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With last year’s great response to our Vintage Edition, Eyestylist celebrates April 2013 with added fashion lore and vintage style.
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Vintage Spirit

Designs With Retro Heritage

29th April 2013 Vintage is an international language – witnessed here with two retro inspired designs created in far-flung countries – Australia and Hungary. From “down under” Jono Hennessy’s Rad Grad makes a strong vintage statement with its finely crafted shape in elegant crystal and black acetate.


Tadashi by Vinylize in Hungary
Tadashi by Vinylize in Hungary

Vinylize in Budapest endorses the vintage theme with this sleek cat eye design, Tadashi, created from vintage vinyl records. The gentle shaping highlights the natural grooves from the records. Unique! JG

Silhouette Eyewear

A story of ongoing innovation

26th April 2013 We have been given access to another fantastic archive for this month of vintage celebration on Eyestylist. The Austrian eyewear company, Silhouette has a very rich past, and a number of statement pieces such as the design classic above from the 1974 Futura Sunwear collection – now very collectible and sought after – and model 500 from 1978 (see below). This is the first time I have had a chance to have a look at these Austrian-made styles through the years, and many more that have played their part in the development of eyewear into a fashion accessory. Silhouette was created in 1964 by Anneliese and Arnold Schmied and today remains true to its roots both in terms of the Austrian production and its appetite for innovative, hi-tech design. The company became well-known for its lightweight frames and rimless designs in the late 1990s, and its commitment to these qualities which became the preferred choice of frame for astronauts travelling to space.

Model 500 by Silhouette, 1978
PAST: Model 500 by Silhouette, 1978

This year the company is celebrating another new launch for its lightweight eyewear concept, Titan Minimal Art, in the form of The Icon. We have tried and tested these feather-light minimal frames (there are specs and sunglass versions available), which are made of titanium and SPX, much like the first frames in the Titan Minimal Art series, designed by Gerhard Fuchs and launched in 1999.

PRESENT: The Icon, Silhouette
PRESENT: The Icon, Silhouette

Created in Linz, Austria, each Icon style is made in a detailed process that includes high-tech processing and handcrafting and in total, more than 200 steps. The designs aim to be youthful and easy for all faces, and are consistent with the original Titan Minimal Art concept, with focus on the reduced weight, a minimal almost non-existent frame, flexibility and hingeless and screwless design. The styles strike a clever balance in terms of premium quality, practicality and price and there is an almost dizzying choice of colours from modern brights to classics such as gold or black. For more information and virtual try on visit  Images courtesy of Silhouette Eyewear.  CN

For more on Silhouette S/S collections, visit the link:

Vintage frames for little people

25th April 2013 I hadn’t really thought about vintage design for children, but when you see these you realise that there have been some super sweet designs for little people in the past…but they have been slightly forgotten. Not so by Lunettes Kollektion, the Berlin specs label that has their own line but also an enlightening collection of vintage eyewear. As they prepare to open their new store, complete with children’s corner, at Dunckerstr. 18, we have discovered their love of frames for all ages, and their special selection of children’s designs from the 70s and 80s by Dior, Tintin et Milou and Les Halles.

Vintage Dior Junior - at Lunettes Selection, Berlin
Vintage Dior Junior – at Lunettes Selection, Berlin

The Dior styles are decorated with colourful bows, a detail I’ve seen on grown-up frames but not on anything so pretty as these little ones; it’s a special touch that will surely delight the little fashionistas of Berlin. Available at Lunettes Selection, Dunckerstr. 18, 10437, Berlin, Germany CN

Find more on Lunettes Kollektion here:

Emmanuelle Khanh

Fashion Legacy in Eyewear

23rd April 2013 As a writer, I’ve been fortunate to meet a fascinating array of musicians, artists and designers. Each meeting is notable, and some interviews are truly memorable. One such event was meeting Emmanuelle Khanh (above) in Paris, at the time when she had a marvellous boutique on Avenue Victor Hugo. She was stunning – shining black hair – and of course, wearing amazing glasses from her eyewear collection.

