Earth Bio: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, Italy

New sustainable series in bio acetate: Earth Bio by TBD

Vintage-inspired designs continue to hold their own: they’re cool, easy-to-wear and nostalgic. Add an element of eco responsibility and the effect – for eyewear – is contemporary and glamorous to boot.

From Italy, and now available to purchase online, The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear company (TBD Eyewear) have launched a series of sunglasses in bio acetate, a material with an elegant and smooth style – and attractive translucent “natural-look” colorations. The Earth Bio collection encompasses iconic bestsellers from the main line in the newly adopted material which is produced from cotton and wood pulp.

Men’s model Blazer from the Earth Bio Collection – (tried and tested at featuring eye-catching vintage look rivets and key hole bridge

Previewed at the 97th edition of Pitti Uomo earlier this year, and preserving its dedication to sophisticated style and attention to detail (all the frames are made with a production process carried out entirely in Italy), the line is yet another well-focused edition born out of style connoisseur Fabio Attanasio’s passion for quality, design and menswear with finesse and style. For more information about the Earth Bio collection or to shop online visit

Limited Edition JF 2910SL sunglasses – Jean-François Rey


French Designer Jean-François Rey is a 1980s enthusiast and reminisces with fondness about those years when he first made a name for himself as a creative designer of sunglasses and specs. Today, his eponymous line includes the 1985 collection – highlighting emblematic revisited classics of this significant decade in fashion as well as some creative styles that point to this particular passion and influence.

The most recent addition is the Limited Edition JF2910SL – a concept frame with an inventive design inspired by tennis wear of the 80s, and more specifically the sport’s retro visor cap.

JF Rey – JF2910SL

This metal model offers a round retro eye shape with a top bar which wraps around the front. The “peaked structure” appears to rest on this bar shading the eyes with a layered solid and textured construction.

The style is available in raw urban tones of ruthenium, black or khaki finely highlighted by hand in electric tones which add to the innovative sporty design. A range of related designs include an optical version – JF2910SL – (pictured above) and the minimal JF29120016.  For more information:

Colour pursuits: Essedue new-season sunglasses, Italy

Big, colourful and bright! Essedue’s acetate sunglasses for Spring/Summer are for those who love statement design and Italian finesse with quality UV protection. Model 360 has a wide enveloping square-ish shape and a sculpted ‘bevelled’ effect on the front, a charming detail which highlights the artisan skill.

Model 458 by Essedue: in fluo pink (pictured), black and tortoiseshell

Model 458 – inspired by a cateye in a thick sumptuous glossy acetate, is an equally glam shape with a clear retro inspiration and a modern pop of colour (choose the pink fluo with baby pink temples and cute end tips matching the front) for the perfect new season revamp.


Couture finesse at Lafont Paris: model Gala

If there’s one thing Lafont always carries off with elegance, it’s their refreshingly creative blending of colours and patterns. Part of the new Spring eyewear collection, the bold classical rectangular shaping of model Gala takes on a whole new vibrancy of character in wonderful mixes of translucent light tinted crystal, patterned and deep hued voluminous acetates, each one bringing a statement style all of its own. Above: model Gala (7115) pictured in a delicate purple with pastel tones of blue and grey.

Lafont Paris: Gala 5163 – light pink tinted crystal with multi-colored ‘snake’ tortoiseshell

The patterned materials, much like refined couture fabrics with complex, highly worked details, are matched with precision and expertise – surprising combinations rooted in vintage inspirations, are revitalised and refreshed with exquisite quality and modern flair in signature effects inspired by natural feathers and animal prints.

Lafont Paris: Gala 5157 – a mix of tortoiseshell and pheasant feather lining

Lafont Paris frames are produced exclusively in France and are registered with the “French Origin Guarantee” certification to uphold quality, transparency and traceability of all their unique products. For more information about the new collection 2020, visit

Sleek precision : LINDBERG strip titanium

In keeping with the architectural overtones of eyewear trends for Spring, the new models in the strip titanium collection by LINDBERG recall the most daring of ’70s and early ’80s inspired frame shapes – revised with sharp edges and a sleek precision for contemporary impact.

