Femininity in all its nuances: Aude Herouard

A flourishing French brand from a young designer

Creative designer Aude Herouard trained within a prestigious opticians in Rouen, ‘Le Lanchon’. This experience as well as her diverse creative talent and passion for design, fashion and luxury materials encouraged her to start her own business in the world of eyewear, and so her eponymous label was brought to life. Above: the French designer Aude Herouard: she says her collection has required years of research and planning. The frames are produced exclusively in France. Photography by Charlotte Stouvenot

Aude Herouard sun collection 21 – model  Francoise, an audacious shape in an elegant colour palette for women

Laced with feminine values and family virtues, the brand brings inspiration from Herouard’s experiences and stories from the past. Raised close to the cliffs of Normandy, the designer is the daughter of a farmer. From here, and through the contrast between Herouard’s current Parisian lifestyle and this romantic, naturalistic and wholesome upbringing, she sources much of the inspiration for the chosen frame shapes and structures as well as the selection of interesting materials included in the line. Herouard is equally inspired by strong, charismatic women in her life and executes this inspiration with particular attention to colours used throughout her designs, ranging from blush pink to darker mixes of amber, olive and brown. She does this, in her own words, “to illustrate femininity in all its nuances”.

Aude Herouard sun collection 2021 – model Christiane (in colour sand)

The frames themselves have a woman’s name, expressing their character and style, each one inspired by the founder’s circle of family and friends. Colette, Brigitte, Christiane, Françoise…. – along with the names comes a fun personified description of the frame such as “Brigitte is straightforward. She makes you look good without breaking the lines of your face.”

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Well researched materials used and a traditional French manufacturing process illustrate the importance of “natural elegance” for Herouard. Bio acetate is the principal material used; a mixture of wood pulp, cotton fibre and natural binders. Manufactured in Italy, the founder says her material is hypoallergenic as well as recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-polluting while the organic French glass lenses offer 100% UV protection.

Already available widely in France and further afield, the line is stocked in fine optical retailers and specialists in high quality and eco friendly frames including Le Bar a Lunettes (Belgium), Edgard Opticiens (Tours, France), Opticien Lunetier Responsable Sacrees Mirettes (Lille) and Astrologo Ottica (Italy).  For more information visit www.audeherouard.com

Written by Victoria G L Brunton for Eyestylist.com