erase by Masahiro Maruyama – two new releases

Two new models – just released this month – express the unusual aesthetic of a handmade collection inspired by erasing pencil lines – the brand releases unique spectacles every season based on the concept of unfinished art

erase by Masahiro Maruyama, the Japanese creative designer known for special artisan design work and impeccable craftsmanship, sees the addition of two new models this month – MM-0089 and MM-0090. The precisely calculated designs explore a playful idea where all traditional notions of how a frame should look are broken –  the right and left sides of the frames do not match – and nor do the front eye shapes. The uneven, asymmetrical lines and shapes are positively celebrated and explored with passion to finely craft each tiny aspect of the frames! This turns the designs into beautiful artistic pieces that offer the wearer a completely unique item for their face, like no other. Above: MM-0089 by the Japanese designer Masahiro Maruyama – avantgarde shape with details created with expertise and precision 

MM-0090 by Masahiro Maruyama comes in bright tones of red or green – the eye shape is loosely based on a classic oval design

Both models are released in four colours which include bright tones of green, blue, red as well as a refined black or black and gold. The erase collection by Masahiro Maruyama was first introduced on in March 2018 :