Welcome Spring with winning eyewear style

Spring is on the horizon – a time of renewal, hope and awareness. For fashion enthusiasts it’s also time to update wardrobes and awaken to the prospect of emerging trends in clothing, accessories, and of course, eyewear! This coming weekend all eyes will be focused on Milan, which includes the unveiling of glamorous, refreshing eyewear. Here are stunning, dynamic designs that warrant inclusion in your spring outlook. Oliver Goldsmith presents The Decades Collection – a beautiful, contemporary rendition of influential styles that symbolise the history of Oliver Goldsmith during the past ninety years. www.olivergoldsmith.com (Top image: 1970 from The Decades Collection)

Corgi by l.a. Eyeworks

Buoyant colour is on display at l.a. Eyeworks as the California brand debuts their Spring 2018 collection, which includes Corgi in aluminium and titanium in burnt orange and brown velvet. www.laeyeworks.com

Polly by Kirk & Kirk

The stunning SPECTRUM collection by Kirk & Kirk features shapes with a touch of retro influence in smashing colours – including Polly – in the British brands statement material – acrylic. www.kirkandkirk.com

Japanese influence by Sol Sol Ito

Sol Sol Ito photographed their latest campaign in Japan – a city loved by Sol Sol Ito designers Sandra Kaufmann and Monika Fink – with designs in layered acetate in ravishing shapes. www.solsolito.com

Tobruk by L.G.R

If adventure is on your spring/summer wish list, don’t leave home without Luca Gnecchi Ruscone’s Tobruk military-inspired design, reminiscent of the Cyrenaican port on Libya’s eastern Mediterranean coast. www.lgrworld.com


BACONE by Res/Rei

The sophisticated Philosophers Collection by Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei presents new styles that include the beautifully transparent Bacone in luminous tones of grey and milky white acetates, with a slender double bridge, and owl-shaped lenses – ideal for Philosophers! www.resrei.com

Roca by FLEYE Copenhagen Signature Collection

Part two of FLEYE Copenhagen’s Smorrebrod campaign unfolds with imaginative shapes in colourations and layering that reflects the delicious Danish food culture. Roca is from the distinguished FLEYE Signature Collection. www.fleye.dk

Rigards RG0100CU in Copper

RIGARDS has launched fabulous new creations in Copper, a splendid addition to the variety of unusual materials that RIGARDS incorporate into frames. RG0100CU is inimitably cool in a sleek sunglass silhouette. www.rigards.com

Watch Out! by WOOW Eyewear

The new WOOW frames are…Wow! A stylishly different interpretation of the Windsor rim in thin metal is highlighted in Watch Out! in vivid colours. www.wooweyewear.com JG

Double-bridge frames – a timeless classic

Frames with a double-bridge are long time favourites for spectacle wearers – bonafide classics.  What is new however, is the diverse double-bridge designs enjoying even more recognition with chic interpretations in a variety of materials, and they are crafted into sleek shapes with double-bridges that make a difference. Götti’s new Perspective designs (above) with sculptural shapes are aesthetically beautiful; minimalist creations in superb quality Sandvik stainless steel, elegantly lightweight, and produced in Götti’s own premises in Switzerland.www.gotti.ch

Style 5006-003 by Miamai Eyewear Germany

Miamai Eyewear in Germany has expanded their collection with new designs in stainless steel.The collection is made with exacting German precision, as seen in style 5006-003, which is immaculately streamlined with two-tone colourations for a stylish statement.www.miamai-eyewear.de

Manu by Neubau

Sunglasses with a double-bridge possess a special glamour in stainless steel with a silky rose matte finish and a generous round shape. Manu by Neubau fuses retro and contemporary elements for a luxurious look. www.neubau-eyewear.com

Calvino by l.a. Eyeworks

L.a. Eyeworks highlight a flirtatious double-bridge in matt black titanium, crafted in Japan. The purity in Calvino is embellished with a unique take on the double-bridge concept – connecting timeless characteristics with trendy charm. www.laeyeworks.com

SH2005 by Jean-François Rey

The SoHo Collection is the latest frame excitement from Jean-François Rey, with a “double-double-bridge” as the lens shape also sports a “double-bridge” in style SH2005. Made in France in stainless steel, the rich colouration with the brushed finish is a special JF Rey process. www.jfrey.fr

The Cross by Anna-Karin Karlsson

Anna-Karin Karlsson takes an unusual view of the double-bridge with a mini-version on her splendid cat-eye design in metal, with a smooth, pearly finish on the frame front. The Cross is from the sumptuous optical collection by the Swedish designer. www.annakarinkarlsson.com

Resin by Salt.Optics

Industrial flair and vintage touches unite in SALT. Optics frame Resin. The intriguing grooved lines are achieved with layering and are customised, resulting in a fresh, clean detail on the Brushed Honey Gold titanium design. www.saltoptics.com  JG

Karmoie dedicated to eyecare programmes

Improving lives with better vision

Geographically, Norway and Fiji would seem to have nothing in common, yet they are intricately linked with eye care projects. When Kirsten and Lars Iversen started their eyewear company – Karmoie – in 2010, their goal was to create a brand that was also committed to sustainability and social issues. This visionary perspective connected Karmoie to Eyejusters, and now the Norwegian brand donates corrective glasses to people around the world. The project had great appeal to Kirsten and Lars, with the realisation that there are approximately 700 million people who live without the glasses that they truly need. These circumstances can result in poorer education; restricted work; lost opportunities; and an estimated global economic loss of over £200 billion per year. (Top image: Lars and Kirsten Iversen)

Lars on the Island of Cicia with a woman in her new glasses

The association with Eyejusters has enabled Kirsten and Lars to work on projects in Morocco and Uganda, plus travelling to South Sudan and Fiji to see first hand how the clinics work. They have discovered the experience to be inspirational; invigorating; heart-warming; and emotionally rewarding as well. “We have interesting stories,” related Kirsten, “like when we were on one of the smallest islands in Fiji, and met a woman who had broken her glasses irreparably a few years ago. She hadn’t been able to see an optometrist and get new glasses, so she tried to manage without. To see the emotion on her face when she could see again with glasses was really moving.

Kirsten on Fiji Island of Cikobia explaining how to do the eye test

“On Cicia in Fiji, we worked with teenagers, and one girl wanted glasses, but didn’t need them. She tried to fool us during the eye test! She was hanging around the compound, so we asked her to help us out as an interpreter. She was smart, kind and graceful, and the patients responded really well to having one of their own be such an active part of the eye care team. We were able to shift her desire for her own pair of glasses, into an interest for eye care and performing vision tests.” Kirsten and Lars noted that in South Sudan and Fiji, the logistics, infrastructure and access are the main challenges. The Eyejusters system is easy to teach, and that has motivated local aid workers to pursue more eye care training.

Lars making a delivery on Cikobia

“To Lars and I, gratitude and giving back go together. Honestly, knowing how blessed you are without wanting to show generosity in return feels shallow. We wanted giving back to be an intrinsic part of our product, rather than dependent on our financial success. We donate one pair of corrective glasses for every pair of Karmoie frames or sunglasses we sell. Creating your own company and starting up can at times, be quite exhausting. The fact that we can feel good about what we do, and how we give back is invaluable when it comes to motivating us to push through when it gets tough.”