LINDBERG’s ability to evolve this collection into a minimalist yet edgy concept is reliant on classic inspiration and shapes which will always be in fashion. The frames have a layered effect with acetate – achieved through precision craftsmanship that takes the interplay between the titanium and the slender acetate inner rims to new heights.

LINDBERG strip 9745

LINDBERG’s strip titanium collection continues to push boundaries through the use of innovative advanced materials combined in spectacular ways to offer absolute comfort alongside a precise and minimal aesthetic. The frames are built for the individual with a choice of special features including four different nose pad designs, three different temple lengths and multi-adjustable temple ends to establish an ideal fit. For more information about the latest styles at the Danish company visit the website

3D Printed Exclusive: Gotti launches model Ahlf

Known for an elegant lightweight minimalism in acetate, titanium, and buffalo horn where exceptional comfort and durability pair with fresh, modern design, Gotti Switzerland has fast become an innovator in another specialism in eyewear design: the world of 3D printed frames.

Fresh for release this season, a new statement design – model Ahlf – has been added to their advanced repertoire – fashioned as a statement piece with a bold and futuristic style.

Futuristic style from Gotti Switzerland – Ahlf in colour Slate-G
The oversized visor-like curved frame front features a layered effect (in 3D printed Polyamide achieved via laser sintering) to create depth and provides a startling contrast to the narrow metal temples (produced in this line in Sandvik stainless steel). The frame can be created in progressive colour schemes which include the option of a two-toned effect.
Gotti Switzerland first launched their 3D printed collection DIMENSION in 2018, and since that time they have been able to explore and evolve the possibilities of 3D design in the context of luxury eyewear. The 3D printed ‘screwless’ frames are typically lightweight, flexible with interesting surfaces and a very wide choice of high-quality colours and semi-matt finishes. For more details visit:

Japanese craftsmanship: TVR® Arnel® Alumi

A Japan Edition by the exclusive Fukui label, TVR returns to Milan this month with all kinds of new eyewear treats for special release. They include the Arnel® Alumi Bespoke series, the first vintage style model in the line with Alumi (aluminium) temples combined with a 6mm Zylonite front. The Arnel® Alumi design has a three-dimensional line effect on the temple which  also offers lightness and corrosion-resistance. Above: Alumi Bespoke in matt marmalade with light grey Alumi.

TVR® Arnel® Alumi: green crystal with dark green Alumi temples

Frames featuring aluminium were popular in the 1940s and 1950s. TVR® has perfected the material by adding an additional coating, ensuring it is scratch-proof and elegantly finished with vivid colours. The aluminium construction makes the frame extremely durable and tough while providing a sleek all-metallic look.

The Alumi Bespoke frame, the shape of which is inspired by the classic James Dean horn-rim shape,  is available five colour combinations and a new greenish-blue clip with polarised sun lenses. The design is the exclusive work of the master craftsman Sawada Yaemon from Sabae, Japan.

Feline with sparkle: Vera Wang model Diana

Cat-eye sunglasses, and even the sparkly varieties, are much more versatile than you might imagine, looking beautiful and stylish with swimsuits or boho flares – as much as with wedding or special occasion wear. For SS20, the classic styles are strong and statement-driven, with pointed corners and angular contours; colours continue to pop, from dreamy and classic  (black, milky white, crystal), through to bold or extreme – if you wish (neon pink, baby blue, canary yellow). Above: @pamelatick wears model Diana by Vera Wang in black with Swarovski decoration. Photographer: @findyourcalifornia

Diana by Vera Wang: a classic retro silhouette available in tones of black and dove

Model Diana by Vera Wang endorses the full classical shape of the cat’s eye, whilst also playing with the uplifting shimmer of Swarovski crystal clusters, a much loved detail borrowed from the 1950s when jewellery-style detailing was ‘a la mode’. The new collection by Vera Wang includes feline cat eyes, square oversized sunglasses and trendy geometric metal-rimmed aviators – styles that will trend for Spring 2020. Find out more at

Classic Original Penguin: The Cricket Sun

Classic sunglasses will be shining this Spring/Summer: 2020 appears to be heralding in a renewed love for all things elegant and refined and a style code for men and women that offers a smart, chic focus – from head-to-toe. For sunwear, and men’s styling, many decades will be referenced through shapes and colours – and distinctive details will embody a heritage spirit with sophistication and finesse.

