December 2020

Shelter x Patrick Norguet

Shelter Manufacture collaborates with designer Patrick Norguet in ‘Fusion’, a line of glasses and sunglasses

A new line by the French eco-friendly independent label Shelter Manufacture with designer Patrick Norguet is based on complex architectural structures in Paris, London, Stockholm and Las Vegas. The collection features 10 designs in bio acetate, metal and wood with 70s undertones yet a clear and contemporary cosmopolitan aesthetic. Carefully thought out details bring a unique expression of architectural concepts and inspirations to the handcrafted range. Above: model Dublin in the new capsule collection, ‘Fusion’

Shelter x Norguet – model Stockholm

Shelter Manufacture use wood sheets from the French specialists Marotte in the creation of eyewear collections which uphold sustainable and eco-friendly values and an aesethetic direction that is minimal and timeless in its styling and colour palette. In this new collaboration, the frames are characterised by constrasting surfaces, playful yet discreet colour (including green, deep red, crystal and natural tones such as tortoiseshell), material pairings which offer something a bit different and bold variations on classic frame shapes including square, panto and multi-sided models.

Shelter x Norguet – model Austin

Patrick Norguet is an award-winning French designer who has worked in product design, fashion and architecture. His design agency, which was founded in 2000, is based in Paris. One of his most famous designs is the Rainbow Chair for Cappellini, a work of 1999 and the first of Norguet’s products in collaboration with the Italian avantgarde design house. The new collaboration between Shelter and Norguet was announced at the Silmo HorsLesMurs event in Jardin des Tuileries, Paris in October 2020. To find out more visit the websites: /

Eyestylist trends: Shimmer and sparkle at Seraphin

Eyestylist update: The US label Seraphin Eyewear is known for its decorative designs, with stunning embellishments and sparkling jewellery accents. Today the collection is designed by Chief Creative Officer David Duralde, OGI Eyewear, and features the new Seraphin Shimmer, a capsule adorned with dazzling crystals by Swarovski. Eyestylist observed that the company has launched a try-on option on their website to browse the frames and see how they look on your face.

Apt for the festive season, but just as desirable by lovers of luxury through the seasons, Seraphin Shimmer expresses a mood of 1920s vintage glamour and high-fashion refinement. Above: model wears Shimmer 1, a modified rectangular butterfly with artful 1920s deco line decoration and hand-inlaid crystals.

Shimmer 1 by Seraphin Eyewear – adorned with sparkling accents

The Shimmer 1 style by Seraphin, like other frames in this series, features a delicate pattern of inlaid Swarovski crystals – the effect of which is both uplifting and illuminating on the face of the wearer. The two delicate colourways are inspired by the jazz age and the rich yet subtle fashions and finery of a Scott Fitzgerald novel.

Götti Switzerland
Shimmer 1 by Seraphin Eyewear – art deco inspired eyewear for a modern trendsetter

Seraphin Eyewear has been quick to embrace new technologies in 2020 and offers virtual try-on direct from their website at

The new campaign was shot by Mike Carreiro with model Lana Zakocela and art direction by David Duralde. Seraphin Eyewear is produced by Ogi Eyewear. See the Shimmer styles at

Less is more: Falvin Eyewear

An Eyestylist update on Danish design: luxurious, minimal frames that will never go out of style, by jewellery designer, Birgitte Falvin

The jewellery and eyewear designer Birgitte Falvin has released new images of the AW 2020/21 Falvin styles, part of a couture line of frames with a balanced Scandinavian design mood and individualistic finely crafted jewellery details. Featured sunglasses include the Stellar model, a contemporary vision of the traditional cat’s eye shape which balances classical style and contemporary elegance – in this case, with a Danish flavour. Above: Danish model Marina Ohm wears Falvin’s Stellar shades, in matte black with matte black gold detail. The 2020 campaign for Falvin was shot by Danish photographer Henrik Adamsen.

Patrycja wears Arctic by Falvin Eyewear
In tune with geometric trends and architectural influences, ophthalmic model Arctic, pictured above in matte black and black gold detailing, highlights fine Japanese craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic. The large eye shape is a fresh look in the ophthalmic lines and on point for 2021.
Marina wears Twilight by Falvin Eyewear

Falvin’s Twilight frame is prestigious and unique. With a decoration of premium Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, set by Danish specialists, each jewel is mounted using traditional techniques to ensure quality, longevity and exquisitely finished designs.