“When a woman feels well in clothes, jewellery and glasses, she feels well in general,” declared Khanh, “and I never do fashion for fashion; I just make what I like, whether it’s clothing or eyewear. I wear glasses and I created my own frames from the beginning (1971) and I have stayed with the same shape. Glasses were once an infirmity, but now they are a fashion advantage. What is important is to find your style, your own personality in fashion. The first pair of frames I made is still the design that sells internationally.”


Emmanuelle Khanh Design - Her favourite shape
Emmanuelle Khanh Design –
her favourite shape

That interview took place over twenty years ago, and the same eyewear shape that Emmanuelle Khanh created (above) continues to sell around the globe. She is a fashion visionary in every sense of the word, and grasps the importance of eyewear as an accessory, and the concept of vintage forever. JG

Photo: Courtesy of Emmanuelle Khanh Paris

Emilio Pucci

An Aristocratic Fashion Legend

22nd April 2013 Emilio Pucci was an Italian Marquis, philosopher, and a dashing designer darling for socialites and fashionable women, with an amazing sense of style, colour and memorable prints. His little boutique on the idyllic Isle of Capri drew the likes of Jacqueline Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to his doorstep. Nowadays, The House of Pucci fans include Victoria Beckham and a host of other stylish women, who love to wear Pucci’s contemporary designs in magical colours.


Emilio Pucci in Florence Italy on a fashion shoot
Emilio Pucci in Florence, Italy on a fashion shoot

Taschen has published a beautiful book that traces the aristocratic roots of the charismatic designer, and how a tiny store owned by the family became an international brand. The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and images from the Emilio Pucci Foundation. Author Vanessa Friedman has captured the essence of Pucci’s versatility, and his impact on fashion history. JG

Style and Chic – Absolutely Ageless!

Karen Walker Campaign for Grand Dames

19th April 2013 Karen Walker is running a fabulous campaign, photographed by Ari Seth Cohen,  featuring – as the French say – ladies of a “certain age” who are, as Walker says: “interesting, inspirational and beautiful – sharing their remarkable outlook on life.”

There are four women between the ages of 65 and 92, each wearing designs with standout shapes and great colours. Joyce (above) who is 80 wears Northern Lights -a bold and dramatic shape with lots of vintage character. Joyce’s philosophy on life she sums up as: “To be optimistic, join in, don’t be negative, be positive in everything that you can, and it will come your way and work out.”

Atomic from the Karen Walker Forever  Collection
Atomic from the Karen Walker Forever Collection

Another stunning style for summer is Atomic (above) in orange sorbet with delicate filigree laser cut eyebrow trim above the cat eye shape. Both Northern Lights and Atomic are from the new Karen Walker Forever sunglass collection for 2013. JG

Reiz Germany, Lovely Nature

Pure design with a hint of the classical

17th April 2013 Handmade is a word that is much used today in eyewear; at Eyestylist we see it as part of our journey to explore the most authentic concepts in handcrafting, including taking a look at some of the smallest trendsetting labels. Our detailed research into handmade designs began in 2011, but it is an area we are hugely interested in for the future.

Here is one small but exciting label from Germany that we haven’t covered for some time. REIZ frames were first being created in the 90s and I got to know them over time. Their Lovely Nature collection is their interpretation of handmade glasses for 2013.

Masters in acetate, the frames in this collection – 10 models in 5 colours each – are made from an eco-friendly material with a similar transparency to acetate, produced following a new formula, that enables production without using chemicals such as phthalate – it’s a material that is both biodegradable and recyclable.

REIZ Lovely Nature
REIZ Lovely Nature

The Lovely Nature series pays homage to the traditional rectangular eye shape, chosen for its pure form, and combined with subtle colours that do not detract from the shape – but you will also find more curvaceous shapes and also the round style above, model Fichte. REIZ is known for the silky finish of its acetates (something that identifies their craftsmanship and small production) and the frames in the new eco material have a nice lightness and gentle fine lines – I observed this series in January this year in Munich with Thomas Hobmaier (the Marketing/Sales Director at REIZ) and found them very beautiful.

Created in Germany in 1996, REIZ is led by Jochen Gutbrod and Franz Dieter Reutter. The style of the glasses is always consistent to the label’s desire to produce beautiful design of an exceptional quality which combines handmade elements and high-tech German production technology.