Firmly classic: The Cricket Sun – inspired by iconic sunglasses of the 1950s

The Cricket by Original Penguin is one of those refined, easy styles to wear, built on traits of the 50s and a ‘Buddy Holly design’, with subtle updates and modifications that make the frame comfortable for a variety of face shapes. The frame is equipped with advanced quality polarized lenses, and the detailed, glossy colorations typical of the Original Penguin collections with choices ranging in this model from Black or Crystal, to Grey Sunset (top) and Tortoise (above). Find out more at

Crafted with style: Coblens Stadtgarten

The harmonious colours, relaxing ambiance and natural beauty of the ‘Stadtgarten’, (in English, ‘city parks’) are behind a new line in acetate with titanium, by Coblens Eyewear (Germany). The company is known for its exclusive crafted titanium designs, and with Stadtgarten, it adds a new element to the design and presentation of the line, with a pure, translucent and colourful Japanese acetate.

Above: a new elegantly styled campaign identity illustrating the look, colour mix and fit of the frames on different faces. Model Rosengarten – pictured in a two-tone bold blue with translucent cappuccino hue was released this month. A deep square-ish eye shape with cat eye corners on the upper rim, the frame is also distinguished by visible vintage style rivets, two at each corner.

A two-tone front – model Rosengarten from the Stadtgarden collection by Coblens

Coblens is a German eyewear design company named after its city of origin, Koblenz (in old French Coblence). The brand has become a leading innovator in fashionable high-quality titanium frames, led by Ralf Schmidt and Nils Kaesemann.

All titanium materials by Coblens have exclusive PVD titanium coatings to achieve a wide range of special tonalities and to ensure a high-quality scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant finish. For more information:

Kirk & Kirk, Centena

As usual, the UK label Kirk & Kirk have something new up their sleeve, and here it is, in time for a London showing at 100% Optical trade fair: the Matt Centena. Centena is a collection of frames uniquely produced from lightweight 100mm acrylic in bold statement colours and exciting finishes.

The new additions have a modern matt surface finish, and a chunky retro-inspired structure for the face – an on-trend twist in the line is the metal detail at the top of the double bridge – a different, new-look feature for Kirk & Kirk. For colours, the Matt Centena collection includes bold ‘Cosmic’ blue and forest green (typical Kirk brights), while chic versions in black and tortoise are well suited to eyewear traditionalists who need strong well defined, structured frame styling.

Kirk & Kirk frames are seeing much celebrity endorsement success in the US, with new sightings of Robert Downey Jr wearing several styles (not just one but four different styles!): model Cecil in Jade, model Victor in Apple and Purple and model Carter in Spectrum. The new Matt Centena line is showing at 100% Optical (London – and Mido (the Milan trade fair) and will be in shops shortly! More details can be found at

TVR 504 JD Special Edition

A bold and characteristic vintage-inspired design, direct from Sabae, Japan, TVR has put out yet another statement look based on 1950s and 60s “classic” characteristics, as part of their JD collection line.

TVR® 504 Black Tortoise (above) comprises 6mm Antique Tortoise with 2mm Classic Black Zylonite to express the Brow Line effect on the frame. The upper portion of the frame is thicker than the lower, emphasizing the curvature of the ‘brow’ to give the eyepiece its elegant contours. TVR® 504 Brown Clear (below) is constructed in 6mm Clear Crystal Zylonite with 2mm Brown Clear Zylonite material on the front. Its unique feature lies in the centre of the bridge area where it is purposely left in clear finish — also known as a two-tone frame.

Creating the Black Tortoise and Brown Clear front and temples with a flawless finish, TVR® has perfected specific artisanal techniques. The styling is that made famous by icons of the cinema: James Dean, and more recently Brad Pitt in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’.

TVR 504 Brown Clear

This special edition comes from the hand of a particular master craftsman in Sabae. Sawada-Yaemon is from a family of highly skilled artisans whose heritage dates back to the Edo period. Sawada-Yaemon holds strongly to his multi-generational reputation and his family’s work in perfecting the the TVR Arnel shape using traditional measuring techniques. For more details visit

Beaumour Paris: inventive leather goods

The first stylish eyewear wallet, by Quentin Stubbe

For those of us who love our frames, and travel or move about regularly, Beaumour Paris is an exciting new accessories entry, with products in leather produced by hand. The star of the line is an eyewear wallet – the first of its kind, designed to accommodate all the essentials: while it has the form of a “classic” specs case it opens neatly into a wallet with space to protect your glasses or sunglasses.

