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100% Optical and Royal College of Art

British Eyewear Talent Showcased in Competition

23rd December 2014 The finalists have been announced for the Eyewear Design Competition organised by 100% Optical and The Royal College of Art. The next generation of eyewear designers will present their creations at 100% Optical in February 2015. Top image: Alice Howard-Graham for ‘Ready to Wear’


Hannah Evans design for 'Couture'
Hannah Evans design for ‘Couture’

There are two categories – Ready to Wear and Couture. The judging panel includes eyewear luminaries Lawrence Jenkin and Jason Kirk; Marie Wilkinson from Cutler and Gross; designer Emma Montague; Walter Berwick from Algha Works; and RCA tutors Flora McLean and Heather Holford. The students will make the frames themselves at legendary Algha Works in London, with the help of experienced frame-making professionals.


Elizabeth Lee for 'Ready to Wear'
Elizabeth Lee for ‘Ready to Wear’

How do British students envision eyewear for the future? Visit 100% Optical 7-9 February 2015 for insight into what is next in frame design. The winners will be announced at the show. www.100percentoptical.com  www.rca.ac.uk JG

Noël Ornaments Depict Cultural Landmarks

Handcrafted Miniature Decorations

19th December 2014 The magical little Christmas tree, nestled on a counter in London’s Fortnum & Mason, was an eye-catcher – with decorations that resembled noted landmarks of international fame. Here was a charming Big Ben, transposed into miniature, with markings as its glorious original. Britain’s iconic black taxicabs and red post boxes added more luster, and the recognizable double decker buses.


Holiday Essentials for the Tree by Bombki
Holiday Essentials for the Tree by Bombki

The man at the counter, Michael Peterson, turned out to be the designer of these delightful petit tree decorations. “Well…it really is a love story,” said Peterson, “as at the time, I was dating a Polish girl, Zaneta, and we went to visit her family in Poland. I was a design student and love all kinds of design. Zaneta’s father suggested that we visit a glass making concern, and this sparked the idea for me to become a specialist in miniature decorations.” The result of the visit was the creation of Bombki, and Zaneta is now Peterson’s wife.

Away in a Manger by Bombki
Away in a Manger by Bombki

“As I was born in London,” continued Peterson, “we started with symbols that are recognised in London – Big Ben, The Queen’s Horse Guards, the black taxi, plus Christmas highlights with a manger, and a mince pie and Christmas cracker. Then we decided to focus on different cities – with little miniatures of Paris, New York, and Moscow symbols. We’ve also added a Little English Cream Tea Set, and the Little Royal London Set that includes a corgi, a golden carriage, a crown, the Union Jack Flat and Buckingham Palace.”


New York in miniature Noël ornaments
New York in miniature Noël ornaments

Bombki is now a family enterprise that includes sisters and cousins – “lots of family members”, says Peterson proudly. He creates each design – which takes approximately four months. The precision is extremely exact, and is transformed into mouth-blown glass, which is then hand decorated. One of the highlights for Bombki was when Sarah Brown, the wife of the then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown ordered a design. “It was very exciting,” recalls Peterson, “as Sarah Brown commissioned a design of the front door of No.10 Downing Street. We also designed their Christmas card.” No. 10 Downing Street continues to be available in the collection.

We Three Kings
We Three Kings

In addition to the Little sets, Peterson has created several of the designs in large sizes, including Big Ben, a red post box and others, which he personally signs. For more information on Bombki artisan Noël decorations, visit www.bombki.com JG

All Eyes on Munich

Eyewear Excellence in Germany

16th December 2014  The forthcoming OPTI Munich eyewear event in January already promises to be an exciting show to launch the 2015 calendar. Eyestylist has been given a peek at some of the beautiful new designs that will be presented in Munich.