Lovely Nature by REIZ - Kiefer
REIZ Lovely Nature – Kiefer (dark green)


The new images of the frames pictured here show some of the subtleties that I appreciated when I saw the frames and tried them on, whilst also making reference to the past and classical aesthetics. Lovingly created, and lovely indeed. CN

Acetate Masterpieces

Beautiful Acetate Colourations

15th April 2013 Some of the artistic effects available on acetate never cease to amaze. This season, there are several beautiful renditions that express the beauty and creative possibilities of working with this versatile eyewear material. Vera Wang, acclaimed for her refined clothing creations, brings those same qualities to elegant sunglasses in distinctive shapes, combining a contemporary mood with a subtle retro spirit (above: Asuki, Emi and Aya). The marble colourations are soft  and luxurious – a chic complement to spring/summer fashions.


Agrippina - by Oliviero Zanon for Res Rei
Agrippina – by Oliviero Zanon for Res/Rei

Designer Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei loves acetate – in fact, one of his favourite activities is to discover old acetate sheets that he can magically transform into gorgeous sunglasses. In Latin, Res Rei means “the thing”, and these beautiful frames really are ‘the thing’ in style and eyewear expression. Agrippina (above) with its alluring shape, is lovingly created by hand, and just one of several exciting new creations by the Italian designer. JG

The Götti Story

Exhibition in Lucerne to Mark 20th Anniversary

12th April 2013 The design history of Götti Switzerland was celebrated with an exhibition in the historic Rüttimann House, the same premises where Sven Götti created his first eyeglasses. As you enter this beautiful building, the stage is set with an amazing chandelier fitted with 541 pairs of sunglasses from previous collections. A cross section of the past two decades of the Swiss company sheds light on the manufacturing of the frames, the design process, and the marketing behind the products. The first Götti collection stylistically transports visitors to another era, however, the signature and design philosophy of Sven Götti is already recognizable. Prototypes, unrealized shape experiments, blanks and stamping tools are also on display.

Stunning chandelier with 541 pairs of Götti sunglasses
Stunning chandelier with 541 pairs of Götti sunglasses

The origins of the eyewear brand goes back to 1993, when Sven Götti and Urs Niederer opened the optics shop, Götti+Niederer, in the elegant Rüttimann House in Lucerne’s Old City. Sven Götti established his own eyewear collection the following year, and now Götti Switzerland has a presence in over thirty countries. A success story to celebrate! The exhibition can be visited in Lucerne until 20th April at Götti+Niederer Mühlenplatz 1 Lucerne. The Götti exhibition will then travel to other Swiss and German cities later in the year. JG


Bespoke at Oliver Goldsmith

A unique service for handcrafted eyewear

10th April 2013 Last month we were back at Oliver Goldsmith HQ in London, a visit that allowed us a chance to become more acquainted with the extraordinary OG archive and its rows of iconic designs. We also learnt about their bespoke service and how you can have a frame inspired by the vintage archive made especially for you. This is a unique experience  in bespoke creations, and a chance to have your own little piece of eyewear history. “You find it with shoes, you find it with bags, but you have to dig deep to find a bespoke service in eyewear where you can have a frame handmade to your chosen design and sizing,” explained Zoe Cosby as we pulled open drawer upon drawer of inspiring Oliver Goldsmith designs from the past. “The bespoke frames are made in the last surviving British eyewear factory individually and by hand, it’s a painstaking process with a result that is comparable to the finest bespoke products available.”

Oliver Goldsmith archive, OG store London
Oliver Goldsmith archive, OG store London

If you don’t live in London or the UK and can’t get to the Oliver Goldsmith store itself, there are now over 10 stores around the world that can measure and order a bespoke handcrafted Oliver Goldsmith acetate style for you. They include LA’s famous Gogosha Optique – and the very unique Eyesite  boutique in Philadelphia – Find the OG Store at:

Photography by Margarida Viegas exclusively for CN

Christian Roth and Eric Domège

A new story, rooted in the past, at Christian Roth Eyewear

8th April 2013 I first started following Christian Roth when I got my first job in optical publishing back in 1999. In the ’80s and ’90s, this independent label had already played an impressive role in establishing sunglasses as a key accessory in the fashion arena, and their glamorous shades were worn by everyone who was anyone in fashion and music…memorably, because of the extraordinary images that ensued, Kate Moss, Agyness Dean, Lenny Kravitz, and many, many more.

