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Vera Wang models own collection

Fashion designer Vera Wang steps in front of the camera in her first eyewear shoot

The optical and sunglasses collection for 2021, produced for Vera Wang by Kenmark Eyewear (USA), are worn by the designer who has a fashion connoisseur’s love for eyewear. Like her new season fashion collections, the glasses and sunglasses infuse elements of the designer’s ready-to-wear and bridal designs. From feminine to masculine, with a modern and flattering edge, and a typically wide choice of dimensions, the styles include oversized and quite petite designs with a glamorous, detail-oriented style.

Colours and materials are often mixed by lamination or with a specialised layering technique to create a palette that plays on grounded neutrals and dark floral touches. Crystal embellishments – a signature feature in previous lines, are still key and with their continued popularity are used in more prominent ways. Several styles in both optical and sun feature crystals front and centre. They are built into the shape of the frame and do not shy away from making a bold and beautiful couture statement. Above: Vera Wang wears Nija sunglasses – Wang released the images via her Instagram page at the start of January 2021.

Vera Wang wears V577: a full metal cat eye

“Eyewear is one of my favorite fashion/beauty accessories! Like a new lipstick or eye shadow, a special pair of glasses can express your own sense of style, create a new persona and most of all, protect your vision….eyewear is fun, creative, easy, personal, practical!” Vera Wang

Götti Switzerland
Vera Wang wears Lilah, a model with rich Swarovski crystal trim on the brow line

The new images of Vera Wang feature frames from across the luxe, core alternative fit and VWX series.

About the brand – Vera Wang has created a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and youthful sophistication. Exquisite details, intricate draping, and a nonchalant sense of style characterize the Vera Wang aesthetic. A native New Yorker, Wang understands women who embrace fashion. By age 23, she was the youngest ever Vogue fashion editor and stylist, where she remained for 16 years before moving to Ralph Lauren as a design director. In 1990, she opened her first flagship store on Manhattan’s famed Madison Avenue, introducing fashion to the bridal industry with revolutionary designs and refined detailing. Since then she has expanded her collections to include ready-to-wear, footwear, eyewear, fragrance, flowers, fine china and crystal, silver and gifts, bedding, fine papers, and her first book, Vera Wang On Weddings. To find out more visit /

The lure of acetate: RES/REI Essences

New models in fine Mazzucchelli acetate
Almond, Calendula, Blackberry, Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Each of the models in the Essences Collection by RES/REI is inspired by nature’s bounty: uplifting natural fragrances, details, textures and rich variation in the colours of familiar plants, fruits and herbs we associate with goodness and wellbeing. Particular to the styles is a special design: a diamond-shaped core inside the temples: decorative and feminine, the frames are reimagined to create a look that is contemporary and refined. Above: the round model Eucalyptus in the Essences collection by RES/REI – the colour pictured is grey/pink/shiny rose gold – a combination that highlights fine double lines in the upper section.

Blackberry in the Essences collection by RES/REI – in dark havana, purple and red

Each model shows a delicate balance of transparencies and harmonious colours, with two or three different hues blending in one design. Deep berry tones of blackberry, purple, deep red and havana through to very light crystal tones of grey/white, mixed and matched, to reinvent each shape in each exclusive palette.

Rosemary in the Essences collection by RES/REI – chic modern colour variations

RES/REI is one of Northern Italy’s prized artisan labels. Their commitment to and passion for handmade spectacle making and exquisite, creative details has been at the core of their work since they first started in 2011. Read more about the frames on Eyestylist: See more collections at

Retro refined at LINDBERG, Denmark

Function and fashion in new strip titanium styles

Among new styles for 2021, the Danish label’s strip titanium collection explores the finest qualities of a retro infused style – with a sleek expression and technically advanced, seamless construction. Models 7423 and 7424 are half-rimmed frames that carry a refined look. The distinct upper bars offer a unique character with an almost floating aesthetic when worn on the face. Above: LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 in a shiny gold finish

LINDBERG strip titanium 7423 – a modified square eye shape

One of LINDBERG’s most sought after frame concepts, the individual titanium elements of these strip titanium styles are laser cut from thin plates of premium quality titanium and formed to create a balance of lightness and impressive stability to bring exceptional standards of comfort. With qualities such as durability, corrosion resistance as well as being hypoallergenic – titanium has become one of eyewear’s most highly regarded materials, and these ultralight strip titanium styles are conceived quite precisely to blend all these different benefits in one.

Götti Switzerland
LINDBERG strip titanium 7424 – based on the classic cat’s eye

LINDBERG’s expertise in producing quality titanium eyewear stems from a “desire for constant innovation”. The company has won multiple awards and holds a series of design patents for its lightweight screwless eyewear consistently setting new standards for style, comfort and toughness in their extensive choice of customisable designs. Their first titanium frame concept – Air Titanium, was first launched in 1985. Made from strong, durable titanium wire, it continues to be among their most successful and highly prized minimalist designs.


Eyestylist: A decade of fine eyewear & accessories

A note to you, to mark our 10th anniversary

Eyestylist is celebrating 10 years today! To mark our first decade, we wish to direct our thanks to you our friends and readers who support and follow what we do daily on the site and on social media. We are committed to a constant, dedicated study of the design and innovation in the eyewear and accessories business and we are extremely delighted to have a fantastic audience of professionals, opticians and people who love  and value the design and artistic focus of this creative world of fashion – and the extraordinary people who work within it. Above: Churada by Fritz Frames, Australia, first published on Eyestylist in November 2011 following a first interview with the designer Friedrich Schwarz at Silmo, Paris: – ten years on, this Australian independent brand continues to expand its timber frame collection.