Handcrafted minimalism by Karmoie

Karmoie designs are created in Norway – in an Oslo atelier – inspired by beautiful, crisp, Nordic nature and Scandinavian minimalism. Karmoie was awarded the Butterfly Mark, a prestigious acknowledgement powered by Positive Luxury, for their commitment to protect the planet’s resources. www.karmoie.com  JG

Spiritual Renaissance by Blackfin

“Sometimes you need to get away from it all to make peace with reality”

Looking beyond. Always. This is Blackfin’s inspirational vision for life and eyewear. Now they take a new path: the search for the self, and looking at the world in new ways with open eyes  – in their new campaign – Spiritual Renaissance. Blackfin then expresses these discoveries with unique eyewear creations. To capture a natural backdrop that reflects the inner journey, the Italian brand chose the contrasting topography of Lanzarote – both magnificent and magical – with its ragged cliffs, lava rocks, desert wilderness and rolling ocean waves. (Top image: Brighton – Spiritual Renaissance by Blackfin)

Marrowstone by Blackfin

Blackfin embarked on this campaign as a way to look into its company values; with the refusal to reject all that is standardised; striving for excellence; and never accepting conventional definitions. The frame designs – stunningly photographed by Giovanni De Sandre – visually illustrate the raw, rugged beauty of Lanzarote. The natural setting with its prolific extremes is effortlessly and simply transformed into eyewear that is totally streamlined, and unrestricted from all that is superfluous. Crafted from the purest titanium in Blackfin’s studios, the frames are superbly lightweight, yet strong and durable – just one of the attributes of premium, quality titanium. Sunglasses and optical styles demonstrate the versatility of titanium, with dramatic frame shapes that portray quiet luxury and sophistication.

Silverdale from Blackfin’s Spiritual Renaissance Collection

Nicola Del Din,, CEO of Blackfin stated: “In 2018, keeping faith with our pay-off  ‘Looking beyond. Always’ we want to look beyond from a more inner, almost spiritual point of view. In recent years, the world has forgotten many essential ethical values, which it is trying to rediscover with considerable difficulty…in some cases, in a completely unnatural way. Blackfin has never lost those values, nor has it ever betrayed them. With the new campaign, we want to emphasise the importance of a general return to the true essence of things.” www.blackfin.eu JG


London’s 100% Optical: trending design

London’s fair at ExCel, 100% Optical, presented an array of new looks in eyewear, from designers and companies across the international frame and sunglasses business. The UK demand for individual glasses is growing, and astute independent opticians have realised the gains in searching for the less easy to find labels, offering creative shapes, innovative, technical frames and beautiful eyewear materials and  colours. Above: TAVAT Tactile: from Italy, an evolution in its timeless collection of fine acetate and metal/acetate combination designs. www.tavateyewear.com

Perret Schaad for Silhouette

Highlighted at the fair, Silhouette’s extensive launches for 2018 include a collaboration with Perret Schaad, representing a new re-craft of Silhouette’s iconic Titan Minimal Art frame for Spring/Summer 2018.

Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad, the pair behind the label, are best known for sleek, minimalist designs. For Silhouette, the resulting frame takes the form of a unique modified hexagon shape  – with cutout on the outer side of each lens -which embodies influences of architecture and geometric styling. Despite the dramatic angles, the design personifies the designers’ passion for minimalism and weightlessness. www.silhouette.com

Austin by Andy Wolf

The colour palette for 2018 encourages bold, exciting statements and 100% helped to highlight the very latest hues. Along with an array of new neutrals, we were impressed by the prevalence of the colour purple, which, with many other pastel tones from pale pink to baby blue and pistachio, is making a huge impression for the coming season. Fresh colour combinations were particularly lively at the independent labels we visited and tone-on-tone effects where lenses match the frame, were fresh and sophisticated. Above: Andy Wolf’s sunglass model Austin, in lilac. The lens tone blends with the frame hue: www.andy-wolf.com

Butti Eyewear Cases, made in the UK

Protective, stylish cases are an important element in eyewear and the array of styles has become more creative and luxurious. Butti Eyewear Cases, a new British label, produces a refined slip case design with a hard protective layer and a silk lining, perfectly suited to modern tastes. A small leather tab releases the glasses! Made in the UK, the brightly coloured cases are produced in Italian leather with a smart lustrous finish. Butti made their first appearance at the 100% fair: find details at www.butti.co.uk 

This year, 100%’s excellent “Celebration of Vision” competition for RCA students offered a fascinating insight into the creative talent of the future in the UK. Two winners were announced this weekend: well done to Julia Hauss, (Womenswear – Fashion, Year 1), who designed frames based on children’s birthdays and the joy they bring, and Ely Cao, (Womenswear – Accessories, Year 1), who proposed “a gift from the crazy optician” – a box containing 94 imaginative multi-coloured modular eyewear pieces, “full of possibilities”. 

Next year, 100% Optical will take place on 12th to 14th January 2019. For further details visit www.100percentoptical.com CN

100% Optical: welcome to ExCel London

The 100% Optical fair takes place in London this weekend. Several new exhibitors were announced in the last week, including Blackfin from Italy, David Green from South Africa and Hemp Eyewear from Scotland… as well as the iconic brand l.a. Eyeworks, from California!

Blackfin will bring its state-of-the-art titanium collection, recently updated with new colours and elegant layered silhouettes that play with colour contrasts and a spectacular frame-on-frame effect. Above: Blackfin is known for its expertise in titanium production. The frame pictured is the award-winning ARC BF822. www.blackfin.eu

Ferris by l.a. Eyeworks

Also confirmed this week is the very latest collection from l.a. Eyeworks. The Los Angeles company has long had a successful presence in the UK at stores that include Jones and Co. (Manchester), Frames in the Lanes (Brighton) and Grey St Optician (Newcastle). Style highlights include colour expertise and characterful shapes: in cateye model Ferris the bespoke lens inserts create dynamic interplays of colour and pattern. Visit their stand and look at their new season colours at www.laeyeworks.com

TAVAT “Tactile”

Tavat Eyewear, famous for the SoupCan design, returns to 100% from their HQ in Italy, to unveil the “Tactile” models in London, designs which focus on a timeless, tasteful aesthetic whilst offering the ultimate in functionality and design precision. The four new acetate shapes have a 3-step minimal hinge design and unusual pin-stripe laser treatment, forming a pattern inspired by the design of Italy’s famous ‘Riva’ boat. Find out more at www.tavateyewear.com

100% takes place at ExCel in London from 27th to 29th January. For more details and a list of the final confirmed exhibitors visit www.100percentoptical.com. We wish everyone an excellent visit to London! CN

#PFW: Alain Mikli x Alexandre Vauthier

Parisian eyewear designer Alain Mikli and haute couture designer Alexandre Vauthier have today shown an edition of avant-garde eyewear captured through the lens of Mert & Marcus on British fashion icon, Kate Moss. Above: Moss wears model Roselyne

Model Edwige jeweled, worn by Kate Moss

The collaboration includes four styles: Edwidge, Edwidge jeweled, Roselyne, and Nadége that appeared on the runway at the Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture show today at Paris Couture week, with much comment.

Since the launch of his Haute Couture range in 2009, Vauthier’s luxurious and futuristic fabrics, Parisian savoir-faire and vision of the female body have ensured his creations have seduced clients around the world.  CN

Photography credit: Kate Moss wears the Alain Mikli x Alexandre Vauthier Edwidge jeweled and the Roselyne in Noir Mikli with Swarovski Crystals and Grey lenses. 


Opti Munich 2018

A showcase for leaders in international optics, the January fair in Munich provided more innovation, creative trends and design finesse than ever before, with eyewear by international creatives and designers, including ambitious start-ups and young fresh labels, showing in the beautifully presented Opti Boxes.

The fair organised a tour for fashion and eyewear influencers who travelled from across Germany and further afield to meet designers and learn about eyewear technology, new directions and design for the future.

