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Bushakan stands for favourite frames

7th June 2013 I have not come across any other design companies that specialise in stands to hold frames and sunglasses in a stylish and tidy way. Based in San Francisco, Bushakan is run by Tobi Adamolekun and Lauren Van Horn, an architect and ex-lawyer whose hand-finished wood designs have quickly attracted attention in the smartest optical retail circles.

“We select the best grade wood available for our stands and currently use two types of wood, maple and walnut,” explains Tobi. ” The maple is a light wood with a unique combination of brown, tan, white and cream streaks. The streaks give it an amazing range as they reveal the natural characteristics of the wood by showing the broad range of grain colours. The walnut is darker, with a rich chocolate tone and sometimes hints of black, grey and crimson. It has a beautiful grain pattern and is the only dark brown hardwood grown domestically. We are committed to a sustainable model of production; through the whole process we use a special finish on each piece which maintains the beauty of the wood.”



At present the stands hold one, two, three or five frames, or you can choose a design that holds both a frame and iphone, a slick concept for very useful organisation at home. I have received the nicely proportioned three frame stand and the sleek single presentation stand this week, and both have instantly found a place in my work space at home, although the rest of the family seem to have their eye on them too. The Bushakan team are also working on some larger stands for LA’s Gogosha Optique – and Oklahoma’s Black Optical – – and they plan to launch these later in the year. To buy online today, visit  CN