Series A, Optical Affairs Christian Roth / circa 19??
PAST: Series A, Christian Roth / 1980s

Today Roth and Domège have new plans, both in eyewear and beyond, with new capsule collections including optical frames and sunglasses, and other Christian Roth accessories that they will unveil in 2014/15 via the website. As part of our special Vintage Edition, we asked them, in an exclusive interview, about their new project, the launch of their e-commerce destination and what the future holds for this iconic name in sunglass fashion.

PAST: Optical Affairs / Christian Roth, the early years
PAST: Optical Affairs / Christian Roth, the early years – signed by Warhol

“Our first overnight success was with Series A (above), our rimless frame in acetate and metal, designed so you could customise the lens shape with the colour of the frame. It was something very different back then, so that it became an overnight success and went straight on the cover of WWD. At that time, we were seeing our frames on all kinds of influential people from different walks of life, from Andy Warhol to Diana Ross, but it wasn’t endorsement, they were genuinely buying our frames and wanting to wear them because they loved them. It was incredible. It is our privilege to have lived in NYC in that period when celebrity culture was not such an issue.

“In the early 90s we joined the CFDA, thanks to Anna Wintour and Candy Pratts Price (the US Vogue team) who wanted the best eyewear designers on board as part of the Association; that was another important moment. We were the first to be a part of it, we were there at the right time!  And it offered so much – we were given the support of Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs as our ‘godfathers’. We began to work with these very big designers. We had a very inspiring working relationship with Karl Lagerfeld for the runway shows and collaborations with the most prolific and talented designers of our times continued for decades. We had our own studio in New York and we started to run private views of our collections. It was in a very cool place next door to a famous agency where we met a very young Claudia Schiffer.

Kaleidoscopic Cool by Christian Roth
PRESENT: From the new Christian Roth BLOCK-ON Capsule 2013

“Today we have completely redefined the Christian Roth concept, our image, and collections – placing the spotlight on the best of “Christian Roth”. We have created a whole new life for the brand adding fun, excitement and the unexpected for eyewear aficionados. Our goal is to now connect through our crisp, conceptual and modern e-commerce destination – –  with our many visionary fans from all over the world, and to reach more seekers of beautiful and unique eyewear. It is a very different, very personal site, where you can get behind the scenes.

“In 2013, the new frames will be availably via the site and through a few ambassador optical stores. Our first Block-On capsule collection includes Italian acetates and Japanese titanium. It is all about craftsmanship, high-quality and mixing geometric, precise, graphic and modern elements. We have worked in a very detailed way with special touches, mixing colour and chic transparent tones. Every frame is crafted by artisans to have its own identity and uniqueness, and we will renew our capsule every few months with new additions, another unusual concept in eyewear that we feel will be exciting for our online customers. On the site, we have added a small shopping area for rare vintage designs, both our own and others; it is something fun, for collectors and people who love the history of frames. The site also shows our support for OrphanAid Africa, something which touches our hearts.

“For the future we want Christian Roth to grow into a one-of-a-kind independent accessory brand with new categories which we will launch in 2014/15. We believe this is really something that will complement our frames and the spirit of the brand and appeal to the luxury market’s expectations. We have a great devotion to eyewear, and it is exciting for us to develop a new choice of accessories that will make sense for Christian Roth Eyewear”. CN



New vintage – three picks for Summer

8th April 2013 If you love vintage and would like to start the S/S season with a new frame with vintage overtones, we have picked three pieces that make a modern statement. Choose from classic round, oversized with a flat top or super feminine butterfly. The colours are perfect for now; soft and calming pastels and natural tones that feel fresh and easy as temperatures start to climb.