Young label Nina Mûr from Madrid were the winners of Opti’s Blogger Spectacle Award, an initiative that was launched last year by the show, which helps promote innovative newcomers. (Last year the Barcelona brand LOOL Eyewear were awarded the prize).  Above: Nina Mûr latest designs from the Memphis Collection, in collaboration with Abet Laminati. The line is inspired by the work of artist Ettore Sottsass.

A tour for bloggers and influencers: visiting the GOTTI SWITZERLAND booth


CINEMATIQ: a brilliantly individual concept – wear your favourite film footage

Many notable collections are now launched specifically for the Munich fair, given the excellent far-reaching attendance of opticians from across Europe. Eyestylist will report on the outstanding examples in the coming weeks. They included the Cinematiq Collection from Budapest, which features handmade acetate frames with original vintage film footage in the temples. The frames are a creation by Zack Tipton (Tipton Eyeworks), the designer behind the much loved VINYLIZE brand, which has developed the ultimate designer “recycled” frame collections made by hand from discarded vinyl records. Find out more at https://vinylize.com / and https://cinematiqeyewear.com/

Rigards: the innovation continues

Always a highlight at the optical fairs, Rigards continues to explore natural and less usual materials with new masterpieces handcrafted in copper by talented artisan designer Ti Kwa; the perfectly formed small round glasses shown (model RG0104CU) have an intricate interchangeable front that “locks” onto the front of the copper frame. This design was, quite deservedly, one of the most photographed during the fair. www.rigards.com

Eyestylist.com extends thanks to OPTI-Munich for an excellent welcome at the show. The next Opti fair will take place from the 25th to 27th January 2019 at the Fairground Munich. www.opti.de CN

100% Optical London: who’s showing?

London’s 100% Optical takes place on 27th to 29th January, and promises an exciting event, celebrating 5 years of success at the city’s ExCel centre. Many different types of eyewear will be showcased during the weekend, with companies travelling from far and wide.

The Austrian company SILHOUETTE will launch the new Alpha Collection to UK opticians, a new addition expanding the Titan Minimal Art range. The Collection introduces a number of distinguished technical highlights, focusing on an architecturally modern design. A striking nose bridge and an updated metallic temple aesthetic, with the choice of a polished or matte finish, combined with a delicate decorative element are also highlighted. New to the range, inspired by recent SS18 trends, is the luxurious brass and rose gold metal surface. www.silhouette.com

Nalu from LINDBERG Sirius Titanium – an award-winning collection

LINDBERG’s presence in the UK continues to go from strength to strength and the Danish company will showcase highlights from across its collections for 2018. Watch out for their Sirius Titanium which won the Red Dot Award in 2017. More details at www.lindberg.com

BeHot at WOOW Eyewear – Design Eyewear Group

The ‘Be Hot’ shapes in the WOOW Wool collection have light metal fronts and beautiful matching “Argyll” socks on the temples. Be Hot comes in 2 shapes and 6 colour combinations, and celebrates five years of the Woow Eyewear brand. BeHot1 is typically colourful and upbeat in a line that brings a youthful energy to eyewear! Woow is part of Design Eyewear Group and can be found at their stand at 100%. www.wooweyewear.com


Gotti Switzerland offers a diverse collection of smart, minimal eyewear including 3d printed luxury styles (DIMENSION), a lightweight trendy rimless collection (Perspective) and design classics in titanium and buffalo horn. The new DIMENSION frames offer the ultimate in personalised 3d printed eyewear – with a touch of bold colour! www.gotti.ch

EYESHAKER, a new cleaning method for glasses and sunglasses, launched in 2017

EYESHAKER, an Austrian company who first launched their cleaning product in 2017, will also exhibit in London for the first time. This product is a brilliantly simple way to thoroughly clean away dust, makeup, sweat or finger prints, and keeps frames and lenses looking smart and stylish. A  must-have for the optical practice. Try the product out at the Eyeshaker booth or visit www.eyeshaker.at

Andy Wolf Eyewear: Amira from the Soul Collection

The Soul Collection by Andy Wolf offers classic design with trend-led nuances of colour and design. Model Amira is the ultimate round style with a unique narrow metal bridge and bold canary yellow colour choice. Find more classic tones and brights in the Soul Collection at 100% and on www.andy-wolf.com

100% Optical will showcase a range of independent labels in 2018 including the following brands: Andy Wolf, Booth & Bruce, Cazal, Dandy’s, Eyeshaker, Francis Klein, Gotti Switzerland, Kirk & Kirk, Neubau, Savile Row, MODO, Markus T, Tavat and Silhouette. For more information visit www.100percentoptical.com CN

OPTI-Munich magic: Eyewear diversity

In just a few days, OPTI-Munich opens the 2018 edition to new eyewear horizons with diversity and distinction. The two-day event – 12th-14th January -showcases international designs and brands who will present contemporary and stimulating collections with signature styling, beautiful colours and amazing materials. Here are unique designs to discover for an exciting eyewear experience! (Top image: MONOQOOL launches their elegant 3-D CAFE Collection www.monoqool.com)

Origami by KARMOIE

Norwegian designers Kirsten and Lars Iversen present their streamlined renditions in shimmering acetate. www.karmoie.com

Amelot by Jérémy Tarian

French craftsmanship is beautifully demonstrated in Jérémy Tarian’s distinguished shapes and fine attention to details. www.jeremytarian.com 


Superleggero by L.G.R

The glamour of Italian race cars in the 1960’s inspire captivating shapes in the Superleggero designs by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone at L.G.R, handcrafted with skill and finesse in Italy. www.lgrworld.com


Gerald Lasnik, inventor and designer for SEEOO, wears his latest creation – SEEOO Round www.seeoo.at

ONONO – the very few – designed by Vicky Strojek

Buffalo horn superbly crafted from sustainable sources highlights the luxurious collection by Vicky Strojek for ONONO. The slim, lightweight designs combine 20th century aesthetics with 21st century technology. www.onono.com

Sunglasses by Sol Sol Ito

Vibrant purple sunglasses by SOL SOL ITO include striking shapes with coloured spring steal temples, and hand polished acetate fronts. www.solsolito.com (Photo by Hans Hansen)

Marrowstone by BLACKFIN

BLACKFIN blends 1950’s inspiration with state-of-the-art construction and technology in Marrowstone – one of the new outstanding designs from the spring/summer BLACKFIN collection. www.blackfin.eu

Premium titanium eyewear by LINDBERG

Exquisite, featherweight, design ingenuity and advanced technologies highlight the minimalist eyewear creations by LINDBERG – award winning Danish label. www.lindberg.com

Carin Eyewear

Modern retro influences eyewear designs in acetate and beta-titanium by Carin Eyewear from South Korea. www.caringlasses.com

Lea by Gold & Wood

Exotic woods, graceful designs, and refined colourations permeate the sophisticated collection by Gold and Wood. www.gold-and-wood.com

It’s count down to OPTI-Munich at Fairground Munich!  For more details, visit www.opti.de JG


New year…new looks…yet timeless trends

Eyestylist wishes our readers and sponsors a happy, healthy and joyous New Year! The eyewear year launches on a high note with OPTI-Munich next week..a show infused with creativity and style from international designers.

