Cabrio Eyewear: the Satin Collection

Made by the eyewear innovators HOET in Belgium, the latest products in the Cabrio Collection have a satin finish, inspired by the softness and translucency of elegant fabrics

A new 3D printed collection by HOET – produced in Belgium – features a satin-inspired finish like that of different fabrics including satin and toile. The eyewear is made from liquid resin which the design company says offers a new opportunity in eyewear design.

Cabrio Eyewear: the frame fronts in the Satin Collection are 3D printed – the material has a soft texture and translucent finish

“Sustainability and eco-friendly production remain key as this new materials causes no material waste. The liquid resin hardens through photopolymerisation, leaving a hard structure which is tactile and soft to the touch…”  HOET Eyewear

The Satin Collection by Cabrio is a new launch for HOET Eyewear for Spring/Summer 2024. To find out more about the Cabrio brand, and how the collection uses new materials and innovative techniques to create unique aesthetics in eyewear, visit