A love for design details: Mido optical fair February 2019 – taking a closer look at the inside of  Nina Mûr wooden glasses

In 2011, this level of detail and news in a feed of online content on unique eyewear and accessory independent labels was not available and through the years we have built and are building what we believe to be a remarkable archive dedicated to the leaders and innovators in avantgarde, handmade, luxury and fine glasses, sunglasses and accessories.  Through commitment,  hard work and detailed research, it has been an exciting path of travel, meetings, and factory visits, international fashion weeks and trade fairs..and I am personally grateful for the friends and kind supporters I have encountered a long the way, and the recognition and respect we have built through this time as a trusted resource with a solid global following.

OGI Eyewear
Avantgarde design: Horn spectacles by Rigards, from their 2012 collection – featured on Eyestylist in December 2012

We hope you will take a chance to visit the new Eyestylist website and mobile site ( we launched in December as a prelude to our anniversary and we look forward to bringing you more high quality content for years to come. Remember you can look back at our archive of content since 2011, and read about the evolution of some of the brands that are leading this field today!

Iconic French design: Lafont’s optical model Gaufrette, first published on Eyestylist in August 2011 –

Finally special thanks to the dedicated sponsors of Eyestylist who continue to work with us and inspire us from across the world. Best wishes to you all for the New Year, we hope 2021 brings renewed health and prosperity, time with friends and families, happiness and peace.  Clodagh Norton – / January 2021.

Shelter x Patrick Norguet

Shelter Manufacture collaborates with designer Patrick Norguet in ‘Fusion’, a line of glasses and sunglasses

A new line by the French eco-friendly independent label Shelter Manufacture with designer Patrick Norguet is based on complex architectural structures in Paris, London, Stockholm and Las Vegas. The collection features 10 designs in bio acetate, metal and wood with 70s undertones yet a clear and contemporary cosmopolitan aesthetic. Carefully thought out details bring a unique expression of architectural concepts and inspirations to the handcrafted range. Above: model Dublin in the new capsule collection, ‘Fusion’

Shelter x Norguet – model Stockholm

Shelter Manufacture use wood sheets from the French specialists Marotte in the creation of eyewear collections which uphold sustainable and eco-friendly values and an aesethetic direction that is minimal and timeless in its styling and colour palette. In this new collaboration, the frames are characterised by constrasting surfaces, playful yet discreet colour (including green, deep red, crystal and natural tones such as tortoiseshell), material pairings which offer something a bit different and bold variations on classic frame shapes including square, panto and multi-sided models.

Götti Switzerland
Shelter x Norguet – model Austin

Patrick Norguet is an award-winning French designer who has worked in product design, fashion and architecture. His design agency, which was founded in 2000, is based in Paris. One of his most famous designs is the Rainbow Chair for Cappellini, a work of 1999 and the first of Norguet’s products in collaboration with the Italian avantgarde design house. The new collaboration between Shelter and Norguet was announced at the Silmo HorsLesMurs event in Jardin des Tuileries, Paris in October 2020. To find out more visit the websites: /

Less is more: Falvin Eyewear

An Eyestylist update on Danish design: luxurious, minimal frames that will never go out of style, by jewellery designer, Birgitte Falvin

The jewellery and eyewear designer Birgitte Falvin has released new images of the AW 2020/21 Falvin styles, part of a couture line of frames with a balanced Scandinavian design mood and individualistic finely crafted jewellery details. Featured sunglasses include the Stellar model, a contemporary vision of the traditional cat’s eye shape which balances classical style and contemporary elegance – in this case, with a Danish flavour. Above: Danish model Marina Ohm wears Falvin’s Stellar shades, in matte black with matte black gold detail. The 2020 campaign for Falvin was shot by Danish photographer Henrik Adamsen.

Patrycja wears Arctic by Falvin Eyewear
In tune with geometric trends and architectural influences, ophthalmic model Arctic, pictured above in matte black and black gold detailing, highlights fine Japanese craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic. The large eye shape is a fresh look in the ophthalmic lines and on point for 2021.
Marina wears Twilight by Falvin Eyewear

Falvin’s Twilight frame is prestigious and unique. With a decoration of premium Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, set by Danish specialists, each jewel is mounted using traditional techniques to ensure quality, longevity and exquisitely finished designs.

Götti Switzerland

About the brand: Falvin Eyewear is creating fine eyewear – designed in Denmark and produced in Japan – using materials such as Japanese titanium, 24 carat gold, rose gold, palladium and diamonds. Creator Birgitte Falvin trained as a jewllery designer and has a special appreciation for products crafted in unique materials, inspired by exciting architecture and following the Danish design mantra of quality with focus on “less is more”.

EoE Eyewear: surprises for the season

Eco glasses – The label from Swedish Lapland pushes boldly forward with new, expressive, ideas in its sun and optical collections where contemporary design links with consistent sustainable focus and innovation. This brand proposes creative concepts distinctive in their eco-friendly commitments while combining the elegance and simplicity of Scandinavian design with the stark beauty of the nature of its homelands. Above: the cat eye model Burträsk by EoE Eyewear.

