August 2012

Celebrating colour!

Colour has transformed eyewear, and this month, we explore its many dimensions. Colour variations highlight REVIEWS, and the Designer of the Month is one of the ultimate eyewear creators. In BOUTIQUES, discover a new shop in a trendy American city. For leisurely summer pursuits this month you’ll find books and beach resorts in CITY GUIDES. Click on eyestylist for eyewear innovation and inspiration…..JG

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MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Götti Switzerland

Sunglass style, on vacation: 5 of the best

30th August 2012 As promised, in celebration of August 2012, we are featuring a series of holiday photos today, selected from those that you have kindly been sending in. Thank you for sharing, and enjoy these happy moments for the last sunny day of the month. Pictured Above: Model Palladium 001, by the Turkish eyewear label RVS by V. location, Southern Turkey.


Jet Drives by Tom Herrington, featuring RockOptika sunglasses, model Mustique


Mustique by RockOptika, a bestseller for the UK based brand, on the road. Image by RockOptika’s Tom Herrington, aka (in case you didn’t know) The “Sharp Suited Shooter”…To see more photography by Tom, visit To see the full RockOptika sunglass collection, visit


Anna-Karin Karlsson’s sunglasses, When Trouble Came to Town


OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland

Anna-Karin Karlsson’s sunglass style, When Trouble Came to Town, worn above by Anna-Karin’s son, on holiday by the Baltic Sea. and available at the Box Boutique, London,

Reproduction of image: courtesy of Selima Optique

Emilie wears Selima Optique’s Amanda sunglasses in the Egyptian desert. This is such a great style and fits so well in this stunning location. Find the Amanda sunglasses here:

Aswan by L.G.R. Sunglasses

Lila wears Aswan by L.G.R. Sunglasses, featuring the label’s new colourful UV-protective mirrored lenses. Image provided courtesy of L.G.R. Sunglasses.  Happy memories of the holidays! CN


Colour codes

Colour Creativity from l.a. eyeworks

29th August 2012 Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi, founders and designers of l.a.Eyeworks discuss with Eyestylist one of their favourite topics – Colour!

On colour in eyeglasses – Barbara: When it’s done correctly, a unique frame colour will tune into a special aspect of someone’s personality, and provoke it….amplify it!

Gai: Working with the ecology of colour is such an incredible experience. Colour can be a lure and it can issue a challenge. It can set you apart or blend you in. What I love most is when colour associates us with memory, both individually and collectively.

On inspiration – Gai: The inspiration for colour changes constantly. But if you ask me what I’ve been thinking about lately, it’s Bic lighters, African wax prints, and the colours of cake frostings – particularly when the frosting is a few days old, and starts to get a little chalky and crusty – those are beautiful tones!

CATNIP – colour trio from l.a.Eyeworks

On a favourite colour – Barbara: If there is a foundation colour for l.a.Eyeworks, it’s red.

MOREL par Jean Nouvel

Gai: We’re passionate about red! Red has such structure and volume to it. It’s a colour you can build from, and we often do. The challenge is finding the right red; the one that’s really vibrating with the mood and the season.

On suitability of colours in eyewear – Barbara: Every colour is suitable for eyewear.

Gai: Yes, just when you think a colour could never find a place, something will come along – whether it’s a shape, a material, a finish, a texture, or a pattern — and suddenly, it works! JG


Kurhaus The Hague

Nostalgic Elegance on The North Sea

26th August 2012 When I mentioned to a Dutch friend that I was going to the Hague, he said “oh, you must visit Kurhaus – and you’ll want to stay!” He was so right! Officially called the Steigenberger Kurhaus Hotel of The Hague, this grand hotel’s history goes back nearly two hundred years. A five-star establishment, the rooms are refreshing and sleek, and equipped with all mod cons. The Kurzaal restaurant is the showpiece – it was originally a concert hall, and it’s a beautiful setting from breakfast to a romantic dinner, with the beautiful glass Kurhaus Dome, frescos and 19th century paintings in full view above this tranquil oasis. As a former concert hall, the acoustics are superb, and enhance the daily live music. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to sample the culinary excellence (a good reason to return!)


The magnificent Kurzaal at Kurhaus Hotel in The Hague

With its delightful beachfront location – this is an ideal destination for an end of summer getaway, a lovely escape with historical notes of The Gilded Age, and its many leisurely, nostalgic pleasures. JG

Götti Switzerland



Kirk Originals, The Twenty Collection

British Firm Celebrates 20th Anniversary

26th August 2012 The celebration of Kirk Originals’ Twenty Collection transports me back to when I first met Jason and Karen Kirk in London – twenty years ago! He had produced his first collection, and I was impressed with the creativity, quality, originality, and Jason’s passion for eyewear. First impressions last – twenty years on, Kirk Originals continues to design stylish handmade frames with authenticity, power and punch. The Twenty Collection’s Stripe (above) is beautifully crafted in acetate with a shape that blends retro and contemporary. Great colours too – vermillion, jet, ice and cobalt. Happy Anniversary KO! JG

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Götti Switzerland