with the brand’s super smart acetate in natural colorations – comfort and style wrapped up in one statement piece. www.saltoptics.com

Akira by Vera Wang / Kenmark

Akira from Vera Wang is one of the luxe styles in the elegant collection produced by Kenmark Optical, exhibiting for the first time at 100% Optical. US company Kenmark also produce collections with Zac Posen and Original Penguin, and show an impressive design direction as well as impeccable focus on minute design details.

The pairing of acetate with metal in model Akira has a gentle subtly. Swarovski crystals are inlaid at the top and bottom of the temple for a touch of sparkle. Colours available include noir, black cherry tortoise and walnut tortoise. For more information: www.kenmarkoptical.com / 10o% Optical takes place at ExCel from 4th to 6th February 2017 in London. More information: www.100optical.com CN

OPTI-Munich keynote: Eyewear variations

Variety’s the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavour William Cowper

The English poet chronicled 18th Century daily life in the countryside, with all its magnificent diversifications. Three centuries later, variety is the mainstream of living and culture. Eyewear enthusiasts can partake in a medley of amazing optic alternatives this weekend (28-30 January) at OPTI-Munich. International designers and labels will present their latest collections in optical designs and sunglasses. Featured here is a selection of the imaginative and inspiring eyewear that will be on display. Monoqool  from Denmark (Koncert above) will debut their new SLIDER series with 3D printing. www.monoqool.com

Lovingly handcrafted designs by Christian Mascré for Vue dc feature sleek silhouettes in acetate. www.vuedc.fr

Artist Beni Bischof wear AMOS from Götti DIMENSION

Götti Dimension highlights superbly elegant 3D printed frames, and sporty models with the patented “spin & stow” temples. www.gotti.ch

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars by Susanne Klemm

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars in the colour Pipe is a new men’s design that radiates luxurious detailing and finish. www.suzyglam.com

Shasta by l.a. Eyeworks

Shasta shines with vivacious shaping and dynamic colourations in an optical design by l.a. Eyeworks. www.laeworks.com

Eva from TARIAN + Collection

Jérémy Tarian presents his collaborative design in association with his workshop at HEAD Géneve (Geneva University of Art and Design Switzerland). Eva Gaumé’s winning design is now part of the Tarian + Collection. www.jeremytarian.com

Lillum from the KOALI Collection Morel France

Nature’s beauty and bounty inspired the streamlined designs in the Koali collection by Morel France. www.morel-france.com

Cinque from Soupcan Acetate Collection by TAVAT

The new collection by Tavat – “Soupcan Acetate” – includes supremely light designs with striking colourations. www.tavat-eyewear.com

Come explore these innovative brands – both established and new – and discover and experience the many exciting aspects of eyewear at OPTI-Munich this weekend. www.opti.de JG

Instant refresh: VON-IKKE accessories

Handmade eyewear chains add an extra enhancement to specialist frames, and new labels are popping up with innovative ideas balancing practicality and eye-catching design. VON-IKKE eyewear cords are handmade in Mainz, Germany by Elisa Biscotti and Mario von Wantoch-Rekowski. Discreet quality details such as nickel-free eyelets and loops coordinate with the colours of the cords, and all the designs are made in Germany in their entirety.

VON-IKKE chain, Germany
VON-IKKE chain, Germany

Colours include bold brights such as orange, violet or coral, and multicoloured versions of which our favourites are the two-tone blue with multicoloured patterning entwined in the cord.

