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We continue our Vintage Voyage this month with a selection of amazing original designs from decades ago, boutique happenings, and a stunning new fashion exhibition in Paris. For exciting Vintage news, click and stay with Eyestylist.

You’ll discover retro-inspired frames, Vintage Boutiques, an irresistible Designer of the Month, and in City Guides, books and exhibitions. Eyestylist Vintage is a new launch for Eyestylist.com and for April comprises a month long celebration – Viva Vintage! JG 

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Old Focals

Vintage Optical Boutique for Cinema and TV

30th April 2012 A dream was the inspiration for the creation of Old Focals – the iconic Pasadena California boutique that supplies vintage eyewear for movies and TV productions. Owner Russ Campbell shares his story: “I had a dream in which an old man gave me his sunglasses, and I was writing down my dreams at the time. He said to me ‘you can have these old focals’. This gave me a vision, and from there I began to search out vintage eyewear. I find frames in shops, markets, and antique shops. I have bought frames everywhere, from garage sales to eyeglass companies that liquidate. I have also travelled internationally amassing my collection – the first collection came from Detroit.

“Old Focals has provided frames for Harry Potter, JFK, Benjamin Button, Men in Black, Spiderman, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, to name a few. I also do Mad Men, The Office and Greys Anatomy.” Old Focals also provided the frames for J. Edgar, the recent film about FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Although Old Focals is all about Vintage, Campbell has a solid footing in current market forces. He is manufacturing his own collection, developing brand recognition, and “eagerly attacking internet sales.” You don’t have to be a film star to enjoy wearing vintage eyewear from Old Focals! www.oldfocals.com JG


A vintage voyage with….

Selima Salaun, Selima Optique

28th April 2012 The Selima Optique team have sent us some great shots of the launch of their vintage pop-up shop, including this one above of Selima Salaun and Simon Galaviz wearing pieces from the ‘London Collection’ which we reported on earlier in the month! Here are a few more below. We are sad we couldn’t be there! Selima is an avid fan of eyewear of all types….as a designer she understands that many of today’s top eyewear brands are mined from the past, and she continues to build a rich archive of options featuring the best in high-design and high-quality.
She has a devoted following of vintage clients who continue collecting the rarest of pieces, but she also likes to give those who are not in-the-know a chance to find a truly original, one-of-a-kind pair of frames.

Alongside her handmade creations, each Selima Optique shop boasts a curated selection from some of the most trusted names in the optical arena including Alain Mikli, Cazal, Christian Dior, Gucci, Mykita and Persol. Visit when next in New York (or Paris), we will be!

Selima Salaun and Catherine Malandrino


Dana Endundo and Drue Kataoka


Photography provided exclusively by Selima Optique.

Selima Optique / Bond 07 Showroom, 7 Bond Street, NYC, NY 10012 www.selimaoptique.com CN

Trend alert: the quirky cat

Three glamorous cat’s eyes

27th April 2012 While there are masses of cat’s eyes, classic and modified, I decided to pick out some special ones for our vintage coverage…but I have to emphasise there really are so many good ones this was not an easy exercise. Here are three that I’ve seen in the last days that have a special something in terms of the styling…. but I have loads more to recommend in our Sunglasses Special next month…

The sunglasses above are a vintage pair, part of a collection by Lunettes Kollektion’s designer Uta Geyer, who has an online vintage store at www.lunettes-shop.de. This is a very strong shape by the much-loved designer Christian Roth, a friend of ours who has made eyewear history with a number of brilliant one-off creations (I didn’t know these were by Christian Roth when I selected them, so it was a pleasant surprise). I’m very keen on the squared off sides of this interpretation, and the lens shape which is cheeky and elegant at the same time.

Vanni, Stratos V3609

From this year’s collections, this design from Vanni, an Italian brand produced by Nico Design, has charisma. It is very feminine, cute in its patterning and the two-tone front is a very important trend this year that looks really splendid here. I haven’t tried this on but I should expect it to be an easy-to-wear catseye, sweet and classic.

I-I model 033M by Italia Independent

Also from Italy, by the label Italia Independent, is this hybrid between a catseye and a butterfly design, produced in metal for a completely different effect. The model is called I-I 033M; it is quite sleek and a very nice choice for smaller faces. This colour is punchy, as is the statement gold version. From what I hear this brand is now quite widely available in London; try Bromptons (www.kensingtonopticians.co.uk) 2020 Optical Store (www.20-20.co.uk), or Schullers (www.schulleropticians.comwww.italiaindependent.com CN



A Vintage Voyage With….