Berlin based ic! berlin debuts the New Year with an ingenious concept – Plotic frames. Designer Ralph Anderl commented; “We’ve mastered acetate. We’ve mastered steel. Now the next frontier. ic! berlin presents plotic – 3D printed eyewear by Selective Laser Sintering. Plotic makes the impossible possible, and paves the way for designs and shapes that until now have been impossible using traditional manufacturing techniques. After several years of research and development, ic!berlin is excited to launch Plotic and Plotic-hybrid eyewear for OPTI 2015 in nine rich new colours.”  Above: Im Dol from the Plotic collection. www.ic-berlin.de


Piana by Lafont Paris
Piana in camouflage acetate by Lafont Paris

Matthieu Lafont at Lafont Paris, who will present their eyewear collections for men, women and children, observed: “OPTI is an important show in Germany and it’s historically one of the biggest markets in Europe in terms of business.” Lafont is spot-on trend with Piana and the importance of camouflage for eyewear. www.lafont.com


Stranger No 17 in  Raw Titanium by Adrian Marwitz
Stranger No 17 in Raw Titanium by Adrian Marwitz

Adrian Marwitz, who will launch his new Titanium collection noted: “The Munich show has great organisation, and of course, the city is amazing, and it is important for the international market.” www.adrianmarwitz.com


Babar iin Genuine Horn by Sven Götti
Babar iin Genuine Horn by Sven Götti

Acetate, Titanium and a new genuine horn collection are on the agenda for Götti Switzerland’s presentation. “We have been showing our product in Munich every year since the first OPTI in 2000. For 2015, Götti will present acetate and Titanium news, plus a genuine horn collection, including a presentation that shows how these masterpieces are produced.” www.gotti.ch


The Bijou in Walnut by Rolf Spectacles
The Bijou in Walnut by Rolf Spectacles

Rolf Spectacles highlights their new “evolved collection” that includes frames designed from four different wood combinations. The Austrian based company is celebrating their fifth anniversary of creating ultra-light, delicate wood frames with sophistication, the finest quality and elaborate finishing. www.rolf-spectacles.com

Giulio 11 by Oliviero Zanon  at Res/Rei
Giulio 11 by Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei

Italian designer Oliviero Zanon will arrive in Munich with a stunning range that includes chic sunglasses with two-tone black and tortoiseshell glossy acetate, and a distinctive flat double bridge. Like all Res/Rei eyewear, Guilio 11 is handmade in Italy by local artisans. www.resrei.com

All roads lead to Munich 9-11 January 2015! www.opti.de JG


Designer choices

Kerin Rose Gold / a-morir and Selima Salaun / Selima Optique

12th December 2014 For ideas on captivating accessories at this time of year, who better to ask for advice than these two ladies of NYC. Kerin Rose Gold is the young founder of a-morir, the artisan jewellery eyewear label, adored by celebrities. “I love to wear something big and festive; and while I’m not one to adhere to ‘fashion rules’ I go for black,” explains the designer. “The last few weeks I’ve been unable to take off my new “Farrell”; a fully pave’d oversized round frame with custom made black metal plated ‘catty-corner’ embellishments accented with beautiful jet black Swarovski gems!”

Farrell by a-morir
Farrell by a-morir

“The style matches with everything and they are great for blocking out harsh winter elements like snow, wind, rain, and, of course, sun,” adds Rose Gold. “Sure it’s cold, and gets dark early in New York at this time of year, but I’m no less than a 10 minute walk from anywhere I have to be; the studio, the grocery store, my apartment, my supply shops… My style this time of year can be summed up in the concept of ‘Statement Jackets’. I have a giant black jacket that looks like a cloud, an electric blue car coat, a boxy grey plaid number, and a few vintage furs that have been passed on to me. Some women love shoes, others love bags, but I love coats! And what goes better with a statement jacket than some statement a-morir eyewear?” www.a-morir.com

Evan by Selima Optique
Evan by Selima Optique

Designer Selima Salaun, friend and mentor to Kerin Rose – she describes her as “a goddess” of eyewear – is also stylishly prepared in the winter months: “December in New York? It is so cold, crisp and fresh…I am obsessed with my Evan frames in white with blue lenses. White like the snow…blue like the sky. I do have 7 pairs of sunglasses…one for each day of the week. Depending on my mood and the weather, I will wear pink, white or black.”

