RIGARDS x Uma Wang

RIGARDS and the designer Uma Wang continue their imaginative work in collaboration, with a new edition informed by primordial nature and indigenous aesthetics. The bold UW12 frame, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week, is an outstanding example of crafting in titanium with a style that closely relates to finely handcrafted artisan-designed jewellery.

The rims of the frame are decorated with an incised concentric ring motif with 568 fine ridges encircling each rim, which creates a pattern subtly reminiscent of coil-shelled ammonites from the Jurassic period; it also recalls the enigmatic double spiral staircases at the Vatican Museum.

Rigards also draws parallels between the radial composition of the glasses and the ring-bearers of native tribes in Asia and Africa whose ornamental rings form part of traditional attire.

RIGARDS x Uma Wang – the UW12 – fine ridges decorate the circular rim design

Enhanced with a hollowed-out construction which also minimizes the weight, the frame can accommodate sun or ophthalmic lenses. Available in five flattering colours, two of the choices offered are accented with RIGARDS’s trademark ‘Time Machine’ patina – a finish that was developed by the label and which is perfectly in keeping with the unique elegance of the frames. Every UW12 frame comes with a small leather case with adjustable strap. See more about the collaboration here: www.rigards.com