Hangar by VON-IKKE

Having caught on quickly with opticians in Germany in the year since they created the start-up, the label is also producing a new Hangar necklace, which acts both as a frame chain and elegant piece of wearable art. Stockists include Vogel Optik in St Moritz (www.vogel-optik.ch) and Coblens Augenoptik (www.coblens-augenoptik.de) and For more information about VON-IKKE chains and their unique Hangar necklace, visit http://vonikke.de/ CN  – Photography by Elisa Biscottiwww.elisabiscotti.de

Eyewear Explorations at 100% Optical London

Eyewear fashion and flair await visitors at 100% Optical on February 4-6 at Excel in London. The spacious venue is an ideal setting for premier eyewear brands to showcase their latest collections. The impressive line up of quality, visionary-thinking eyewear companies includes Götti Switzerland who will present their Ultrasmart and Minimalist concept. The new campaign was photographed in the National Museum Zurich, an architectural landmark built in 1889. The designs are worn by five different protagonists who love entities that are simple – yet beautiful. The frames designed by Sven Götti express an eyewear landmark as well; with designs that are beautifully constructed; extremely lightweight, plus they exude aesthetic value and technical perfection. Julie Richoz, porcelain and glass designer, wears ADAN (above) elegantly streamlined in pure Titanium. www.gotti.ch

George by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone L.G.R

The iconic round frame enjoys a chic revival, and Luca Gnecchi Ruscone creates a modern interpretation with George – the ultimate round frame. L.G.R designs are entirely handcrafted by artisans in Italy. George is sleekly silhouetted in cellulose acetate, and available in black matt with grey lenses (above), and three different shades of Havana Tortoiseshell. Explore more superb L.G.R eyewear creations at www.lgrworld.com

Carey by Kirk & Kirk

Beautiful colourations are a hallmark of Kirk and Kirk designs from England. The acrylic frames – totally handmade in France – are radiantly luminous, and include Carey (above) shown in Emerald. With a strong signature shape, Carey is also available in gorgeous tones of Ocean, Aqua, Coral and Sunset, among others. Discover more about Jason and Karen Kirk’s unique designs and fabulous colours at www.kirkandkirk.com

Doran by Blackfin

Blackfin has launched a beautiful new frame for women – Doran – with clean-cut square lines. The ample contour features a subtle cat-eye, and Blackfin’s patented Swordfish temple tips. A three-dimensional finish brings additional flourish to the design. Excellence is assured with the frames crafted in Italy by master craftsmen,  seasoned with passion and an enriched heritage. www.blackfin.eu JG

Show season: Copenhagen Specs

The optical fairs are about to get underway, and Eyestylist looks forward to exploring some of the leading European events highlighting independent brands and expertise in artisan collections. Denmark’s Copenhagen Specs, on 4th/5th March 2017, will take place at Lokomotivvaerkstedet just outside the city centre in a warm, welcoming venue with a relaxed atmosphere. A growing number of independent labels from across Europe attend including Danish brands LINDBERG, Falvin, Orgreen Optics, Fleye and Monoqool as well as specialists from further afield. Newcomers this year include Plein Les Mirettes (France), Kaleos (Barcelona) and Yuniku 3D tailored eyewear, by HOYA – produced in collaboration with Materialise and Hoet Design Studio. (www.yuniku.com).

Monoqool Denmark: 3d printing
Returning to the fair: Monoqool Denmark, experts in 3d printing

Copenhagen Specs’ Founder/CEO Morten Gammelmark says: “We have expanded the exhibiting area a little so we can show more brands to our visitors. Look forward to a fantastic selection of established and emerging names.”

SUPER model Esther from the Tuttolente range

Newcomers at the Copenhagen event include Retrosuperfuture, the Italian label and their exotic new model Esther, characterised by an oversized round frame with an all-lens construction. www.retrosuperfuture.com


Lucas de Stael - model Nemus
Lucas de Stael – model Nemus

Returning to the show are some notable European artisan collections: Lucas de Stael (www.lucasdestael.com) handcrafted products combining stainless steel with wood, leather and stone, and young sustainable designer brand from Norway, Karmoie, by Kirsten and Lars Iversen who specialise in minimally styled acetate classics. (www.karmoie.com)

Karmoie: model Star in "herb"
Karmoie: model Star in “herb”

For the first time, Copenhagen Specs have created a guided sightseeing tour for visitors to the fair offering a mix of exclusive visits to leading optical shops and cultural sights in the Danish capital. More information about theCopenhagen Specs 2017 (trade visitors only) and brands attending is available at www.copenhagenspecs.dk CN

Sights set on Munich

Fairground Messe München 28th-30th January is the destination for OPTI-Munich (www.opti.de) where global eyewear brands will be showing their latest collections. Optical and sunglass designs with immense variety, stylish flair and quality craftsmanship ensure an adventurous and fulfilling event for attendees.

