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Gigi Studios: colourful models, sculptural shapes

The Spanish label has created a chic capsule collection in an innovative colour palette that is perfectly in tune with the 2024 Spring/Summer season of bold and bright hues

Inspired by exotic fruits and their wealth of colours and textures, the new ‘Odd Fruits Collection’ from Gigi Studios offers colours for all faces, balancing bright tones of melon, grapefruit, guava, dragon fruit, Buddha’s hand fruit and avocado, and a few classic tones of tortoise and black. The styles, which include three sunglasses and three optical frame shapes, play with the exciting tones through translucency and subtle laminations, to create flattering fashion statements with a striking feminine allure. Above: model Citrus, a large hexagonal design – available in rich fruit-inspired colours

Odd Fruits collection by Gigi Studios – model Tender comes in four colours including the bright yellow graduated colouration

The optical styles, named Tender (above), Fresh and Acid are presented in acidic and luminous colours with bold 70s and 80s inspired geometric and oversized shapes that frame the eyes.

VAVA Eyewear
Res Rei
SILMO Paris 20-23 SEPT 2024
Odd Fruits collection by Gigi Studios – sunglass style Lush – one of the three sunglasses in this collection

The rectangular sunglass style Lush (and sister model Bitter) feature laminations that add depth and new nuances to the designs.  The design team explain that these constructions have been worked on to feature bevelling effects that add lightness and that the CR39 sun lenses have been developed in tones which match the acetate colours of the different frames. The visuals for the collection present the frames and their unique colours next to artistic still life compositions featuring the colourful exotic fruits and brightly coloured apparel against a stark minimal studio backdrop. Find out more at

Capote Eyewear: colour for Spring/Summer

The eyewear label from Ibiza adds colour to the acetate collection for Spring/Summer – the frames have a luxurious high gloss finish 

This spring and summer, Capote Eyewear rediscovers the elegance of historical vintage designs, reimagined through the label’s distinctive avant-garde lens and infused with the vibrant spirit of Ibiza by creative director, Alex Capote. “We’ve enriched our classic palette with an array of vivid hues—bright pinks, deep purples, captivating turquoise, and pristine crystal frames,” the designer told Eyestylist. “These additions promise to add a splash of colour to your summer adventures”. The collection, which features Mazzucchelli acetates exclusively, are also ideal to use with prescription lenses, offering a style that is bold – to radiate personality. Above: the new Mazzucchelli acetate colours by Capote Eyewear

OGI Eyewear
SILMO Paris 20-23 SEPT 2024
Götti Switzerland
Capote Eyewear – the translucent turquoise crystal appears to reflect the colour of the Mediterranean

Capote Eyewear has developed a unique aesthetic with a quality-driven focus, and a youthful direction that reflects the Balearic island’s enchanting colours, textures and crystal-clear waters. To read our interview with Alexander Capote visit the link: – For more information on Capote Eyewear visit

Lamarca Eyewear: natural sparkle in Ceselli range

The acetate frames in the Ceselli collection at Lamarca sparkle naturally thanks to an intriguing artisan technique more commonly applied in jewellery

Named after an artisan technique involving particular workmanship in jewellery (“ceselli” means “chiselled” in Italian), the Ceselli collection by Lamarca Eyewear features sophisticated acetate designs worked by hand to create minute 3-dimensional “sculpted” patterns across the acetate surfaces. Referred to as the “Diamantatura” technique, and using tools which feature sharp diamonds, the result of the work is so precise and detailed that no further subsequent polishing of the frames is required once the work has been completed. Colours – and colour combinations – for each frame are selected to enhance the final “brilliance” of the surfaces, which sparkle naturally as if they were embedded with crystals – in both light and dark colours. Above: in the Ceselli collection by Lamarca Eyewear, model 129 offers a 3-toned rounded eye shape with the surface technique decorating the upper section – the frame is also available in a chic black. a lilac and the peach/lilac combination below

Ceselli 129 by Lamarca Eyewear – translucent acetate with a finely worked upper rim that sparkles in the light

The latest models in the line are characterised by fresh elegant translucent colours including 3-tone combinations and single blocked tones which are on-trend this season such as red and bright blue. The particularly flattering shapes featured include a cats eye (137), a soft rectangular eye shape with a curved top line (113) and a round eye shape with a slightly angular or geometric-inspired outer edge (129) – all designs for women that combine timeless design inspiration and elements that are currently popular – particularly via the unique colour stories.

