James 19 and James 16

Theo Belgium

Brand-new colours, brand-new styles from theo – vibrant purple fluo and orange fluo in two exhilarating designs – James 16 and James 19. James 16 has a subtle cat eye design, while James 19 displays hints of vintage with a round shape. Two innovative frames with trendy detailing…totally theo. www.theo.be JG


Fritz Frames

Handmade in Australia, Lorekeet by Fritz Frames has been nominated for the ODMA 2015 Awards in the Best Sunglasses Category.

This artisan frame combines locally sourced Victoria Ash timber veneer and Rainbow Lorikeet feathers collected from along the Maroochy River. These organic materials make a wonderful combination, for a design that is quite unique and handcrafted by a passionate team. www.fritzframes.com CN


No. 50


Tucked away in the beautiful alpine city of Chur – the oldest city in Switzerland – and surrounded by mountain magic, Swiss optician Pascal Nüesch designs luxurious horn frames, entirely handcrafted. He works by himself, creating each design from start to finish. The timeless shape of No. 50 in natural Indian buffalo horn is truly an eyewear heirloom. www.noosh-optix.ch JG

RG 007

Rigards, Hong Kong

There is a momentum for environmentally friendly frames, and the independent label Rigards sets the pace. The Hong Kong atelier specialises in artisan designs that are made from water buffalo horn on small African farms. I saw the collection when Rigards presented in Paris, and the designs include the above frame with its signature individuality. The frames are creative, with unexpected shapes and decorative accents. www.rigards.com JG




True Parisian chic! This is a new line that really does offer some exciting colour and unusual shapes and details. As well as classic  monochromes, I love the acidic brights in this 60s inspired collection in which designer Alain Mikli has played a role. This style combines a lovely retro canary yellow, paired with bright white, with a super curvaceous shape. The Courrèges revival is not just in eyewear; on this website you will find a variety of luxe items including perfumes and a wonderful metal-covered limited edition monograph by Erik Orsenna. www.courreges.com CN


Lafont Paris

Lafont is among the masters of successfully uniting vintage elements with contemporary trends. A lovely example is Madame – a sleek design that debuted in Milan. Electric blue meets gradient blue tortoise, and the subtle suggestion of the cat eye shape enhances this chic look. Available in the Paris shops of Lafont  –  more details at www.lafont.com JG


Rolf Spectacles, Austria

The design team at Rolf have just launched a lovely new wood collection that is refined and wonderfully crafted. Arabella features multiple layering of fine wood: sourced from The Tyrol, where all Rolf’s frames are handmade. The look is very substantial, but the feel is extremely lightweight, and a delight to wear. Arabella is a frame with soft harmony, and a design for women who enjoy eyewear with distinction. JG


Jerry 5

Lotho Paris

Stripes in neutral tones give a very sophisticated look to Jerry 5 – from the distinctive collection of men’s frames at Lotho Paris. Colour variations, fine design and excellent crafting are hallmarks at Lotho, and Jerry 5 in fine polished acetate, handmade in Japan, exudes authority and style. Lotho designs are available in Paris at Artisan du Regard www.artisanduregard-opticien.com and Parici Paris 14, rue du Bourg-Tibourg 75004. For more details, visit www.lotho.fr JG



Designer Patty Perreira at Barton Perreira always comes up with sophisticated colourways, and this red version of the model Sherilyn is a classic acetate that would be a winner in 2013 if colour is something that you want to explore. The clean shade of red – referred to as “bourgeois”  – and easy retro shape combine to perfection. Find more styles and colourways at www.bartonperreira.com CN


Portofino by Alain Mikli

Unconventional shapes are in and this one shows that if you combine that with crazy colours and patterns, you can achieve something very unique indeed. Mikli’s Portofino is a Limited Edition series that goes for bold statement style and colour in acetate. Described as “sweet and fruity” by the company, each design combines pearly opaline, a combination of mother of pearl and colour that catches the light, and turquoise, anis, pink, or purple! A colour cocktail! www.alainmikli.com CN


Claire Goldsmith Legacy

The lovely acetate colour gradations in this frame are so appealing! The play of light and dark, and the “English tea side” temple harmonize into an elegant, romantic shape. The heightened eyebrow treatment is also a significant touch. Sloane is just one outstanding style from the new Claire Goldsmith Legacy collection. www.olivergoldsmith.com JG