“NYC is full of excitement and wonder at this time of the year,” adds Salaun. “The stores are doing their holiday windows. I always have the same style: I mix high and low fashion…designer dresses with a fun bright colored vintage jacket. I am all for color as it makes me happy. And of course, high heels and a bright lipstick.” www.selimaoptique.com

Portrait of New York designers Kerin Rose Gold of a-morir and Selima Salaun of Selima Optique (top) in Paris, exclusively for Eyestylist.com by Gilles Stüssi. All rights reservedCN

Eyewear Diversity

Designs Out of the Ordinary

9th December 2014 There are numerous reasons to love eyewear – it’s a great fashion accessory with creativity, style, surprises, and current technology, plus wonderful colours and materials. Two discoveries by Eyestylist provide imaginative ideas to enjoy wearing on frosty winter days, or the lure of tropical climates and beaches.

RVS by V., designed by Vidal Erkohen has a new Limited Edition that includes Snow White (above) which is equipped with a custom made Camo print on genuine leather, and chic mirror lenses – an important trend. The bridge is detachable for additional flexibility. The design is an effective and fashionable way to keep your eyes safe from the wind, and strong winter sun. www.rvsbyv.com


Captivating! Bocca Lova Sunglasses by Face à Face Paris
Captivating! Bocca Lova Sunglasses by Face à Face Paris

What better way to make a grand entrance on the beach than wearing Bocca Lova Sunglasses? Pascal Jaulent at Face à Face Paris is inspired by the fictional spy character Emma Peel in the 1960’s TV adventure series The Avengers. Bocca Lova is an ode to the aesthetics of the 60’s with sharp geometric design and two-tone colouration. Like Emma Peel, you can be a heroine in Bocca Lova sunglasses! www.faceaface-paris.com JG

Here comes DITA

New store to open in NYC

8th December 2014 Several eyewear brands have opened in NYC in recent months (Anne & Valentin, Mykita and Oakley to name three) and now it’s time to welcome Dita, the West Coast luxury brand. The third store of its kind – the brand has one in Los Angeles and one in Tokyo  – the new luxurious NYC boutique, designed by Tag Front, is located in Soho.

Dita Hurricane
Statement design: Dita Hurricane

Opening end of January 2015, the DITA boutique will present the brand’s full collection of opticals, sunglasses and limited edition frames, including the latest statement cat eye design, the DITA Hurricane Sunglasses with multicoloured mirrored UV lenses. CN

DITA Boutique, 273 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012 www.dita.com


Natural Elements

Influential Nature

5th December 2014 Nature’s finery – the sea, sky and sand, mountains, sunrise and sunsets, lakes and forests, berries and blossoms – are all inspiration for the luminous eyewear designs by SALT. The effortless beauty of translucent colours is captured on fine acetate, which combines the best of California lifestyle – home base for SALT – and Japanese craftsmanship. Above: Lisa in turquoise / SALT Optics.


Ruby in Berry by SALT
Ruby in Berry by SALT

The design aesthetic is timeless, and characterised with quality, elegance and simplicity. SALT will launch another exciting colour palette in February 2015. www.saltoptics.com JG

Lace, Silk and Ermine

Highlights from the Wardrobe of Elisabeth of Austria

1st December 2014 She was a European style legend in nineteenth-century Europe, with her imperial wardrobe, and cascades of long flowing hair, often studded with diamonds. Elisabeth of Austria was one of the most beautiful women of the day, and a mysterious, complex personality, who found the rigors of court life in Vienna restricting and suffocating. She was a woman ahead of her time – she believed in rigorous self-control and exercise.

Blue Dress worn by Elisabeth Empress of Austria
Blue Dress worn by Elisabeth Empress of Austria


To celebrate the tenth anniversary of The Sisi Museum in Vienna (The Empress was known as Sisi) – Soie, Dentelle et Hermine (Silk,Lace and Ermine) showcases personal items from the Empresses’ wardrobe, as she set the fashion trends of her era. The items shown are very rarely displayed for conservation purposes.


