Street style: Covrt Project MP2

Milled steel constructions and micro innovations

Following its sunglasses release pre-Covid in Munich, when the brand was awarded the coveted newcomer award (opti Blogger Spectacle Award), London based Covrt Project has taken another major step forward with the release of a cutting-edge optical line. The frames  – such as MP2 – feature bold layered constructions closely related to their _Mission One sunglasses with astute attention to technical solutions and design details and distinctive styling in black. Above: MP2 by Covrt Project

Covrt Project MP2 – the new optical styles have a clean ‘industrial’ + architectural style

The styles have a layered construction with a base frame in the brand’s preferred black colour. The optical layer, created with bespoke eye shape and PD – researched rigorously to be suitable for optical lenses, also features a new design solution for the rim lock. Eliminating the traditional style lock mechanism and significantly reducing weight, the optical section has been built with a minutely perforated edging at the sides, from where the lens can be installed or removed. This allows for a simple placement of the lenses in the frame – secured once the section is bolted with two screws to the base.

All the base frames of the new styles are available in Covrt Project signature black with the optical component offered in Black or Raw silver – adding to their timeless and genderless appeal. The raw colour uses a special process to keep the natural satin look of the raw metal material, whilst still featuring a special coating for durability, CE testing and optical use.

Covrt Project optical styles (MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5) are produced in lightweight CNC milled steel. Signature cam laser welded hinge offer excellent tension and feature a functional ‘Stopper’ incorporated into the temple arm. With typical attention to detail of this design label, the black silicone nose pads with adjustable pad arms create the utmost comfort while temple tips have a silicone band applied by hand at the tips with the aim of providing extra comfort and the ideal grip and stability when worn. Find out more at