Jade by JISCO: fresh with colour

New summery optical style Jade – one of several new releases – is informed by the Mediterranean

JISCO Eyewear’s latest ophthalmic designs take the beauty of the Mediterranean sea as a fundamental inspiration for the new collection. Using Artificial Intelligence, the design team explored what they call “new forms of visual expression” to capture the fresh and colourful essence of the sea in a creative and original way. Above: Jade Publ from JISCO has a magnificent multi-sided shape and multi-colored pattern

Crafted with attention to detail to redefine comfort and style, one of the standout features of the collection is the vibrant palette of modern colours and integrated patterns. From bold hues to fun colours, patterns and combinations, JISCO Eyewear proposes a wide range of shades to add personality to different looks. Above: Jade in the colourway “Publ” from JISCO has a magnificent multi-sided shape and multi-colored pattern – flashes of shocking pink and light blue appear on the upper rim of the design
Jade Publ by JISCO – the striking patterned design from the Barcelona-based brand

Exotic colour and design flourishes are not the only focus in this line, which also hones in on the wearability and ultimate comfort of each frame. “The fit of our glasses sets a new standard for comfort”, says the eyewear team at JISCO. “Precision engineered, the frames provide an impeccable fit, allowing you to wear them for long periods without any discomfort. The designs emphasise ergonomics, ensuring that the glasses feel like a natural extension of your face.”

Model Jade in this Summer collection by JISCO is available in four unique colourways of brown/blue, red/wood effect, multicoloured (above) and a beautiful crystal variation with black/red flashes on temples and upper rim. Find out more at www.jiscoeyewear.com

Colour Clash Capsule: released by Tree Spectacles

Embracing the power and uplifting allure of colour

Inspired by the philosophy of minimalism and contemporary artistic movements, Tree Spectacles combines an alluring set of colours in its new Colour Clash Capsule, an eye-catching, small-batch special edition designed for summer 2024 release. The frames have been conceived for eyewear enthusiasts and connoisseurs who seek an exciting, colourful frame with a powerful visual impact – produced with finesse according to the traditions of “made-in-Italy”. Above: close-up showing the dazzling effect of three bright tones combined, fuchsia and lilac with aqua blue

Midas by Tree Spectacles: in dark red, light grey with a pale tone of rust

“Colour, with its ability to evoke emotions and communicate without words, lies at the heart of our Colour Clash Capsule Series”, explains Marco Barp, Co-Founder, Tree Spectacles. “Each shade is carefully selected, not only for its visual beauty but also for its ability to create harmony and contrast within the overall design. Like brushstrokes on a canvas, the colours blend delicately to create a wearable work of art…”

Two classic shapes – the rectangular Midas and Vedra styles – which are existing bestsellers in the Italian brand’s collection, are featured in this line. Their clean lines and luxury finishing – thanks to the use of high-quality Italian acetate by Mazzucchelli and Japanese stainless steel, harmonize with the interplay of unpredictable and “clashing” colours, creating frames that can be perceived as a form of self-expression, enhancing and flattering the wearer’s gaze.

Tree Spectacles is known for its curated eyewear collection with models designed for men and for women. The brand has developed a distinctive, minimalist design style with frames crafted from beginning to end in Italy according to traditional and new and innovative techniques for the different elements and details of each frame. Find out more at www.treespectacles.com

Smart glasses: Even Realities and G1 Digital “Panto” Glasses

Eyestylist Exclusive – The G1 Digital Glasses are described as the first pair of everyday-wear smart glasses that “uncomplicate life”

Launched end of June 2024, the new G1 Digital Glasses by Even Realities – the first product by the new company – represents a new direction in wearable technology, integrating advanced digital features (viewed on a virtual display) into everyday eyewear, designed with a desire to create a much more sleek and style-oriented product than has been seen before in the category. Evolving beyond the current state of play and a smart glasses category that has tended to offer bulky and over-featured designs with AI companions that lack practical functionality for everyday use, the Even Realities team say that the G1 Digital Glasses can be seen as a new product nexus, prioritising wearability and usability.