Austrian brand neubau celebrates 2018 with an impressive sunglass design – Sigmund & Carl, (above) named after the great psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung. They may rarely have seen “eye to eye”, but they both liked to wear round spectacles. Sigmund & Carl is a combination of the frames worn by both of these geniuses. The frames feature the unique, precision-made neubau hinge that ensures a perfectly adaptable temple. Sigmund & Carl is eco-friendly, crafted from titanium, stainless steel, and the sustainable material PX. Visit neubau at OPTI in Hall C3 Stand 116 and www.neubau-eyewear.com

ROYALE by ROLF Spectacles

A lyrical silhouette, slim and featherweight, handcrafted in Silver Oak highlights ROYALE by ROLF Spectacles, a re-launch of a ROLF bestseller. ROYALE emits a natural glow as the noble wood gives the frame a silvery shimmer. The Austrian brand – recipient of numerous awards including their second SILMO d’OR in October – specialises in wood designs crafted in their own atelier. See more ROLF creativity at OPTI in Hall C2 Stand 419, and visit www.rolf-spectacles.com

Belle 9 by Plein les Mirettes

The charming, flirtatious, sleek and chic eyewear by Plein les Mirettes will exhibit at OPTI-Munich for the first time. The Normandy based label in the French countryside specialises in beautifully crafted frames in unique colour combinations, as seen in Belle 9  – in curry, white and blue. Discover the entire Plein les Mirettes collection in Hall C1 Stand 331 www.plein-les-mirettes.fr

RIGARDS x DETAJ Horn x Sterling Silver Collaboration

RIGARDS has an exciting collaboration with Takayoshi Yamanami, the man behind the artisan jewellery label DETAJ. The composition of the elegant designs is formed by two elements: a genuine horn front and sterling silver temples. RIGARDS x DETAJ emphasises round shapes that are sculptural, and include RIGARD’s trademark bevelling. Distinctive and distinguished! Visit !hot at OPTI for more inspirational RIGARDS designs and www.rigards.com

Round Mask – Special Edition by TAVAT

A  unique, edgy, and fun shape by TAVAT is inspired by Soup Cans from the 1930’s. The Round Mask SoupCan is a TAVAT Special Edition in a design with new and unique applications of different materials. The Round Mask sunglasses are equipped with Melanin Lenses that offer a superb duo of style and eye protection, all handmade in Italy. More TAVAT ingenuity can be found in yes! at OPTI-Munich. www.tavat-eyewear.com Additional details for OPTI – 12th-14th January – at www.opti.de JG

Korea: introducing Stealer Eyewear

Korea’s youngest eyewear brands are turning heads. One of the most popular rising names is the stainless steel specialist Stealer from Seoul, a brand that already has an impressive following at home, among them Korean influencers – such as actors Kim Moo Yul and Lee Hanee, who wear their frames on and off camera. The designs themselves are already in some of the finest boutiques in the South Korean capital (https://www.eyestylist.com/2017/06/haute-eye-seoul/). Opened in 2015, their retail HQ is in trendy Sinsa-Dong, Seoul. Lightweight and minimal in thickness and style, the collection plays with thin steel and fine steel wire to create interesting volumes with an industrial yet refined feel.

“As a brand we aim to re-interpret the material with an in-depth and unconstrained point of view….” Stealer Eyewear

Following launches in Europe at Silmo (www.silmoparis.com), the Paris trade fair for optics and eyewear, the Stealer collection is now available in a select number of European opticians and fashion stores including La Vue Parisienne (Paris), Optics Angelos (Athens), Mert Optik (Turkey) and Joseph Haver (Tel Aviv) and continues to grow its European following with a street fashion project in Milan, highlighted on Instagram. Stealer Eyewear will exhibit at MIDO 2018 (Milan). Find out more: www.stealereyewear.com CN

Celebration of Vision: RCA x 100% Optical

100% Optical’s “Celebration of Vision” Design Competition runs in partnership with London’s Royal College of Art to celebrate the show’s landmark 5th Anniversary.

Students were asked to respond to the theme of “celebration” using the medium of eyewear. The 14 entries were narrowed down by a judging panel of designers, lecturers and eyewear enthusiasts. The six RCA finalists announced this week are: Clara Chu, Womenswear – Accessories, Year 1; Andrew Bell, Womenswear – Fashion, Year 1; Julia-Kirstin Hauss, Womenswear – Fashion, Year 1; Carol Muthiga-Oyekunle, Womenswear – Accessories, Year 1; Becky Hong, Womenswear – Fashion, Year 2; Ely Cao, Womenswear – Accessories, Year 1. (Image above: Project by Clara Chu.)

Julia Hauss

The competition has historically been a platform for creative study in eyewear, with students going on to develop their own eyewear lines and experiencing invaluable internships.

As part of the brief, students worked with Mazzuchelli and Laes, who provided acetate for the construction of frames, while Tom Broughton from Cubitts ran a masterclass in frame-making. Students were expected to scrutinise the process of creating eyewear, be it protective or to enhance vision. Students were also required to investigate and respond to systems, forms and scientific optical instruments, as well as advanced lens technology.

Carol Oyekunle

The shortlisted designs will be exhibited at 100% Optical and the competition winner will be announced during the event for the UK’s optical sector which takes place between 27-29th January 2018. For more information about the competition, read about last year’s entries: https://www.eyestylist.com/2016/12/rca-x-100-optical/ – and find further details on visiting 100% in London, UK at www.100percentoptical.com CN

Luxury, style and innovation at OPTI

The Munich eyewear show offers an exciting platform for international designers and brands to present their luxury collections. Anticipation is mounting for the 2018 event, as a start-studded roster of creators will present their latest collections. The beautiful designs of African inspired, Italian crafted frames from L.G.R includes the elegant CECILE (Top image). Finest quality acetate is silhouetted into superb, modern and feminine sunglasses with tempered mineral lenses that offer 100%UV protection, plus they are anti-scrach and impact resistant. The complete L.G.R collection of optical and sunglass designs will be shown at OPTI. www.lgrworld.com

Greige Nubuck Sun Cover by Any Di

Eyeglass cases that are stylish, chic and easy to pop into a handbag are the speciality of ANY DI, the Munich based designer of unusually sleek cases and bags. The Sun Covers are made from genuine leather, and the interiors are lined in a Microfiber material that is soft and pliant. Case interiors are padded as well, so lenses are protected from dust and scratches. Greige Nubuck is especially smart lined with bright orange. The efficient Sun Covers also have a strap that can be linked to your handbag or belt-loop. Discover more of ANY DI’s super Sun Covers in solid and print leathers at www.any-di.com and at OPTI-Munich.

Milano Centrale by theo Belgium from the Train Stations Collection

Train Stations elicit romantic aspirations – particularly with the new interest in the splendid Venice Simplon-Orient Express. Right on cue, theo in Belgium has launched the Train Stations Collection. Curvaceous, streamlined and cosmopolitan, MILANO CENTRALE in black and apple green exudes adventure and wanderlust. At OPTI, theo will present the full range of their adventureous collections. www.theo.be

Brooklyn by Lafont Paris

Lafont sunglasses are plentiful in character, design definition, imagination and colours. BROOKLYN from their latest collection reflects the diversity of the New York borough and the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Acetate and metal meet in a perfectly round shape in sophisticated tortoiseshell, with a distinctive double-bridge. www.lafont.com

Marais by KBL Eyewear

What could be more Parisian than an aromatic French coffee in the historic and aristocratic Marais district? The pre-revolutionary streets are bustling with art galleries, tempting “boulangerie” (bread and bakery shops) hotels, museums and trendy shops. MARAIS by KBL Eyewear in sleek burgundy acetate with a double-bridge is artistic, relaxed, and fun – just like the Marais neighbourhood! KBL launches a new website  at www.kbleyewear.eu in conjunction with the opening date of OPTI. Details for OPTI-Munich 12th-14th January 2018 at www.opti.de JG