Sisi enjoyed wearing gowns that silhouetted her ultra-slim figure
Sisi enjoyed wearing gowns that silhouetted her ultra-slim figure


When visiting The Sisi Museum, it is also possible to see parasols, fans, gloves,The Empresses’ travelling medicine chest, and jewellery. On the ground floor of the museum, visitors can view in awe the elegant, luxurious Imperial Silver Collection, plus a magnificent golden dinner service that belonged to Napoleon.


Monogrammed Silk Stockings worn by Elisabeth Empress of Austria
Monogrammed Silk Stockings worn by Elisabeth Empress of Austria

Silk, Lace and Ermine is a fascinating glimpse into the private wardrobe of one of the most legendary figures of that time. To this day, Elisabeth of Austria continues to fascinate and charm with her individualism and refusal to conform. Exhibition continues until 1st February 2015. www.hofburg-wien.at JG

Photos: Top: Portrait of Elisabeth Empress of Austria by Franz Xaver Winterhalter Dresses: Alexander E. Koller Stockings: Edgar Knaak Copyright: Schloss Schöenbrunn Kultur-und Betriebs. Ges.m.b.H.


..with striking accessories

1st December 2014 Luxurious accessories in classical black and gold will compliment evening and party wear this season. Our selection of artisan labels include jewellery finds from Italy, Belgium and Hong Kong, unique hand-finished eyewear and a super example of a glasses necklace by a sought-after label from New York.

1. 24k gold-plated palladium style Mille 23 from theo eyewear, www.theo.be; 2. black/navy star ring by Sardo, Atelier di Gioielli, www.sardogioielli.it; 3. Wouters & Hendrix cuff with gold buckle, www.wouters-hendrix.com; 4. Eventail clutch from Babe by Dennis Pong / Hong Kong, www.babe.com.hk ; 5. British made ‘Bond’ in gloss black, by Savile Row, at Algha Works London, www.algha.com; 6. Gold/black cuff by Wouters & Hendrix, www.wouters-hendrix.com; 7. Cosmo Duo 15 by Benner Eyewear, handmade in Germany www.bennereyeweardesign.com; 8. Black beaded gold glasses chain by New York’s La Loop www.laloop.com CN



The engineering ethos that is uniquely LINDBERG’s is impeccably evident in style 9807A in lightweight titanium and acetate. The eye-catching colour contrast accents the beautifully sculpted frame with unique temple details. The LINDBERG Strip 9800 collection is technically brilliant and distinguished. More information at www.lindberg.com JG


Salt Optics

Inspired by the tonal contrasts of a dramatic sunset, Val by Salt Optics – the American independent label – comes in a warm dual colour combination of sapphire with brown gradient lens (polarised CR39). The shape is deep and elegant, and offers a versatile style choice through the seasons. Salt Optics frames are now available in leading optical stores in Europe, including London’s Roger Pope – www.rogerpope.co.uk – and City Opticians – www.cityopticians.co.uk. For details: www.saltoptics.com CN


Zac Posen

Native New Yorker Zac Posen studied fashion and art in London, and his cosmopolitan air is reflected in his striking men’s frame Gent. Tortoiseshell and beige acetate combine handsomely in a strong, dashing shape with bold temple details. Zac Post features a chic collection of men’s and women’s frames. Visit www.kenmarkoptical.com JG


Savile Row

Beautifully crafted round shapes are a significant trend, and amongst the most elegant is Round by Savile Row. The graceful symmetry of the shape is artfully constructed in shiny rhodium – a rare and valuable precious metal, with a finely embossed nosepiece. Savile Row frames are handcrafted in London to the highest standards. www.savileroweyewear.com JG