ROLF Spectacles
Götti Switzerland
Ceselli 113 at Lamarca Eyewear – in a lovely shade of bright turquoise blue

The Ceselli collection is one of several families of frames at Lamarca Eyewear, the eyewear brand by the Italian manufacturer, Trisottica – a company that has been honing its expertise in specialist techniques through three decades. In the Lamarca collection, this has allowed a high degree of innovation and artisanal design creativity and the possibility of developing a completely distinctive stylistic identity for the frames. Find out more about the various collections at

View from an expert: Kayla Heersink shares favourite moments in NYC

This feature is the second part of a two-part series in which we ask Kayla Heersink of @opticali_style to share her experiences at Vision Expo East and LOFT NYC with particular emphasis on the North American brands she explored. Heersink is an optician and eyewear expert. To read part 1 of the feature click on this link :

4. Did you come across anything surprising / mind-blowing or just simply beautiful during your days in NYC in March? I did have my mind blown, and that doesn’t happen too often. I was very lucky to get a preview of the inaugural collection of PRESS eyewear. At the heart of PRESS’ philosophy lies a belief in presenting eyewear in its purest form, allowing beautiful materials to shine while ensuring construction is both unique and remarkably comfortable. Each meticulously crafted piece is fashioned from the finest eco-conscious materials available, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The collection is entirely handmade in Japan. Above: Kayla wearing sunglasses by PRESS Eyewear 

Barracuda and Bel Air by PRESS Eyewear

The debut collection features 22 styles across four distinct storylines. For me, the stand-out collection is “The Streamline Collection,” which are jaw-droppingly beautiful titanium pieces that draw inspiration from the elegance of 1950s era automotive design. Streamline is a celebration of exceptional metal craftsmanship. I didn’t want to take these off. They are SO beautiful.

I also loved “The Legends Collection,” handcrafted bio-acetates, that have the big and bold aesthetic without the weight. This collection reimagines favorite artists in a contemporary style. PRESS meticulously considered bridge fit and sizing to cater to clients around the world, ensuring a perfectly comfortable fit for every wearer. Just wow! Above: Press Eyewear – models Bel Air and Barracuda

PRESS Eyewear: Melissa Press wears model Cobra

5. Did you visit any one more than once because you fell in love with their eyewear? I was too busy to visit anyone more than once!

6. Did you learn something new about eyewear craftsmanship or design at any of the North American brands you visited? Rapp Eyewear, out of Toronto, Canada can be completely customized. Individual color and temple length selection, allow shops to get as close to bespoke as possible. Rapp’s signature satin finish acetates and brushed titanium temples can be tailored to fit an individual need. They are expert at using cuts, to reveal. They specialize in difficult fits, and see no reason why a -10 D can’t be fashionable. It only takes two weeks to switch a frame color from one style to another. Frame design is a very collaborative process, with staff and family all weighing in.

Rapp Eyewear – individual and beautifully finished

Each Rapp frame is named and shaped after their customers and friends. When a frame is named after someone, it will also perfectly fit and flatter that person. It’s not just a nominal tribute, but also a celebration of the unique individual. I saw 3 frames created for the same woman, each representing a different facet of her personality. Beauty and color are very important, “they give the feeling of drinking, but without the bad effect – softning things.” Rapp has created my very favorite sunglass lenses, with a proprietary glitter finish. They bring already beautiful frames to next level.

