Joyful colours: Kirk & Kirk Centena collection

New hot-pink and purple tones!

Pink has always been prized in the Kirk & Kirk collections, a highlight for a window as well as a talking point to wear. Their unique acrylic material lends itself to strong, statement colours, characterised by a light-reflective translucency with a tendency to brighten skin tones. For Spring 2021, the UK label continues to put out small and frequent new releases in what Jason Kirk describes as “a new mode of working most successfully in the current climate”, and two new colours light up the ranges  – at the candy end of the colour spektrum.

An homage to the singer, colour ‘Prince’ offers a beautiful burst of fresh purple while the new Cadillac tone offers a hot even more punchy variety of pink than we’ve seen before at Kirk & Kirk, judged as just the colour to provide a lift or boost in the current climate – and particularly so in a statement shape. Above: Photographer Kathi Harman wears model Cecil in colour ‘Prince’

Esme at Kirk & Kirk: the new hot pink tone Cadillac
Miriam at Kirk & Kirk  in the new ‘Prince’ tone

This season, Kirk & Kirk have also issued a new matte “ice” tone – another variation that works well in the acrylic material – creating a soft ‘glowy’ effect that is striking and unique.

Götti Switzerland

About acrylic eyewear at Kirk & Kirk: the British company is the only eyewear label using acrylic to produce their eyewear collections in France. The benefits of the material are practical – it’s comfortable and lightweight to wear – and aesthetic – it can be produced in beautiful bright colours which will enliven and ‘accessorise’ different outfits or looks. The use of 10mm acrylic is also a benefit for those needing the more challenging and “thicker” lens prescriptions. You won’t need to compromise on style as these lenses work perfectly in these statement designs!

To find out more visit www.kirkandkirk.com – to read more about the brand on Eyestylist, visit https://www.eyestylist.com/2020/09/kaleidoscope-of-colours-kirk-kirk/

Tarian Atelier Tournelles, Paris – France

Ceramics and eyewear by Jeremy Tarian in newly opened showroom in the Marais

“My new space plays with perspectives and revels in free associations,” says Jeremy Tarian, eyewear designer and passionate ceramicist who has created a multidisciplinary space to show both artistic collections. The Atelier opened at the beginning of 2021.

Located in the Marais quarter of Paris, this elegant historic building – l’Hotel de Melun – was built in the 17th century, and redesigned in 1780, and can be found on the famous historic Rue des Tournelles near Place des Vosges.


The showroom is designed both as a personal studio space and showroom to invite guests and buyers to view the collections. The interior features neutral colours, minimal furniture, open wall displays and glass-lined display cabinets with an ambiance that reflects the designer’s love for colour, design and raw materials.

Interior: displays of ceramics and award-winning eyewear at the new showroom

About the designer: Jeremy Tarian studied Finance, and then trained at New York’s Parsons School of Design, returning to his passion for all things creative for the development of his career.  After gaining experience at the German eyewear company, ic! berlin he launched his own eyewear brand, Tarian, in 2011 followed by a ceramics line in 2018. Today he dedicates his time to both creative disciplines. 50 Rue des Tournelles, 75003 Paris, France www.tarian.paris / www.tarianatelier.paris

Vera Wang models own collection

Fashion designer Vera Wang steps in front of the camera in her first eyewear shoot

The optical and sunglasses collection for 2021, produced for Vera Wang by Kenmark Eyewear (USA), are worn by the designer who has a fashion connoisseur’s love for eyewear. Like her new season fashion collections, the glasses and sunglasses infuse elements of the designer’s ready-to-wear and bridal designs. From feminine to masculine, with a modern and flattering edge, and a typically wide choice of dimensions, the styles include oversized and quite petite designs with a glamorous, detail-oriented style.

Colours and materials are often mixed by lamination or with a specialised layering technique to create a palette that plays on grounded neutrals and dark floral touches. Crystal embellishments – a signature feature in previous lines, are still key and with their continued popularity are used in more prominent ways. Several styles in both optical and sun feature crystals front and centre. They are built into the shape of the frame and do not shy away from making a bold and beautiful couture statement. Above: Vera Wang wears Nija sunglasses – Wang released the images via her Instagram page at the start of January 2021.

Vera Wang wears V577: a full metal cat eye

“Eyewear is one of my favorite fashion/beauty accessories! Like a new lipstick or eye shadow, a special pair of glasses can express your own sense of style, create a new persona and most of all, protect your vision….eyewear is fun, creative, easy, personal, practical!” Vera Wang

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Vera Wang wears Lilah, a model with rich Swarovski crystal trim on the brow line

The new images of Vera Wang feature frames from across the luxe, core alternative fit and VWX series.

