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Cabrio Eyewear: the Satin Collection

Made by the eyewear innovators HOET in Belgium, the latest products in the Cabrio Collection have a satin finish, inspired by the softness and translucency of elegant fabrics

A new 3D printed collection by HOET – produced in Belgium – features a satin-inspired finish like that of different fabrics including satin and toile. The eyewear is made from liquid resin which the design company says offers a new opportunity in eyewear design.

Cabrio Eyewear: the frame fronts in the Satin Collection are 3D printed – the material has a soft texture and translucent finish

“Sustainability and eco-friendly production remain key as this new materials causes no material waste. The liquid resin hardens through photopolymerisation, leaving a hard structure which is tactile and soft to the touch…”  HOET Eyewear

The Satin Collection by Cabrio is a new launch for HOET Eyewear for Spring/Summer 2024. To find out more about the Cabrio brand, and how the collection uses new materials and innovative techniques to create unique aesthetics in eyewear, visit

Independent eyewear brand Rolf receives recognition for sustainable product

The Wire collection is the Austrian brand’s latest design-led series – it has won the Mido award in the sunglasses category – the collection offers a beautiful sophisticated attention to style as well as function

Rolf has received the CSE Certified Sustainable Eyewear – Sunglasses Europe Category – at the Mido eyewear show in Milan this weekend, a further accolade that brings much well-deserved recognition from the optical segment for the brand’s sustainable innovation and design. Their new Wire collection, which is 3D printed using rapidly renewable castor beans, offers plant-based optical and sunglass models which are light, robust and durable – with a researched qualitative contemporary design.

The frames in the Wire collection are characterised by coloured threads to create an artistic accent. They feature timeless shapes and a stylish finish, while also making a clear statement about preserving our planet and evolving materials in eyewear to meet this need.

The unique glasses from Rolf – whether they’re made out of wood, stone, or the new sustainable material – can be purchased at selected optical retailers and in the two flagship stores in Vienna and Reutte, Austria.

MYKITA: calling for conscious consumption

The Berlin brand is advocating thoughtful purchases, a longer product life and company commitment to prolonging the lifespan of eyewear through their MYCARE service – this programme of activity comes in the light of their also winning Responsible Company Award at SILMO 2023

MYKITA, the Berlin innovation-led design brand, is pushing for a more considered approach to eyewear shopping, and greater focus on longer lasting, quality frame design. In this light, the brand is highlighting their MYCARE service which includes frame maintenance and refurbishment, customised adjustments, and professional eyewear cleaning.

Product aftercare is available free of charge at MYKITA Shops worldwide to ensure MYKITA eyewear feels new for as long as possible, and looks, fits, and functions the way it was designed.

Moritz Krüger, MYKITA founder and creative director made a statement following the win at SILMO: “MYKITA is committed to generating positive change and meaningful innovation for the wellbeing of people, protecting the planet, with eyes set on bright future for generations to come. To receive this prize is a tremendous validation of our path and efforts, and a strong encouragement to heighten our efforts and continue to push further on social and environmental responsibility.”

Alongside product lifespan, MYKITA also underlines their ecological and social responsibility developed over the past years. From becoming the first eyewear company to completely switch its acetate material purchasing to the recycled Acetate Renew, the firm have also established a closed-loop supply system for stainless steel, their most frequently used material. Today, 90% of MYKITA’s purchased eyewear materials are already recycled and 100% recyclable. For more details on responsibility at MYKITA:

Bird Eyewear introduces own bio-acetate material: Plantix

The Harrier frame is the UK company’s first release using the Plantix bio-acetate

Bird Eyewear has recently launched a new frame design made from Plantix, a brand new, low-carbon bio-acetate designed in-house by Bird. Unlike some of the conventional materials derived from petroleum-based sources, Plantix is a bio-acetate produced from naturally renewable materials. The sustainable production process uses acetic acid and plant-based polymers to create the material, which is then coloured with plant-based dyes. Above: new model Harrier in Olive – the natural colours, which also include Caramel and Dusk, are inspired by the local landscape of Devon in the South West of England (UK)

Harrier by Bird Eyewear  – a classic panto shape – suitable for sun or optical lenses
Bird describes the material as non-toxic – it has improved biodegradability compared to traditional plastics which can take thousands of years to break down, littering landfills and oceans. Bird has also devised a recycle scheme in which Plantix can be recycled. The new range has a carbon impact of just 113 grams of CO2 per frame – less carbon emissions than using a mobile phone for 1 hour.
To find out more about the new Plantix frame Harrier, visit
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Yair Neuman Lens lights + Delerex® eyewear

The designer’s work has been exhibited as part of Material Matters at the London Design Festival  – an exhibition which showcases material innovation and sustainability

The latest additions to Yair Neuman’s ‘Lens-made objects’ collection have been presented at the London Design Festival this season. The new pieces, handmade from upcycled waste spectacle lenses, encompass wall lights, table lights and frosted finish pendants as well as spectacle frames made from Delerex®, a material comprised of 100% recycled lenses developed by the designer. Above: the Lonely Halo light is suspended from a brass tube

Lens Lights: designed for any living environment – when illuminated the repurposed lens material has an attractive translucency

In conjunction with the fish-scale like surfaces he has been creating with the lenses, the new edition of Lens Lights introduces innovative new granulated surfaces. “The development allows higher material turnover, more efficient shaping, and an increased production capacity. Consequently, the quantity of discarded lenses that can be recycled sees a significant rise,” the designer explains.

Delerex® eyewear by Yair Neuman

Delerex® eyewear, designed by Yair Neuman, is produced by the French eyewear company La Maison Bourgeat (, the only producer in the world currently making frames from recycled lenses. Find out more at /

For more on Yair Neuman’s work visit

Photography by Jonathan Minster

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