Luxury & Fantasy: Holiday flair

‘Tis the season for dreams, winter wonderland pleasures, indulgences and luxury touches. Bask in the glow of your dreams with unique eyewear that steps up to the occasion with dynamic designs to brighten holiday events, plus add stylish flair to festive fashion. Fantasy and living your dreams is an important part of Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson’s fashion and eyewear philosophy. The exotic “Panthress”  (top image) shimmers with hundreds of Swarovski crystals embedded on 24K plated White Gold. The luminous eyes on the seductive feline are genuine emeralds. “I want my designs to live a beautiful, romantic life,” says Anna-Karin. The “Panthress” exudes both beauty and romance! Anna-Karin Karlsson is a luxury premium eyewear label with an exquisite range of optical and sunglass designs. The Swedish label is found in prestige international eyewear boutiques, concept shops, plus Harrod’s in London, and Neiman Marcus in America. www.annakarinkarlsson.com

EMPIRE by Lafont Paris

Architecture is an influential source for eyewear creators, and the renowned Empire State Building in New York City inspired Thomas Lafont. The stunning, distinctive frame – a Limited Edition – effectively captures the ethereal mood of the Art Deco structure, with an expansive frame front in tri-colouration. The frame is expertly crafted in France, and destined to be a collector’s item, with its sense of history and contemporary edge. For over ninety years, Lafont Paris has been creating superbly crafted eyewear for men, women and children. The family owned company has four charming boutiques in Paris. Visit www.lafont.com for more details.


Another architectural beauty expresses itself in “Fixon” by Boz Eyewear. “Fixon” reflects the amazing Pyramid at the Louvre in Paris – a landmark in the city. The frame design is constructed from a single sheet of metal; the round eye shape and finishes in either chrome or Black Galaxy gives the design a thoroughly modern look, and very futuristic. Boz Eyewear part of the J.F. Rey label, a French brand created by Jean-François Rey over thirty years ago in Marseille. With their Mediterranean location, the brand is noted for its beautiful colours and unusual shapes. www.instagam.com/myjfrey

Hybrid II by Plein les Mirettes

The legendary cat eye shape is a forever favourite in eyewear. Plein les Mirettes bring a sleek contemporary flavour to the silhouette in Hybrid II, in multi-layered acetate that is made specifically for Plein les Mirettes by Mazzucchelli in Italy. The exaggerated shape features flowing curves, and a nose bridge in galvanised stainless steel. Plein les Mirettes designs are handcrafted in France in a Normandy atelier, created by Christophe Morcamp and Pascal Guidice. The individualistic designs by the French label celebrate their 5th anniversary in 2018. www.plein-les-mirettes.fr JG


Tortoiseshell: traditions and trends

Tortoiseshell spectacles effortlessly span the realm of tradition and fashion. Eyeglasses in tortoiseshell are noted as scholarly, intellectual and vintage, whilst also enjoying power being trendy and chic. Since the 17th century, tortoiseshell glasses have captivated wearers – first in  original tortoiseshell; nowadays, with endless technology, there are varied tortoiseshell patterns, as well as marbled and multi-coloured. Designers love the opportunities of working with tortoiseshell patterns –  here are several frames that catapult tortoiseshell to new fashion summits. Tortoiseshell is a favourite of Oliviero Zanon at Res/Rei (top image). Handcrafted excellence is evident in Epicuro from the Philosophers Collection that combines transparent acetate with Havana tortoiseshell. The distinguished shape features trapezoidal lenses combined with a unique nose bridge. Visit www.resrei.com for individualistic frame creations from the Italian brand symbolic with excellent taste, traditions and trends.

Beaudelaire by Lafont Paris

Lafont Paris has beautiful tortoiseshell variations wafting through the collections – with designs ingeniously created for men, women and children. Included in the latest collection is Beaudelaire, named after Charles Beaudelaire, the compelling 19th century French poet, art critic and essayist. If Beaudelaire were here today, he might enjoy wearing this style, with its pure, uncluttered shape, elegant colourations, and distinctive nose bridge. Discover more Lafont designs at www.lafont.com

KoKo by OG Icons

KoKo by Oliver Goldsmith has a charming history. The frame was named after a California gorilla that was able to learn and use sign language. The powerful features of the frame express a gorilla’s strength and robustness. The design is from the OG Icons Collection – a desired, best-selling design for over forty years. The voluminous shape in tortoiseshell acetate is an enduring classic from the iconic British brand. www.olivergoldsmith.com

Rain by Orgreen Optics

Orgreen Optics excels in contemporary minimalistic aesthetics. The Danish label modernises tortoiseshell by combining with titanium steel, Orgreen’s distinctively lightweight trademark. The super slim, linear frame Rain is a thoroughly sleek rendition of classical, much loved tortoiseshell. www.orgreenoptics.com JG

Munich fair: Opti excitement!

The international optics and eyewear design trade show Opti – which takes place at the Fairground Messe München – is preparing for its 2018 edition from 12th to 14th January in Germany. The event attracts creative designers, optical entrepreneurs, business and fashion experts and continues to grow its position as a leading event for the optical industry across Europe, and a meeting place for designers, innovators and creatives. Above: Falvin Eyewear from Denmark: an independent label that first exhibited at Opti in 2016 in the HOT area, designed for newcomers. Today Falvin exhibits with international eyewear companies in Hall C1 – www.falvineyewear.com

1985 Stanford 4599 by Jean-François Rey

The fair attracts companies and designers of many nationalities, and highlights Europe’s independent creative eyewear segment.

Jean-François Rey has exhibited in Munich since the fair first launched there. For this edition, the French brand promises many brand new releases across its collections, including new concepts ‘Double Jeu’ and ‘Fender’; the company also told Eyestylist they will launch an ultralight metal collection called SOHO and a new wood carbon concept for Jean-François Rey. A highlight is the designer’s iconic styles from the 80s in the line called “1985”. Since its release two years ago, the collection continues to grow with models like Stanford (above) – designed as a faithful replica of the original frame with a few subtle modifications for a slightly contemporary edge. www.jfrey.fr

Model Addis at L.G.R

L.G.R. has achieved extremely high levels of quality and uniqueness in the artisan production of their eyewear which has become synonymous with innovation and creativity.

Model Addis, an ophthalmic D-frame, is a perfect example of their ability to produce impeccably crafted glasses with a nod to classic shapes of the past. L.G.R’s 2018 designs -including frames highlighted in the latest campaign – will be on show in Germany, where the brand has already gained a strong following from the luxury independent boutiques. www.lgrworld.com

Ørgreen, model Columbus 799

Danish design company Ørgreen has had a succession of new launches in 2017, and the momentum for this continues. They recently announced a new line in lightweight titanium steel, with focus on the classic tortoise patterning. The colour is applied to the Japanese titanium frame by hand, meaning that every pair of their tortoise frames will be slightly different. Offered in six of Ørgreen’s most recent styles (Columbus, Vitus, Lemon, Vasco, Snow, and Rain), this selection for both men and women adds a classic twist to Ørgreen’s highly contemporary minimalist aesthetic. More will be revealed at Opti: www.orgreenoptics.com

From Denmark: Monoqool 3d printed eyewear

Monoqool’s ability to make 3d printed frames that are style-oriented, light to wear and extremely well designed and finished is underlined in its new 2018 entries which are very thin and produced in interesting colours.The company exhibits in the YES!-area, OPTI’s space for design labels showcasing new trends and innovations. CEO Allan Petersen told Eyestylist the company is preparing brand new releases for the Opti fair. More details coming soon: www.monoqool.com

Opti takes place annually at the beginning of the year and is held at Fairground Munich. As the international trade show for optics & design, it presents the entire spectrum of optics ranging from frames, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and low-vision products to shop set-up, technical equipment and devices. This makes Opti a platform for product premieres by international market leaders and start-up companies alike. Since 2008, the show has been run by GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH. Since then Opti has shown continual growth. The trade show was held for the first time ever in 1998. For more information: www.opti.de CN

Churchill’s reading spectacles go on sale

Antique expert Catherine Southon is including a pair of Sir Winston Churchill’s tortoiseshell spectacles made by his opticians C. W. Dixey & Sons in a Christmas auction on Wednesday, 6th December 2017. The auction will be held at Farleigh Golf Club, near Croydon, UK, not far from Churchill’s Kent residence, and the spectacles are estimated to sell for up to £2,000.