The latest from Mykita / Damir Doma is model DD04 (above), launching in May in the Damir Doma flagship store and selected retailers. It’s a sculptured take on the round shape, this time in acetate, and it is deeply rooted in the 1930s, with its clean-cut minimal temples. A super no-fuss reinterpretation of an old classic design, with colours ranging from tortoise to amber, the collection was presented at Damir Doma’s A/W 13/14 catwalk show.

For more on the first releases in this collaborative collection which explored material combinations, visit

Ralph Vaessen
Constance by Ralph Vaessen

From Dutch designer Ralph Vaessen, we have noticed this wonderful contemporary super luxe sunglass style that is made in Germany by hand. Vaessen is a master in luxury horn, and it is interesting to see how he has accomplished a combination of genuine horn and coloured wood – that’s a rarity in eyewear. Model Constance boasts fine details such as the layering effect at either side of the front of the frame and it has a delicate butterfly shape, with subtle graduated lens colour to match the natural tones of the horn and coloured wood. It’s a frame that is likely to remain covetable for seasons to come. See the S/S collection by Ralph Vaessen at

Point of View - Amnesia
Point of View – Amnesia – handmade in Turkey

For instant attitude, look no further than the Turkish independent label, RVS by V.’s new project, Point of View (POV), and their bold sunglasses collection which I previewed in Milan in early March. There are 20 models (each offered in 3 or 4 colours), all quite different with a lot of retro elements, from pearlised finishes and marbling effects to the use of old-school materials such as tortoise. Designer Vidal Erkohen is a vintage collector who has brought his love of the past to the drawingboard for this launch. “With POV, I wanted to make something different on a new level that is distinctive from our RVS by V. collection.”

My style in this collection was the oversized flat-top, Amnesia (pictured above in clear/apple but also very nice in black); with its contrasting browline, this design speaks volumes if you are looking for a cool, urban mood. Stockists include Dr. York, LA and Astrologo Ottica, Rome. and coming soon to CN

Götti Celebrates!

Happy 20th Anniversary Götti Switzerland

Götti Switzerland family and friends, opticians and customers, and the wonderful Götti staff toasted the company’s 20th anniversary in Lucerne with delicious Swiss specialities, music, dancing and festivities. Eyestylist was delighted to participate in this occasion, and we had an opportunity to chat with founder and designer Sven Götti. “This is such a good and special moment,” said Götti, “as when we opened the store it was my dream to design. However, I felt I needed to learn more about optics and what customers really wanted. So we started slowly, and it’s a good feeling to know that people like what we create.”

Götti Switzerland: style, innovation and technology
Götti Switzerland: style, innovation and technology

Twenty years on, Götti designs have global reach in more than 1200 speciality shops around the world. The company has been recognised with prestigious awards including the Red Dot, The Swiss Economic Award, and the Travel & Leisure Award. Götti creations are a trinity of style, technical accomplishments and innovation. Watch this space for more news on the exciting Götti exhibition, that will be travelling to various European cities. Congratulations to Sven and the Götti team! JG

Photos: Top photo: Sven Götti with his dog Lucky Copyright: Gilles Stüssi


Paris Haute Couture

Designer Masterpieces at Paris City Hall

1st April 2013 The elegant surroundings of Paris City Hall celebrates haute couture with a dazzling selection of designs by fashion luminaries from Doucet to Dior, Chanel to Courrèges, and Vionnet to Yves Saint Laurent. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with the Galliera Museum in Paris and Swarovski, whose crystals have a long history with haute couture and designers. Over one hundred designs are featured – many of which have never been on public display before. Haute couture was born in Paris in the mid-19th century, and since then, generations of designers have transformed this supposedly frivolous discipline into high art.

