OPTI-Munich keynote: Eyewear variations

Variety’s the very spice of life. That gives it all its flavour William Cowper

The English poet chronicled 18th Century daily life in the countryside, with all its magnificent diversifications. Three centuries later, variety is the mainstream of living and culture. Eyewear enthusiasts can partake in a medley of amazing optic alternatives this weekend (28-30 January) at OPTI-Munich. International designers and labels will present their latest collections in optical designs and sunglasses. Featured here is a selection of the imaginative and inspiring eyewear that will be on display. Monoqool  from Denmark (Koncert above) will debut their new SLIDER series with 3D printing. www.monoqool.com

Lovingly handcrafted designs by Christian Mascré for Vue dc feature sleek silhouettes in acetate. www.vuedc.fr

Artist Beni Bischof wear AMOS from Götti DIMENSION

Götti Dimension highlights superbly elegant 3D printed frames, and sporty models with the patented “spin & stow” temples. www.gotti.ch

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars by Susanne Klemm

Suzy Glam Smokes Cigars in the colour Pipe is a new men’s design that radiates luxurious detailing and finish. www.suzyglam.com

OGI Eyewear
MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Shasta by l.a. Eyeworks

Shasta shines with vivacious shaping and dynamic colourations in an optical design by l.a. Eyeworks. www.laeworks.com

Eva from TARIAN + Collection

Jérémy Tarian presents his collaborative design in association with his workshop at HEAD Géneve (Geneva University of Art and Design Switzerland). Eva Gaumé’s winning design is now part of the Tarian + Collection. www.jeremytarian.com

Lillum from the KOALI Collection Morel France

Nature’s beauty and bounty inspired the streamlined designs in the Koali collection by Morel France. www.morel-france.com

Cinque from Soupcan Acetate Collection by TAVAT

The new collection by Tavat – “Soupcan Acetate” – includes supremely light designs with striking colourations. www.tavat-eyewear.com

Come explore these innovative brands – both established and new – and discover and experience the many exciting aspects of eyewear at OPTI-Munich this weekend. www.opti.de JG