Kyla Marion Albany, New York

26th April 2012 “How did I start collecting? My mom loved auctions and antique shops; she had a great eye for Limoges and Bavarian china. Once she went to the Salvation Army and spotted an old serving cart under a pile of junk. So I grew up that way, and then I met my great friend Jamie (passionate Vintage collector and antique dealer), and he introduced me to thrift shops. My first collection and largest, except for Christmas, is a vintage sailor doll and an early pond boat collection. I started that in New York City, during the winter, when I wasn’t sailing. The collection was featured in a magazine called Country Collectibles. Vintage appeals to me because it is so charming and warm. Nothing is made as well now – for instance, I have school chairs at my cottage that have no nails in them. The furniture has a lovely patina, and so do old oil paintings. It’s just a preference. The past is so interesting and collecting is so fun. I go to yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and of course, antique shops. I even found a few things on the street. It’s the thrill of the hunt – finding something special unexpectedly – for my collection – or starting a new one. Both homes have vintage furniture, linens, and china. I also have early cement birdbaths and urns, so I enjoy extending my love of vintage outdoors. And of course, I love Vintage eyeglasses, clothes and accessories!” JG

Wilde Store, Barcelona

25th April 2012 Barcelona is one place I know like the back of my hand. But that was in the 1990s, and these days stores and bars and boutiques there are changing all the time…for vintage, my first stop today would be Wilde Store (www.wildestore.com), a very cool little place (there are two branches) to find quality vintage frames, from brands like Cazal, Persol, Lacoste and Silhouette, from the 1950s through to the 90s. The frames have been sourced across the world over several years. I have found them by chance through my brother, and I’m delighted to see what they are doing.

As well as its vintage frames, Wilde is also dedicated to the handcrafting trend…the store is launching its own sunglasses label this season, made on the premises by Carlos Azuaje and colleague Tepo, who have a passion for the artisanal qualities of traditional eyewear. Carlos explains, “The first Wilde Sunglasses collection is made by hand from Mazzucchelli acetate with metal accents. We are revisiting the old techniques of the 1950s, and producing in very small quantities per colour. All our work is done exclusively in our workshop in Barcelona, we are making our ideas a reality!”

As if this were not enough, the store has also created WSkin by Wilde, handmade felt and leather cases and covers (for iPhones, iPads and eyewear)  made with love and attention to detail. Their videos of the work they put in are superb, I’m a fan! CN www.wildeskin.com/showcase/index.php/fabricacion

Wilde Store, Barcelona
Oscar in Grey, by Wilde Sunglasses (Euros 150)

Wilde Store, c/Joaquin Costa, 2, Barcelona 08001, Spain

Wilde Store, c/ Avinyo, 21 Barcelona, 08002, Spain


Introducing… Heidi London

25th April 2012  A few days ago we spoke to Heidi Chan, the designer behind Heidi London whose sunglasses caught my eye in Wolf and Badger in London (www.wolfandbadger.com). This is a collection that has an old-school vintage theme running through, brought up to date with modern details such as on-trend colour and pattern. In our interview, Heidi talked about her background and latest designs.

Can you outline the brand philosophy and your design intentions. The initial intention was to create a sunglasses wardrobe for sun lovers and snow bunnies, different silhouettes to suit different face shapes and complexions. Effortlessly wearable yet comtemporary, I wanted to see what would happen when my experience in womenswear design was applied to eyewear design. Now I am in my second season, I’m designing pieces that are simpler and more chic compared to the first collection, which was all about fun colours and patterns.

H1008 from Heidi London
Heidi London H1006 in khaki

I love designing something that reflects the contemporary time and the current world. While the designs might change each season to reflect the now- one thing that never changes is that my ultimate goal is to bring happiness to people where I can, that’s the best thing; it’s the best feeling in the world when you see the sparks and excitment in other people’s eyes when they see what they love. I think that when people feel better, they look better, live better, and then they are happier. So my job is to make people feel good and look good. Continue reading “Introducing… Heidi London”

A Vintage Voyage With….

Crystal Frames

24th April 2012 Clear plastic – or crystal – frames were a stylish expression in the 1950’s and 60’s – as they are today! Designers are re-inventing – or re-launching – frame designs in elegant, clear crystal. The above frame is from Blue Magic Eye – style 3303 – with distinctive temple detailing.

