Rigards – Elegant and Sculpted Aesthetics

Metalloid Frames by Innovator Ti Kwa

Napoleon III used aluminium plates for state dinners – and Jules Verne – in his novel –  “Journey to the Moon” – describes an aluminium space rocket. Now Ti Kwa at RIGARDS, uses this exceptional and naturally occurring metal for sculpted frames. This traditional material is strong, yet lightweight, durable and non-toxic. The result is five marvellously crafted designs in three colours – grey, ink blue, and gold.

Sanjuro by RIGARDS from the Metalloid Collection
Sanjuro by RIGARDS from the Metalloid Collection

Creative shapes for men and women that embrace RIGARDS gutsy, yet refreshing eyewear expressions, enhance the designs. The frames feature specially created screw-less hinges, and innovatively designed nose-pads for superb fit. For more info on RIGARDS Metalloid directional frames, visit www.rigards.com JG


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