Lucas de Stael, Paris

Stratus is an award-winning frame series from young French designer, Lucas de Stael. An innovator who has a love for unusual eyewear materials, this is the first collection featuring these three particular materials together: stone, stainless steel and leather. It’s a combination we recognise as daring and exciting, and the execution is precise. The contrasts in the materials will work perfectly for those who desire a unique timeless design that pushes boundaries. Overtones of art deco offer an unexpected twist to the design. www.lucasdestael.com CN

Super Duper Hats

1st December 2014 There was a time when no fashionable man or woman would leave home without a hat. Fashion principles relaxed, and hats became a choice rather than a style must-have. However, the fashion pendulum swings, and nowadays there is a definite revival of both men and women wearing hats. Great designs in marvellous fabrics have accelerated the trend, and the Italian designers at Super Duper Hats set the pace with their spot-on stylish creations.


Arabesque by Super Duper Hats
Arabesque by Super Duper Hats

The discovery of a unique hat blocker by the Italian design trio Ilaria and Veronica Cornacchini who are sisters, and Matteo Bioli, kindled the idea for Super Duper Hats. Their goal is that every hat is authentic – handmade to the finest standards in superior quality materials, using only traditional processes.


Beret Chic - Felt Pet Blue by Super Duper
Felt Chic – Pet Blue by Super Duper

The fabrics are beautiful –  the winter collection features soft felts, bright wools and countryside herringbone tweeds. Summer materials include straws and elegant cottons. Recently they launched a new collection – Super D – that features young, jazzy and colourful styling.


Super Duper Hobo Hat Box
Super Duper Hobo Hat Box

Super Duper Hats are sold internationally, and can be found at 10 Corso Como in Milan, Harvey Nichols in London, and Dee Cee Style in Zurich, and elsewhere. The unique, spirited designs at Super Duper make wearing hats fun and fashionable once again. www.superduperhats.com JG


The Seecontainer

Benner Eyewear Flagship store, Villingendorf, Germany

1st December 2014  Eyestylist first discovered the Seecontainer when it opened in 2011 (https://www.eyestylist.com/2011/05/grotesque-frame-kg-villingendorf-germany/). We were impressed to find an out-of-the-ordinary store bringing individual quality brands to a local community, located between Stuttgart and Lake Constance. The shop is made up of two 40 foot cargo containers, converted to offer a striking exterior and a smart minimal retail interior space.

Today, founder/designer Daniel Benner says things have progressed perfectly, both with the flagship store, and his own German-made eyewear collection. “Our store has had super reactions since the beginning. Our customers come for the great choice of eyewear, including several home-grown German labels…we don’t sell any ‘low-wage’ mass produced collections.”

The collections now highlighted include Daniel’s own line, Benner Eyewear (the full collection is on show in the shop), ic! berlin, Herrlicht, Tipton, Axel S, Martin & Martin and Italia Independent.

Benner Eyewear
COSMO DUO 16, from Benner Eyewear, made in Germany

75% of the store’s customers use progressive lenses. “Those are the people that don’t care about brand names and would like to wear something different, even if its more expensive. They are interested in finding eyewear made authentically or in traditional ways in Germany or Europe.”

Alongside the super array of colourful independent eyewear brands, the Seecontainer has also established itself as a fashionable venue for special events, book signings and concerts, making visits here as enjoyable and memorable as possible. A unique concept.

Benner Eyewear Design, Haldacker 4, 78667 Villingendorf, Germany www.benner-eyewear.com CN

Fashion Eyewear…

is our passion at Eyestylist, and this month you’ll find unique designs destined to capture your imagination and desire. Click on REVIEWS for the latest frames, and see BOUTIQUES for an original Paris shop. Designer of the Month spotlights a young German creator, and discover Woman Fashion Power in CITY GUIDES. Remember to sign up for Eyestylist Exclusives – our monthly newsletter with additional fashion and accessory excitement.

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Ski Style

Götti Snow Goggles

28th November 2014  It’s ski and winter sport season! A time for fun, style and safety on the slopes. Ski goggles add a dramatic, dashing accent to ski wear, and Götti’s new snow goggles are the ideal accessory.