Among the acclaimed labels participating is SALT. Optics with their stunning new frames that include Anela (above). The pure, minimalistic lines of the frame blend slim acetate with ultra light beta titanium, in a feminine, fluid silhouette. Ocean inspiration provides the gorgeous colour. www.saltoptics.com

Azalea by Res/Rei
Azalea by Res/Rei

Azalea by Oliviero Zanon is from The Flowers collection, elegantly connected to Nature. The subtle retro shape is accented with vintage acetate trims in various colours. Featured above is Azalea in red with marbled accents, and pink with black and white trim. Discover more at www.resrei.com

Elson by FLEYE
Elson by FLEYE

Danish brand FLEYE will unveil their latest cutting edge sunglasses in Munich. Elson (above) takes centre stage with its architectural form and sharp-edged nose bridge. The distinctive design is crafted in beta-titainium – shown in sleek semi-matt gold. www.fleye.dk

Sunbeam by Orgreen
Sunbeam by Orgreen

A subtle, lithe butterfly shape gracefully spreads its wings at the first ray of light in Sunbeam by Orgreen. The contemporary shape is sophisticated and feminine, with flattering wide-open lenses – ready to flutter! Explore more beautiful Orgreen designs at www.orgreenoptics.com

Tracks 0065 by JF Rey
Tracks 0065 by JF Rey

JF Rey celebrates thirty years of the designer brand with a reinterpretation of a frame from the 1980’s. Tracks 0065 is a unisex design characterised by its original shape, vintage style and unbridled spirit of the period. The unique frame is worked with striking modernity in new materials, modern technologies, plus chic flat lenses. Tracks – impeccably stylish! www.jfrey.fr JG

Ski in style

Exhilaration! Freedom! Mountain magic! The ski season is a delightful moment to embrace the great outdoors, and enjoy the pleasure of winter sports – from skiing to snowboarding. For comfort and safety, select snow goggles that provide high quality eye protection – as well as super style.

Y6 by Bollé
Y6 by Bollé

Choices abound with dashing goggle designs that perform brilliantly in a variety of conditions. Bollé has a winner with Y6 (action shot top; close up above) that features photochromic Modulator lenses. For prescription glass wearers, Bollé has a special adaptor insert for their range of goggles. www.bolle.com

Götti Snow Goggle
Götti Snow Goggle

Glow in the snow with Götti Switzerland’s colourful goggle. Characteristics of the sleek goggles include an anti-fog system, superb ventilation, plus they are light, durable and comfortable. Crafted from polycarbonate, the goggles feature mirrored lenses in great colours – orange flash (above) and blue flash with a black band. www.gotti.ch

Tamok by Orgreen
Tamok by Orgreen

Orgreen’s Tamok goggles – named after Norway’s Tamok Valley, an adventure lover’s paradise near the Artic Circle – fuse functionality with minimalism. Technical advantages include construction in Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and lenses with 100% UV protection. Chic for après-ski too! www.orgreen optics.com

Progressor S in Yellow by adidas
Progressor S in Yellow by adidas

adidas Sport Eyewear have released new ski goggles with cutting edge design, and top notch technology. Progressor S is equipped with a larger spherical double-lens that offers enhanced peripheral vision. Fabulous colours too, that include yellow (above), plus Progressor Blue and Pink, and Backland Silver. More info at www.adidas.com JG

