Lamarca: colour, combinations, and “mosaic” effects in acetate

The eyewear brand by Tris Ottica in Italy realises bold and colourful acetate frames with a signature style created with intriguing bonding – a signature technique of the eyewear producer

The new Lamarca collection by Tris Ottica – which debuts at Mido 2024 in Milan –  is fresh and colourful, featuring contemporary touches and sophisticated colour variations and transitions, created through bonding techniques in the Italian acetates.

Divided into several different collections, the Fusioni range is based on the concept of blending, combining and uniting things as one. Model Fusioni 142 uses acetates to replicate the ripple effects of water. Curved sections of the frame feature solid colour and crystalline effects, passing through an opaline finish. Each colour is milled at a different angle creating a dramatic and dynamic finish and an elegant play of light. Above: Fusioni 142 is a new entry in the collection – it is not unusual to see several tones combined in one frame design at Lamarca

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Loft. New York. March 14-17
SILMO Paris 20-23 SEPT 2024
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Mosaico 136 by Lamarca Eyewear: here, the colours are combined in the mosaic effect on the upper section – the colour scheme features tones of light pink, dark pink and coral

A brand new example of a square-shaped frame for women in the Mosaico collection, model Mosaico 136 is characterised by a thin and lightweight frame design where crystal and opaline colours are combined in a patchwork effect on the upper section of the front. Tris Ottica has developed and perfected this technique of gluing the acetates together over many years, create different looks that are particular to their brand.

About Lamarca Eyewear – Lamarca was first launched as an eyewear brand in 2015, by the Italian eyewear makers, Tris Ottica. The line originated as a showcase for the production techniques and colour embellishments that the company was able to offer; gradually the collection developed into a range in its own right. Today, Lamarca includes several different series including Mosaico and Fusioni, collections with particular and recognisable characteristics, colour effects and decorative styles. Find out more at the Lamarca Eyewear website at