About the brand: Falvin Eyewear is creating fine eyewear – designed in Denmark and produced in Japan – using materials such as Japanese titanium, 24 carat gold, rose gold, palladium and diamonds. Creator Birgitte Falvin trained as a jewllery designer and has a special appreciation for products crafted in unique materials, inspired by exciting architecture and following the Danish design mantra of quality with focus on “less is more”.

Eyestylist update: Events for 2021

An Eyestylist update on trade fairs – 2021 looks set to welcome some new formats for the eyewear business’ trade events. Hall of Frames has joined with the You & Eye Weekend organisers to trial their new format in Lucerne in Switzerland based across venues as opposed to being held in one single place.

With the ongoing disruption to European eyewear events, the Swiss fair organisers, Hall of Frames GmbH has come up with a new opportunity for independent eyewear brands and opticians, designed for safety and wellbeing in the current climate, as well as enjoyment. Their new concept, in partnership with You & Eye Weekend (fair organisers from Sweden who arranged an eyewear event in Gothenburg in September 2020) will take place in the stunning cosmopolitan city of Lucerne in Switzerland in May. The exhibitors will be dispersed across unique venues within easy walking distance of one another so that the visiting and viewing of collections can be made both pleasurable and safe. The organisers have suggested that as well as exhibiting in hotel suites or stores, there will also be opportunities for brands to show in special private venues which are not normally open to the public.

The heart of the new event will be an electronic platform through which all registrations will be processed, and all information exchanged between the organisers, exhibitors and visitors. This platform will be activated at the beginning of January 2021 and will be regularly updated.


Hall of Frames Weekend will take place in Lucerne, Switzerland at multiple locations from 8th to 10th May 2021. The event is designed for store owners and opticians who wish to view and purchase collections for their stores. (trade only). Also taking place in 2021, the Zurich Hall of Frames (also trade only) is planned for 12-13th September in the newly renovated Zurich Convention Centre.

EoE Eyewear: surprises for the season

Eco glasses – The label from Swedish Lapland pushes boldly forward with new, expressive, ideas in its sun and optical collections where contemporary design links with consistent sustainable focus and innovation. This brand proposes creative concepts distinctive in their eco-friendly commitments while combining the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the stark beauty of the nature of its homelands. Above: the cat eye model Burträsk by EoE Eyewear.

Eco glasses – Burträsk by EoE Eyewear – made from acetate remnants

A highlight of the line this season is the structured, oversized cat eye model Burträsk, a frame made from “valuable waste”.  “Normally when glasses are produced from virgin acetate, more than 75% goes to waste,” EoE told Eyestylist. “The material that isn’t used simply ends up on factory floors – considered useless. At EoE, we take care of this waste, turning it into beautiful, wearable new frame styles.”

Dorotea by EoE Eyewear

Acetate with flecks of natural fir tree needles is a novel addition in the line and the first of its kind. The Dorotea model (above) is an old-time favourite at EoE and the decorative make-over in the material is extremely elegant and eye-catching. This model is inspired by a village along highway E45. EoE explain: “The village – Dorotea – in Vasterbotten County was named after Queen Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina but we love the nickname, “the southern entrance to Lapland.”

Götti Switzerland
Close-up of model Dorotea in acetate with fir tree needles embedded in the material

In 2020, EoE has released a series of bestsellers in new colours and materials as a celebration of their 10th Anniversary. To read more about the 2020 editions by EoE, click on the link: To see more of the latest styles by this label, visit EoE Eyewear at

Pantone 2021 tones are here

Already influencers in eyewear?

