Vava Eyewear x Olympic stadium architect Kengo Kuma 3D printed capsule

Framed as buildings, the new Limited Edition eyewear, designed with the world renowned Tokyo Olympic stadium architect, imagines the face as a landscape. The technologically advanced, evocative designs are inspired by Kengo Kuma’s architectural masterpieces

Independent eyewear brand VAVA’s architectural eyewear style takes a new and striking turn through a collaborative project with the architect of Japan’s national ‘Olympic’ stadium Kengo Kuma. Inspired by Kuma’s work, the embodiment of transparency and lightness, which looks to the future while echoing Japanese tradition, this new collaborative Limited Edition works with a combination of super light sustainable materials and complex structures, only achievable via 3D printing. Above: model CL0015 takes inspiration from the concept that the production of architecture is fundamentally a process of weaving. Many of Kuma lab’s design projects can be understood as a pursuit of different types of weaving of diverse materials exploring concepts such as pliancy, precision, lightness and strength; the Tokyo Olympic stadium – officially the Japan National Stadium – also features a woven lattice structure (in wood) referencing traditional Japanese architecture

VAVA x Kengo Kuma 3D printed eyewear – model CL0013 : materials were carefully considered to fulfil Kuma’s design philosophy of modesty

Model CL0013 is a tribute to the traditional Japanese wooden building technique – ‘Kumiki’. These techniques have been explored in depth by Kuma for his wooden (or mixed) structures, which arise from a simple pattern of assembly and, through different intersections and angles, generate a complex whole.

VAVA x Kengo Kuma model CL0013: high-tech, sustainable, conscious design

Both models are 3D printed, with the use of a natural high-quality polyamide (Rilsan® Invent by Arkema) made from a 100% renewable source (castor seeds). The castor beans used to produce oil for the material is sourced from a cooperative of certified farmers in Gujarat, India. The 3D printing technology allows the adoption of complex eyewear designs and extraordinary freedom for advanced functional and stylistic features, while using the minimum material required. A colour palette that integrates precisely with the architectural inspiration and offers a new direction at VAVA with shades of ‘Caribou’ brown, a soft yellow, a light pistachio and a natural ‘Aqua’ blue.

About Kengo Kuma: Kengo Kuma is a globally acclaimed Japanese architect who has offices in both Tokyo and Paris. He is one of the most significant Japanese figures in contemporary architecture,  and the creator of numerous works which include the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center in Tokyo and the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. Kengo Kuma is famous for his design philosophy of modesty, rejecting flashy forms in favour of buildings in harmony with their environment; he is also the designer of the Japan National Stadium in Tokyo which has been built for the 2021 Olympic Games.

VAVA x Kengo Kuma Limited Edition (just 100 pieces per colour) will be available in stores from July 2021. Find out more about the project at