The Dawson

Original Penguin

The Dawson is a super retro P-3 shape that is smart and instantly fashionable for men this Autumn/Winter season. Part of the Original Penguin eyewear range, the frame features a smooth plastic front augmented with thin wire temples and suspended metal nosepads.  The choice of colours includes the classic dark tortoise pictured and a striking grey tortoise effect. Coloured tortoise, by the way, is on the rise. The keyhole bridge adds extra vintage elegance. See more of the frames from this elegant fashion range for men at www.kenmarkoptical.com or visit www.originalpenguin.com CN



The launch of Lindberg’s 9800 Strip Design represents a blend of details that includes acetate and titanium plate, and re-interprets 1950’s retro fashion. The upper surface of the frames features more pronounced curves of the eyebrow lines, as well as unique, screw-free detailing typical of Lindberg’s technical finesse. The sculpted frame shape is distinctive with its soft and subtly curvaceous impact. The Strip Design series is a sleek, streamlined collection from the award winning Danish company. www.lindberg.com JG

No 268

Vuerich B.

Created by Baptiste Vuerich, this is a young label from Barcelona which recycles and hand finishes these wood frames from skateboards. There is an undercurrent of eco-friendly products in eyewear this year and they have a fresh, handcrafted look that is becoming sought after. Here the layered maple wood used to make skateboards is strong and flexible and when dyed, can be very, very colourful. As seen perfectly in this style No 268, the lively colour tones are not even but delicately graduated. The clean and classic shape of this design is particularly dramatic in this bold colour combo of turquoise and yellow. Looking forward to seeing more from this innovative BCN label soon. It’s brilliant! www.vuerichb.com CN


Kosby & Son

Ipanema is amongst the delectable new styles created by Kosby & Son based in Lyons, France. The collaboration of two opticians, Guy Azoulay and Francis Kessous, the recent launch includes designs in acetate and metal, which feature an exclusive “strech & flex” hinge that is the result of five years of research and development. Glossy Beaujolais acetate characterizes Ipanema, and the supple “strech & flex” hinge is subtle and refined.

www.wenger-eyewear.ch JG


Henry Jullien

Alluring couture styling featuring pure oval forms. Fascination by Henry Jullien, the French luxury spectacles producers, combines timeless colours and materials: gold, palladium and copper, beautifully coordinated with a palette of pearlised materials.
The luxurious Jewellery Edition is proposed in different versions, personalized according to the wishes of the customer, with any number of diamonds (from 2 right up to 28 diamonds in one frame). Frames can also be ordered featuring other precious stones. This is a true investment piece for spectacle connoisseurs and fits superbly into the current season of jewellery that is all about statement and sparkle.  www.henry-jullien.com CN



Derome Brenner

Derome Brenner expresses the language of lines with luxurious refinement in this striking sunglass design. The voluminous shape with gentle curves and a cut out nosepiece in fine quality black acetate is further defined with linear tones of blue and cocoa. This is just one wonderful example of the handmade sun collection that Xavier Derome and Aurelia Brenner have created for 2012. More information at www.deromebrenner.com JG

Joey Bagga Donuts

Von Zipper

An acetate/metal “Club” design –  semi-rimless with a heavier top and sleek under rim – which for me represents one of the leading shapes for men in 2012 and on into 2013 I believe. Featuring a double barrel and stainless steel optical hinges, the model comes in black satin and demi tort satin. Von Zipper is a South Californian frame producer, with a sports feel – they also produce goggles and apparel. The optical range offers a variety of retro oriented ‘geek chic’ looks for young adults and retro fans. www.vonzipper.com CN


Anne et Valentin

When I saw these frames, the song ‘Alice Blue Gown’ from the famed Broadway musical Irene came to mind. The above frame could be ‘Alice Blue Frame’, sure to capture the approving eye of the wearer and admirers. Anne et Valentin’s choice of stunning blue and black acetate with an unusual frame shape, and extended temple details, adds to the uniqueness of the design. www.anneetvalentin.com JG


Martin & Martin

I am always very impressed by the finishes of this acetate collection when I have the frames in my hands, and I had the pleasure of seeing these models a few weeks ago. They are the work of a small German label, Martin & Martin. Model Wim is available in six different colours, some of which are transparent with a graduated effect, and some of which combine colour with an elegant wood-look finish (such as the red and natural lining pictured above). See the full collection and visit the brand’s new website at www.martinxmartin.de/brillenfassungen CN


830 Sattler

Vienna Collection by Robert La Roche

Klaus Huber retraces collegiate days and memories of school uniforms with frames from the ‘Vienna College Collection’. The preppy shape is rooted in classicism, combined with modern grace and flow. Handmade in Italy, the 8-mm acetate is truly luxuruious, particularly in night blue with grey transparent temples (above). For the first time, Robert La Roche gives names to the individual styles, which were selected based on Austrian winemakers who produce speciality, quality wines – just like Robert La Roche creates speciality, quality eyewear. www.robert-laroche.com JG



