Graph by Grey Ant

Aviators are a perennial favourite. This year has been a particularly fab one for this shape with it surging much like it did in the 70s and 80s. In particular, the very narrow aviators in metal have been a hit, glazed with prescription lenses, pale coloured tints – yellow in particular – or in-your-face mirrors, take your pick: the colour palette is infinite.

The shape itself can be edgy. Model Praph by Grey Ant takes this line, emphasising the vintage feel of the classic shape – using acetate with a soft graduated colour shading. Contrasting essential details in metal create a special highlight, and are conveniently designed to adjust (as are the nose pads) for a comfortable fit – a huge bonus with an oversized shape. Grey Ant frames are designed by Grant Krajecki, eyewear innovator and member of the CFDA. The brand is based in NYC. CN

neubau in Berlin with Hien Le

neubau eyewear from Austria has teamed up again with Hien Le, as part of the designer’s S/S 2018 catwalk show in Berlin. The sunglass models, scheduled for release in Autumn, include the new Eugen, Ruben, Carla and Fabio, which seamlessly blend with the designer’s mens’ and womenswear looks on the runway.

Stylish and eco-friendly, neubau sunglasses are made from the plant based material “natural PX”,  and boast an acetate look, while being very light and resistant. The material is very pleasant to wear, and the variety of surface finishes are interesting and unique, with matt effects – which are particularly on trend – and ‘linear’ textures coming into the range for Autumn.

Hien Le’s S/S 2018 collection is a homage to dance in general and explores specific synergies between bodies and materials that compliment and support each other in seemingly fragile movements. The classic silhouettes and pleats in fabrics such as light silks, cottons and linen are reminiscent of dance costumes. Nuances of greige, rosé, sky-blue and accents of saffron yellow mirror the subtlety of the body movements. For more details: / CN

SALT. + North Sails = sailing style

Sailors and yachting enthusiasts particularly embrace this time of year when they can be on the water. SALT. Optics and North Sails  – the American lifestyle brand – have established an exciting collaboration that makes life on the water even more exhilarating – and safer. North Sails founder – Lowell North is an accomplished sailor – winning a Gold Medal in the 1968 Olympics, plus Gold Medals in the Sailing World Championships, so he understands the need for performance and safety on the sea.

The Lowell by SALT. + North Sails

SALT. Optics are eyewear specialists committed to technology, craftsmanship and exceptional performance – complimented by a love of Nature’s natural beauty. Aesthetics; lenses that adapt to water; secure, long-lasing fit; and durability highlight the frames. Sleek minimalist styling is resplendent in the designs –  the Lowell and the VMG. Mazzucchelli acetate highlights the Lowell, and Japanese Titanium silhouettes the VMG.

SALT. + North Sails – and exciting collaboration Photo © Ricardo Pinto

The lenses on both designs spotlight contrast lenses that are best for water; a hydrophobic lens coating; and an inner flash-mirror coating. Ships ahoy! JG

Searose BF792: Blackfin Lamina Plus

A new chapter unfolds in Blackfin history: Blackfin Lamina Plus meets acetate with striking new designs in superb colourations. Outstanding is Searose BF792 that combines Blackfin’s hallmark material – Titanium – with acetate eye-rims, handcrafted in Italy with the finest workmanship. The sculptural Searose is an angular beauty with its graceful shape and creative form. Discover more about Blackfin Lamina Plus at JG

Restyling at Monocle, Rome

Eyestylist wrote about Monocle, the optical ‘eyewear gallery’ in Rome, in June 2013 –

Four years on, the shop owned by Gabriele Vergerio, and managed by creative eyewear expert Carmen Cox, has been restyled – by architect Andrea Eusebi. The new interior highlights the individuality of the frame collections on display in a chic understated neutral setting that exudes finesse and attention to detail, typical of the store which is one of the leading eyewear boutiques in Europe.

The restyled interior is adorned with elegant details including materials such as Palisander and brushed iron, in a design that was commissioned exclusively for the store “to reflect the image of the owner Gabriele Vergerio” –  and realized in its entirety by skilled Italian artisans.
For 2017, Monocle highlights Jacques Marie Mage, Ahlem, Linda Farrow (newly selected), Matsuda, Dita, Thom Browne, Mykita, Hoffmann, Kuboraum, 8000 and the boutique’s own label, Monocle Eyewear. The store prides itself on providing an exquisite choice in hard-to-find designs, created to exacting standards of craftsmanship in luxurious, often unusual materials.