Eco glasses – Burträsk by EoE Eyewear – made from acetate remnants

A highlight of the line this season is the structured, oversized cat eye model Burträsk, a frame made from “valuable waste”.  “Normally when glasses are produced from virgin acetate, more than 75% goes to waste,” EoE told Eyestylist. “The material that isn’t used simply ends up on factory floors – considered useless. At EoE, we take care of this waste, turning it into beautiful, wearable new frame styles.”

Dorotea by EoE Eyewear

Acetate with flecks of natural fir tree needles is a novel addition in the line and the first of its kind. The Dorotea model (above) is an old-time favourite at EoE and the decorative make-over in the material is extremely elegant and eye-catching. This model is inspired by a village along highway E45. EoE explain: “The village – Dorotea – in Vasterbotten County was named after Queen Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina but we love the nickname, “the southern entrance to Lapland.”

OGI Eyewear
Close-up of model Dorotea in acetate with fir tree needles embedded in the material

In 2020, EoE has released a series of bestsellers in new colours and materials as a celebration of their 10th Anniversary. To read more about the 2020 editions by EoE, click on the link: To see more of the latest styles by this label, visit EoE Eyewear at

Pantone 2021 tones are here

Already influencers in eyewear?

Pantone has announced “Illuminating” and “Ultimate gray” as their two colours of 2021. This selection, they say, offers an overall message of strength, hope, optimism and resilience. The tones are close to a palette of fresh yellow hues and silvers/grey crystal hues circulating in the Autumn/Winter collections of specs and sunglasses – and shades that Eyestylist expects to develop further into Spring/Summer 2021.  The bright yellow tone ‘Illuminating’ is said to evoke “optimistic promise of a sunshine-filled day”. Ultimate Gray is described as a shade which offers “composure, steadiness and resilience”. The grey tone has a natural stone-like quality which Pantone points to as “the colour of pebbles on the beach and natural elements whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to stand the test of time.” Above: already in the Oliver Goldsmith collection: the stunning round OOPS in colour ‘steel’ (1973) – a very light, delicate grey wash with a soft crystal compliment. Click on the link to view the product

Alexandria by Andy Wolf – SS21

Model Alexandria in the Andy Wolf collection combines a milky white with flecks of yellow neon, close to the “Illuminating” hue. The wide, low cateye model is one of several examples in the collection that features a different, modern forward-focused palette and examples of clear lightly toned silver, yellowish and metallic tones and finishes.

theo’s Potatoes Acetate – aviator style Potatismos in yellow (ref .45)

theo belgium has always played with signature yellow tones in its avantgarde eyewear collections. The Potatoes “Acetate” line released this year features three models – Potatismos, Stoemp and Stamppot – in this bright attractive head-turning yellow tone.

OGI Eyewear
Thomas at Ørgreen Optics

Thomas is part of Ørgreen‘s acetate collection which takes a unique and bold approach to colour. The line has some very interesting crystal tones of clear smoke and some striking variations using very modern colour combinations and classical accents such as havana. Model Thomas is pictured here in stone blue/blue

For more on colour trends download our latest bulletin:


Oversized glasses: Peoples from Barbados

As the eyewear brands hail “oversized” as a key trend for ’21, the Peoples from Barbados PFB-16 is one that fits right in, while preserving an individual structured statement design that’s special to this collection, born in Barbados. Modelled by blue-eyed Barbadian beauty Jalicia Nightengale and photographed by Jaryd Niles Morris, the stylish coloring of the frame originates from the traditional wooden “chattel” house after which it is named.

Jalicia Nightengale wears Peoples from Barbados

Known particularly for its sensational colorful sunglasses collection, filled with an incredible colour palette and design details inspired by the natural beauty and traditions of the Bajan culture, Peoples from Barbados by Alicia Hartman has become known for its successful balance of statement design and comfort and fit across its glasses range. (more…)

OGI Eyewear

Intuitive colour: Folc Eyewear

Barcelona-based designer Marta Llinares Perez of Folc Eyewear has a particularly beautiful mood-enhancing glasses colour palette for the months ahead

Seasonal colours for Spring are already on our Eyestylist horizons as winter sets in! And with the intense situation of recent months, a move toward calm, positive, tranquil colours looks set to be an immediately appealing, essential stimulus for good energy and optimism in 2021.

Folc Eyewear’s (Barcelona) new imagery struck a chord with our editorial team. The colour palette of the collection – which features striking, bevelled architectural acetate shapes, some with an oversized design and ‘sculpted’ finish – includes light tones of aqua and touches of blue as well as deeper forest green hues and delightful transparent cantaloupe or rose. Above: model Roundy – glasses colour – aqua mix by Folc Eyewear

OGI Eyewear
Folc Eyewear – model Lizy green combo – with a deep red temple tone

These tones, against a fresh and stimulating backdrop + styling focusing on details in coral, aqua mint and soft neutrals were instantly representative of a definitive trend toward a softness and lightness in the new collections, paving the way for a new vibrancy and visual purity that calls for simple, flattering tones that we can easily enjoy to wear. (more…)

Op-art inspired: FACE A FACE Hollow

The Parisian label proposes a new visual experience in its latest collections. Hollow, a concept playing with transparency, neon and multi-textured surfaces is one of the highlights in the collection for the season to come.