The new Bounce collection from Danish company Bellinger, known for its colourful trendy frame styles, focuses on acetate with a special metal hinge at the temple. This section of the design looks like a spring, and has a decorative and functional purpose…it allows you to adjust the side pieces for a great fit, while also giving life and colour to the design. There are seven new models in total. The contrasting colours of the metal piece add a great touch…whether in bright contrast colours or more neutral shapes. The acetate comes in some attractive jewel shades of deep purple and blue and a trendy army tortoise. Stockists include View Point, York, UK, Bartschi Optik AG, Bern, Switzerland and Optiker Krauss GmbH, Berlin.  CN


The Super Conductor

KBL Eyewear

I spotted this design at Hall of Frames in Zurich, and found both the colour and the airy, weightlessness of the frame very appealing. Super Conductor, with its slightly oversized design, is crafted from milled stainless steel, for the ultimate in shape integrity and strength. World class polishing, hand enamelled acetate temple tips, and silicon nose pads are great details for perfect comfort and fit. The coolest and most innovative electric instrument on the planet, a 1960’s fender deluxe model bass, inspired the gentle mint colouration. A cool history for a cool frame! www.kbleyewear.com JG

Model 203


Presented for the first time this week, the Italian brand W-Eye’s new collection in wood and aluminium  introduces new colour schemes and a new Alpi rainbow decoration, featured here on the interior of the frame. This colouring is inspired by the multicoloured plumage of the Rainbow Bee Eater, and is achieved by dying multi-laminar wood sheets by Alpi, a firm reconstructs/reprocesses wood. The raw material comes from the trunks of Ayous trees, from environmentally managed forests in Central Africa. There is a lot of technical work done here to achieve the designs and to create the detailed colouring….I like the attention to comfort which is always very precise in Matteo Ragni’s designs, the two layers of aluminium combined with 7 sheets of wood make these frames super flexible and the frames are hingeless so they are very light indeed. They are also lovingly finished by hand so they are beautifully smooth to the touch, gorgeous modified catseye and very original construction. CN



58 029

Anthony Meima

Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony Meima and see his eyewear collection in his charming Parisian atelier. Meima is a master in working with acetate – his frames feature shapes that embody classic elegance, refinement and flow. I particularly like this style, with his signature acetate thickness at the temples, which gives depth and richness to the design, and the linear colour contrast on the frame front. Hand-made in France, the frames are beautifully crafted, and possess a definite “feel good” factor on the face. JG www.meima.fr

No. 1 Heather


I have just had this Mykita frame fitted with my prescription by my local independent optician, Wilson, Wilson & Hancock in Tenterden. I have picked out this frame for practical reasons. I like the most high-tech metal frame designs for their comfort and lightness and this ticks those boxes. While I am more used to wearing titanium (also very light and comfortable), this line is created from 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheets, and it is very light. It is also  interesting for its functional snap-hinge, the clever design of which means there are no soldered joints or screws used in this style. As far as design goes, Mykita No 1 offers frames for all wearers…you can choose a classic one or a very trendy look. The Heather is a good compromise for me in this area, I see it as an every day frame – not too much of a statement, but there is a vintage feel which makes it a bit special. It is easy for work, everyday wear and subtle enough to be worn with any outfit. I am wearing the Heather in blackberry; the gold is also striking. CN



Pierre Eyewear

Summer is the season to relish wearing colours that relate to nature – the luscious blue of the sky, the white froth of an ocean wave, the green variations of gardens and trees.  Pierre Eyewear translates some of nature’s bounty into a stylish white acetate design, highlighted with tones of aqua and turquoise.  The rectangle shape is graceful and easy to wear. Handmade in France, and always produced to his exacting standards, Pierre believes that eyewear should be fun, as well as functional. Available at Optique des Entrepreneurs in Paris. www.pierre-eyewear.com JG

Essential 1240-41


This collection started with just a simple line drawn on a piece of paper. Then another. Then another. The designs grew in this way, instinctively, and creatively. The colour combinations of the acetate temples are exclusive to ProDesign. (Rather than taking the easy option and working with pre-manufactured acetate sheets.)

The monotone fronts are quite unisex to look at but the powerful colour combinations on the temples make the frames more feminine. In this series, there are two shapes, in six colours each. CN http://prodesigndenmark.com