OG Icons by Oliver Goldsmith

This is an iconic brand that I was writing about in the 1980’s, and then it disappeared from the eyewear scene. However, in 2006, Oliver Goldsmith’s great granddaughter, Claire Goldsmith, re-launched the brand. With her finely honed entrepreneurial skills and marketing know-how, Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are now back in the limelight, and sold internationally, much to the delight of former fans and a host of new ones.

The sunglasses that so captivated wearers like Michael Caine, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, are as much in demand today, as they were over fifty years ago.

Ms. Hepburn wore “Audrey” in Charade, the 1963 film in which she starred with Cary Grant. These elegant frames in fine quality acetate, hand made in Italy, are now in demand globally by style aware women.

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
OGI Eyewear

The fit of these frames is superb – they are designed to offer incredible comfort, and the high quality lenses offer protection from the sun’s invasive rays.

The frames can be found in the recently opened Oliver Goldsmith Boutique in London, just a few steps from lively Portobello Road. I have also seen OG Icons in the Marais in Paris at Les Lunettes d’Also, and at Oogappel Optiek in Amsterdam. For more stockists check out the website