Bold. Intense. Almost dizzying. With artistic references, interpreted in creative “graphic effects”. Hollow by FACE A FACE is one of the concept styles for the new season, a grouping of frames crafted in homage to artists of extraordinary stature: Escher, Vasarely and Bridget Riley. Above: the new FACE A FACE campaign, featuring the Hollow frame.

HOLLOW1: layering up in new season colour – a bold, round eye shape by FACE A FACE

Hollow1 – now available in 8 individualistic colorways, is at its most dramatic in the new flash blue under a contrasting shocking fresh papaya tone that highlights the details. Furthermore, the style boasts a precision machined shaping under the temple, with a front that displays different layers to create texture and an illusion of light. The frame is closely inspired by Bridget Riley and her works where geometry and optical effects are explored along with exciting notions of how to combine colours where the tones boldly echo one another and interact together.

HOLLOW3 – a classic shape with a colourful update

In Hollow3, neon touches punctuate the completely clear temple tips, and seem to be suspended in the air; the glittery and pearly tones highlight the futuristic spirit of the design.


Created in Paris more than 20 years ago, FACE A FACE has become a contemporary reference in eyewear. Inspired by the boldness of modern art – a beloved theme of creative director Pascal Jaulent – the brand remains audacious and avant-garde while displaying a creativity in colours and expressions that has brought them recognition and accolades through many years. For further details: 

Written by Clodagh Norton, – all rights reserved.

Emerging label: Shelter

Elegant, eco-friendly, and made-in-France

Luxurious, design-focused and crafted in the Jura, the team behind up-and-coming eco brand Shelter says their passion is creativity and working with natural wood.

The main collection – Renaissance, featuring compressed wood layers and metal, is based around an intense 2-year development for a patent. “The frames are light, thin yet flexible and strong,” Amicie de Bouteiller told Eyestylist in an interview this week. “We developed them making sure that the lenses can easily be placed in the frame. The Smartwood patent is in the glue and the technique we have developed for compressing the thin layers of wood.” Above: model Gabrielle by Shelter worn by Agnès.

Andrea in the Renaissance collection by Shelter

A second collection, Douce France, which takes as its reference from the beauty of the French forests, features bio-acetate with the essence and “feeling” of different types of French wood, a choice which includes palm, spruce, walnut burl and crab apple. The materials in this line are exclusively recycled or recyclable.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Jean in the Renaissance collection by Shelter

Making their first appearance at Silmo, the Paris optical fair, in 2018, Shelter who are based in Cran Gevrier, Annecy exhibited at the recent Silmo Hors Les Murs, this year’s “substitute road show” event which opened in Paris in Jardin des Tuileries in October.

Gabin in walnut burl from the Douce France collection by Shelter

The brand’s commitment to sustainable values and eco-friendly production is manifested in many ways from the selection of materials – which includes upcycled wood sheets from the French specialists Marotte – and a commitment to a philosophy of “less is more”: “for each new frame, we attach a real importance to not being wasteful in the use of the primary material.” Find out more at: 

Nina Mûr: an ode to optimism

An experiment comes to fruition: The Good Quarantine collection 2020, produced in a virtual collaboration with opticians around the world

Sustainable principles, a shared human experience and a creative vision: Nina Mûr’s Good Quarantine collection has launched this season. Through a process of virtual consultation and an exchange of ideas during the isolation of lockdown in April and May, the concepts for each model grew out of shared experiences and design discussion, fueling creativity as an “escape” in difficult and uncertain times. Above: model Bux in blue steel / hammered gold. The imagery in the new campaign was inspired by haunting images of David Lynch

Ansostyle in the TGQ Limited Edition Collection

“We collected the cinematographic and surrealism of the moment that we lived during lockdown, while we created this very special collection together….” Lorena Serrano, co-founder and creative director

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland

Participating opticians were eventually invited to submit their original designs to be voted on by a panel of professionals, among which Eyestylist was delighted to take part. The resulting collection includes 5 models – Alohe, Ansostyle, Ottificio, Bux and R&B, each one made to order in the label’s high-quality birch wood, a material that is flexible, lightweight and perfectly sustainable, with origins in a reforested cultivation in Finland.

Model R&B in the TGQ Limited Edition collection

For more details about the TGQ project read Eyestylist’s first feature about the collection written in April 2020 during lockdown: For details about the frames which are made-to-order, visit

Ørgreen Optics: Imaginary Lines

New models launched: Ørgreen Optics’ ultra thin eyewear in advanced titanium

The Danish brand’s new Imaginary Lines collection pays tribute to the Ørgreen ethos of innovation combined with material quality, design precision and colour nuances. The seven new models announced are testimony to a label that continues to push boundaries with creative drive and a committed design attitude resulting in contemporary proposals in unique and refreshing colours. Above & below: Balancing colour and design in the Imaginary Lines collection: Model Hemishere by Ørgreen

Model Hemishere by Ørgreen in mat Miami Ocean green

The classically inspired shapes include model Hemisphere, a perfectly round frame, inspired by the imaginary lines that define the globe. A delicate but impactful frame,  the design embodies the lightness of state-of-the-art titanium and the elegance of the brand’s colour world. The colorways range from a shiny rose gold to mat miami ocean green / mat white gold – a light, pure and delicate combination for natural skin tones.

Model Tropics by Ørgreen, in mat lavender with mat rose gold

Not to be mistaken with tropical islands, the Tropics frame is named after the regions of Earth surrounding the Equator. A fashion forward frame – distinct for its characteristic geometrical shape, this style is offered in a range of six colours, including mat deep space blue / mat rose gold, and mat brown / shiny gold.