Über chic snow goggles by Götti
Über chic snow goggles by Götti

Brilliant technical features – including a flexible and resistant matt finish rubber, polycarbonate mirror 400 UV lenses, plus an anti-fog system – ensure lightweight comfort as well as style.


Dashing Design and Colour by Sven Götti - Götti Switzerland
Dashing Design and Colour by Sven Götti – Götti Switzerland

The impressive design is available in fabulous colours too – black with blue mirror lenses; white with red mirror lenses; and yellow with shiny gold mirror lenses. www.gotti.ch JG

Eyewear Canine Companions

Cody and Eric Balzan at HAPTER

25th November 2014 Today Eyestylist launches a new series – Eyewear Canine Companions. We have discovered some amazing four-footers who bring joy, fun, companionship and inspiration to designers and opticians.

When Eric Balzan chats about his dog Cody, his face beams. “Cody is a rescue dog and I just fell in love with him. He’s a mixed race dog that we found at a dog shelter. We were told there were a few problems with his eyes and he doesn’t hear very well. It didn’t matter – I fell in love with that one! Once Cody was out of the shelter, he changed. I brought him up to the mountain and he walked behind me. The only problem was that he was then so tired he couldn’t walk down! So I carried him down, and he loves the rucksack.”


Eric and Cody exploring the mountains
Eric and Cody exploring the mountains

Balzan and the mountains are ubiquitous – it was during a mountain exploration that Balzan and his design partner Mirko Forte discovered the glacier military goggles that launched their business. Now Cody is part of the designer’s trekking and hiking. “Cody is my best design inspiration when we are in the mountains,” says Balzan,” and he really enjoys it all.


Cody surveys the snow-covered mountain scene
Cody surveys the snow-covered mountain scene

“Unfortunately, with Cody’s eye problems, when the light goes down, he would fall over. We tried different doctors, and discovered it was cataracts. We had a drive with family and friends to raise funds for an operation. The vet was an hour and forty minutes drive away, but Cody had the operation, and he has recovered his sight. He is always with my wife Antonella and I – we take him everywhere including art exhibitions. He is a very cultured dog!” www.hapter.it JG

Inspiring Greens

21st November 2014 In colour psychology, green has a variety of positive attributes – green is abundant in nature, and it is connected to prosperity. It’s also linked to renewal, balance, and growth, and creates a positive sense of equilibrium. In addition, green is emotionally positive. Eyewear designers embrace this colour with an array of beautiful greens in dynamic frames. At one time, there was a belief that green was difficult to wear on the face. Nowadays, green frames are available in lustrous, translucent interpretations that enhance the wearer’s complexion. Here are several stunning ways to Go Green.

Above: Jono Hennessy in Australia takes a cue from nature in a Limited Edition design – 8302 – in acetate.  www.jonohennessy.com


Move from The Shuffle Collection by theo
Move from The Shuffle Collection by theo

Jazzy green is the theme at theo in Belgium with Move from the Shuffle collection – bright and cheerful! www.theo.be


Harper in two-tone Green by Claire Goldsmith Eyewear
Harper in two-tone Green by Claire Goldsmith Eyewear

Oriental Green and Jade mix gracefully in Harper by Claire Goldsmith Eyewear. www.olivergoldsmith.com


Rita in Forest Green by Zac Posen
Rita in Forest Green by Zac Posen

Rich Forest Green is the preferred choice for Zac Posen with Rita – poetic acetate sunglasses. www.kenmarkoptical.com

Coachella by François Pinton
Coachella by François Pinton


Marbled Green with luminous highlights is a striking new design from François Pinton in France. Coachella emphasizes sharp, strong lines with a chic, modern retro tone. The frame is available in both optical and sunglasses. www.francoispinton.com JG

Designer Choices

Shane Baum & Anna-Karin Karlsson Select Favourites

18th November 2014 Many of us fancy having multiple selections when deciding what fashion and accessories to wear. Eyewear designers do! So how do they decide what frames they want to wear on a given day?