The full rimmed round glasses with white dot to tip of each arm, contained within a leather spectacle case embossed C.W.Dixey & Son London 1777, together with a typed statement from Director of C. W. Dixey Mr P. Varnes verifying that the spectacles were made for Winston Churchill and claiming ‘usually three pairs of spectacles were made to Churchill’s prescription and kept at the Cavendish Square showroom later the Wigmore Street practice. After Churchill’s death C.W. Dixey had three pairs of Churchill’s spectacles still in their possession. It is believed one pair were given to Chartwell, one pair auctioned in 2011 and this is the final pair.

The spectacles were give to the present owner by Mr P. Varnes Director of Dixey and Sons, as the present owner, also an optician, was developing a new range of spectacles in the style of Churchill and Mr Varnes said he should ‘have the real thing’.

Churchill was very fond of his distinctive eyewear – either half-eye or the fully round style which were tailored for specific purposes and marked accordingly. The metal dots in the corner of the frame indicate its purpose – one dot for reading only and two dots for speeches, but he also had specially made glasses for sketching, painting, or card playing.

The wartime prime minister was often seen wearing the circular tortoiseshell spectacles in his later years. He had several made, so he would always have spares and if there was anything wrong with them, they would then be left with opticians Dixey for repairs.

Catherine said: “We are absolutely delighted to be offering a pair of Winston Churchill’s spectacles, especially as this area is very proud of its Churchill connection. His spectacles are as iconic as his cigar and hat. We expect a lot of interest both here and abroad as Churchill memorabilia is always very collectable.”

C W Dixey – Chartwell 01 and 02 are modern versions of the original spectacle styles worn by Churchill

Today, the British spectacle makers C W Dixey & Son produce a range of classical designs including a faithful replica of Sir Winston’s legendary circular frames, model Chartwell 01, picture above. More details on the line at http://www.cwdixeyandson.com/range.php

Further details on the auction visit www.catherinesouthon.co.uk / More about CW Dixey on Eyestylist.com: https://www.eyestylist.com/2012/02/men-and-their-glasses/ CN

Update – 11th December: The spectacles sold for £6000. (£7,296 incl. Premium and VAT). The spectacles were veryfied by a typed letter from the director of the opticians.

Style, imagination and beauty: Götti Dimension

Years of research, patience, exploration, and dedication radiate in Sven Götti’s 3D printed eyewear collection – Dimension. The newest breakthrough technology allows design concepts and ideas to be integrated into innovative designs that unite opulence and minimalism. Top image: Pabek in Moss

Enriq sunglasses in Ash Silver by Götti Dimension

Superb swiss craftsmanship is reflected in the lightweight designs with colour and finishes that are silky soft, plus comfortable fit and sleek styling. Enjoy the video and discover the individualistic and technical know-how for Götti Dimension.

Sven Götti reflected: “For over twenty years, glasses from Götti have been characterised by a carefully developed and purist formal language. The result of this 3D development is an in-house production of high precision printed glasses.

Pabis by Götti Dimension in Ash Silver

“With Götti Dimension, we are getting a step ahead and taking inspiration from contemporary, dynamic and fast-moving trends, while still remaining faithful to our design philosophy. For our company it’s a new challenge, but also the best way to produce the frames in our own factory. It’s our joy to realise a high-quality product from the first idea to the last production step with our great team.” www.gotti.ch JG

Colour concepts

One definition of colour is a component of light which is separated when it is reflected off an object, such as the colours in a rainbow. To colour something is to add a hue, shade, paint or dye to an object or picture – or in this case, beautifully designed eyewear. The influence of colour in our lives is significant. Studies show that colour has symbolic and aesthetic functions, as well as emotional impact including the use of colour psychology. Colour transformed eyewear into a sought-after fashion accessory. Bold, stylish and unexpected colours – and a multitude of combinations – continue to bring passion and excitement to creative spectacle frames. Top image: The British brand Kirk & Kirk is known as the ‘Kings of Colour’, and their latest triumph is the Spectrum collection. Jason and Karen Kirk continue to experiment with the exceptional qualities of acrylic – particularly because of the endless colour opportunities, and the gentle luminosity. Anna is crafted in eight tempting colours: Pacific, Chocolate Blue, Autumn, Berry, Hazel, Spark, Mars and Summer. www.kirkandkirk.com

Kipper by l.a. Eyeworks

Extraordinary colours have long permeated the cheerful designs at l.a. Eyeworks. The latest collection by Barbara McRenyolds and Gai Gherardi includes Kipper – a generous round acetate shape with distinctive serrated details in Leaf & Hay, handmade in Italy. www.laeyeworks.com

Belle X by Plein Les Mirettes

Normandy artisans Christophe Morcamp and Pascal Guidice combine print and colour in Belle X – particularly  striking in a trio of hues. Discover more about the French brand at www.plein-les-mirettes.fr

Cartesio by Res/Rei

Italian creator Oliviero Zanon enjoys history, retro inspiration and experimental eyewear crafting. Cartesio is from The Philosophers – a collection of immaculate, streamlined shapes in contemporary colourations. www.resrei.com

Turner by Fleye Copenhagen

Layered construction highlights Fleye Copenhagen’s designs. Turner mixes solid and transparent acetate with beta-titanium, placing the different components on top of each other for a playful, thoroughly modern concept. www.fleye.dk

Eames by Face à Face Paris

Paris has a reputation as queen of the LBD – Little Black Dress. However, dynamic colour is entering the French women’s wardrobe and accessories. A selection of expressive and colourful frames by Face à Face Paris reflects the reasons why – as shown in Eames in bi-tone blush and blue. www.faceaface-paris.com

OOPS by OG Icons

Legendary styles by OG Icons include OOPS – and Claire Goldsmith comments that the two colours featured above are “my favourites without a doubt”, she says. The frames feature triple lamination for glamorous effect. www.olivergoldsmith.com JG

Trends: Super fine

Fine lines and a totally minimal structural aesthetic in eyewear continue to trend for the season ahead. Many design brands have produced their own interpretation of the look, some returning to their archives to delve into the past – and eras where fine wired frames were popular – and others proposing a more futuristic design concept, employing advanced materials which are very strong as well as slim. Architectural influences have naturally had an impact on the styling, as more “open” frame structures and different ideas on volumes and the method of construction become significant.

neubau eyewear, the young Austrian brand at Silhouette Eyewear, the Austrian experts in minimalist eyewear design, propose a completely new line in their collection which highlights 4 designs in stainless steel – conceived to combine a forward-looking, yet timeless look and a comfortable fit, achieved through adjustable nose pads and temples and a choice of two sizes. Above: neubau eyewear has launched four styles in The Wire Collection, made from stainless steel.

Manu by neubau eyewear

Manu by neubau is part of the Wire Collection. With its classic round shape and double bridge, the style cleverly plays on current styles and is perfectly fitting for a young audience who are increasingly seeking out the minimal designs. Available in graphite matte, eclectic silver, eclectic silver/black and glorious gold. www.neubau-eyewear.com

SOBA by theo

From theo, and for those with an eye on a creative lightweight design, the new Noodles serve up minimalism with quirky original details inspired by the Japanese dish and its many varieties: Ramen, Soba, Udon etc.