About the brand – Vera Wang has created a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication. Exquisite details, intricate draping, and a nonchalant sense of style characterize the Vera Wang aesthetic. A native New Yorker, Wang understands women who embrace fashion. By age 23, she was the youngest ever Vogue fashion editor and stylist, where she remained for 16 years before moving to Ralph Lauren as a design director. In 1990, she opened her first flagship store on Manhattan’s famed Madison Avenue, introducing fashion to the bridal industry with revolutionary designs and refined detailing. Since then she has expanded her collections to include ready-to-wear, footwear, eyewear, fragrance, flowers, fine china and crystal, silver and gifts, bedding, fine papers, and her first book, Vera Wang On Weddings. To find out more visit www.verawang.com / www.kenmarkeyewear.com

Hungry Eyes, Stuttgart

Thomas Hommerberg has opened a new optical boutique in the German city, with furniture sourced from old night clubs and modern design elements including a floating counter

After 14 years as store manager, master optician Thomas Hommerberg has achieved his dream in the hardest of climates. His new store in Stuttgart specialises in independent eyewear brands and design labels.

“The concept is to bring to Stuttgart real independent eyewear in a unique shop which is far removed from the mass market”, he told Eyestylist. “This is definietly missing here and this is the concept of my store. Individuality, quality, mixed with great independent styles in a modular shop system for individual people. We created a modular system with our architects and urban shop system, with some neon lights, palms and a touch of palm springs style. We are not conservative, so it was clear that we needed a name with more style than “Optik…” like everybody else. The name was found by my UX-Designer and it comes from the movie “Dirty Dancing”. For us it is an artificial word with a positive vibe. We have lots of customers coming to the store and singing softly “Hungry Eyes”!”

Interior featuring a floating counter in white: Hungry Eyes, Stuttgart

Despite opening in November 2020 during the pandemic, without any possibility for a launch party, the new collections are well received in the neighbourhood which is in the heart of the city of Stuttgart. Brands include Blackfin, Gigi Studios, Coblens, FOLC, ROLF Spectacles, TVR and Nirvan Javan.  “We are trying to give our customers a very good shopping experience even in this hard times,” Thomas said. “Beside the frame brands we have some accessories from Frame Chain and from some local dealers, to support our neighbours.”

“We love good design, but we always keep the most important thing in focus: our products and our customers” Thomas Hommerberg, Stuttgart

Götti Switzerland
Interior: Hungry Eyes – design details include suspended lamps, an illuminated mirror and parquet flooring

The interior works with a modular system, with grey tones, natural surfaces and green plants. The furniture was sourced from old nightclubs in Munich (Thomas describes them as “Freddy Mercury” era pieces from the 1980s-90s) creating an interesting eye-catching contrast to the stone wall of glasses. The palms and cacti have been added to bring the atmosphere to life. “With the neon lights we have an exciting mixture of palm springs, 80s and very modern elements,” he tells us. “And the floating counter makes the store interior complete.”

Rosenbergstrasse 76, Stuttgart, Germany


The lure of acetate: RES/REI Essences

New models in fine Mazzucchelli acetate
Almond, Calendula, Blackberry, Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Each of the models in the Essences Collection by RES/REI is inspired by nature’s bounty: uplifting natural fragrances, details, textures and rich variation in the colours of familiar plants, fruits and herbs we associate with goodness and wellbeing. Particular to the styles is a special design: a diamond-shaped core inside the temples: decorative and feminine, the frames are reimagined to create a look that is contemporary and refined. Above: the round model Eucalyptus in the Essences collection by RES/REI – the colour pictured is grey/pink/shiny rose gold – a combination that highlights fine double lines in the upper section.

Blackberry in the Essences collection by RES/REI – in dark havana, purple and red

Each model shows a delicate balance of transparencies and harmonious colours, with two or three different hues blending in one design. Deep berry tones of blackberry, purple, deep red and havana through to very light crystal tones of grey/white, mixed and matched, to reinvent each shape in each exclusive palette.