Shane Baum has created his American luxury brand Leisure Society in exquisite materials based on how he lives his life. Baum believes that life is about precious moments with family, friends and nature – one of his passions is fly-fishing,and skiing gets full marks too. “Today I am in a sporty mood, so I chose Trotter (above) from the new collection,” said Baum when photographed in Paris, “but for a wedding I would chose something different. It really does depend…”



Anna-Karin Karlsson wearing When Trouble Comes to Town
Anna-Karin Karlsson wearing When Trouble Comes to Town

Beauty, romance, and statement shapes are the foundation for Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson. She loves to experiment and create fantasy. Karlsson says: “Sunglasses should always be ready to put on – they provide a great uplift to the face. I wear sunglasses – winter and summer – all year ’round. I’m wearing When Trouble Came To Town – my favourite right now”! www.annakarinkarlsson.com JG

Photos: Exclusively for Eyestylist by Gilles Stüssi — All Rights Reserved

Sapeur style

with Mondelliani Glasses

14th November 2014 A new advertising campaign by Roman label Mondelliani features a community of stylish “Sapeurs” who dress with a uniquely elegant and colourful sense of style.

La Sape (The Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People) is a social movement which originated in Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo. The movement embodies a throwback of elegance, style and manners of their French and Belgian colonial predecessors. Young Congolese men took their style from the dandies of the time, a look which is in stark contrast with the poor environment that they live in.

Photographed in Brussels, the images of the men and several women for Mondelliani are the work of Italian photographer Daniele Tamagni who has documented African communities worldwide and published a well-known book on the subject – Gentlemen of Bacongo: The Importance of Being Elegant.


Photography by Daniele Tamagni
Photography by Daniele Tamagni in Brussels

Highlighted are some of Mondelliani’s most colourful sunglasses, including designs from the Eolie Capsule line, celebrating the colours and vibrance of the landscapes of the Sicilian islands.


Mondelliani sunglasses, shot by Daniele Tamagni
Style Lipari by Mondelliani, photo by Daniele Tamagni

Mondelliani glasses are now available at leading opticians including Auerbach & Steele, Chelsea, London; Studio Optix, New York; and Optica Toscana, Madrid. For more on the Sapeurs, visit the photographer’s website at www.danieletamagni.com.

www.mondelliani.it  CN


Elegant Minimal Metals by L.G.R

11th November 2014 Luca Gnecchi Ruscone at L.G.R. in Italy has launched a pioneering, striking new collection, crafted with durable metal alloy. The designs are super slim and light with exquisite shapes, and mineral glass lenses signed by L.G. R. Streamlined Mauritius (above) features a curved nosepiece, and Elliot (not shown) is a splendid round shape with tortoiseshell-rimmed lenses.


Dahlak by L.G.R
Dahlak by L.G.R

An adventurous spirit is expressed in Dahlak (above) with a double nose bridge and traditional artisan italian craftsmanship. Minimal eyewear silhouettes in the finest materials and expertly crafted, add to the quality and originality of frame design. These new creations from L.G.R are particularly beautiful. www.lgrworld.com JG

Triwa’s Swedish flagship

November 2014 Opened in May this year, independent accessory brand Triwa’s new Stockholm flagship is the work of Swedish architects Elding Oscarson. Located close to the city’s fashionable centre on Grev Turegatan, a pedestrian shopping street, the boutique has been designed to present the entire range of Triwa watches and sunglasses and offers a welcoming contemporary space with neon signs, gold metal lights and creative displays.

Triwa watches
Triwa watches: timeless and elegant
Triwa sunglasses
Triwa sunglasses

Founded in 2007, Triwa produces luxury watches known for their quality and timeless style; they are available at leading fashion stores including Liberty’s of London. The Triwa sunglasses collection combines classic shapes with modern details such as lenses from Optics by Carl Zeiss (affordable prices from £149.00) and signature coloured temple ends. As the brand expands, we hope to take a closer look at the full collection, watches too!