Savigny in Crystal by Framers


This handsome vintage concept is sometimes enhanced with new materials, such as Lafont’s combination of crystal and carbon, or spiked with sophistication, as in Framers’ sleek crystal and black sunglasses. www.bluemagiceye.com www.framers.de www.lafont.com JG

Initiale in Crystal from Lafont Paris


A vintage voyage with…

Vidal Erkohen

22nd April 2012  Creator of RVS by V, Vidal Erkohen, first set up his business to sell rare vintage frames (www.rarevintagesunglasses.com). We asked him to model a few and here are the results…thanks Vidal! Here, as part of our Vintage series, Eyestylist asks Vidal about his passion for vintage eyewear and how it has shaped his own designs at RVS by V.

“Vintage eyewear has a soft spot in most people’s heart, whether it may be the memory of a loved one wearing them when they were a child, or the vision of their favourite actor wearing them in the their favourite movie. A piece of vintage eyewear from the ’80s may have been a hit back then, but today it may signify a whole era that will bring back hundreds of memories to its user. I believe a piece of eyewear can only truly be iconic by passing the test of time, and that is exactly why some vintage frames are particularly sought after, year after year.

Vintage Cazal
Vintage Persol Ratti

Can you tell me about your own collection, RVS by V., and how it is affected by your love of vintage? “I always try to keep true to vintage style in our RVS by V. designs by keeping the updates we make to our designs very minimal. The way we use materials, our finishing (which we always do as matt) and our colours are all very important to me. I am in love with colour and it holds great importance in all of my designs. I believe the colour tones you use bring a whole new modern look to timeless styles that sometimes seem to come from a ‘black and white’ era. I think men sometimes shy away from wearing colours and this is why I try to incorporate vibrant hues with classic design; I like to help them overcome this habit.” www.rarevintagesunglasses.com www.rvsbyv.com CN  Photography by RVS by V. for Eyestylist.com.


RVS by V. Limited Edition 212 in purple haze

Colab and Jonathan Calugi

Frames inspired by Dolce Vita and Federico Fellini

20th April 2012 From Australia comes another collaboration from the frame company, Colab who launch a line with the Italian illustrator Jonathan Calugi…with images inspired by Fellini. Another super retro theme for our Vintage month!

Colab/Jonathan Calugi

The collection includes references to the 1963 release ‘8 1/2’ and Mastroianni’s lead character, Guido. The sunglass style JCA001_8 1/2 has a trendy half bi-tone front, matte brushed gold trim and is part of a Limited Edition of 1000 pieces. The best way to order these from outside Australia is online at www.colab.com.au/shop

A vintage voyage with…

Kings of Past

19th April 2012 Last month I had the opportunity to meet with Kings of Past for the first time….Sebastien showed me a small selection of their latest pieces, some of which we are publishing here. I have also talked to Musadik Rajani, an expert on vintage eyewear and one of the principals of Kings of Past, the vintage eyewear retailer. Musadik has shared his insights here into this special world of glasses….and over the last weeks he has given me a really good understanding of the beauty and quality of some of the best vintage eyewear (image above, Emmanuelle Khanh sunglasses at www.kingsofpast.com).

Why is vintage so desirable? I believe fashion is always inspired by the past. The past sets a precedent for the future to follow. And ‘vintage’ is a very loose term used to describe the past. In eyewear specifically, the past is very interesting because all the designs were original. Eyewear as a mainstream fashion accessory is a 30-40 year old concept, so the eyewear from that era is largely considered to be original in design. In today’s tech-savvy world, people are really looking for originality and design. A simple branded logo on a mass produced eyeglass or sunglass is not enough.

Vintage Persol from Kings of Past

Do you work with celebrities? Why do they choose rare vintage? 
We work with many celebrities either directly or through many of our accounts. Celebrities are constantly being photographed, and this drives a greater desire for them to look and be different. They choose Kings of Past vintage eyewear because of the authenticity, the rarity and the fact that all our eyewear is unworn. We work with anyone who has a genuine appreciation for fine and unique eyewear.

