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Vava Eyewear x Olympic stadium architect Kengo Kuma 3D printed capsule

Framed as buildings, the new Limited Edition eyewear, designed with the world renowned Tokyo Olympic stadium architect, imagines the face as a landscape. The technologically advanced, evocative designs are inspired by Kengo Kuma’s architectural masterpieces

Independent eyewear brand VAVA’s architectural eyewear style takes a new and striking turn through a collaborative project with the architect of Japan’s national ‘Olympic’ stadium Kengo Kuma. Inspired by Kuma’s work, the embodiment of transparency and lightness, which looks to the future while echoing Japanese tradition, this new collaborative Limited Edition works with a combination of super light sustainable materials and complex structures, only achievable via 3D printing. Above: model CL0015 takes inspiration from the concept that the production of architecture is fundamentally a process of weaving. Many of Kuma lab’s design projects can be understood as a pursuit of different types of weaving of diverse materials exploring concepts such as pliancy, precision, lightness and strength; the Tokyo Olympic stadium – officially the Japan National Stadium – also features a woven lattice structure (in wood) referencing traditional Japanese architecture

VAVA x Kengo Kuma 3D printed eyewear – model CL0013 : materials were carefully considered to fulfil Kuma’s design philosophy of modesty

Model CL0013 is a tribute to the traditional Japanese wooden building technique – ‘Kumiki’. These techniques have been explored in depth by Kuma for his wooden (or mixed) structures, which arise from a simple pattern of assembly and, through different intersections and angles, generate a complex whole.

VAVA x Kengo Kuma model CL0013: high-tech, sustainable, conscious design

Both models are 3D printed, with the use of a natural high-quality polyamide (Rilsan® Invent by Arkema) made from a 100% renewable source (castor seeds). The castor beans used to produce oil for the material is sourced from a cooperative of certified farmers in Gujarat, India. The 3D printing technology allows the adoption of complex eyewear designs and extraordinary freedom for advanced functional and stylistic features, while using the minimum material required. A colour palette that integrates precisely with the architectural inspiration and offers a new direction at VAVA with shades of ‘Caribou’ brown, a soft yellow, a light pistachio and a natural ‘Aqua’ blue.

MOREL par Jean Nouvel
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About Kengo Kuma: Kengo Kuma is a globally acclaimed Japanese architect who has offices in both Tokyo and Paris. He is one of the most significant Japanese figures in contemporary architecture,  and the creator of numerous works which include the Asakusa Culture and Tourism Center in Tokyo and the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. Kengo Kuma is famous for his design philosophy of modesty, rejecting flashy forms in favour of buildings in harmony with their environment; he is also the designer of the Japan National Stadium in Tokyo which has been built for the 2021 Olympic Games.

VAVA x Kengo Kuma Limited Edition (just 100 pieces per colour) will be available in stores from July 2021. Find out more about the project at

Australia: new brand launch by mother and son duo

‘The Elusive Miss Lou’ brings colour, bright pattern and sunny vibes, post pandemic

Out of lockdown, and now post pandemic from Australia comes a new artistic quality driven line of eyewear from Teiger and Louise Sceats, a mother and son ‘dynamic duo’ with proven experience of optics and fashion. The brand, named ‘The Elusive Miss Lou’ is all about colour, pattern and fun, offering frames which suit your face and lifestyle and “allow you to express yourself!”

From a family of optics, which started some 112 years ago, Teiger is the son of Louise and Jonathan Sceats, a design team already well recognised in the world of eyewear. Teiger’s grandfather was an optometrist with a practice on Sydney’s George Street making him the third generation in the family to become immersed in the world of frames and the heir to the family’s creative optical passion.

Above: Louise Sceats, Teiger’s mum, enjoys sitting by the sea and designing happy artworks from her new home on Sydney’s northern beaches, Avalon Beach. After a short lived retirement, Louise has return to her creative passion and involvement with eyewear design; her son Tyger will run and manage the day to day development of the business.

Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
Wearable artworks by Miss Lou: Across The Buttons / colour ‘Life Brights’ – from ‘The Elusive Miss Lou’ collection – a fabric lining in clear crystal matched with a pearly acetate temple

“We are determined to create something really wonderful and spread happiness in what I think we can all agree has been a not so great period of time…”  Teiger Sceats

Across The Box / colour ‘Mind Brights’ – a pretty 1930’s inspired ‘Miss Lou’ design described as “a panto with wings” – the frames feature a gold L initial on each temple

Applying Louise’s creative design experience to Teiger’s story telling and experience growing up with brand creation, the new collection has just come to fruition and embodies the duo’s spirit of resilience, brightness and design originality, through artistic colour mixes, details of fabrics and textures and designs with a bubbly, fresh Australian personality and style. Find out more about the new line at

Online exclusive: Stefan Sagmeister x Götti Switzerland

A collaborative topline design inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo

