Rolf Spectacles: plant-based Substance [+] introduced

Eyestylist Exclusive: Rolf Spectacles has added to the sustainable Substance collection with new Substance [+] models

Building on its best-selling shapes, Rolf Spectacles has created new Substance [+] models which combine familiar shapes with robust strength. While the lens curves and nose widths remain the same, the aim was to create the frames with a significantly stronger and bolder aesthetic, offering a powerful feel and a whole new look – confident, easy-to-wear, and perfectly in line with the Substance ethos. Above: the line includes a trendy geometric shape as well as classic panto and rectangular designs

Substance [+]  models by Rolf Spectacles
Substance by Rolf Spectacles has won multiple awards since its first launch in 2020. One of the products in the line (Amur) was the winner of a highly regarded industry award – a Silmo d’Or – in 2021, and it is now recognised worldwide as a leading sustainable, 3D printed design collection.  Produced from plants which are grown in tropical climates without any kind of genetic engineering, and which don’t compete with food crops, the material has represented the perfect foundation upon which to build a completely new collection of highly functional, well built glasses which meet the demand for more climate-considerate products. Find out more at