A compact wallet with eyewear case by Beaumour: made in vegetable tanned leather

The wallet can hold a frame and up to 10 cards, with space for banknotes, tickets or an ID card. Built inside the lining is an RFID system, an effective protection against contactless credit card hacking.

About the designer: Quentin Stubbe is passionate about style and quality, and has studied luxury leather production and bootmaking. He launched Beaumour Paris in 2019 and has quickly received orders for his innovative leather goods, and the first good-looking Eyewear Wallet. The product range, which also includes a card holder glasses case, is available online at and through over 150 opticians in Europe. Beaumour Paris will exhibit for the first time at Mido in Milan in February. For more information about Beaumour visit

Japanese designers: Ue-Shita by Padma Image

Padma Image, the Japanese independent eyewear line (which is yet to arrive in Europe) continues to inspire us with its asymmetrical spectacles and experimental design work which is always surprising, skilful and unique in presentation. The new “Ue-Shita” translates “Top and Under” – it combines the quirky style of the frame which has a half-rimless asymmetrical construction with bright colours and patterns inspired by the painter Ichiro Yamaguchi and his work TONE – recreated in the frame with care with a UV layered printing technique.

Artist Ichiro Yamaguchi’s work as inspiration –  TONE

Padma Image by young designer Meiji Hasui looks forward to launching in Europe shortly. Eyestylist has been following the brand since 2014. See earlier models at: – For more information: CN

Paradigm 19-11

A brand new line with a youthful vision, committed to frames for everyday wear: Paradigm is offering a striking balance of style and value, with “something for everyone” in terms of details and tonal combinations. Launched in 2019, the collection offers a series of modern everyday basics, like the 19-11 geometric shape, in well-matched contemporary materials and colorations with a twist. Model 19-11 combines an acetate rim inside a thin metal structure – produced in gold or rose gold (as a sun or optical style). Top image: Model/stylist Garret Gooch ( wears Paradigm model 19-11. 

Paradigm model 19-11

The independent Paradigm brand was designed by a team of creatives at Kenmark Eyewear (USA) – to be very diverse, fitting a wide variety of faces, ethnicities, ages and personal styles. For more details visit the Kenmark website at

Swiss design, Sol Sol Ito: 044 DF

Swiss design label Sol Sol Ito has some memorable shapes amongst its ‘Original’ collection, of which the 039 and 035 are two of the standout shapes (find more of the models at This month, another standout one has joined the series, based on a classic teardrop pilot shape with a beautiful double bridge. A close inspection reveals a slight lift on the upper rim and a svelte ‘sculpted’ lower rim, typical of the 1970s (both the acetate and metal designs in this genre).

044 DF: the makings of an icon at Sol Sol Ito, Switzerland

Colours at Sol Sol Ito come together as if from an artist’s palette, with some of the most outstanding yet subtle graduated tones we are currently seeing and a choice of rich hues as well as transparent ‘crystal’ pastel tones. The new 044 DF frame is offered in hand polished yellow-green, brown-orange and beige-gold – paired with the lightweight modular ‘click-in’ temples,  the design of which Sol Sol Ito has become especially well-known.

Sol Sol Ito glasses and sunglasses are produced by design duo Monika Fink (designer/sculptor) and Sandra Kaufmann (co-head, industrial design, Zurich University) in Switzerland. Their sun and optical collections are stocked by some of the finest opticians worldwide including Auerbach & Steele (London). For more details and further stockists, visit Above: Photography for Sol Sol Ito by Hans Hansen.

Gift guide: Diffuser Tokyo accessories

Gift guide: Diffuser Tokyo eyewear accessories and leather jewellery for men and women

Diffuser’s range of accessories is part focused on eyewear, and part jewellery in its own right. Designed by Masaki Hirose who saw a lack of well-designed products in natural materials such as leather, the collection is extensive and well curated, expanding into neck cords and bracelets, as well as cases and cotton eyewear pouches in chic two-colour palettes.