Model Border by Ørgreen in antique blue

A highlight for men, the Border frame is also the result of a meticulous design – with emphasis on an ultra slim and cool looking double bridge. A wide frame (available in size 56-16-137) and made to fit larger faces, it comes in a range of six colours, including trendy antique finishes of blue, gun or teal.

Ørgreen Optics is an innovator in the field of eyewear with collections which include acetate and precious metals – titanium and beta-titanium. Find out more about the new Imaginary Lines capsule collection highlighting combinations of 100% pure titanium and beta-titanium at

Something for the weekend: theo

theo Lavalands “hot vs. cold” – geologic-inspired designs, in daring colours

Inspired by the raw encounters of the forces of nature – hot lava and cool seawater – and the creation of unique volcanic islands, a new series by theo pushes the boundaries of eyewear creativity for the new season – as we’d expect – with stark contrasts in materials and powerful somewhat awe-inspiring colour choices. The five frames – named after well-known volcanic islands – Santorini (Italy), Maui (Hawaii), Flores (Indonesia), Karukera (Guadeloupe) and Aogashima (Japan) combine warm acetate and cool steel, with contrasting angles, smooth surfaces and strong, exhilarating shapes – all in their own way daring, idiosyncratic and spectacularly dramatic. Above: model Karukera by theo in the Lavalands collection – an iconic round shape in the series.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
Model Aogashima by theo © 2020 copyright protected Artworks,
Photography & Graphic Design!

Each model is available in eight contrasting colours and materials, with highlights including fiery tones of yellow and orange and signature theo colours of bright blue, cool “ash” grey and hot pink. The line is one of three new collections themed under the motto “theo goes upstream” – promising an injection of absolute uniqueness and personal style – in pure design that goes far beyond its functional purpose. Access more visuals and further details on Lavalands at theo’s website –

Mykita Lite: essentials for the season

Mykita’s edit in the Lite collection for autumn/winter points to timeless qualities in classic eyewear shapes and essential technical precision to create frames that are easy-to-wear while imbued with a stylish spirit for today. The models are strong yet understated, and come in predominantly natural tones, to complete the autumn wardrobe, metallics and neutrals such as dark brown, mocca and raw green for lenses. Above: Mykita Lite Jul – a lightweight stainless steel frame with slender acetate details – image from the 2020 campaign shot by Mark Borthwick for Mykita.

Paulson from the Mykita Lite collection, combining stainless steel + acetate

The classic panto shape model Paulson is offered both as an ophthalmic frame or sunglass style. For sunglasses, the tinted lenses of the Lite collection have anti-reflective coatings on the reverse side and total protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as protection from glare.

OGI Eyewear
Flemming in the Mykita Lite collection – pictured in glossy gold

Round shape Flemming is a wonderful balance of comfort and lightness, with a simple construction and fine lines, and it comes in metallics such as gold or silver as well as black or navy. The frame is one of those classic designs that reflects an iconic look of the past in a union with modern manufacturing. Mykita Lite frames are defined by their smooth contemporary silhouettes and pure constructions and are made exclusively in Berlin, Germany at the Mykita Haus (Kreuzberg).  Find out more at

Sustainable eyewear: Sea2see for aw 20/21

New releases: setting the agenda for timeless, comfortable designs in recycled marine plastic

In a climate that continues to make sustainability a more pressing priority in fashion, independent eyewear label Sea2see is achieving notoriety as eyewear’s eco disruptor, wherever it goes. As well as their social enterprise initiatives in Africa for the collection of waste – creating a new source of income for local communities – the brand has recently launched a special edition ‘Chinook’ Collection of sunglasses supporting @searchingforchinook – an initiative to protect the last 72 Southern resident orcas. Sea2see also works closely with leading retailers around the world to promote their “seastainable” values and initiatives for recycling marine plastic…among them is the Canadian chain New Look Eyewear whose latest campaign for Sea2see features the vegan activist and eco influencer Jessie Nadeau. Above: New Look campaign with Sea2see: Jessie Nadeau wears model Verona 03 by Sea2see. Photo courtesy of New Look Eyewear.

Murano by Sea2see – a bold construction with key hole bridge

A keyhole bridge detail gives model Murano a distinctive retro design in line with the trend for timeless styles. The frame has an oval eyeshape with a thick rim. Colours include matte black (above), blue and matte havana.

Götti Switzerland
Santorini by Sea2see – a classic round shape with narrow flattering frame shaping

The intellectual round shape model Santorini is a new entry in the autumn/winter line and comes in a choice of bold colour combinations of red/blue or retro-inspired classics such as black or tortoise (pictured).

Sea2see’s contemporary, lightweight, robust frames are made from the company’s own recycled material deriving from marine plastic and collected by Sea2see’s initiative – established in Europe and West Africa over the last four years. The collection is made in Italy and is now available worldwide through independent retailers and leading chains such as Synsam in Scandinavia ( and  New Look in Canada ( Find out more and see the new models online at

New icons: Lafont Paris

It’s coming up to one year exactly since our visit to the creative studio of Thomas Lafont and Lafont Paris HQ in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a leafy south western corner of Paris near Porte de Versailles. This elegant, personal and historic world of creativity continues the traditions set by earlier generations since 1923, and Laurence and Philippe Lafont, Thomas’ parents before him. In their place of work, brothers Thomas and Matthieu Lafont, now the custodians of the business, are surrounded by fine books and arts and textile inspiration, as well as the rich and colourful archives of the esteemed French family business. Above: at the entrance of Lafont Paris, an explanation of the making of Jupiter, one of the label’s iconic P3 frames. This wonderfully classic frame style continues to be available – and is updated in a range of colorations.

