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A favourite new-season accessory

Age of Reason

28th July 2013 We have covered a few special accessory labels this month, and this one is on my “most wanted” listed for next season. Ali Taylor Mapletoft designs luxurious printed silk scarves with unique patterns and motifs, as well as other elegant accessories including hats and cushions. Dedicated to quality and integrity, Ali puts a twist on her designs that she describes as “wearable luxury with a playful punk twist.”  The combination of the natural fibres such as pure silk and cool modern decorations – from abstract to slogans, to line drawings and pug puppy prints – bring a whole new modern feel to the classic scarf as we know it.

Age of Reason
Age of Reason

For A/W 2013, Ali’s collection includes what you see here, a brilliant world of colour and designs and motifs celebrating rebellion. Trompe l’oeil robes, chains and antique French linens are printed on the silk or wool, combined with contrasting delicate patterns and glamourous female portraits hidden through the bold stripes, deconstructed from the Union Jack flag.

We discovered Age of Reason at Kirsten Goss, London W8. The label is also stocked in selected fashion boutiques. and CN



Summer Stories

Shades for men who know their style

28th June 2013 This month, Kilsgaard sunglasses are one of our favourite recommendations for men who want to get away from wearing the obvious. This high-quality Danish label produces clean, precise styling in aluminium, combined, if you wish, with slick luxurious acetate temples. The minimal, classic shapes in their range for men are paired with deep soulful colours and  the technical qualities are built in carefully – colours, for example, are anodised so they cannot peel away; the materials are perfectly light for really easy comfort.

Designed in Denmark, produced in Italy and colour anodised back in Denmark – no corners cut here -, styles such as model Sun 6.7/7 below, in a matt green, and the strong masculine shapes such as Sun 5.1/1 and Sun 2.1/1, are fitted with polycarbonate lenses that have coordinating colour tints with the super frame tones. Kilsgaard is an award-winning independent eyewear label (iF Product Design Award 2010 / red dot design award winner in 2010), created by Jacob Kilsgaard in 2007 in a design collaboration with the famous architectural design company, Bonnelycke MDD. CN

Model Sun 6.7-7 by Kilsgaard
Model Sun 6.7/7 by Kilsgaard
Kilsgaard 2013
Kilsgaard sunglasses

Adventuresome Eyewear

Stunning Collection from LGR

31st May 2013 Luca Gnecchi Ruscone’s fabulous Safari Limited Edition awakens one’s sense of adventure! The Italian designer is inspired by the continent’s wild beauty and romantic surroundings, and the collection includes two sophisticated silhouettes in four colour combinations (above). Each frame has its own special lens adapted to light conditions that prevail throughout African voyages. Ocean (top row) highlights the glorious blues of the Indian Ocean, and the gradient lenses are made for the extreme weather conditions in the tropics. Forest is a tribute to the lush forests in central Africa, and the beautiful gradient and photochromic lenses provide maximum protection from direct sunlight.


Eyewear Adventure - Safari Limited Edition by LGR
Eyewear Adventure – Safari Limited Edition by LGR

The magical colours of Africa are further captured by LGR in Savanna, as it recalls sunsets and red shadows. The polarized neophan layer on the gradient lenses is made from rare earth elements. The fourth colour celebrates the sandy dunes of the Sahara, where light frequencies are amongst the highest on earth. These lenses are double mirrored and darken around the upper and lower area to give protection from the sun’s glaring rays.

If you love adventure – whether in Africa or other ports of call – these LGR sunglasses are dynamic and so elegant. JG

Vintage Spirit

Designs With Retro Heritage

29th April 2013 Vintage is an international language – witnessed here with two retro inspired designs created in far-flung countries – Australia and Hungary. From “down under” Jono Hennessy’s Rad Grad makes a strong vintage statement with its finely crafted shape in elegant crystal and black acetate.


Tadashi by Vinylize in Hungary
Tadashi by Vinylize in Hungary

Vinylize in Budapest endorses the vintage theme with this sleek cat eye design, Tadashi, created from vintage vinyl records. The gentle shaping highlights the natural grooves from the records. Unique! JG

Themes & Variations

Round Shapes With Distinction

29th March 2013 In our recent travels, we have spotted several round shapes that quickly became favourites. There are adventurous round versions, and lovely classic interpretations as well. Interior designer and eyewear creator Veronika Wildgruber features frames with the lenses set into intersections (above Magnolia). The result is a very light design with chic and technical triumph. www.veronikawildgruber


Aubert by Sven Götti for Götti Switzerland
Aubert by Sven Götti for Götti Switzerland

The simplicity of Sven Götti’s Aubert (above) is very appealing with its elegant round shape, highlighted with a delicately curved nosepiece, and beautifully crafted in titanium. The frame is as light as a feather, and extremely comfortable to wear.


Albany from the new ClassicS by Coppe+Sid
Albany from the new ClassicS by Coppe+Sid

Tortoiseshell and round shapes are natural partners, and ClassicS by Coppe+Sid is a new collection with smart designs in smooth acetate. I saw this collection in Milan, and like the retro spirit with its modern character in quality acetate. JG