The lenses are held in place by “sticks” likened to chopsticks and colours vary from neon to more subdued greys and blues – there are 20 colour choices in total. The frames are made of strong, flexible stainless steel, are chemically etched, and feature corners that are laser-cut for an extra delicate effect. Find out more: www.theo.be

Rigards – Aurel wears RG0100AG in .925 sterling silver, blackened.

Rigards, renowned for its artisan designs in buffalo horn, has created a new take on the oversized aviator in .925 sterling silver. The curves on the frames are meant to create an illusion that it’s always in motion. The delicacy of the bridge design points to a minimal refinement in designer Ti Kwa’s artisan work in silver for the new season. www.rigards.com

GOTTI Perspective

Rimless styling has returned to the catwalks, and the new collections with this look represent, in some cases, exceptional steps in technological excellence. Gotti Switzerland’s Perspective Collection offers the ultimate minimal frameless concept, with a new proposal in the construction which is free from screws, glue and soldering. The connecting piece between the stainless steel and the lens itself is manufactured for a seamless aesthetic using 3d printing. More details on Gotti Perspective at www.gotti.ch CN

Stuttgart: Die Brillenmesse – Wunderbar!

In the pulsating ambiance of Motorworld, independent designers and brands introduced their latest collections to enthusiastic customers and visitors alike. Offering an excellent opportunity for opticians and their consumers – creative diversification was apparent with a medley of eyewear designs, materials, and colours – enhanced by continuing technological improvements. Top image: Swiss sculptor and eyewear creator Didier Voirol is inspired by the glamour and glitter of the 1980’s…and vintage cars!

Dr Robert Mayr, co-designer with Isabelle Molina from Miamai München…eyewear crafted in Germany

Titanium and stainless steel with luxurious finishes; acetate frames in exquisite colours, as well as sensual neutral tones; wood designs and 3-D frames that embrace modern technology, and energise the spirit of eyewear.

Eyewear canine companions are welcome at Die Brillenmesse! This elegant Dalmatian waits patiently as opticians view the Götti collection with Christian Hann – facing camera

The two-day event hosted at Motorworld, coupled with diverse topics in the Think Tank sessions provided visitors with educational inspiration, and creative concepts.

Vintage autos from the Motorworld collection are as eye catching as the frames!

Die Brillenmesse organisers Nathanaël Wenger and Steffen Keil have indicated that the 2018 edition will have exciting new changes. Keep posted at www.diebrillenmesse.de and Eyestylist.com! JG

Inspired by Mr Bean: theo + Wujic Jo

An unlikely inspiration makes for a brilliant and charming concept in a new release by theo, designed in collaboration with South Korean fashion student, Wujic Jo. Previewed at SILMO this month, the design brings together a classic eyewear concept with a humorous twist inspired by the iconic British TV character, Mr Bean.

Catwalk; Wujic’s graduation collection

Working together with theo designer Serge Bracké,  the result is a highly stylised set of frames from Wujic, with an excellent fit and a classy look – like a tailored suit – but with a serious twist. The frames are made of acetate, with a keyhole shaped bridge and rivets – timeless and classic. The influence of Mr. Bean comes in the form of a chrome clip, inspired by the TV character’s Mini Cooper, with tiny windscreen wipers, to wipe the dirt from the lenses, and magic away the entire sun filter…(or seemingly!!)

75 sets of three glasses are available in this edition, in three different versions: glossy black frames with a shiny chrome clip, dark tortoiseshell frames with a shiny gold clip and a light tortoiseshell motif with a matte gold clip. The packaging follows the theme inspired by the Mini Cooper colours – and adds the finishing touch, a seat belt! More details on this collection and other new and brilliant theo releases at www.theo.be CN

HOF Zurich – Eyewear Energised!

Indian summer weather, a unique setting, and splendid eyewear united to make Hall of Frames Zurich 2017 an exciting and informative event. Show coordinators Nathanaël Wenger and Steffen Keil were delighted with the turnout and the upbeat ambience. Wenger commented: “The atmosphere of HOF Zurich was extremely positive for the ninth edition that took place in the Umweltarena in Spreitenbach. The most beautiful autumn weather at a new location warmly welcomed visitors, and over 140 boutiques visited the event.” Top image left to right: Nathanaël Wenger, HOF coordinator; Martha Arenas, Interior designer; Christine Haussener, Eyewear designer; Steffen Keil, HOF coordinator)

Matthias Marpe – Matze Marpe Eyewear and Isabelle Malina – Miamai München

Nath noted several new directions in the latest eyewear designs. “Fine-rimmed metal glasses are in demand, and eyeglasses with filigree and softer shapes. Colours are back, and many collections are bolder than previously introduced. Several brands presented new 3D collections.The Wood trend is firmly established with Dominik Gasser from Lungern, Pascal Nüesch from Chur, and Loris Lunettes. So the ‘young wild ones from Switerland’ were creatively represented. Specs Lab from Zurich exhibited for the first time; a small eyewear manufacturer in Zurich’s Old Town. They produce a series for opticians in acetate and horn. EYETECH, the long-standing marketing partner of Hall of Frames, organised photos that were taken by enthusiastic and professional photographer Gilles Stüssi. The images were then developed in an on site darkroom and given to the customer.”

Newcomers at HOF Zurich left to right: Rico and Marco Rihm – Specs Lab Zurich; Lorenz Richard and Aramis Navarro – Loris Lunetttes

HOF Zurich was also highlighted by well-attended presentations at the Think Tank sessions, as speakers gave educated insights on current topics. Wenger commented: “Martha Arenas demonstrated vividly how to reconstruct a shop or simply decorate a window with simplicity and resourcefulness. For Marcel Zischler sustainability was an issue. He addressed the wide field of employee management, and how employees can be better integrated into a company. Johannes Dillinger talked about the peculiarities and challenges of Carbon eyewear, and Christoph Englehardt  on how an optician himself can become a brand.”

Vintage eyewear collector Christoph Dachi displayed his exciting retro designs

Next year is the 10th anniversary of Hall of Frames Zurich, which will take place in the Papiersaal on 7th and 8th October 2018. This is where HOF Zurich launched, so the show is returning to its original roots. Wenger and Keil noted that an anniversary celebration is in the works – so follow – and stay with us for more news from HOF Zurich! www.hallofframes.ch JG

All photos exclusively for Hall of Frames Zurich/Eyestylist by Gilles Stüssi  All Rights Reserved

Die Brillenmesse Stuttgart Showcase 2017

Eyewear artisans gather in Stuttgart the weekend of 28-29th October to introduce their latest collections in the captivating atmosphere of Motorworld. The annual event is an ideal platform for independent eyewear designers – both known brands and emerging newcomers – to demonstrate their flair and innovation. Top image: Vintage forever with fabulous Retro style Wyld by Lesca Lunetier www.lescalunetier.com

Camil in Ash from the elegantly crafted Götti Dimension collection – directional and stylish 3-D designs www.gotti.ch

The Exhibitors

From Adrian Marwitz in Germany to Yuichi Toyana in Japan, plus Götti Switzerland; Coblens; Didier Voirel; Barberini; Blackfin; Lesca Lunetier; Miamai München; Onkel Ferdi; Orgreen; Powder & Heat and more – Die Brillenmesse Stuttgart is an ideal opportunity to experience designs by established companies, and discover intriguing start-ups presenting new and exciting eyewear concepts.