Vintage Killy frame from Kings of Past

Which are your favourite vintage pieces this year? This is very difficult. I have many many favourites for different reasons. The Jean Claude Killy sunglasses (pictured above) are a favourite because of the incredible details…the hollowed carbon fibre temples, ‘wishbone’ hinges, folding temple tips, shocks in the bridge, and the lenses. I also like our vintage Ralph Lauren pieces with acetate fronts and detail engraved metal, and the Cazals are a favourite because of their outrageous designs and impact on American culture. We also do very well with Alain Mikli vintage styles at the moment. Continue reading “A vintage voyage with…”

A Vintage Voyage With….

Original Penguin

18th April 2012 Original Penguin was one of the first companies to understand the social and fashion changes taking place in America in the 1950’s. Personal freedom and personal taste coincided with the birth of Original Penguin. The buttoned-up formality of the 1940’s was gone, relaxation was the new mantra, and looking swell while you were at it. At this juncture, Original Penguin created a polo shirt that became a classic – trendy, smart and affordable. The Original Penguin polo (followed by other fashion items) emerged as the era’s most popular shirt – suburbanites to the Las Vegas Rat Pack –  were seen wearing it – and the polo became the ‘new uniform’ – making everyman feel like Frank Sinatra – cool, confident, moving and shaking. The above photo features The Doyle – in oh-so-vintage-crystal with black.


The Bernard Sun - Original Penguin Eyewear Collection 2012

Original Penguin Eyewear is a fantastic mix of retro styling, a trifle geeky, with a bit of chic, and a whole lot of cool. The frames express high-style vintage inspiration, and they are a favourite with both men and women. The same traits that so enamoured people with the Original Penguin concept, is beautifully translated into the eyewear. The Rat Pack would love it! www.originalpenguin.com  www.kenmarkoptical.com JG

Oliver Goldsmith, circa 1965

17th April 2012 These 1960s larger-than-life styles Koko and Fuz, pictured above, are by Oliver Goldsmith, and they are very much still a feature of the present Oliver Goldsmith collections in this pristine stand-out white, a colour Audrey Hepburn wore so well (in Two for a Road). It’s statement vintage styling at its best – big squares and rounds are a perfect choice as we go into spring/summer and much is owed to Oliver Goldsmith for this and many more 1960s trends in sunwear that happily live on. Square, by the way, is fighting its way back in while everyone talks about the round styles…. I expect it to grow and grow as an important, characterful trend for 2013….

I have visited the Oliver Goldsmith store in Notting Hill on a number of occasions – it is full of treasures, new and vintage, by the Goldsmith family – now also including Claire Goldsmith’s label Legacy. This is also where you can have a bespoke sunglass made up should you wish to see the full vintage collection and have one of the designs re-created. The shop is around the corner from colourful Portobello Road and near some fine cafes, delis and restaurants. One of London’s finest eyewear emporiums…CN

Oliver Goldsmith, 15 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, London W11 1HA www.olivergoldsmith.com

Fuz by Oliver Goldsmith


Koko by Oliver Goldsmith

Image (top): Front cover, Vanity Fair, May 1965, provided courtesy of Claire Goldsmith, Oliver Goldsmith.

La Galerie de Lunettes

Architectural Optical Gem Opens in Paris

16th April 2012 La Galerie de Lunettes is a delightful optical boutique find in the trendy Canal St. Martin area. Opened just two months ago, knowledgeable and charming opticians Marie-Charlotte and Jessica offer clients a warm welcome to the architecturally pleasing shop. The artistically thought out interior was created by the Parisian firm Dumazer-Lafallisee (www.dumazer-lafallisse.com), owned by Marie-Charlotte’s sister, so La Galerie is very much a family affair. Smooth, quality maple wood enhances the airy feeling of the boutique. There is a ‘gallery of mirrors’ on one wall – a beautiful collection of various shaped mirrors, found in markets and antique shops. A cornucopia of the most sought after designer frames are featured: LGR, Thierry Lasry, Prism, Graz, Lunettes Kollektion, Garrett Leight, l.a. eyeworks, Waiting for the Sun, and more. The very newest styles from these collections are available, and the selection is varied and vast. La Galerie de Lunettes is the perfect destination for personalised optical service, haute-style, and a charming atmosphere. www.lagaleriedelunettes.com JG

Cristobal Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons

Paris Fashion Museum Opens on La Seine

16th April 2012 Two stunning, simultaneous exhibitions are taking place at the newly opened Les Docks – cité de la Mode et du Design – Cristobal Balenciaga, and Comme des Garçons. The homage to Balenciaga is a beautiful retrospective of the Spanish creator, who was a genius with scissors and gorgeous fabrics. His choice of materials included cut out laces and embroidered velvets, sequined and jewelled silks, luxurious cashmeres – and every design flattered and enhanced the female form. His artistry was such that many of the evening creations could be worn today – and for lucky Balenciaga patrons – they are. Balenciaga is a style collector’s dream.