TRIWA, Grev Turegatan 13, 114 46 Stockholm, Sweden. www.triwa.com CN

Blue Persuasions

Expressive, Luxurious Blue Eyewear

7th November 2014 Blue is an amazingly adaptable colour – it is the colour of the ocean and sky; it is the colour of trust, peace, and loyalty; plus the national colour of many countries; and it’s linked to calm and solitude. Blue also claims significant importance in eyewear, with designers creating frames in the most beautiful blue tones. Among our favourites: Lafont’s Phedre (above) a stunning frame in Sea Blue acetate, with a delicate hint of vintage. www.lafont.com


Vaporetto by l.a.Eyeworks
Vaporetto by l.a.Eyeworks

A bright bold beauty in contrasting tones  – Midnight Sky Split – harmonize in Vaporetto by l.a. Eyeworks. www.laeyeworks.com


Tumbler by Mondelliani
Tumbler by Mondelliani

Sky Blue lenses and Crystal acetate in a distinctive square shape highlights Mondelliani’s Tumbler. www.mondelliani.it


Boccalova by Face à Face Paris
Boccalova by Face à Face Paris

Boccalova! A super sunglass design from the Bocca series by Face à Face Paris in a strong shape – and check out the temple tips with a dash of sunny yellow! www.faceaface-paris.com


Sun 411 by Vera Wang
Sun 411 by Vera Wang

Vera Wang’s elegant sunglasses feature a voluminous, fluid shape that reflect ocean tones, waves, and sand. A beauty for the beach! www.kenmarkoptical.com JG

Flower power

Eco-friendly ‘Art Flowers’ Collection

5th November 2014 A fresh take on floral prints has rather won us over in the latest collection launch by Etnia Barcelona: Art Flowers. With the collaboration of Mazzucchelli, leading producer of acetate in Italy, the Spanish design firm has come up with a lively collection of expressive frames for men and women, celebrating flower-inspired colour and pattern in beautiful, delicate, and appealing ways. Inspired by the impressionists, the frames are “trimmed” with the floral-inspired bloc acetate material. The shapes are minimal to allow the decorative elements a central focus.

Art Flowers, model Lille / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers, model Lille / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers / Etnia Barcelona
Art Flowers, model Atlanta / Etnia Barcelona


The 100% eco-friendly material used is manufactured with natural organic compounds such as cotton and cellulose paste, and is totally recyclable and biodegradable. Another bonus! Find out more: www.etniabarcelona.com CN

La Shaperie

Optical, hat and barbers shop, Paris

1st November 2014 It’s a brilliant edgy concept “for Shaves, Shades & Shapes” in the centre of Paris, where you can have a cool Parisian cut and select your next favourite frame. Located off the busy Rue de Rivoli in a cosy village-like atmosphere with several interesting bars and restaurants, the owners of La Shaperie are optical people with a terrific passion for independent labels.

“I’ve worked in the States for Selima Bond St, I have a close relationship with the US label Coco & Breezy, and I’m working as a distributor with new cutting-edge European labels like Hapter,” explained co-owner Hedi Hamdi. “I opened La Shaperie in April 2013 with Jey Noname. “I ran a completely different optical store previously in Place de Clichy but this concept is the one I love. We are doing half our business on eyewear and half with the barbers, and while you might not expect it we see as many women as we do men. We plan to open our second store in 2015 in another central location in Paris. Watch and see!”

The accessory selection at La Shaperie includes hats (Moodwoot luxury hats) and cool eyewear to fit with hair trends. Hard-to-find labels are showcased around the store: at present Coco & Breezy, GRAZ, Eyevan7285, Masunaga 1905, D’Blanc, handpicked vintage frames and the very latest addition in October – Hapter from Italy. Hamdi promises more coming up soon, and always “well made interesting design”. We’ll be looking out for what’s coming next.

La Shaperie
Haircuts at La Shaperie
La Shaperie
La Shaperie – independent labels only
La Shaperie
La Shaperie

La Shaperie, Optic, Hat & Barber Shop, 62 Rue de L’Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris, France http://lashaperie.tumblr.com Follow La Shaperie on Twitter @La_Shaperie