3D printed glasses: Dimension by Gotti Switzerland

3D printed glasses are trending, as some of the first independent companies to establish 3D printed collections show bold and beautiful can evolve out of tech. Gotti Switzerland’s Dimension collection – part of the creative output of a company founded on innovation and design excellence, has streamlined the concept with technical wizardry, sustainable qualities and a level of graceful stylishness that ensures the products deliver more than meets the eye. Sven Gotti told us why we should love 3D printed…..

Since you first launched the Dimension collection, have you seen a fast take up of 3D printed collections? We experience a steadily growing demand and interest in our 3D printed collection. It shows that it is an ideal complement to our acetate collection. While we have more possibilities in material and colours with acetate, we have many more possibilities in terms of design, individual construction and reliability of supply with 3D printing. Since we do all the processing ourselves in Switzerland – the programming, printing, coloring and surface treatment all takes place in-house, we have learned a lot about the material and we were able to perfect the look and feel. Above: Sven Gotti, founder of Gotti Switzerland, is passionate about sustainable production and local manufacturing: all the 3D printed frames in the Dimension line are made in his own production facility in Switzerland

Raffie in the 3D printed line Dimension by Gotti Switzerland: the frames have smooth surfaces and are very lightweight

What are the key benefits regarding the more sustainable production and is this point coming into play with more significance this year? Certainly that we can shape the production in our own way with far greater flexibility. There is much less waste material in additive manufacturing. In order to come full circle, the residual material can also be reused in various areas. It is also a benefit that we produce the 3D printed glasses on site in Switzerland.

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Ufford by Gotti Switzerland: a brand new 3D printed clip to match or contrast with the base frame tone

From a technical point of view what evidence is there that the technical properties of 3D printed polymer are equal to or outperform more traditional materials? Please consider qualities such as resistance, creative design potential, and longevity of the material. We are always amazed at how well the basic material is suitable for glasses. It is sturdy, has good flexibility and is very durable. We are now also integrating small 3D printed parts in certain titanium models and of course in our rimless line «Perspective». The nice thing about it is, we can test and develop any idea immediately.

Utha by Gotti Switzerland: an example of a polyamide front combined with sleek stainless steel temples

About the Dimension collection – first launched in 2016, this sustainably produced line at Gotti currently offers over 50 unique designs – both ophthalmic glasses and sunglasses. The very latest additions are models in 2021 are Caspar, Cely, Cilo, Uray, Ushan and Utha. The line has also seen the introduction of Raffie and Ufford (pictured), new sun clip options. Dimension frames are 3D printed using additive technology and the lightweight polymer material from which they are created has a soft to the touch “velvety” surface. The colours are usually quite subtle, natural or earthy with tones such as denim, moss, slate, stone and sand and the frame shapes are versatile and easy to wear for nearly all face shapes. To see the whole collection visit the Gotti Dimension page at https://gotti.ch/en/collections/goetti-dimension