White Drama is the theme of the Comme des Garçons presentation, created by tour de force Rei Kawakubo. The Spring/Summer 2012 collection on display is a fantasy of romanticism in monochrome, with several designs featuring amazing crochet hoods and stoles. The exhibitions continue through 7 October. Visitors can enjoy the opulence of the fashion exhibitions, and savour the location of this new venue as well, located directly on La Seine. More details at www.paris-docks-en-seine.fr  Above photo by Jean-François José JG

Trend watch: new frames, vintage materials

RES/REI, Italy

16th April 2012 The frame company Res/Rei, a small producer of handmade frames with a lovely simplicity and elegance, have launched a Limited Edition which caught my eye last month. The company has sourced acetate from the 1980s and 1990s to produce the ten colour sets in the collection, which it says, have been flying off the shelves….they are super limited, given the small amount of patterned vintage acetate found. Some of the frames are one-offs, otherwise they are produced in tiny batches of 3 or 4.

Limited Edition Set VI

The firm is by no means the first to use materials from the past in its present lines, but it has done it with clever results. I have seen some other stunning designs using vintage materials at a number of labels this year, including great ones by Thierry Lasry and Robert Marc. I expect there are more out there I haven’t seen, any suggestions? www.resrei.com CN

Trend watch: retro dots

14th April 2012 Dots are very much in fashion as the vintage revival revs up for summer and there are good examples to be found in frames, including some that were brought to my attention by Iris et Prunelle L’Opticien Lunetier, by Moschino. The French accessory specialists Valrose have this pretty polka dot line which I saw in Munich earlier in the year. This is a purse-style case for the finest catseye or butterfly. Valrose also produce brightly coloured felt cases which have always caught my eye; view this brightly themed collection in full at www.valrose.net CN

A Vintage Voyage With…..

Michaela Kühn, Berlin Fashion Film Maker

13th April 2012 “I’ve been interested in vintage since I was a little girl. During the late 1970’s and 1980’s, I was very impressed with old films from the 1930’s to the 60’s. So in effect, it was much more interesting for me to check out the old dresses and coats of my grandmother’s wardrobe, than it was to buy moon washed jeans and adidas basketball sneakers. Vintage appeals because I like the classical look, to show the waist and look feminine. The quality of most pieces I have is fantastic. On one hand, it is charming to know that all my vintage stuff tells stories about the past. On the other hand, I feel much better wearing used clothes and have old furniture, than to be part of an unfair industry of big businesses. I shop for Vintage everywhere I go on my journeys – flea markets, stores and ebay. My favourite shops in Berlin are cache coeur, and Lunettes Selection (www.lunettes-selection.de). Almost every piece of furniture I have is from flea markets or shops. I restore most pieces myself. And here we are at the same point: the quality is ten times better than all the new stuff. My favourite vintage furniture piece is a Finnish teak dining table from the 1950’s, from Berlin Magasin (www.magasin-berlin.de) and my 1940’s sunglasses from Lunettes Selection. The other favourite piece is my black silk-velvet 1920’s coat with art-deco lining. I found this in Berlin at cache coeur.” (www.cachecoeur.de) JG

The ‘London’ Collection

A 3-day vintage eyewear ‘pop-up’ shop, Bond 07 by Selima, New York

12th April 2012 Opening today for three days is this special opportunity to buy vintage eyewear at New York’s Bond 07 by Selima. The 500 or so unworn frames have been sourced in London by Kajal, a Columbia business school student who is set to launch her own eyewear company this year. Carefully curated with Selima Salaun, founder of Selima Optique, who will host the special pop-up shop, the collection includes a variety of spectacles and sunglass styles by brands like Lacroix (top left), Dior (top right), Hugo Boss, Ferre (below left, and definitely my favourite amongst these four great samples) and Cazal (below right), with models for men and women. Favourite decades for retro fashion such as the 1950s and the 1970s are well represented. Prices start at an affordable $150.

