Eyestylist trend update: multicoloured effect

Eyestylist.com – Now, more than ever, a patterned frame speaks volumes….our gorgeous selection of multicoloured designs is a tiny taste of a developing story 

A complex patchwork of several colours combined together or a stunning acetate material with microscopic colour compositions, these new designs for Spring/Summer are characterised by a playful expression of multiple colours – some presenting analogous hues and others exploring contrasts in tones. The effects, which are closely linked to the tradition of tortoiseshell, Havana, marbleized or striated prints in acetate materials, offer a new modern aesthetic direction through the introduction of fashion-infused tones and surprising tonal combinations. Above: FACE A FACE model CARAR 2 in a colour combination called “Tortoise Granite Blue” – the frame has a patterned front with a red pop of colour on the top combined with bright blue temples – www.faceaface-paris.com

Presto by Lafont Paris

The modern qualities of the coloured acetate are perfectly illustrated in model Presto by Lafont Paris, one of several designs offering a multicoloured effect at the French eyewear brand this season. The attractive classic eye shape is available in a colourway that combines splashes of bright pink, several bold shades of blue and transparent crystal tones creating an artistic “fragmented” pattern with multiple “dots”.

Pleyel by Lafont Paris

Also among our picks of the season, model Pleyel is produced in an acetate with a more linear arrangement, with horizontal striations in an orange and bright purple mix. The electric pink temples add to the dramatic effect of colour. www.lafont.com

Eat Street by OGI Eyewear – featuring a distinctive linear pattern  across the frame front

At OGI Eyewear, the Spring/Summer collection explores rich colour details – in charismatic eyewear shapes. Model Eat Street is an example of one of the premium acetate frames in the range, a combination of a distinctive angular round shape with warm marbled colours “full of dimension and grace.”

Lake Superior by OGI Eyewear in Blue Tort / Robin Blue Tortoise

Model Lake Superior – with its interesting geometric brow and rounded lower edge – comes in custom hand-laminated acetates which, across this collection, combine colour stories that are tasteful, expressive and eye-catching in a crowd. Find out more at www.ogieyewear.comThis trends feature was written for EYESTYLIST.COM – All rights reserved.