Pantone has announced “Illuminating” and “Ultimate gray” as their two colours of 2021. This selection, they say, offers an overall message of strength, hope, optimism and resilience. The tones are close to a palette of fresh yellow hues and silvers/grey crystal hues circulating in the Autumn/Winter collections of specs and sunglasses – and shades that Eyestylist expects to develop further into Spring/Summer 2021.  The bright yellow tone ‘Illuminating’ is said to evoke “optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day”. Ultimate Gray is described as a shade which offers “composure, steadiness and resilience”. The grey tone has a natural stone-like quality which Pantone points to as “the colour of pebbles on the beach and natural elements whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to stand the test of time.” Above: already in the Oliver Goldsmith collection: the stunning round OOPS in colour ‘steel’ (1973) – a very light, delicate grey wash with a soft crystal compliment. Click on the link to view the product

Alexandria by Andy Wolf – SS21

Model Alexandria in the Andy Wolf collection combines a milky white with flecks of yellow neon, close to the “Illuminating” hue. The wide, low cateye model is one of several examples in the collection that features a different, modern forward-focused palette and examples of clear lightly toned silver, yellowish and metallic tones and finishes.

theo’s Potatoes Acetate – aviator style Potatismos in yellow (ref .45)

theo belgium has always played with signature yellow tones in its avantgarde eyewear collections. The Potatoes “Acetate” line released this year features three models – Potatismos, Stoemp and Stamppot – in this bright attractive head-turning yellow tone.

Götti Switzerland
Thomas at Ørgreen Optics

Thomas is part of Ørgreen‘s acetate collection which takes a unique and bold approach to colour. The line has some very interesting crystal tones of clear smoke and some striking variations using very modern colour combinations and classical accents such as havana. Model Thomas is pictured here in stone blue/blue

For more on colour trends download our latest bulletin:


LAPIMA shop opens in Brazil

An expression of the inspirations and references imbued in their designs and collections, Brazil’s no 1 artisan label for spectacles and sunglasses LAPIMA opens its first in-person store in São Paulo, Brazil. Located in the heart of the city, at CJShops, co-founder Gisela Assis describes the new store as “an extrapolation of LAPIMA’s essence, with a bold minimalist architecture.”

The spirit of Brazil’s Atlantic rain forest permeates the elegant interior. The inclusion of green peace granite is complimented by details in a warm copper hue inspired by the country’s rich terrain.  Central to the interior, the Domino bench by the Brazilian designer Claudia Moreira Salles, gives a distinctive focal point while referencing the iconic shapes of Brazilian architectural landmarks.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
LAPIMA Shop, Brazil

LAPIMA is a luxury artisan label, created by husband and wife, Gustavo and Gisela Assis. The collection is made in the couples own factory in Campinas, outside São Paulo, by skilled artisans. Adhering to traditional spectacle-making tradition with technical precision and an avantgarde perspective,  the designs focus on beautiful fine materials such as acetate and buffalo horn in a contemporary palette of natural and nature-inspired “Brazilian infused” colours. LAPIMA Shop, Rua Haddock Lobo, 1626, Sao Paulo, SP – BRAZIL

Oversized glasses: Peoples from Barbados

As the eyewear brands hail “oversized” as a key trend for ’21, the Peoples from Barbados PFB-16 is one that fits right in, while preserving an individual structured statement design that’s special to this collection, born in Barbados. Modelled by blue-eyed Barbadian beauty Jalicia Nightengale and photographed by Jaryd Niles Morris, the stylish coloring of the frame originates from the traditional wooden “chattel” house after which it is named.

Jalicia Nightengale wears Peoples from Barbados

Known particularly for its sensational colorful sunglasses collection, filled with an incredible colour palette and design details inspired by the natural beauty and traditions of the Bajan culture, Peoples from Barbados by Alicia Hartman has become known for its successful balance of statement design and comfort and fit across its glasses range. (more…)

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear

Tania Grace Knuckey: handmade silk scarves

“Playfulness is a serious matter”

Award-winning textile designer Tania Grace Knuckey created her first scarf collection in 2015 as a one-off – mainly with friends and family in mind, and now she can’t stop! Fantastical creatures, exciting graphic colour mixes, and nature-inspired motifs are the focal elements of her playful creative world of silky scarves that are as much heirloom pieces of art as they are wearable accessories, with a contemporary and truly uplifting spirit. Above: Dinosaurs: Dino – 2020 – silk twill, made in France – limited edition

L’Oeil from the Soft Beast collection by Tania Grace Knuckey – made in France

In the most recent series of collections, dinosaurs, serpents, ‘soft’ beasts, dogs and lobsters are among the friendly-faced creatures portrayed against colourful asymmetrical abstract backgrounds with “naive” handwritten messages – all conceived through exciting colour mixes on the silk and a strong attention to detail and hand finishing.