Götti Switzerland
Rosemary in the Essences collection by RES/REI – chic modern colour variations

RES/REI is one of Northern Italy’s prized artisan labels. Their commitment to and passion for handmade spectacle making and exquisite, creative details has been at the core of their work since they first started in 2011. Read more about the frames on Eyestylist: https://www.eyestylist.com/2020/10/res-rei-the-essences-collection/ See more collections at www.resrei.com

Pursuit of the senses: Padma Image

The Japanese label by Meiji Hasui adds new colours for the asymmetrical ‘Shichisan’

Simplicity. Artistry. And a delicacy of style. The Japanese label Padma Image first appeared on Eyestylist in 2014 and is gradually growing, under designer Meiji Hasui’s careful eye.  Breaking with conventions and traditional design features, the label’s new collection (available in Japan and local markets to Japan) includes one of the classic styles in the Padma Image repertoire – the asymmetrical model Shichisan, inspired by a traditional Japanese hairstyle – a Japanese ‘look’ characterised by a parting to one side. Above: Shichisan frame on model. The design was first introduced on Eyestylist in 2015: www.eyestylist.com/2015/06/eyestylist-talks-to-yuuki-hasui/

Shichisan by Padma Image: made in Sabae

“Like an asymmetrical and natural side parting, I thought that even if the upper half of the glasses were asymmetrical, there would still be an elegant harmony with the eyebrows,” says Hasui, who has produced several asymmetrical style frames in the last years, including the Ue-Shita and the Moku-Moku, featured on Eyestylist. “We work with a small factory in Sabae which uses advanced technology and skillful craftsmen for absolute quality design.” To read more about Padma Image in English click on the link: https://www.eyestylist.com/2019/12/ue-shita-by-padma-image/   For more about the brand visit www.padmaimage.com

Jean-François Rey’s 2932

Jean-François Rey highlights a fresh, colourful style in this ladies’ design exploring architectural volumes.

Geometric, lightweight and colourful, the JF2932 has all the signature traits of a design by Jean-François Rey, the Marseille-based eyewear designer and a trend-oriented attention paid to details and distinctive design. The inventive work with the metal material is achieved through the skill and expertise of French manufacture while the creative colour pairings are  applied by hand.

OGI Eyewear
JF Rey: 2932 – a modified cat’s eye design

The JF2932 – an elegant woman’s cat eye shape, comes in several colour combinations, from gold with black and gold with blue to the vibrant red and turquoise – pictured above. Creative director and colour specialist Joelle Rey describes the colour pairings as an effect that looks as if two frames have been fused into one, in tones established through absolute creative freedom and a dedication to elegance and quality. To find out about more of the latest styles in this French design collection, launched for 2021, visit www.jfrey.fr

Guggenheim, Bilbao

Looking forward…live art in 2021

As museums struggle through difficulties of closures and a lack of tourists, the highly acclaimed Guggenheim in Bilbao reminded us of how much we have missed and are missing visiting galleries and museums. Like many other museums around the world, the closure of the Guggenheim for almost three months, and the subsequent mobility restrictions, reduced the number of visitors to the Museum (to 315.908 people)  despite massive support of their digital initiatives.

In 2020, as in other arts organisations across the world, the digital presence of the Museum increased considerably in order to alleviate to some extent the impossibility of enjoying live art, and the results they say were very satisfactory. During the Spring quarantine when the Museum was required to close to the public, the digital initiative #GuggenheimBilbaoLive was launched, through which a total of 55 videos were made about the exhibitions and lesser-known aspects of the Museum activity, along with storytellers and artist workshops for children. In total, these videos achieved 2.3 million views on the Museum’s social media and generated a total of 90,000 very positive user interactions! Above: Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

Vasily Kandinsky – Several Circles (Einige Kreise) January-February 1926

Meanwhile, the Museum has maintained the highest quality in its Art Program and today the doors are open for Lee Krasner: Living Color (to 10th January 2021) and the retrospective dedicated to Kandinsky – running until 23rd May 2021. Drawn primarily from the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, this is a comprehensive exhibition which traces along four geographic sections the aesthetic evolution of one of the foremost artistic innovators of the early 20th century.

Götti Switzerland

If you’d like to find out more or review what’s happening online at the Guggenheim Bilbao in the next months, visit their website at www.guggenheim-bilbao.eus and lend your support! Follow the Guggenheim on Instagram @museoguggenheim. We look forward to bringing you more updates in our Arts & Travel column just as soon as the pandemic is under control.

