Eyes On Hudson, Hudson Valley, NY

A family-owned, state-of-the-art store in Dobbs Ferry, NY – specialists in contemporary independent eyewear design

Katelyn Rogerson’s new store Eyes on Hudson opened in 2020, a breathtaking state-of-the-art retail space turned independent eyewear destination. With an extraordinary mix of curated collections by independent designers, the store represents a new dynamic retail concept achieved through youthful passion, a natural affinity with artisan design and over 10 years’ experience working in one of New York’s famed eyewear stores.

“When we moved to this area about 30 minutes north of New York City,” Katelyn told Eyestylist via Zoom, “we immediately knew it was missing a destination eyewear spot. We envisioned a place that not only had beautiful curated eyewear, but that would also be a cool place to hang out.”

The interior features reclaimed wood and timber and a refined use of colour

Despite restrictions of the pandemic, the husband and wife team opened the store in 2020, after a period of planning and design work, with Creative Director San Siguenza. “The vision behind Eyes on Hudson was an epiphany moment. The Hudson Valley, in New York state, is uncommonly beautiful with deep historical and artistic roots. Everyone lucky enough to wake up and see the Hudson River on a daily basis knows its breathtaking beauty. To see it is magical. To see it, you need to see. So the idea came to us that we can be the purveyors of vision to fully appreciate the beautiful place in which we live, and we should reflect that beauty ourselves as well.

Beyond aesthetics, Eyes on Hudson’s brand is rooted in being a local, family-owned shop for personalised eyecare, selling independent and locally designed eyewear as well as big name labels. “I have been fully entrenched in the independent eyewear world my entire career,” says Katelyn. “It was always a given that independent eyewear would be core to our brand. We are lucky that New York is rich with eyewear design talent, so featuring local designers has been fun and seamless.”

“When I think about what I love the most, I come back to our cohesive brand identity, which is rooted in the Hudson Valley and incorporates our independent ethos. It’s palpable from our logo to the colors and textures of our visual design to our digital presence.” Katelyn Rogerson

EOE Sustainable Eyewear from Swedish Lapland
ROLF Spectacles
Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
Interior: features also include industrial metals and leather furnishings

Distinctive features of the interior include the use of natural reclaimed woods, timbers and industrial metals evocative of the Hudson Valley location and its history. The brass and leather furnishings were added to give a feel of relaxed luxury to an otherwise rustic/industrial concept.

These details go together with collections of eyewear that represent local talent from New York – Lowercase, MOSCOT, and Moss Lipow, – as well as several designer lines which are considered particularly prestigious at this time such as Jacques Marie Mage and Kenzo Takada for Masunaga.

And now, and for the future, the owners look forward to the return to retail offering a space that is sociable, inspiring and full of music. “Probably like most, we hope the pandemic will come to an end with the distribution of the vaccine” says Katelyn when we ask what her hopes are in 2021. “We know that many people have rightly avoided retail and non-essential doctors’ visits, in order to stay safe and healthy. We are here waiting when they are ready to emerge, and we are so excited to share with them our curated eyewear collection and the Eyes on Hudson experience.”

66 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522, USA – www.eyesonhudson.com