TVR®531: 21st century Japanese craft

TVR® OPT marks 10th Anniversary (2013 – 2023) with a new Classic French Vintage revival in the French-Arnel silhouette – the style is consistent with the TVR® OPT tradition for handcrafting and fine material combinations

TVR® OPT has released another new revival of the Classic French Vintage in the French-Arnel silhouette — the TVR®531 French Vintage. The frames take inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s iconic ‘French-Arnel’, a style which has its origins in classical French eyewear design. The Japanese artisans at TVR® OPT found two pairs of French-Arnel glasses from the 1940s and 1950s in its archives, which gave them inspiration to work on new hand-finished details, re designing the classic shapes for one new and  beautifully finished line. Above: TVR®531 French Vintage

TVR®531 2023 Edition has a luxurious metal temple core – the Zylonite frame comes in many colours, from Army green to Classic Black (pictured)

“Taste is very important. You must have taste and a sophisticated sense. You need to look past the invisible flaws in order to see the beauty in handmade products. Good designs made using machines and good designs made by hand are incomparable. Remember this.” — Eizo Onami, master craftsman

The new TVR®531 French Vintage is a culmination of TVR®504 and TVR®516 (both best-sellers for the brand) with a slight redesign on the top – the iconic ‘Crown Panto’. The frames also have a Baroque Style 17th Century engraved metal core for a subtle yet extravagant detailing at the temples. The core is created by means of a meticulous process with particular attention to the refined detail. For more information about the handmade Japanese label TVR® OPT, visit /