Kuboraum Milan exhibits new installation

Davide Monaldi has created an installation in the Kuboraum Flagship Store in Milan

Created to coincide with the Mido event in Milan, Kuboraum have curated a new installation in their flagship store, in collaboration with the Milan-based artist Davide Monaldi. Monaldi works primarily in ceramics, a material that belongs to the Italian artisan tradition and that requires much time and dedication as an art form. His sculptures and installations originate from the need to tell a story about his own life through the objects that surrounds him.

Kuboraum Milan: an installation by Davide Monaldi

“Challenging the banality of the ordinary Monaldi represents everyday objects with a hyper-realistic approach, in turn elevating and dignifying them. With subtle irony he reflects upon the evils of contemporary men, resulting often in little perversions. A thread of melancholy runs throughout his colourful and playful sculptures, sometimes also autobiographical, or giving a picture of today’s society, but never in a judgmental way…..” To find out more about the artist, visit  https://www.davidemonaldi.com/

ROLF Spectacles

Photography by Pier Carlo Queccia – DSL Studio