“Inspired by her family’s entrepreneurial journey in eyewear, Kajal spent her younger years visiting eyewear shows throughout Europe and developed an affinity for the artisanal design of vintage pieces. We believe there is a real appreciation for vintage fashion in New York and a customer who isn’t afraid to express himself or herself by wearing the bold and vibrant designs of the vintage era.”

Selima Optique / Bond 07 Showroom, 7 Bond Street, NYC, NY 10012 www.selimaoptique.com CN

A Vintage Voyage With…..

Derome Brenner 9898

11th April 2012 Play it again…..this sleek retro frame is homage to beauty, craftsmanship and lasting style. Derome Brenner frames are crafted in acetate made from wood and cotton, and the designs require over sixty different hand techniques to achieve the quality, refinement, and exclusivity found in each frame. The design above is smooth black acetate in a sculptural shape, and further accentuates its individuality with an open nose bridge. The arty necklace and bracelet is from the Derome Brenner accessory collection. This Friday, 13 April, Xavier Derome will be the guest of honour at Gogosha Optique in Silver Lake, California. If you are fortunate enough to be in the region, pop into the boutique for a visit from 4PM to 9PM, with this delightful French artisan and eyewear creator. www.deromebrenner.com www.gogosha.com JG


A Vintage Voyage With….

Susan Stone, Berlin Fashion/Beauty Correspondent

10th April 2012 “I fell in love with vintage style through punk rock. At fourteen, I was already a long-term Anglophile (due to or despite a Scottish grandmother, I’m not sure which!) and as a kid I always loved the swing era, but my family never saved old clothes as keepsakes, so I didn’t have previous hands-on experience with the textiles and textures of years gone by. I grew up in Florida, where many people go to escape – be it winter, work or weariness – and so thrift stores and antique shops were often full of discarded treasures. Vintage offers us a chance to time-travel, and to mark ourselves as a bit different, apart from the rest – I cherish both. What we can learn from past items, be they clothing, frames or end tables, is truly compelling. Good histories and bad histories are both woven into permanence. This is very evident in Europe, especially in Berlin.


Susan wears Vintage frames from Firlefanz in Berlin

“I shop for Vintage wherever I go. I’m always on the hunt for small secondhand shops, flea markets and thrift stores. I prefer the thrill of the chase, so I’m personally not so very fond of shopping in highly curated (and usually highly priced) chi-chi vintage boutiques. I have a recent and growing love for vintage eyewear that’s started to get me into trouble. I bought my first pair of vintage frames from Fabulous Fanny’s in New York’s East Village a few years ago. I now have four pair of prescription glasses with vintage frames, from both Fabulous Fanny’s and Berlin’s wondrous Lunettes Selection shops. (www.lunettes-selection.de) As for vintage sunglasses, thanks to Lunettes and Berlin’s flea markets, I have around ten pairs at present. I like vintage at home too. I used to say that my apartment in Washington, DC (where I lived before moving to Germany), was decorated in “High Thrift Shop” style. I’m trying not to collect too many things in Berlin. It’s hard to choose just one favourite item. But since we’re talking eyewear, I’ll share one of my recent finds. At a vintage shop in Berlin I picked up a rather unusual pair of sunglasses – they are translucent salmon pink, with light grey lenses – but there’s a twist – on the side of each lens,  there’s what from the front looks like a dark decorative area. But what’s clear only to the wearer is – these sections are actually tiny mirrors that allow you to see what’s going on behind you! They’re lady-spy glasses from the Cold War Era. I haven’t had the chance to wear them on the street yet, but when I do, I’ll surely be steeped in mystery.” JG

Photos: foto di matti www.fotodimatti.com

 Lunettes Selection Berlin


Vintage shopping

Boss 5163 from GafaVintage

7th April 2012 I have been in touch with GafaVintage this week and they have sent me loads of brilliant images, including this Boss style with the trendy round shape and narrow metal bar. I am seeing this design coming through in many a new collection; the metal bar is a lovely authentic detail to look out for. Jorge also mentioned some vintage Randolph Aviators which he unearthed in an old optical shop in northern Spain just recently! They are selling at 180 Euros from the GafaVintage online store for fans of this classic aviator design. Jorge says there are lots of exciting vintage styles coming to light in Spain. Check www.gafavintage.com for updates. CN


Vintage celebrations!