Monocle Eyeglasses gallery/Eyewear/Accessories, Via di Campo Marzio 13, 00186, Roma, Italy – CN

Architectural artistry

From the Rome Coliseum; to the Cologne Cathedral; Gaudi in Barcelona; The Sydney Opera House; The Shard in London; and Hamburg’s illustrious and elegant recently opened Elbphilharmonie  – architecture has substantially influenced designers in a variety of professions. This is especially evident in eyewear, where lithe, linear, round, geometric and angular shapes are intricately connected to distinctive frames. Discover here a variety of shapes in fine quality materials that reflect architectural features in eyewear design. Lightweight, sleek and slim: Darcy (above) aviator shaping by Götti Switzerland in shiny gold Titanium.

Lica by Fleye Copenhagen

Cool and contemporary: Lica in handcrafted beta-titanium by Fleye Copenhagen in sophisticated matt gold and midnight.

Trianon by Lafont Paris

Angular dimensions define Trianon in acetate and metal in chic colourations by Lafont Paris.

Big Time by l.a. Eyeworks

Minimalist styling highlights Big Time in surgical stainless steel in exotic Tonka Blue with Fuchsia by l.a. Eyeworks.

Malva from The Flowers Collection by Res/Rei

Colours and contours unite in Malva, crafted in Italy in Mazzucchelli acetate from the Res/Rei Flowers Collection.

FABO 8409 by Jono Hennessy

Architectural styles often combine modern updates with traditional concepts – a theme featured at Jono Hennessy in FABO 8409 in Highland Moss. JG

Blast 8408 by Jono Hennessy

The magnificent Sydney Opera House is a continual inspiration for Jono Hennessy – a personal connection as Jono used to surf with the son of the architect. Jono remarked several years ago: “I drive past the Opera House every morning, and it inspires me every time I see it.” The superb angular sails of the famed structure is the foundation for Blast 8408, created in luminous acetate tortoiseshell colourations – the red tort shown above is particularly ravishing. JG

Frame diversity at its best

Fashion designers frequently offer compatible styles that can be enjoyed by both men and women. The Tuxedo suit is a prime example – a classic design appreciated by men, yet resonates a contemporary, timeless statement for women. Eyewear fashion mimics a similar approach – in unisex designs with shapes and colours now popular with everyone. Neubau’s latest collection presents a commanding, chic aviator contour – Edmund (above) – which will be relished by any wearer. The stainless steel frames are inspired by the 1970’s, and feature a sleek double bridge.

Tom Herrington in Saiph for Rock Optika

Tom Herrington at Rock Optika is the handsome model for his own eyewear designs (above). Herrington loves luxury, retro, beautiful materials and craftsmanship – all of which he weaves into his stunning designs. Saiph in Italian acetate is meticulously handmade in France.

Sterling Silver Collection by RIGARDS

Ti Kwa at RIGARDS has launched luxurious frames in .925 sterling silver. This special collection is fine-tuned with precise, customized hand shaping, and skilful artistry expressed in geometric silhouettes. Discover more distinctive RIGARDS designs at

Victor in Ocean by Kirk & Kirk

Blue colourations in all their majestic variety inspire designers – and frame wearers. Kirk & Kirk’s streamlined design Victor in lightweight acrylic radiates beauty and vigour in a strong, striking Ocean colouration. Victor is from the dynamic Kaleidoscope collection – visit for more distinctive designs.

James in Smokey Grey by SALT. Optics

James in sultry Smokey Grey acetate by SALT. Optics is a flash back to the 1950’s, and proof that a fashion concept can transcend the decades. This reinterpretation as demonstrated in James is spot on with current trends for streamlined, solid and beautifully crafted eyewear.

Teagarden by l.a. Eyeworks in African Tortoise

High definition, luminous acetate bursts with electrifying, luminous sartorial colours of African Tortoise in Teagarden by l.a. Eyeworks. Contemporary shaping and Japanese craftsmanship ensure noteworthy fit and comfort.