Lool Eyewear: Barcelona’s innovative newcomer

Barcelona is a centre of modern creativity, with a contemporary art, food, design and music scene that has become internationally renowned for its imaginative and consistently avant-garde direction. The appearance of a new young eyewear brand coming into the market at a high level of quality and innovation is therefore unsurprising, but nonetheless makes for an exciting entry given the level of research and design precision interwoven in a product that is functional, light, and technically precise. Startup Lool Eyewear is located in a warehouse studio just behind MACBA and the large open space which hums with skateboarders. Following a single trade fair (Silmo 2016), the label, created by talented product designer Aris Rubio and entrepreneur Alex Carrasco, is already looking at increasing the size of its workshop to accommodate fast-paced international demand since the Paris show. The frames have seen immediate popularity in Barcelona, stocked by leading optical retailers such as Les Lunettes, Bassol and DM Optics.

lool eyewear
The Grid – lool eyewear

“Lool is a multidisciplinary studio”, Alex told Eyestylist when we visited the label earlier this month. “We manufacture in series from metal sheets of steel (11R51). They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine.”

The Grid - Lool Eyewear
The Grid architectural “concept” – Lool Eyewear

Influenced by retrofuturism in the context of disciplines such as architecture and urbanism, Lool has already launched three specific sheet metal stainless steel collections, and a patented screwless hinge – The Hub – which features across their ranges and offers maximum durability and easy assembly. The frames themselves are built with an architectural precision where, for example, material is removed on the inside of the frame, reducing weight and changing the look and general feel when worn. Rubio’s methodology is to study the points of  tension around the front of the frame and take away what is not required from the inside, creating excellent lightness and flexibility in the metal material.

Lool’s three impressive collections – Tectonic, Stereotomic and The Grid, offer a strong starting point for a young team and their position in central Barcelona, where other likeminded designers are working in innovative collaborations, is likely to inspire further success as innovators of the future. Lool Eyewear will show at Opti Munich in January 2017. More information at www.looleyewear.com CN

Merry & Bright!

‘Tis is the season to celebrate; be with loved ones and good friends; and delight in fun-filled festivities. It’s also the perfect time to enhance your holiday fashions with glamorous frames that sparkle and glow. Allow your radiance to shine in LINDBERG’s style 2239 (top image) from the Precious Collection. Eighteen carat rose gold and yellow gold feature in this contemporary form with artisan handcrafting. www.lindberg.com

Lil' Tears of the Moon by Anna-Karin Karlsson
Lil’ Tears of the Moon by Anna-Karin Karlsson

Unforgettable brilliance heralds Anna-Karin Karlsson’s gleaming design – Lil’ Tears of the Moon. The acetate frame flourishes with pearls and rhinestones – created to make a merry and memorable entrance! www.annakarinkarlsson.com

Subsolar by Falvin Eyewear
Subsolar by Falvin Eyewear

Birgitte Falvin’s creative skills as a jewellery designer are now embellishing distinctive eyewear. The elegant Subsolar features titanium customised with a smooth surface of matte aubergine and shiny rose gold. The luxurious diamond setting beautifully highlights the delicate cat-eye silhouette of the design. Discover more about the Danish brand at www.falvin.dk

Amarilla by Vera Wang
Amarilla by Vera Wang

Amarilla by Vera Wang is the ideal accessory for après ski on sunny chalet terraces, or on the sun-drenched sands of the Caribbean. Vera’s latest capsule fashion collection is the inspiration for these sleek sunglasses in luminous acetate, accented with Swarovski crystals at the hinge, and along the top of the temple. www.kenmarkoptical.com JG

The Eyestylist team extends warmest wishes for a Happy and Festive Holiday Season to all our readers and sponsors!

Awesome designs for youngsters

Establishing a foundation of healthy eye care early in life is rewarding – and beneficial – for both parents and their children. With fun and appealing frame designs for babies through to teenagers, prescription glasses offer children better eyesight, plus safety and creative designs – making it awe-inspiring to wear them. Design, comfort and quality unite in the stylish designs by JF Rey. Gabriel (above) is an eye-catching acetate frame with graphic elements abundant in shape, design and colouration. Discover more at www.jfrey.fr for info on the inventive new Kids & Teens collection.