Haute Couture elegance from Bruyere 1944
Haute Couture elegance from Bruyere 1944

What is amazing on viewing the gorgeous assemblage of outfits is to think of the talent and skills in the hands of the people who made the designs a reality – embroiders and plumassiers (feather workers); hands that knew exactly how and where to place or form a flower and other couture embellishments. The exhibition is a beautiful tribute to Haute Couture and provides insight into the behind the scenes process of world-famous fashion houses. The exhibition continues through 6 July 2013 at Paris City Hall, Saint-Jean Room, 5 rue Lobau, 75004 Paris. Open every day except Sundays and bank holidays, from 10h00 to 19h00. JG


Photos: Coutresy of Paris City Hall Top photo: Balenciaga Evening Outfit August 1967

Hoet in Brussels and Bruges

Stylish Boutiques in Belgium

1st April 2013 Hoet in Belgium traces its optical origins to 1884, and the family legacy continues to this day. Patrick Hoet and his daughter Bieke oversee the design office with their team, and the Hoet stores are run by Lieselotte Hoet (Patrick’s daughter) and Lieselotte’s husband Frederik Ghesquière. The tenacity of the company is formidable, as they have endured World Wars and economic upheaval. Hoet faith in the future was confirmed when just after WW2, they opened a boutique in the charming setting of Bruges, a major attraction for tourists. The present location of the Brussels store opened seven years ago, and the unique interiors of both shops were created by Hoet.

The chic Brussels boutique (above) is a mecca for diplomats, European Union personnel and functionaries, expats and visitors, who enjoy roaming the spacious (220 square meters) interior for Hoet frames and accessories. Are there other labels in the boutique? “Very few”, said Frederik Ghesquière, “and rule number one: no visible logo’s. Rule number two: original design. Rule number three: quality. For example, we have Factory 900, Wollenweber  – the horn collection – Reiz, Xavier Derome, and from our ‘classic’ client – Lindberg.”


Hoet's elegant Bruges Boutique
Hoet’s elegant Bruges Boutique

As Bruges is a favourite summer destination in particular, the client profile is different. “We don’t present ‘tourist’ glasses,” says Ghesquière, “and over the years we have acquired some reputation in Bruges. When asked, the hotel concierge advises visitors to see our store. That is, of course, if the guests are not looking for ‘branded’ eyewear.”

Hoet has considered opening shops outside Belgium, but for the time being, limit themselves to having their own collections on display at selected shops in other locations. In-store events are held, particularly in Brussels, because there is more space, and Hoet participates in Design Brussels, and Modo Bruxelles which are yearly features. They often also invite creators from other sectors – art, fur and jewellery – to participate in a Hoet occasion.

Brussels and Bruges are both inspiring and interesting destinations – and even more so with the delightful Hoet boutiques to visit – a must on the Belgium itinerary! JG




Sixties style

1st April 2013 There is a 60s fashion moment in the air for spring/summer. Monochromes and geometrics, curvy shapes, chic leathers and transparents, and orange and pink colour flashes…to set the mood, we have picked some favourite authentic vintage pieces from the online vintage store, Atelier Mayer, as well as some new 60s remix designs, from homewares to stationery….in eyewear, we have selected three gorgeous statement styles that evoke this colourful, fun-loving decade… the brand new Spice style from French designer label BOZ, and two exotic iconic classics from Oliver Goldsmith and Christian Roth.

1. Original Lanvin 1960s black and white shift dress, WWW.ATELIER-MAYER.COM; 2. Spice sunglasses from BOZ,; 3. Nicole Farhi double buckle leather belt, £145, 4. Hex (1966) by Oliver Goldsmith, colour, Ivory. 5. 1960s black, red and white halter neck mini dress,  WWW.ATELIER-MAYER.COM; 6. Frederic Malle Rubrum Lily scented candle, £48 available at Liberty’s; 7; Panton chair by Vitra, £200 at; 8. Icon The Flick compact notebook, £6.50 by Castelli,; 9. Series 1001, Christian Roth for Optical Affairs, CN


Theo Belgium

New designs from Theo’s VinGtage collection include this robust frame with its rugged, angular and chunky shape. Theo designer Serge Bracké created this retro-inspired design in titanium, with decorative rivets on the front and sides of the frame – and there is a hidden message! There are four models, and the rivets on each design form the shape of a letter – in Braille! So cinquante+huit represents the O in theo. Irresistible colours too – including new tones of electric blue (above) and passion red. JG