Parker by Mehran Baghaie at Spectacle Eyeworks

“I always thought to myself ‘what shape would a super hero like Peter Parker (Spiderman) want to wear?'”, asks Mehran Baghaie at Spectacle Eyeworks. “I gathered he would not wear something too flash, so I tried to design something that Sir Parker would like, without blowing his cover. The essence of Parker is ‘clean chic’ – masculine and super hero-ish. Every man wants to be a super hero!” (or a female Wonder Woman…) Parker in stainless steel is crafted in Germany.

Mlle+46 by theo

At theo the motto is: “everything is unisex if you ask us, because everybody should wear what they want!” Joyful acetate colours abound in mlle+46 in a strong shape with cool fashion credentials. JG

Orbi Grade by folc

Designed in Barcelona and handmade in Italy, folc eyewear, created by Marta Llinares, is all about paired down luxury, artisan detail and seductive colour. Styling is based on playful volumes and a preference for lively, translucent colours (naturals and occasional brights such as the red pictured above). Model Orbi Grade – a thick bold acetate rim fitted with high-quality  Zeiss sun lenses – comes in fresh, classic or Mediterranean colours including bright blue, red, havana and honey. This summer, folc eyewear has launched a fashion film called Summer Lights Shades, directed by Raquel San Nicolás and produced by Astrolabi Films. folc frames are available at independent boutiques including La Tercera fashion boutique, Carrer del Brosoli, Barcelona and Les Lunettes, Barcelona. CN

All white

The statement appeal of white vintage-style sunglasses make them a recurring trend in fashion. Popularised many times, and in the 90s by Kurt Cobain (he wore a Christian Roth shape, now re-released), the white oval or squaew designs have been a hit with celebrities, even back in the 1950s and 60s, thanks to iconic designers such as Oliver Goldsmith, who made the statement white frame with dark “mysterious” lens look his very own.

Above: Sheila Scott, the English aviator, wearing Oliver Goldsmith “sunspectacles” in 1966 – featured in ‘The Optician’, May 27th 1966

Ogle by OG (Oliver Goldsmith); the original 1960s white sunglasses

One example that has helped shape this trend is now in the prestigious V&A accessories collection in London. The OG Icon Ogle dates back to 1966, and its curvaceous, stylised shape with upward curve at the front, was featured in the national press, along with many other white iconic styles. “This frame defines the look of that time,” says Claire Goldsmith, eyewear designer and great granddaughter of the eponymous celebrity sunglass designer. “Today the frame is handmade to order; it is an OG masterpiece, and one of many that have a classic and timeless place in our wardrobes.”

Oliver Goldsmith – early press coverage from 1968 – white sunnies with “pull-down sun-blinds” – a quirky idea by the charismatic designer
Manhattan in white by Oliver Goldsmith – the all-time favourite

Other OG styles bear the influence of those earlier decades, even the most eccentric with their striking shapes or stylish details. The famous Manhattan (pictured above), typically featured in dark tortoise or black, has made a 2017 comeback in matt white with trendy clear temples. “Who would have thought she would look so pretty in white!” says Goldsmith with delight at the result of the re-edition, part of a series which explores pale gelato pastels, giving the classic frame a new and elegant focus for the summer. CN

Lemon by Res/Rei

Oliviero Zanon embraces and appreciates culture – and he also has a playful side that is cheerfully expressed in his latest frames – The Bubble Gums Collection for Res/Rei. Inspired by the Pop Art Movement, the frames in Mazzucchelli acetate are pure and streamlined, and the delightful colour palette is named after a different bubble gum flavour…pick you favourite! Lemon? (above)  Apple? Ginger? Cherry? Your choice! Discover more at JG

Summer sun sizzlers

Sunglasses are the ultimate summer accessory – and a legendary style statement. Feeling passionate for retro? Contemporary? Voluminous shapes? Radiant colours? Explore a bit of fantasy with international designers fulfilling your fashion cravings with glamorous, luxurious and amazingly crafted sunglasses. Eyestylist presents exhilarating selections that will brighten your spirit – and summer – for 2017. Amanda (above) is an expressive shape in luminous Dusk acrylic from the Kaleidoscope Collection by Jason and Karen at Kirk & Kirk, and is equally chic in seaside and urban surroundings.

Reunion by L.G.R

Echoes of the Italian Riviera that Luca Gnecchi Ruscone at L.G.R knows and loves highlight Reunion XXL in soft pink matt acetate with grey lenses.