All that glitters…sparkling designs in sophisticated black and festive colours in Jessica from the Glitter Line by Didier Voirel at Metal Art Concept www.metalartconcept.com

The Think Tank sessions – presented by eyewear professionals – covers informative and timely topics for opticians, including marketing and sales opportunities via social media; 3-D technology; and other creative ideas of specific interest to optical specialists.

Contemporary, sleekly shaped sunglasses in chic smoky crystal acetate by Miamai München www.miamai-eyewear.de

In addition to stunning eyewear, visitors can visit the amazing, classic collection of vintage automobiles on display at Motorworld – a nostalgic view of luxury and impeccably crafted motorcars.

Silmo d’Or winner Blackfin from Italy was awarded the Special Jury Prize for ARC BF822, and will present their latest collection of optical and sunglass designs www.blackfin.eu

Die Brillenmesse Stuttgart looks forward to welcoming you at Motorworld on Saturday 28th October from 11h00 until 18h00, and Sunday 29th October from 10h00 until 16h00. www.diebrillenmesse.de www.motorworld.de JG


SILMO’s 50th edition

Design, Luxury, Craftsmanship and Technical capabilities An especially lively atmosphere was enjoyed at the Paris fair this month, as SILMO celebrated 50 years. The event packed in new exhibitors across the halls, as well as a large number of annual attendees and some who have attended the fair through 50 years. The annual party had an extra special line up and took place in Paris’ iconic Grand Palais.

In the creative eyewear segment, emphasis this year was on design and innovation, with continuing developments in the use of materials, combinations of materials, 3d printed collections, artisan excellence and technicalities such as patented hinge designs. Outstanding hinge designs were shown by innovators ROLF SPECTACLES (a SILMO D’Or winner) and Orgreen Optics.

New ideas in colour and styling were also abundant and set an encouragingly dynamic mood.  Above: FLEYE Copenhagen’s model Fox, an “artistic” design by the innovative Danish company who launched an exciting eyewear campaign related to Scandinavian food : model Fox was the winner of the Silmo D’Or Premiere Classe Special Prize. www.fleyecopenhagen.com

Alexanian Eyewear: B1221 18k yellow gold – a brand to watch

Luxury is an area that was particularly well represented at the fair, and this specialism is seeing some exciting aspects. Alongside classic brands like Gold & Wood (who have announced a new working relationship with designer Alain Mikli) artisan spectacle-makers Alexanian exhibited their sophisticated handmade jewellery designs and special editions produced in The Netherlands. A particular highlight on their booth were their handmade lorgnettes, produced in 18k white gold and set with sparkling diamonds. www.alexanian.nl

Halo by FALVIN Eyewear

Other noteworthy representatives of the luxury eyewear segment included FALVIN Eyewear who showed new models including Halo, a round fashion-focused semi-rimless frame with precious matte surface details. Halo is an elegant add on to FALVIN´s eyewear concept of two toned signature titanium frames designed by Birgitte Falvin in Denmark and made in Japan. The brand also previewed a new line of eyewear necklaces made in unison with the frames – coming soon to Falvin stockists. www.falvineyewear.com


Award-winning SOL SOL ITO represents a splendid example of design achievements by a small independent European label – and this brand is hugely popular with some of the most creative optical stores this year. Their colour concepts for 2018 retain a fresh individual touch with a mix of stunning acid coloration as well as soft pastels and classically inspired animal print. The customisation aspect of the temples – they can be easily swapped in many different colours is a very attractive addition to the gorgeous designs.  www.solsolito.com

Jay 2 from Komorebi – the new Belgian brand

Newcomers that caught our eye included the new sunglasses collection by talented optician/designer Joseph Haver and the Belgian brand Komorebi, a youthful trend-oriented design collection inspired by transparency, light and reflection and presented with professionalism and an immediately visible level of quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship. www.komorebi.be

SILMO Paris returns in 2018 on 28th September to 1st October. Eyestylist will share many new insights from this year’s SILMO event in the days and months ahead. www.silmoparis.com CN


Zeroed in on Zurich!

Swiss specialities to mention just a few: watches and clocks professionally crafted with luxurious precision; cheese fondue, Raclette and Rösti; panoramic, majestic mountains and crystal clear lakes; and this weekend – la crème de la crème in fine eyewear at Hall of Frames Zurich. The perennial event takes place this year October 15th and 16th – in a fabulous new location – The Umweltarena (Environmental Centre) – in Spreitenbach, approximately thirty minutes from central Zurich. (Top image: Adrian Marwitz presents his stunning sunglass collection at Hall of Frames Zurich)

Rustico by Ringsum – crafted by hand

Established brands and new eyewear entries will present their latest collections, and among those participating are Götti Switzerland; L.G.R; Lunor; Lucas de Staël; Blackfin; Miamai Eyewear; Neubau Eyewear; Ringsum; Adrian Marwitz; Von Arkel; You Mawo; Andy Wolf and many more!

Pleasant Bay by Blackfin in Italy

Also on tap are the innovative and intellectual “Think Tank” sessions, with enlightening topics related to specific needs of independent opticians.

Vasco from Orgreen’s Great Explorers Collection

For an intriguing, spirited weekend of stunning eyewear by independent designers, the fascinating environmental centre Umweltarena, the informative “Think Tank”, and optical camaraderie, Hall of Frames Zurich is an exceptional opportunity for new discoveries! www.hallofframes.ch JG

All eyes on SILMO

This weekend, the aura of Parisian style concentrates on eyewear presented at SILMO. Inspiration, luxury crafting, innovation and creative explorations are ripe for discovery at this perennial event. Here is a sampling of fascinating designs that emphasise the abundant versatility and beauty of eyewear. (Top image: Helen by Kirk & Kirk from the Kaleidoscope acrylic collection in earthy Clay. www.kirkandkirk.com

Bobbi by SALT. Optics

Delight in the organic, environmentally friendly beauty of SALT. Optics retro-inspired, glamorous sunglasses – Bobbi in sea tone colouration. www.saltoptics.com

0512: Swiss luxury by VON ARKEL

Swiss precision, luxurious frames with unparalleled craftsmanship, noble materials, and a signature hinge are all specialities at VON ARKEL. www.vonarkel.com 

Moon by FLEYE Copenhagen

Featherweight titanium, a sleek double-bridge, sophisticated styling, and four different beautiful colours highlight Moon by FLEYE Copenhagen. www.fleye.dk

Transition Signature Style Colour Lenses

Lenses with a difference – dynamic colours by Transitions – nominated for a SILMO d’Or award in the Vision Category with their Signature Style Colours – featured here in a LINDBERG design. www.stylecolours.co.uk

XL2105 – Line Art SONATA Collection

Graceful, melodic flow: designs from the new Line Art SONATA Collection are inspired by delicate musical intonations. www.charmant.com

Dublin by l.a. Eyeworks

Dynamic colourations, angular design, artisan layering, and Italian craftsmanship highlight DUBLIN by l.a.Eyeworks – the SILMO d’Or nominated frame in the Design category. www.laeyeworks.com

Deville by ROLF Spectacles

A SILMO d’Or nomination goes to ROLF Spectacles in the Technological Innovation sector with their beautiful design Deville. Innovation has always been a theme at ROLF spectacles – with natural materials and advanced technology. www.rolf-spectacles.com 


Style 2764 by JF Rey

Super slim metal frames in fresh and bright colours are among the signature styles that JF Rey will be showcasing at SILMO. www.jfrey.fr

Totem big wave by Karmoie

Norwegian design duo Kirsten and Lars Iversen have a stunning new collection of optical and sunglass designs that are a must see! www.karmoie.com JG