Götti Switzerland has teamed with New York based Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister – to create a frame inspired by Frida Kahlo. Characterised by a strong, eye-catching browline – described as “a single iconic brush stroke” – over an extremely minimal pared back construction of the lenses, temples and hinges, this frame combines a 3D printed Polyamide brow piece with a very sinuous stainless steel LITE temple. The photochromic light-adaptive lenses adjust from an almost clear 12% indoors to a darker 85% for sunny conditions and offer 100% UVA/B sun protection as well as having an anti-reflective inner coating. Above: the new Limited Edition Frida style with packaging and logo design by Sagmeister

Sagmeister x Götti Switzerland: inspired by Frida Kahlo’s iconic “monobrow”

Sagmeister’s last sabbatical in Mexico City and his perception of Kahlo on souvenir after souvenir – “as a presence for relentless touristic consumption”  – formed the basis of the concept which grew into this design with the Swiss eyewear producer. Sagmeister states: “Kahlo is among the few artists whose fame reached such heights that her features — like Salvador Dali’s mustache or Andy Warhol’s wig — morphed into a visual signifier, a logo. As a designer fascinated by the creation and evolution of such logos, transforming one of them back into a product seemed like the logical thing to do….”

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Releasing a Limited Edition of just 300 pairs – the frame goes on sale online from 10th to 17th June exclusively (at Euro 515). Visit to find complete details.

Last minute beauties for summer

Sunwear makes an audacious statement

As the warmer season gets underway, a pair (or two) of fine new-season statement sunglasses is a fashion essential. The choice is infinite, with bold shapes, block-colours, and vintage-style details offering a particularly eye-catching take on what has become a season of variety and fresh upbeat design in the independent eyewear collections. Above: Metronome Japan’s B-titanium model World Ride in the ‘Kiss the Future” collection. The cat’s eye model has a suspended lens which gives the frame its eye-catching definition.

VAVA Eyewear: model BL0028 in white

VAVA’s BL0028 makes a fresh take on the cat’s eye with an aerodynamic stylised design that fuses futuristic with a glamorous distinction. Inspired by an aeroplane’s tail, its construction is modeled on a ‘cropped delta contour’, which offered exceptional stability during flight. The frame’s bold white colour and sharp lines capture a cool and impactful look. The style is also available in black, matt black, red and matt crystal.

OGI Eyewear
Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021
essedue sunglasses

For those with a love of glamorous colour and form, FACE a FACE propose radical cut out designs for the summer – inspired by the art of Deconstruction. The lenses look as if they have been cut away at the sides. Find beautiful artistic colours in this line which range from milky blue against granita temples with quartz flashes, to crystal peach sliced through with electric yellow.

Flanna by EOE Eyewear in a marble / matt pine wood coloration

Flanna is part of a series of new models by the eco label EOE. These styles are produced in sustainably produced acetate (wood pulp and cellulose) and combine a hand carved appearance with individualistic colours such as the trendy blush and ivory “marble” effect combo above. Find out more about the styles at

Summer vibes with OG Icons

An array of artisan designs are releasing at Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses, including one model originally designed and worn by Audrey Hepburn

Just in, and just in time for the sunny spell! Oliver Goldsmith’s OG Icons collection has six new enticing designs for summer, oozing with the refined and glamorous spirit of the Goldsmith Icons – and its extraordinarily rich history. The OG Icons recreate the brand’s most historic and famous sunglasses worn by a host of celebrities in film, tv and fashion. Above: HEP is one of the new releases: the frame was originally designed for and worn by Audrey Hepburn in the 1960s. Recommended for women with smaller faces who wish to find a comfortable oversized frame with a beautiful timeless elegance, its oval shape is versatile while the colours include very cool nude tones of champagne and pink champagne or classic dark tortoise. The bevelled sculptural quality of this design and its neat vintage key hole bridge are special features.

A layered look: Ego at Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses – designed in 1971. 40 years on, in gorgeous tone-on-tone blush colours

Multi-sided geometric shapes in eyewear are a delightful, alternative shape this season; model Ego is a 1970s variation with a shapely architectural construction that layers a modified hexagon on top of a more squarish shape. If vintage colour is your thing, then this frame delivers with its stylish combinations of black with leopard and tortoise and sand while trendy nude tones of winterfell or pink champagne are feminine, chic and seasonally light.

The good-looking Kendal  sunglasses by Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses were first released in the 1970s – today, they represent the epitome of chic for men in a geometric shape with a linear top line and incredibly refined colours

The 1970s saw a new generation of creative eyewear shapes emerge for men. The Kendal at Oliver Goldsmith is representative of that look with its abstract angles and confident large shape, well adapted to the tastes of the design oriented modern man.

essedue sunglasses
Hall of Frames Zurich Convention Center 12-13 September 2021

All six styles in this new OG release – available for pre-order – are handmade by artisans in Italy. The frames are made from cotton acetate and are fitted with premium, optical grade sun lenses. See the frames online at