Jade by JISCO: fresh with colour

New summery optical style Jade – one of several new releases – is informed by the Mediterranean

JISCO Eyewear’s latest ophthalmic designs take the beauty of the Mediterranean sea as a fundamental inspiration for the new collection. Using Artificial Intelligence, the design team explored what they call “new forms of visual expression” to capture the fresh and colourful essence of the sea in a creative and original way. Above: Jade Publ from JISCO has a magnificent multi-sided shape and multi-colored pattern

Crafted with attention to detail to redefine comfort and style, one of the standout features of the collection is the vibrant palette of modern colours and integrated patterns. From bold hues to fun colours, patterns and combinations, JISCO Eyewear proposes a wide range of shades to add personality to different looks. Above: Jade in the colourway “Publ” from JISCO has a magnificent multi-sided shape and multi-colored pattern – flashes of shocking pink and light blue appear on the upper rim of the design
Jade Publ by JISCO – the striking patterned design from the Barcelona-based brand

Exotic colour and design flourishes are not the only focus in this line, which also hones in on the wearability and ultimate comfort of each frame. “The fit of our glasses sets a new standard for comfort”, says the eyewear team at JISCO. “Precision engineered, the frames provide an impeccable fit, allowing you to wear them for long periods without any discomfort. The designs emphasise ergonomics, ensuring that the glasses feel like a natural extension of your face.”

Model Jade in this Summer collection by JISCO is available in four unique colourways of brown/blue, red/wood effect, multicoloured (above) and a beautiful crystal variation with black/red flashes on temples and upper rim. Find out more at www.jiscoeyewear.com