Hirondelle 4047 by Lafont Paris; this intricate frame is named after the swallow, the small delicate pointed-winged bird

A year on, the latest Lafont frame creations, launched this September (at the Paris edition of Silmo Outside the Walls), are a reminder of Thomas’ dedicated creative work, highlighting a unique interest in textiles and how texture, pattern and playful colour combinations can be achieved in fine acetate. Model Hirondelle explores marble-like patterning with a bi-colour front in delicate complementary tones.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Halley 1082 by Lafont Paris: iconic pairing of panther print and crystal clear acetate – a specialty at the Parisian eyewear design house

Model Halley is the latest Lafont style in a line of rich and exotic animal print creations, each one bearing the signature artisan qualities of the fine materials, studied combinations and exquisite ‘made in France’ production so dear to the house. Lafont Paris is celebrating its 40th anniversary.  To find out more, visit their website and blog at

Lunettes Alf: through trends and time

Ageless beauty meets timeless design in new portrait imagery by Dorian Prost for Lunettes Alf

The new campaign from Lunettes Alf, rolling out in the months to come, expresses the modern versatility of the French artisan label, and its sober minimalistic style, inspired by iconic glasses of the 1920s and subsequent eras, with particular fondness for the 50s, 60s and 70s. Delicate yet powerful, ageless and uncluttered, the collection by Alf promises elevated finesse through primary materials – refined hand polished Japanese acetate combined with photochromic mineral glass lenses, and for the cord and case, natural leather. Above: Bernard Fouquet wears model h19.01, the optical version of Alf’s e18.01, an elegant, classic round spectacle design. Photography by Dorian Prost

a20.02 by Lunettes Alf worn by Maeva Prigent

Model a20.02 is a reinterpretation of a frame created by the Italian ‘salute pubblica‘ (National Health system) in the 1960s. The rectangular design and strong shaping of the bridge is reminiscent of Marcello Mastroianni’s eyewear style in Fellini’s great cinematic works. The frame is well suited to men and women and an oval face shape and comes in a retro-inspired variety of colours which include clear crystal, dark tortoise and black.

Götti Switzerland
a20.02 by Lunettes ALF worn by Bart Alalof

Lunettes Alf – and their artisan eyewear collection 20/21 was created by brothers Germain and Alexis Bouchara in 2018 and has quickly become available at some of the world’s finest optical boutiques including Kitschenberg (Munich), Frank Lo (Rome) and Opta (Paris). To find out more about the latest additions in the Lunettes Alf collection visit their website at

Kirk & Kirk : bold + colourful for ’21

Supersize styles in confident colours, from the UK design label

The colours just keep coming at the British eyewear company, Kirk & Kirk, whose latest additions in the Centena collection offer extra large sizes in bright, exciting statement colorways. The Kirks say that they are responding to a demand for larger sizing (adding eye sizes 59 and 60) with, in models Angus and Guy, an elevated choice of bright acrylic translucent tones – beyond the mainstream styles in brown and black. Above: Model Guy in the Centena collection. This square and angular men’s frame has a distinguished double bridge detail and thick temples. These frames come in a choice of ten technicolor tints.

Götti Switzerland
All about style: Angus from the Centena Collection by British label Kirk & Kirk – in colour ‘jade’

Model Angus has a square eye shape with flat brow line. Created in acrylic in small traditional spectacle-making factories in France, the frames are very light to wear. By using a 10mm thick material the frame has the extra advantage of hiding “even the most challenging of lens prescriptions” to ensure a strong fashion vibe as well as real comfort. Read about the latest updates here and find out more at

Highlighted brand: Reflect Eyewear, London

Thomas Farrow Tomson wrote to us about unique sunglasses brands for a younger age group, from around 16. There began a project to identify specific collections, more unusual and unique styles, and an opportunity to highlight those frames and their details and benefits to reach the 16-25 age group wishing for fashion with an ethos of style, comfort and originality.

Reflect Eyewear, from London combines a love for hand-finished Italian craftsmanship and distinctive gender-neutral shapes and colours made for all ages, without using conspicuous logos and leaving the design and overall look to speak for itself. Their appeal for the young wearer and this particular audience is the combination of design, quality and price – at £179 sterling (online) they are affordable and similarly priced to mass-produced “famous” fashion eyewear brands.

Above: Thomas wears AF11 Unique by Reflect Eyewear, an Italian acetate sunglass style with Carl Zeiss Vision sun lenses – “As many of my close friends know, I have strong feelings about being myself and showing who I am. You can do this even through the expression and style of your glasses….” Thomas Farrow Tomson – photography by @suede_baby

The AF13 by Reflect (above and below) has a thick Mazzucchelli (Italian made) acetate frame fitted with Carl Zeiss Vision sunlenses for high-quality UV protection. The squareish bold eye shape of the front mixes corners and curves which complement the contours of the face.

Götti Switzerland

Reflect model AF8

Model AF8 in clear pink has a downward curve in the top bar and matching crystal pink infused frame and lens, a look that is back with a vengeance for trans-seasonal wear.