Cazal 6004

Cazal Eyewear

Cazal 6004 has the vintage look of the legendary Cazal model 607. It is available as a sun or optical style, and comes in black/gold, black/matt silver or amber/gold. All the new edition Cazal sunglasses tend to be extremely sought after, given the heritage of the label, the quality, and the label’s ability to bring iconic DNA to all its shades. This style is deeply rooted in the legacy of the legendary designer Cari Zalloni (1937-2012) and it’s one more Cazal design you will see in years to come. This is a label that is loved by vintage specialists around the world – and anyone who has taken an interest in eyewear history. Always one we like to revisit. CN


Emmanuelle Khanh Paris

Emmanuelle Khanh brought stunning style and character to her frame designs. Nowadays, her legacy continues with re-editions of her original eyewear creativity. 5050-79 in silky, creamy acetate is the latest release from EK, with its intrepid features and bold shape. The frame is signature Emmanuelle Khanh, and further confirms that fine design remains forever stylish, and establishes its own heritage. JG


Claire Goldsmith / CG Legacy

From the great granddaughter of legendary British label Oliver Goldsmith, Carters from the CG Legacy collection is a clean, good-looking sunglass style that just oozes quality and craftsmanship. Made in Italy, this is a bold shape for men or women – and its deep eye and chunky form is said to make it one of the most popular in the collection. Colours range from classic black to grey on blue sky, a clever two-tone pairing that is one of several distinctive signature touches by this young British designer. One classic to please many! CN


Adventurer Aviator


Made in Austria, Silhouette designs are known for being lightweight and stable. We have been looking at a variety of aviators, one of the lead designs in sunwear for this year, and found this one to be both high-tech – it is made of SPX and titanium – and pleasant to wear in terms of the fit, feel and lightness. I tried it on at Silhouette’s recent brand event in London for the presentation of Titan Icon and featuring inspirational entrepeneur, Jo Malone.

The Adventurer style has barely-there temple ends and fixing system featuring silent bridge plates which can be adapted to any face shape and size, to provide a great fit without leaving marks on pressure points – something I always look for. Available in grey, brown and green, and all colours come in a polarized option.  CN

Bocca Smoking 1

Face à Face

This is one of my favourites in this ingenious collection from the Parisian designers, Face à Face. This stylish Bocca frame – one of eight in the new capsule collection, wears the black varnish Richelieu shoe, in a tribute to the famous Yves Saint Laurent “Le Smoking” tux. Bold and artistic, the frame is created in acetate with a beautifully sculpted form and elegant detail. The frame has been included in this Reviews selection as one we are expecting to become an iconic piece for the future. Don’t miss out if you are a collector of fashion pieces, accessories, or eyewear! CN


Lafont Paris

Lafont is among the masters of successfully uniting vintage elements with contemporary trends. A lovely example is Madame – a sleek design that debuted in Milan. Electric blue meets gradient blue tortoise, and the subtle suggestion of the cat eye shape enhances this chic look. Available in the Paris shops of Lafont  –  more details at JG



We’ve raided the Archives of designers who are recognised for their vintage originality and retro spirit. Vintage designs always reveal dandies and delights, like Yang in metal and acetate, created by Barbara McReynolds and Gai Gherardi for l.a.eyeworks. Yang was introduced in 1988, however, the really great ones always feel immediately modern….and Yang is one of them. JG


Kirk Originals

From the Vintage archives at Kirk Originals, this frame was created in 1995, and the inspiration behind the design was the timeless chic of Princess Grace of Monaco. She wore glasses – both sunglasses and ophthalmic – and was frequently seen in photos wearing sunglasses. Grace, with its distinctive textured acetate and elegant cat eye shape remains a lovely tribute to a style icon. JG

Reflex Edition


Launched at Milan Fashion Week, the much hyped Persol Reflex Edition is the latest special range from this well-known eyewear brand. The collection pays tribute to the world of photography. There are two sunglasses models and one optical frame, all inspired by vintage design analogue cameras, and reinterpreted using modern technology. The sunglasses feature Polar and Photo-Polar thin glass lenses and a list of design touches such as ultra light slim metal temples (rather than the traditional acetate you might expect) and Meflecto spring hinge system integrated as a decoration on the temples. I tried it in a store in central Milan this week to see if it worked for me, and I would have chosen the rounder shape and the lightest colour. If you are a Persol wearer and want a new look, then this is an update you might consider for Spring. From 210 euros. CN