“The G1 helps redefine the way people interact with technology,” said Will Wang, Founder of Even Realities. “Our vision is to enable users to see what matters in the merge of digital and physical realities, all while staying connected to the world around them.” Above: the new G1 Smart Glasses by Even Realities, launched just days ago

G1 Digital Glasses – a lightweight, state-of-the-art panto design with a suite of digital features viewed on a green monochrome display (above)

The G1 frame is lightweight, produced in premium materials such as magnesium alloys and a sandstone coating. Its adaptive temple support is made with hypoallergenic titanium alloys and silicone parts, offering a velvety feel. Available with either prescription or non-prescription lenses, the G1 can also be transformed into sunglasses with a clip-on, making them versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

The G1 Digital Glasses are powered by Even Realities’ own UI, Even OS. Its key features include the Translate for real-time spoken language translation, the Navigate for integrated turn-by-turn directions, and the Teleprompt for an AI-powered virtual teleprompter, aiding in speech and presentations. The QuickNotes and Reminder features can enhance productivity by allowing users to capture notes hands-free, and view instant messages and upcoming events without needing other smart devices. The G1 also works with LLMs like ChatGPT, further extending its functionality. A noteworthy feature is the rechargeable battery which provides, according to Even Realities, 2-3 days of battery life on a single charge.

The high-tech smart product has been designed by a team with a broad spectrum of expertise in optical display technology, optometry, design and manufacturing. They include Will Wang, CEO and Founder, who has a background in consumer electronics, Nikolaj Schnoor, Principal Strategy Officer and Philipp Haffmans, Principal Eyewear Designer. For more information visit: https://www.evenrealities.com/en-GB/company

This feature is an Eyestylist Exclusive published on 3rd July 2024 / Written by Clodagh Norton

EOE Eyewear: new photography released

The company known for its stylish, high-quality, avantgarde sustainable glasses has shot a new portrait campaign with Pelle Lannefors 
The campaign features shots of mother and son duo Ursula and Aaron Wångander wearing EOE frames – including the made-to-order Stone Collection by EOE Eyewear. Ursula Wångander is a stylist and model and is an iconic figure in the Swedish fashion scene.
Among the frames worn by the duo are pieces from EOE’s Stone Collection, one of particular interest and style, combining timeless frame styles with “nature’s raw jewellery” in the form of precious stones sourced in Swedish Lapland. The stones featured include stunning amethyst, smoke quartz, and pyrite – placed with jewellery techniques to embellish temples. Above: Ursula Wångander wears the cat eye style Ogjort by EOE Eyewear – Photography by Pelle Lannefors
Aaron Wångander wearing EOE Eyewear / Stone Collection – Photography by Pelle Lannefors
The summer campaign, which features a series of portraits, was shot by Pelle Lannefors and their wildposting campaign seen around Stockholm featured collages of the images made by Roeland Vanheesbeke.
Find out more at https://eoe-eyewear.com

Loft San Francisco, USA

The 2024 edition is confirmed for 5th to 6th October  – offering an opportunity to encounter a world of independent eyewear in an intimate setting on the spectacular West Coast

LOFT will return to San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture at Gallery 308 this autumn. This historic venue is set in the Northern Marina District of the city by Fishermans Wharf and features expansive views of San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Surrounded by parkland, the Fort Mason Center is a vibrant cultural hub located within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.

We really love coming back to San Francisco, said Richard Mewha, founder of LOFT Eyewear Shows. “Fort Mason is always a spectacular venue. The views alone make this a very special event. We encourage vendors new and old to make this a must-see event on the eyewear show calendar. Change is in the air and intimate events like this are becoming much more preferable for many of our clients.

LOFT Eyewear Shows are the premier independent luxury eyewear events held annually in New York City and San Francisco. Since 2000, the LOFT events have showcased exclusive and cutting edge designers from around the world.

Pioneering this event in San Francisco has always been a pleasure. There is a growing appetite for independent eyewear shows and this event is steadily growing in popularity, said LOFT Marketing Director, Louis Fullagar. On the back of the major announcement of our plans to remain in New York, we acknowledge our vendors and their customers are keen for shows like this that have a completely different and relaxed vibe to major conference-type traditional events of the past.

This years San Francisco event will take place over the weekend of 5th to 6th October and will be open from 11.00am – 8.00pm on Saturday, and 9.00am – 6.00 pm on Sunday. There is parking available at the venue and in the surrounding area. As usual there will be a barista, wine tasting, catering and afternoon beverages each day. Find out more about Loft San Francisco at www.lofteyewearshow.com / Eyestylist.com is a media partner for LOFT Eyewear Shows.