About the brand – the London-based brand Reflect Eyewear was founded by Andrea Pisano and Francesco del Garda two years ago. Their aim was to create a high-quality line of glasses, produced in Italy with timeless yet innovative designs that could appeal to an audience who seeks a distinctive and unique style. The brand first launched its models at Sonar, the electronic music festival in Barcelona. Later in June 2019, to mark the launch of the ‘Colour’ collection Reflect Eyewear presented an installation with elements of wood and mirrors at the luxury designer store LABOUTIK during London Fashion Week.

Photography by @suede_baby. Model – Thomas Farrow Tomson @thomasfarrowtomson – for Eyewear by Reflect Eyewear – – For enquiries about product placements and working with our UK-based team of photographers and models, please contact [email protected]

Newcomer highlight: Tyche + Iset Eyewear, Los Angeles

Virtual products showcase The Galápagos Collection is a metaphorical reflection of my journey within the eyewear industry as an emerging designer, says Morganne Leigh, founder and designer, Tyche + Iset Eyewear. She says this latest Collection has evolved into a lesson about persistence and adaptation in order to survive; such as the exotic flora and fauna of the famed islands in the Pacific Ocean. Pictured above: Las Islas in midnight marble

Las Mariposas sunglasses comes in three unique colours

Bold, glamorous, with fine crafting and careful attention to materials, the line offers versatile shapes (find geometric, oval and oversized squareish forms), and a confident artistic design language.

Las Iguanas from the Galápagos collection

The award-winning young label Tyche + Iset Eyewear is founded on the mythological aspects of life, telling stories through eclectic and alluring design.

OGI Eyewear
Products: Galápagos collection Brand: Tyche + Iset Eyewear Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

French chic at Volte Face Paris

Virtual products showcase Volte Face, from French design house JF Rey, is synonymous with a classic offbeat style. The label introduces new exciting silhouettes for the season, infused by a free and powerful femininity of spirit. Shapes and details alongside exclusive colorations come with patterned materials in unexpected transparencies and finely finished mix-and-match tones. Above: model OHM in the Volte Face line: the frame is inspired by the Art Deco movement

Ofelie by Volte Face

Innovative light effects, hidden details and sculpted volumes are characteristics of the new frames. Model Ofelie is representative of the combination styles in metal and acetate. A narrow metal bar in two colours defines the brow line and complements the acetate colorations.



Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
Ola by Volte Face

The handmade classic shapes of Ola (above) and Onyx (below) are paired with a pretty textured-look acetate informed by the iconic technical folds of couture pieces by Issey Miyake. The material is delicately sculpted using a sharp milling technique giving the frames exceptional shine and artistic qualities playing with reflection.


Onyx by Volte Face
The designs reflect a Parisian elegance, with creative, multi-colored proposals which give the line its wearable, modern aesthetic.
Product: Ola, Onyx, Ohm and Ofelie Brand: Volte Face at JF Rey Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Frame Chain: Vintage Disco is here!

The new arrivals at Europe’s favourite ‘eyecessorry’ label – for masks, specs and sunnies

Virtual products showcase The Frame Chain team are back with a new accessories collection, designed to bring edge and style to glasses and sunglasses – while offering a convenient way to hold a face mask.

“We can’t burn up the dance floor right now but we are keeping Disco alive, at home, in the office or at a socially distanced gathering,” say co-founders of Frame Chain Vanessa Harrington and Ann-Margret Kearney, who debuted their collections in 2014, at Liberty of London. “Now is the moment to add a little bit of optimistic charm to your everyday frames.” Above: model Donnie in yellow gold

Frame Chain goes Disco

The Vintage Disco collection features graphic or sensual links in 18ct yellow, white or rose gold plating. The styles are versatile, functional, stylish and fun: you can chain your frames with one style or layer them for added glamour. Each chain can also be worn as a necklace or choker.

Fashion and function have always been the raison d’etre at Frame Chain and their styles remain extremely versatile; they make a perfect solution for holding a mask – as well as glasses.

OGI Eyewear

Frame Chain: now a favourite accessory to hold a face mask close by

Frame Chain is a leader in the optical accessories arena, with worldwide stockists in both fashion and optics. The designs are inspired by diverse sources – vintage jewellery, everyday accessories and 90s streetwear, and feature a range of embellishments such as Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearls.

Products: Vintage Disco collection Brand: Frame Chain Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

SALT. Optics: Andy + Henderson

Virtual products showcase Fans of the Californian-designed SALT. Optics collections have something new to look forward to for the season. The highlights include models Andy and Henderson, two frames for those who love classic style, a Japanese handcrafted finish and the wonderfully subtle, nature-inspired colorations typical of the label. Pictured above: model Andy by SALT. Optics.