The Vintage Festival, Boughton House, Northamptonshire, UK

6th April 2012 This year’s Vintage Festival in the UK, a celebration of all things retro with a ‘best of British’ theme, is taking place on 13th to 15th July. I was at the London event last year, and I can’t recommend this enough….it’s an excuse to dress up and enjoy a very cleverly curated mix of music, art, fashion, film, art and design…with shopping, food, dancing and lots more glamour and excitement….

Created by Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, the Festival is now so popular that it is taking place at the Boughton Estate, a stately home of the highest order in Northants. If you want to get tickets hurry, hurry and book up at www.vintagefestival.co.uk


Images reproduced by kind permission of the Vintage Festival. 

1970’s super round chic

Zanzan’s ‘Spa Ma Ma’

5th April 2012 The 1970’s is the decade for celebration in this image from English sunglasses label Zanzan, which they have kindly let us show…it’s from their collection of images at www.making-eyes.com. Teamed with ever-popular denim, the oversized round frame is ‘Spa Ma Ma’…a name borrowed (with permission) from the famous interior designer, Hutton Wilkinson who held a party in Hollywood with this exotic name.

Zanzan is a well kept secret we have been following in London. Designers Megan Trimble and Gareth Townsend are the duo behind the label which sells its statement Limited Editions through fashion stores. For more on this label, visit www.zanzan.co.uk CN

A Vintage Voyage With…..

Detective Inspiration from Andy Wolf

4th April 2012 Who is your favourite detective author or hero? Arthur Conan Doyle with Sherlock Holmes? Perhaps Agatha Christie and amateur detective Miss Marple, or the intuitive Hercule Poirot? The fictional spy Emma Peel? Now some of these acclaimed detective characters come to life in eyewear, with a fun new collection by Andy Wolf. The frames are a tribute to detective stories, and your inner sleuth can be expressed wearing Hercule Poirot (above) in snappy vintage inspired crystal and tortoise acetate. Or perhaps you secretly long to be Miss Marple – an acetate design processed with inlaid French lace, or Emma Peel, in these wonderfully quirky frames,(below) with a curved bridge. An innovative concept and an inspiring eyewear collection!  More details at www.andy-wolf.at and  www.eyerespect.com JG

"Emma Peel" by Andy Wolf, inspired by The Avengers


Trend alert: vintage curves and swirls

3rd April 2012 Soft and curvy shapes are rising, not to mention the popularity of the peplum…here are three desirable vintage-inflected sunglass styles for women with this soft and shapely direction. A new Alberta Ferretti collection by Cutler & Gross, presented for the first time at Milan Fashion Week, is polished and luxurious. There are six sunglasses featured (image features one of the styles on the catwalk), all inspired by the handmade decorations, motives and shapes of the Ferretti Ready-to-Wear collections; the soft round fronts of the model shown are combined with delicate curvy arms, and, in some cases, trendy mirrored lenses. www.albertaferretti.com

At the New York label Lumete, a brand that specialises in women’s sunglasses, Vedrina is a gorgeously feminine shape in acetate. This label  has an interesting selection of curvaceous designs with shapes reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s …and with appeal to lots of ages. Acetate lends itself perfectly to these soft voluminous shapes….www.lumete.com

Lumete's Vedrina

And finally for the clever vintage traits, I love the twist on this Emmanuelle Khanh acetate design (model 5010) which I recently admired in Milan. This pretty feature on the arms requires a very high level of workmanship, according to EK’s General Manager, Didier Marder. The outcome is extremely stylish. I’ve not seen this anywhere else! www.emmanuellekhanhparis.com CN

Emmanuelle Khanh Paris 5010


Ivy 4

Lotho Paris

Starting our choice of contemporary frames for April, with eye-catching vintage overtones…..

Snappy red and white merge amicably in superbly polished acetate from Lotho. I saw this frame in Milan, and was attracted to its graceful shape, with volume at the temples – retro harmony meets modernity. Lotho was established in Paris four years ago, and has created a strong buzz with their beautiful collections, handmade in Japan, emphasising fine design with technology and luscious colours. www.lotho.fr JG


Oliver Goldsmith – London

Oliver Goldsmith was creating Vintage before it was Vintage! They captured the mood of the 1960’s and 70’s with their fantastic sunglasses that have become international icons. This season, OG has re-launched several of the designs that are legendary – including Casper, in velvety latte macchiato. The precise round shape, smooth acetate and infinite details, all contribute to the pleasure of wearing Casper. www.olivergoldsmith.com JG