Accessories at Diffuser Tokyo

Already popular in capital cities and stocked by department stores including Daimaru in Tokyo and the most exclusive optical retailers such as Decora, the brand has been recently “discovered” by European retailers and is gradually becoming more widely available in cities such as Paris and Berlin. Find them at Schoenhelden (Berlin), KLAR (Darmstadt, Germany), L’Artisan du Regard (Paris), Dunoyer Opticiens (Paris) and Bromptons Brighton (UK). Click on the link to view more products: CN

Winter sun suggestion: Lapel by TBD Eyewear

TBD Eyewear (The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear) has a reputation for Italian design style at an affordable price, with sunglasses priced at under 200 euros. Like their bestselling unisex style, The Cran, a frame we have tried and tested ( model Lapel offers an “easy” design for men with a vintage-infused, slightly squared shape suited to all kinds of faces. With a flattened top that has become a hugely popular detail for the current season across collections, the frame now comes in amber tortoise, honey or green tortoise, shades which are beautiful through winter, paired with decent UV protective lenses in well-selected tones of tobacco or bottle green.

Neopolitan influencer, style expert and founder of TBD, Fabio Attanasio, wears model Lapel in Amber

The TBD brand has dedicated itself to providing reliable delivery through its online service, and for those who seek a quick shopping option (pre-Xmas!) their frames arrive quickly and easily (delivery guarantee of 2-5 days). Founder of the independent label Fabio Attanasio is a well-known face in menswear, and his blog continues to be a faithful supporter of  good design, craftsmanship and tailoring across the men’s fashion industry and a great source of information on tailoring and artisan accessories. Find out more about the blog at For the sunglasses and eyewear collections visit – sign up for the newsletter for special offers. CN

Jono Hennessy Studio (485): Florescence collection

Florescence collection released: Jono Hennessy’s lively colours and patterns are an inherent feature of his new collections, inspired by the brilliance and delicacy of flourishing blooms. Colorful and playful with Liberty print fabric laminations and tone on tone combinations, the line also gives space to fashionable blocked tones. Mixed material designs in stainless steel and custom acetate are also a key feature.

Inspired by the 70s dancefloor, the modern square shape of Studio combines sharp edges in a bold metal front in IP plated colour with a custom glitter temple. The palette is expressive and typical of Hennessy’s creative studio. It brings fronts in gold, black, red or a lovely pale mint together with the glitter infused stone-toned temples. An oversized shape is perfectly tailored for retro impact and highlights the trend towards larger metal proportions in the latest collections as we head towards a new year. The Florescence collection is available from Sunshades, Australia. Look for the brand at selected optical retailers. Find out more:

Mademoiselle by Delixs

The expertise of craftsmen and women in the Jura (France) is behind the elegant luxury 24k collection, Delixs – produced by Eyes Gold. The collection, which balances classical design with contemporary touches, has the makings of a best kept secret in luxury eyewear, and is already stocked by exclusive optical stores at home in France and further afield in Europe and Asia.

Released this season, the Mademoiselle model in the Timeless Collection is one of their most sought after frames, with a memorable blue finish and ostrich feather pattern – real feathers are inlaid in acetate. A narrow gold line defines the upper rim of the elegant oval eye shape, enhancing the luxury design.

Delixs styles throughout the Timeless collection are created with precious metals and French acetates and each one is hand polished with finishes in Gold, Pink Gold, Ruthenium or Palladium. Carl Zeiss sun lenses are fitted in all sunglass models. For more information visit

Morel and Nathalie Blanc collaborate

Two well-known French names in optics have joined forces in a new optical/sun collection for men and women, defining feminine elegance and a chic quintessentially French design style. The capsule ‘Morel par Nathalie Blanc’ brings together the traditional Jura-based eyewear producer, known for its technical expertise and production and Nathalie Blanc, a creative eyewear designer and former optician whose eponymous ‘independent’ label is now sold worldwide.