Andy by SALT. Optics – pictured in black. Made in Japan
The acetate frame Andy has a substantial frame, with a rounded panto inspired unisex shape – it’s a totally versatile classic.The technical spec is typical of a SALT. frame with details such as rivet hinges, polarized glass and CR-39 lenses and a finish with a high lustre.
Henderson – new colours are now available

The Henderson titanium style (available in optical and sun) sees the addition of two brand new colours: Black Sand/Honey Gold and Copper/Antique Gold.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Paying homage to semi-structured eyewear, a mainstay of the rock & roll and civil rights movements of the 1950’s and 60’s, these tapered titanium optical frames highlight the same classic aesthetic, while utilizing modern flat-sheet titanium technology. The Henderson features two-tone colour options, custom bridge bevels, and top-down tapered titanium thickness allowing for a unique design language, clean colour transitions, and an amazingly balanced, comfy feel.
Henderson: a fine example of SALT.’s titanium collection
Products: Henderson and Andy Brand: SALT. Optics Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Rolf Spectacles: natural focus

Virtual products showcase A classic car – the Vauxhall Velox –  informed the design of the new walnut Velox style in Rolf Spectacles’ Evolved collection. The car, which was in production from 1948 to 1965 was a large family car with a design that mirrored North American styling trends of the time with tail fins, swathes of chrome, and wrap-around front screen.

Velox in the Evolved collection by Rolf Spectacles

With its subtle curves, the distinctive Rolf style is available in four different wood combinations. These highly researched natural and sustainable woof materials offer a wealth of benefits including comfort and durability and the designs feature a unique wooden hinge free from screws and metal parts.

Velox in the Evolved collection by Rolf Spectacles

The Rolf Spectacles’ Evolved collection is known for exclusive design, natural materials including wood and stone and a detailed precision in handcrafting to produce timeless, one-of-a-kind designs which are made to last. The label has been awarded numerous design awards including most recently the Muse award for its smoked larch and cherry frame called “Lark”.

Product: Velox in the Evolved collection Brand: Rolf Spectacles Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Erker’s 1879

An historic label with an evolving modern style

Virtual products showcase The US heritage brand Erker’s unveils its new models in the Trumpet collection, a much anticipated frame series which upholds the distinctive style and handcrafted finish of this family-owned brand, born in Saint Louis, Missouri. With its range of materials which include stainless steel and high density acetate, a wide palette of colours, and shapes that evoke a respect for tradition and craftsmanship, the technical precision of these products has been refined to maximum effect for a well-balanced and comfortable fit. Above: Model wears model Busch by Erker’s in crystal – a style which is described as “fitting like a glove”. The model combines an acetate front and stainless steel temples

Convy in the Trumpet Collection by Erker’s – in navy/gun: classic with a touch of modernism

Among the noteworthy products here for the new season is model Convy in the Trumpet collection; the style has a thin, metal, modified square shape with a bold, acetate brow line and is part of this line dedicated to a classical yet revolutionary design aesthetic inspired by Miles Davis and his extraordinary virtuosity in music. According to the Erker’s family, this completely fresh, one-of-a-kind expression has been an underlying inspiration for the company, and its “trumpet logo” defines this spirit, a reminder of the brand’s geographic location in Saint Louis, birthplace of Miles Davis and home to some of the world’s most outstanding jazz and blues, since the early 1900s.

Cedric by Erker’s in brown: beautiful colorways and distinctive features

Cedric: A larger rectangle with a key hole bridge, the Cedric frame is created is a strong material to achieve a thinner yet noticeable fit; this hand polished frame features Erkers’ traditional hallmark rivets on the temples.

Götti Switzerland
OGI Eyewear
Davis by Erker’s in silver: a durable, modern stainless steel frame

Model Davis, from the Trumpet collection, with its pared-down stainless steel rim, has an interesting shape that fits a wide range of faces and is very flattering on the wearer.

Family owned Erker’s Eyewear began in 1879 and grew into a global eyewear design and manufacturing house at the forefront of innovative optical design and craftsmanship. The company describes itself as “the oldest optical company in the United States” and is still owned by descendants of founding father, A.P. Erker and brother, August. The label has recently become available in fine eyewear boutiques in Europe.

Products: Busch, Convy, Cedric, Davis Brand: Erker’s 1879 Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].

Blackfin: titanium edge

Virtual products showcase Titanium models Hoover, Greenport and Crosby are among a selection of products announced this month at the Italian label Blackfin. The frames represent a new offer for the Autumn/Winter 20/21 season comprising 10 styles – seven in the Blackfin One line and three featured shapes in the Razor line. Above: Blackfin’s Timeless Memories campaign in 2020, shot on location at The Great Cretto, in Southern Italy

Model Hoover by Blackfin – distinguished titanium design

Model Hoover features large rims, and a lively colour palette of bold, fresh colour combinations. Find the frame in dark blue/Venetian red, metallic bright blue/matte black, blue/glossy silver (above) and a smart classic black with gunmetal grey/glossy silver.

Model Greenport by Blackfin: for those who love a minimal metal style

A squared frame in matte or metal pastel colours (they include gunmetal grey + metallic bright blue/matte black) Greenport is part of the Razor collection of streamlined 1mm thick titanium designs. The shapes are informed by distinctive retro traits.

Model Crosby by Blackfin: statement style

In the Blackfin One line, model Crosby is a large round panto with a thick front rim. The colour choices are typical of Blackfin’s Italian styling. The expressive combinations of gunmetal grey/metallic bright blue, dark graphite blue/matte red and army green/mauve green are particularly eye-catching.

Products: Crosby, Hoover, Greenport Brand: Blackfin Website: Contact address: [email protected]

About the Eyestylist virtual products showcase: the Eyestylist virtual products showcase offers a unique launchpad for new avantgarde, artisan or luxury eyewear and sunglass products – through Autumn 2020. The showcase is an initiative designed to connect Eyestylist readers and specialist designers in the absence of international trade fairs + launch events due to the Coronavirus pandemic. For more details email [email protected].