Rapp Eyewear – example of individual color palette

7. Did you spot any sustainable ideas amongst the North American eyewear collections you went to see and is this of importance yet in your opinion there? Reducing waste and sustainability is increasingly becoming something manufacturers are trying to address, and that consumers care about.
Fellow Earthlings founders Chris and Sydney Seggie sought to create a different kind of eyewear company in their small town on Prince Edward Island, Canada. They specialize in custom handmade eyewear, short-run production, design and prototyping.  Fellow Earthlings has devoted their focus to sustainability, which has led them to develop an exclusive in-house acetate recycling program – reprocessing would-be waste material in a traditional manufacturing environment, into 1/1 frames.

Fellow Earthlings

No two Fellow Earthlings styles are the same. They produce new sheets of beautifully marbled acetate colors from the off-cuts of other frames. The colors range from tropical neons to opalescent pastels and everything in between. A field trip to their factory is at the top of my to-do list. I can’t wait to make my own creation.

8. For something really special: what was the coolest bar or cafe you visited or found by chance that that you’ll be going back to.
I highly recommend the clam pizza + scallop crudo at Pasquale Jones in Soho!

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Spring must-haves: green is a developing story

At the eyewear fairs this season, the green colour story has continued to play an important role for men and women. Popular tones include emerald, electric, olive and nature-inspired verdant green varieties such as moss…many of the favourites that have appeared on the catwalks

Across the sun and optical lines this season, green tones have grown considerably with a wide selection of brights, naturals and deeper more intense tones incorporated into the Spring/Summer collections. Lime, acid green and lighter greens are having a particularly interesting evolution in frame design, as colour confidence rises in apparel in general and eyewear sees a growing success with mood-boosting hues, block colour and bright unexpected colour combinations. Above: a classic approach – Casablanca by L.G.R, pictured in emerald green, one of the most popular shades of green that we spotted at Mido 2024 in February (

Classic green tones: Icons model Narai by Gigi Studios

Bio acetate model Narai by Gigi Studios is a lightweight classic shape from the Barcelona brand that comes in crystal green with brown anti-reflective UV protective lenses. This green variety with a translucent effect is particularly popular in eyewear because it is among the most versatile and flattering for most skin tones.

A dopamine hit: BL0027 by VAVA Eyewear in an acid green inspired by Acid House – a feature of the new collection at VAVA

The green palette features plenty of acid tones for Spring/Summer 2024.  These vibrant hues command attention in sunwear and eyewear, potentially providing an uplifting “energising” experience for the wearer who wants to express their mood or personality.

WOOW Eyewear’s Super Dancer Sunglasses in a vibrant neon green

French eyewear brand WOOW released a collection for the season inspired by the dance floor, with “jazzy silhouettes, hip shapes and shock colours”. The Super Dancer Sunglasses are designed as masculine sunglasses which aim to reinvent the language of serious eyewear with playfulness – through colour.

Green patterns featuring blue, brown and white flecks: Eat Street by OGI Eyewear

Model Eat Street by OGI Eyewear is an acetate design which combines a distinctive angular round shape with warm marbled colours including this fresh green patterned effect for the front paired with light green temples.

Struktur Eyewear’s The Legend combines dark olive green + grey

With its architectural form and green and grey combo, Struktur’s The Legend offers an original look for men or women, where form and colour go hand in hand in creating character and individuality in this statement piece. The way in which two colours are combined creates an interesting depth to the design:

Graduated colour: Magdalen by Blackfin

Graduated colour is also popular again this season. The women’s Magdalen style is characterised by a geometric shape softened by a curved nosepiece; the palette of gradient colour, including the green above, lends the frame an elegant, sophisticated air.

Ørgreen Optics – model Upside in the HAVN collection – an all stainless steel line with an impressive colour application featuring two shades of green

Combinations of green with other colours – or with other shades of green are also being explored widely. Model Upside in the HAVN collection at Ørgreen Optics is an example of a two-toned green colour combination, featuring a matt effect electric green with a matt effect darker military green, a fresh and unexpected interplay of tones that delivers a sophisticated twist on the current wave of green-themed frames.