90002C – Morel x Nathalie Blanc, in brown with graduated effect

The designs in the capsule play with traits from Blanc’s style – features such as the rimless sections in the designs – illustrated in optical style 90002C, and subtle metal inlays on acetate adding minimal, super delicate structural elements (temples and nose bridges) for lightness and comfort. A colour palette of black and tortoise variants is interspersed with a fiery orange (sunglasses) and translucent blue or brown tones, and some refined graduated colorations reminiscent of painted water colours with varying intensity.

The new collection is now available in stockists of Morel eyewear. For details and to view the full collection visit: For more eyewear designs by Morel, visit:

Aviator sunglasses by FSLA + SALT. Optics

The unique, authentic design of aviator sunglasses continues to be attractive to men and women searching for timeless frames and excellent cover up from UV rays. Its iconic teardrop lens and minimal frame construction is an easy fit for most face shapes, and with so much choice in terms of colour and detail, it’s easy to find your go-to design.

For a luxe experience, the iconic thin rimmed metal design is hard to beat and we would always choose top-notch sun lenses and the most fashion-forward colours we can possibly find. Lens tones vary hugely in the aviator styles, from mirrors to very dark or very light “graduated” hues – so trying the styles is essential.

A design such as Francisco – part of a new collaboration collection by SALT. Optics and Fred Segal – focusing on elevating timeless basics – represents the ultimate “contemporary classic”. SALT. has taken the notion of timeless basics and gone back to the roots of hand-crafted eyewear using fine Japanese materials and working with third-generation Japanese artisans.

Francisco in brushed honey gold with rose lens tint in the SALT. + Fred Segal collab collection

This unisex style is beautifully crafted in titanium/beta titanium – premium metals that guarantees comfort and a smart, luxury finish and finesse, and the lenses are polarized CR-39, with a backside A/R coating to further reduce reflection. The style is also offered in black sand with grey gradient lens and silver with blue gradient lens (below).

Francisco in a silver finish with blue gradient lens

The FSLA X SALT. Optics capsule collection consists of three smart yet laidback unisex sun styles that come in three colorways and mix classic design elements with a retro vibe. The styles are now available at Fred Segal’s Flagship location at 8500 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, FRED SEGAL LAX as well as fine eyewear + optical locations worldwide.  Purchase online at: CN

Fairplay by Lafont Paris – Reedition

The Reedition collection by Lafont Paris has special significance this year as the historic Parisian eyewear company  celebrates 40 years of artistic eyewear, design and colour. Since 1923, when Louis Lafont opened the first Lafont boutique in the French capital, Lafont Paris has produced classically chic eyewear designs conceived with artistic flair and passion for heritage, achievable through a combination of state-of-the-art manufacturing and traditional French craftsmanship.

Over the years the Reedition collection has highlighted some of the quintessentially iconic designs of each decade at Lafont. Fairplay, a new addition launched last month, is a reminder of the company’s expertise in metal, where classical design meets advanced technical precision and modern detailing.

A narrow metal structure with a square eyeshape, the frame expresses the meticulous refinement of the Lafont finish with a distinguished upper rim shaping and narrow temples integrating a small hinge mechanism with absolute precision.

Today Lafont Paris produces frames in acetate, stainless steel and titanium and is well-known for its expertise in fabric inlays and advanced applications in materials which include carbon fibre. Find more designs at CN

The Galápagos Collection by Tyche & Iset Eyewear

A fresh, luxury sunglasses collection, produced in premium materials from young LA-based female designer Morganne Leigh takes inspiration from the Galápagos Islands and its untamed flora and fauna. Highlights include model ‘Las Iguanas’ a timeless, unisex oval shape with creative details that simulate the textures and features of the islands’ most prominent lizard species.

“The Marine Iguana species can only be found on the Galápagos Islands. It is the only lizard species on Earth that lives on land, but swims in the sea to forage and feed on algae. Through evolution, it’s snout has been perfectly formed for this task; this inspired our nose bridge shape.” Morganne Leigh, Tyche & Iset

Details: Las Iguanas with signature music note temple charm and sculptured nose bridge

Her third unique collection to date, Leigh has a fresh, innovative touch in eyewear design and an experimental creative vision, coming from other arts disciplines and having trained as a painter and graphic designer. The new collection is a beautiful representation of her work, with details and finishes that are subtly tied to the magical natural volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean.