Manhattan Goldside by Oliver Goldsmith

Oliver Goldsmith’s iconic Manhattan first introduced in 1960 is reinvented in a Limited Edition with dramatic gold flourish: Mahnattan Goldside.

Tulipano by Res/Rei

Romantic, feminine and inspired by Nature – Tulipano by Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei in overlapped acetates with floral colourations radiates charismatic confidence.

Lisa Dengler in Luciana by Zac Posen

Fashion Blogger Lisa Dengler sets the mood for summer in Zac Posen’s sleek sunnies with a graciously curved silhouette in gentle pearl.

Lopez by SALT. Optics

California beauty and serenity coupled with technical excellence, beautiful materials, and bold styling in sought after tortoiseshell acetate enriches SALT. Optics design Lopez – created for outdoor living!

Bocca Divine by Face à Face

Playful styling, complimented with creative contours, and a dash of gold, midnight blue and black colourations in Bocca Divine by Face à Face, reflects mystery and intrigue  for your summer adventures.

Explorer by Silhouette

Silhouette’s Titan Minimal Art sunglasses Explorer in summery ocean blue, are cool and alluring with a refined, elegant cat-eye shape. JG


Roberta Baines, Tavat Eyewear

If Roberta Baines is travelling, she’s likely to be somewhere beautiful, or supremely warm and sunny. From Tavat’s Italian HQ in the province of Treviso to the coast of California, her travels have brought business success and notoriety to the small independent brand, now well-known in the luxury eyewear community as the innovators of a unique hinge design in the “SoupCan” Series. We caught up with her in Europe between trips….

Explain how you are involved in the design of the TAVAT collection and its evolution? We are a family business, so everything we do is a collaboration and a conversation. My father, Jeremy, brings forth a lot of great “technical” ideas; whilst I have more of a feel for what’s happening in the market with regard to trends. I might know what we’re missing in our collection and where there’s opportunity and Jeremy will be able to apply that “TAVAT Touch”, ensuring there is always a technical imprint included. We work closely with our team of designers to ultimately create a new collection, and I focus on the details while Jeremy on the function and fit. Everything we do will have final approval from both of us.

Model Blinder by Tavat Eyewear

You are constantly ‘on the road’. Explain your love of travel and what have been the high points in the last couple of years? Travelling makes the world a lot smaller and makes you realize that despite the cultures… we, as people, aren’t very different. I thrive on being in a place I’ve never been to before. I’m influenced and inspired by other ways of life: the food, the colours, the language, the history, the scenery… I think once you start to travel, it’s really hard to stop.

I’m grateful that I am able to travel while simultaneously building our brand TAVAT. I get the opportunity to meet our team, understand new markets, trends and fashion on a local level and collaborate with amazing people from around the globe. It’s very hard to choose one high point – there are many! – but one that comes to mind, just because it has always been a lifelong dream, was to visit Thailand and I did have the opportunity last year after the Hong Kong show. It’s also very cool to see that TAVAT is growing very well there! There are a lot of special projects and ‘Thailand Exclusives’ in the pipeline. I can’t wait to share them!

Explain how the two designs pictured here represent TAVAT in 2017 and comment on any details/innovations they represent. This is only the start of us playing with our popular “SoupCan” frame… by applying unique manipulations, which, for SILMO, you’ll begin to see more and more. We are experimenting with various applications, even with different materials, to give an already progressive design even more dimension. We continue to focus on the details, while continuing to improve on the overall function and fit of a frame. We often say “When Design is Limitless” – we’ll continue to do our best to make an even more intriguing product with a story to tell.

Pantos C 2.0 8mm Sea Foam Blue – Tavat Eyewear

Can you give our readers a hint of what you will launch this Autumn? In addition to further exploring our SoupCan Collection, our Tactile Collection is getting a whole new look and feel as we will be releasing 4 new styles, with a new hinge and, in my opinion, a much stronger message than ever before. In addition, we will be featuring our first capsule collection, together with a wildly talented “Art Center College of Design” student. We had an amazing “Design-Flash” last year at the University, and when you see what these guys can do, well, we couldn’t help but be inspired. We will be presenting the first frame this SILMO – we will have more to share on this soon. – Photo (top) exclusively for by Elisa Biscotti –  CN