Smart glasses: Even Realities and G1 Digital “Panto” Glasses

Eyestylist Exclusive – The G1 Digital Glasses are described as the first pair of everyday-wear smart glasses that “uncomplicate life”

Launched end of June 2024, the new G1 Digital Glasses by Even Realities – the first product by the new company – represents a new direction in wearable technology, integrating advanced digital features (viewed on a virtual display) into everyday eyewear, designed with a desire to create a much more sleek and style-oriented product than has been seen before in the category. Evolving beyond the current state of play and a smart glasses category that has tended to offer bulky and over-featured designs with AI companions that lack practical functionality for everyday use, the Even Realities team say that the G1 Digital Glasses can be seen as a new product nexus, prioritising wearability and usability.

“The G1 helps redefine the way people interact with technology,” said Will Wang, Founder of Even Realities. “Our vision is to enable users to see what matters in the merge of digital and physical realities, all while staying connected to the world around them.” Above: the new G1 Smart Glasses by Even Realities, launched just days ago

G1 Digital Glasses – a lightweight, state-of-the-art panto design with a suite of digital features viewed on a green monochrome display (above)

The G1 frame is lightweight, produced in premium materials such as magnesium alloys and a sandstone coating. Its adaptive temple support is made with hypoallergenic titanium alloys and silicone parts, offering a velvety feel. Available with either prescription or non-prescription lenses, the G1 can also be transformed into sunglasses with a clip-on, making them versatile for indoor and outdoor use.

The G1 Digital Glasses are powered by Even Realities’ own UI, Even OS. Its key features include the Translate for real-time spoken language translation, the Navigate for integrated turn-by-turn directions, and the Teleprompt for an AI-powered virtual teleprompter, aiding in speech and presentations. The QuickNotes and Reminder features can enhance productivity by allowing users to capture notes hands-free, and view instant messages and upcoming events without needing other smart devices. The G1 also works with LLMs like ChatGPT, further extending its functionality. A noteworthy feature is the rechargeable battery which provides, according to Even Realities, 2-3 days of battery life on a single charge.

The high-tech smart product has been designed by a team with a broad spectrum of expertise in optical display technology, optometry, design and manufacturing. They include Will Wang, CEO and Founder, who has a background in consumer electronics, Nikolaj Schnoor, Principal Strategy Officer and Philipp Haffmans, Principal Eyewear Designer. For more information visit:

This feature is an Eyestylist Exclusive published on 3rd July 2024 / Written by Clodagh Norton