Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses: new-season styles

Iconic British brand Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses proposes fresh new shapes and colorations – aligned with its rich family heritage and enduring models endorsed by celebrities and vips, across the world. As we caught up with the brand at Silmo in Paris, Claire Goldsmith, the great granddaughter of founder Oliver Goldsmith, shared new designs and views on the season’s new colours

“Oliver Goldsmith’s designs will always reflect our design heritage,” says Claire Goldsmith, when we asked her to show us a taste of what’s new at the Paris fair, in a space that echoed the wealth of history and celebrity endorsement through magazine covers and photographs framed for display.  “Heavy set, ‘retrocentric’ British styling has always been at the heart of what we do…” said Claire, whose new Winter Sun styles continue on the theme. The Venator, Preston, Rex, Vice Consul and Zepher were all launched at Silmo, smart, well balanced contemporary designs which are subtly retro at heart.

Colours evolve at the British eyewear brand, recognising a need to stay in tune with contemporary tastes and engage with essential colours that fit with general design directions. “For colour, the focus has definitely been about finding the warmth in each chosen colour,” Claire says when we asked her to define how the palette has been tweaked. “Finding the right depth in khaki greens, inky blues and whiskey browns to compliment as many skin tones as possible is a challenge,” she says, “but something I’ve worked hard on; I’m delighted with the results.” Above: Claire Goldsmith photographed at Silmo Paris 2022 by Amanda Sellem, exclusively for Eyestylist.com – all rights reserved.

Venator in whiskey: from the Winter Sun Collection, which features 5 new models

The Winter Sun collection by Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses was a concept originally devised by Oliver Goldsmith back in 1969. Very lightly tinted lenses allow the frames incredible versatility; from wearing on a winter’s day, shielding the eyes from the glare of screens or interior lights to simply being a stylish and adaptable accessory for any time of day.

Fuz: a classic sunglass model at Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses, now offered in Seafoam and Champagne (above) and Summer Shadow (below)

At Silmo, alongside the Winter Sun display were eye-catching classics, Oliver Goldsmith sun designs which remain timeless and historic, yet fashionably bold. Model Fuz dates back to 1966, and was one of the many styles at OG that was worn by Audrey Hepburn. Characteristic of the 60s “oversized” look,the front features bevelled edges and archetypal paddle temples with the original production date embossed on the inside. The model is released in new colours and combinations such as Seafoam and Champagne – a bright green with crystal champagne tone and Summer Shadow ‘black on crystal ‘white’. For more information about the latest releases at Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses, visit www.olivergoldsmith.com