Image above (full details): Vasily Kandinsky – Several Circles (Einige Kreise) January-February 1926 Oil on canvas – 55 1/4 x 55 3/8 inches (140.3 x 140.7 cm) Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York Solomon R. Guggenheim Founding Collection, By gift © [current year] Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris Painting Bauhaus

Retro refined at LINDBERG, Denmark

Function and fashion in new strip titanium styles

Among new styles for 2021, the Danish label’s strip titanium collection explores the finest qualities of a retro infused style – with a sleek expression and technically advanced, seamless construction. Models 7423 and 7424 are half-rimmed frames that carry a refined look. The distinct upper bars offer a unique character with an almost floating aesthetic when worn on the face. Above: LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 in a shiny gold finish

LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 – a modified square eye shape

One of LINDBERG’s most sought after frame concepts, the individual titanium elements of these strip titanium styles are laser cut from thin plates of premium quality titanium and formed to create a balance of lightness and impressive stability to bring exceptional standards of comfort. With qualities such as durability, corrosion resistance as well as being hypoallergenic – titanium has become one of eyewear’s most highly regarded materials, and these ultralight strip titanium styles are conceived quite precisely to blend all these different benefits in one.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
LINDBERG strip titanium 7424 – based on the classic cat’s eye

LINDBERG’s expertise in producing quality titanium eyewear stems from a “desire for constant innovation”. The company has won multiple awards and holds a series of design patents for its lightweight screwless eyewear consistently setting new standards for style, comfort and toughness in their extensive choice of customisable designs. Their first titanium frame concept – Air Titanium, was first launched in 1985. Made from strong, durable titanium wire, it continues to be among their most successful and highly prized minimalist designs. www.LINDBERG.com


Lunettes Alf: style a20.01

a20.01 – alf’s artisan design inspired by American safety glasses

Lunettes Alf’s style a20.01 is a distinguished design in its acetate collection, a frame for men and women with a thick rimmed panto shape. The glasses which were inspired by the design of protective safety glasses of the 1960s has a striking bridge detail and visible pins on the frame front, a classic feature of the French artisan label.

a20.01 Lunettes Alf – made in Normandy, France

Lunettes Alf presents spectacles which are designed in Paris and produced exclusively in Normandy, in one of the country’s most prestigious factories for handmade eyewear. The quality of the featured materials is reflected in the choice of Japanese acetate and photochromic mineral sun lenses. Precise in their desire to create timeless designs, alf is inspired by the most beautiful frame designs of past eras, with a sober and clean style – with inspiration dating back to the designs of the 20s and times when spectacles first became an accessory of style and design excellence. a20.01 is available in 6 colours including crystal (above), and elegant variations of dark and light tortoiseshell. Find out more about the brand at www.lunettes-alf.com

Eyestylist: A decade of fine eyewear & accessories

A note to you, to mark our 10th anniversary

Eyestylist is celebrating 10 years today! To mark our first decade, we wish to direct our thanks to you our friends and readers who support and follow what we do daily on the site and on social media. We are committed to a constant, dedicated study of the design and innovation in the eyewear and accessories business and we are extremely delighted to have a fantastic audience of professionals, opticians and people who love  and value the design and artistic focus of this creative world of fashion – and the extraordinary people who work within it. Above: Churada by Fritz Frames, Australia, first published on Eyestylist in November 2011 following a first interview with the designer Friedrich Schwarz at Silmo, Paris: https://www.eyestylist.com/2011/11/wood-to-wear/ – ten years on, this Australian independent brand continues to expand its timber frame collection.

A love for design details: Mido optical fair February 2019 – taking a closer look at the inside of  Nina Mûr wooden glasses

In 2011, this level of detail and news in a feed of online content on unique eyewear and accessory independent labels was not available and through the years we have built and are building what we believe to be a remarkable archive dedicated to the leaders and innovators in avantgarde, handmade, luxury and fine glasses, sunglasses and accessories.  Through commitment,  hard work and detailed research, it has been an exciting path of travel, meetings, and factory visits, international fashion weeks and trade fairs..and I am personally grateful for the friends and kind supporters I have encountered a long the way, and the recognition and respect we have built through this time as a trusted resource with a solid global following.

Götti Switzerland
Avantgarde design: Horn spectacles by Rigards, from their 2012 collection – featured on Eyestylist in December 2012 https://www.eyestylist.com/2012/12/trend-watch-grainy-effects-textures-and-wood-look/

We hope you will take a chance to visit the new Eyestylist website and mobile site (www.eyestylist.com) we launched in December as a prelude to our anniversary and we look forward to bringing you more high quality content for years to come. Remember you can look back at our archive of content since 2011, and read about the evolution of some of the brands that are leading this field today!

Iconic French design: Lafont’s optical model Gaufrette, first published on Eyestylist in August 2011 – www.eyestylist.com/2011/08/trend-watch-rich-print-and-pattern/

Finally special thanks to the dedicated sponsors of Eyestylist who continue to work with us and inspire us from across the world. Best wishes to you all for the New Year, we hope 2021 brings renewed health and prosperity, time with friends and families, happiness and peace.  Clodagh Norton – Eyestylist.com / January 2021.