Active youngsters require frames that are sturdy and durable, as well as distinguishing fashion characteristics. All elements are incorporated in the charming Red Kids Eyewear collection. Crafted in The Netherlands, the frames include replaceable flex systems to meet any over-enthusiastic childhood antics. Ghent in quality acetate is a sleek, uncluttered design appealing to young fashionistas. www.redoptical.com


Children will love this beautiful frame from LINDBERG with its grown up look superbly scaled for little faces. Marc features a tortoiseshell front and titanium sides, and distinctive detailing captures the essence of LINDBERG quality and style. www.lindberg.com


New silhouettes highlight Zoobug’s Acetate Fashion Collection and include this smart style ZB1003. The colourations are lovely – Tortoise and Lilac (above) plus radiant bright tones of orange and blue, and a gradient purple. An OBE Flex-Uno hinge ensures comfort and fine fit. www.zoobug.com

Tobogan by LAFONT
Tobogan by LAFONT

Just like adults – kids appreciate the Retro look, and Tobogan by Lafont is a cool little shape for children aged 4-7. The round shape, temple details, and circular end tips further enhance the classic, vintage look. www.lafont.com JG



Symphony of colour

An imaginative spectrum of colour invigorates eyewear designs with savvy, eye-opening results. Whether solid colours, bi-or tri-colourations, plus fun variations, ravishing colour in frame designs can become a wondrous, bold adventure. Vividly bright or elegantly muted, frame colours offer intriguing options. Oliviero Zanon’s collection for Res/Rei includes the striking Amalfi (above) in superb hues of Mazzucchelli acetate with a seductive retro shape. www.resrei.com

Showoff by WOOW Eyewear
Showoff by WOOW Eyewear

Vibrant colour highlights Showoff by WOOW – an oversized frame with a chic double bridge, and streamlined composition. www.wooweyewear.com

Victor by Kirk & Kirk
Victor by Kirk & Kirk

Victor by Kirk & Kirk is an engaging mix of dark forest green on a lighter lime base which results in a glorious shade of Emerald. The tones react differently in changing light, and give the illusion of dancing colours. www.kirkandkirk.com

Ronette clutch by Pollipo'
Ronette clutch by Pollipo’

The colour excitement extends to eyewear accessories too. Italian craftsmanship excels in Pollipo’s clutch case – Ronette – in an exclusive patchwork of gold and rose gold in a crocodile pattern on natural Tuscan leather. www.pollipocchiali.it



So right now: oversized, über cool

More extreme proportions lend a dynamic look to eyewear for women as 2017 approaches. The rise of the oversized metal aviator as a “statement” has boosted this direction, and style influencers are continuing to sport the design as the ultimate fashion accessory, whether they require prescription lenses or not. New quality aviator shapes are a staple at many of the small and medium sized independent eyewear labels specialising in metal. One such example, the German independent label Coblens, produces distinctive aviator designs in high grade titanium: pictured above, model 30066 from their Luna Park line. www.coblens.com

In the acetate collections too, a broad offering of more substantial shapes include deeper, generous sized cat eyes and cool retro “geek-chic-revival” designs.

Sierra by Spectacle Eyeworks
Sierra / Pussy Galore Collection by Spectacle Eyeworks

Spectacle Eyeworks have created several new designs in this vein, including the elegant Sierra in the Pussy Galore Collection. In subtle acetate colours, pretty striated versions, the style works the fuller shape with fine lines and the characteristic pointed top corners of the cateye.


Having a ball by Christian Roth
Having A Ball by Christian Roth

Christian Roth, the iconic American “designer” eyewear label, now partnered with Dita, proposes a similar femininity in a large round sixties-inspired design. The designer describes the frame as “a look that is straight out of a beatnik Greenwich Village coffee shop” when fitted with optical lenses. It’s one of several frames in the new line that bridge the old and the new, playing with modern colourways and materials with expertise and know-how. More information on Christian Roth’s new line at www.christianroth.com CN