Arlo: silk twill – limited edition “portrait” silk scarf by Tania Grace Knuckey – made in France

About : Tania Grace Knuckey is a textile designer and multi-media artist living and working in Geneva, Switzerland. She graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009 with a Cum Laude BA in Design and from The Royal College of Art London in 2012 with an MA in mixed media textiles. Her artistic practice is playful with an unapologetic bold use of colour, and yet behind this aesthetic, more often than not, is a level of seriousness borne out of steady research. She seeks to surprise at times, to titillate perhaps, but always to unsettle the norm, questioning conventional notions of form and function. In 2015 Tania launched her limited edition silk scarves; unique, vibrant and playful. The manner in which colour folds, falls, intermingles, and intertwine when worn is particularly important as she spends a great deal of care designing and combining each motif to ensure it is authentic. Inspired from nature, animals and fantastical creatures, Tania’s scarf are a reminder that playfulness is a serious matter, that mark- making possibilities are endless, colours have power and prints can take on a life of their own. Knuckey’s work is available at Paradigme in Geneva, the Cloister in Milan and from her website at


3D graphic statements: FACE A FACE

Stripes for the face: Bocca Pixel 3 and Bahia 3 by FACE A FACE

A few gorgeous and graphic horizontal striped frames have come to our attention this season, as the fashion trend for bold stripes – horizontal, vertical and/or zigzag, wide narrow or even classic marine styles  – really holds renewed appeal.  Whether it’s because it’s a trend that’s viewed as a safe and easy staple, the slight nod to the popular 1990s fashion era is also in its favour.

Among the stripey glasses highlights we spotted at the independent labels are modern acetate editions Bahia 3 and Pixel 3 by French label FACE A FACE – both using a translucent lined acetate with a delicate yet “digitalised” look that presents a graphic and bold illusion of movement, right across the front. Above: the Bahia3 by FACE A FACE in stripes with red detail; this chic style is also available in two other color variations, a striking blue and a bright fresh turquoise. The frame concept is inspired by Op Art and comes in four different wearable shapes.

Götti Switzerland
BOCCA Pixel 3: a one-of-a-kind visual treat – with a pixelated edging and horizontal narrow lines in transparent striped amber acetate

The Pixel 3, a style in the well known Bocca collection is the most out there of the two “striped” designs, with its extraordinary edging, in a series of steps inspired by the labyrinths of the Dutch artist, M.C. Escher. The cute end tips, once “heels” or shoes” – are now abstracted – replaced by a pixel form with tiny highlighter toned fluo details. BOCCA Pixel 3 comes in a total of 5 amazing colorways, including transparent striped amber and a very exciting graduated frozen bordeaux.

FACE A FACE glasses are available at fine independent optical retailers. To see more of our latest “favourite finds” in the FACE A FACE collections click on the link: For more details and to locate your nearest stockist, visit This feature was written by Clodagh Norton. All rights reserved.

Intuitive colour: Folc Eyewear

Barcelona-based designer Marta Llinares Perez of Folc Eyewear has a particularly beautiful mood-enhancing glasses colour palette for the months ahead

Seasonal colours for Spring are already on our Eyestylist horizons as winter sets in! And with the intense situation of recent months, a move toward calm, positive, tranquil colours looks set to be an immediately appealing, essential stimulus for good energy and optimism in 2021.

Folc Eyewear’s (Barcelona) new imagery struck a chord with our editorial team. The colour palette of the collection – which features striking, bevelled architectural acetate shapes, some with an oversized design and ‘sculpted’ finish – includes light tones of aqua and touches of blue as well as deeper forest green hues and delightful transparent cantaloupe or rose. Above: model Roundy – glasses colour – aqua mix by Folc Eyewear

OGI Eyewear
Folc Eyewear – model Lizy green combo – with a deep red temple tone

These tones, against a fresh and stimulating backdrop + styling focusing on details in coral, aqua mint and soft neutrals were instantly representative of a definitive trend toward a softness and lightness in the new collections, paving the way for a new vibrancy and visual purity that calls for simple, flattering tones that we can easily enjoy to wear. (more…)