A participant of the Elaine Gold Launch Pad Program 2018-19, the designer recently won the prestigious emerging designers award with the CFDA and Accessories Council (a USA award) gaining new funding to further execute new ideas toward technology, sustainability, and innovation for her brand which she first launched in 2014. For further details on her new Galápagos styles at Tyche & Iset, visit previous features on Eyestylist with Tyche and Iset visit CN

Motown history: The Esther by Vinylize

Vinylize has launched the Hitsville U.S.A. Sunglasses collection, designed by the Budapest brand and launched for the Motown 60 Weekend, a Detroit event that marked its diamond anniversary this year.

“One of our favorite customers is Dr. Joe Ales of the fantastic Birmingham, Michigan, OPTIK eyewear store. And one of his customers is Brian Stevenson, a high-powered Detroit marketing consultant who works with the Motown Museum”, explains Zack Tipton on how the parnership came about. “Brian spotted Vinylize at OPTIK and realized that making glasses out of Motown vinyl to help commemorate Motown 60 was a fantastic, synergistic idea.”

The Esther and the Chairman, Limited Edition models from Vinylize

The brand has created two cool vinyl models, The Esther and The Chairman limited to 100 pieces per model. Vinylize is giving 20% of sales from The Hitsville U.S.A. Sunglasses Collection to support the Motown Museum Expansion plan. “This will go towards growing the museum – already a must-see destination for visitors to Detroit – into a 50,000-square-foot world-class entertainment and education tourist destination,” they explain. “When it’s completed, the museum will have a transformative impact on the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods, providing employment, sustainability and community pride.”

Vinylize is a Budapest brand run by husband and wife team Yulia and Zack Tipton. Their frames are produced in Hungary using old “unwanted” vinyl records. The label is unique in the eyewear industry in the use of the material and has strong ties with the music industry worldwide through collaborations and special editions produced for events such as Sziget (Hungary). For more information visit – Find OPTIK eyewear store at CN

#MFW Delirious : Cheetah

Gracing the catwalks again in Milan this week, Delirious Eyewear joins a line-up of designer fashion collections in the Italian fashion capital. An iconic balance of classic materials and sharp architectural shapes are characterised by subtle natural colorations of caramel, black or delicate animal prints. Model Cheetah is the statement trapezoidal design of the collection, with a sharp slightly squared shape and decadent super flat lenses (by Zeiss) to hide behind.

Cheetah Sunglasses by Delirious Eyewear / Photography: Gennaro D’Elia

“We search for a style that consists of simple lines and minimalistic shapes which are passively influenced by our deep knowledge of the eyewear sector….” Marco Lanero, Delirious

About Delirious Eyewear – Delirious Eyewear is an award-winning independent label based in Milan. With a close relationship to the Milan fashion scene, the label has been recognised by Vogue Talent Italy and continues to innovate in manufacture and production methods through a close relationship with experts in Cadore, Italy and Japan. The collections feature Mazzucchelli acetate, buffalo horn and titanium materials.

Photography by Gennaro D’Elia exclusively for Model @_piakarl_. For details about Delirious Eyewear visit CN

Skagen’s Nordic Light: Asger by Fleye

The soothing, atmospheric beauty of Skagen, Denmark’s most northerly village, has long inspired painters, writers and designers to visit its windswept shorelines, pine forests and dunes.

Most famous were the Skagen Painters, a group of Scandinavian artists who settled in the village to portray the remarkable scenery – and the unique quality of light that had drawn them to the spectacular spot at the tip of mainland Jutland.

Reflecting on their iconic paintings, eyewear label FLEYE Copenhagen’s design team have come up with their own inspirational artwork experimenting with a variety of materials and their different characteristics; they play with matte and shiny surfaces, soft natural light, color contrasts, and beautiful reflections, highlights of the paintings that most inspired their studies.

Inspired by Skagen Paintings, still life by photographer Ida Emilie Risager

“Each frame becomes its own artistic expression when textures are combined, colours are chosen and reflections are created.”

The result is a series of frames (including model Asger, top) inspired by the colours and textures of the team’s  ‘abstract’ art works, photographed by Ida Emilie Risager. Design concepts such as transparency, depth and structure have been applied to create the collection using a mix of materials from light acetates, to warm carbon/wood and beta-titanium. Each design has a link to the works of art, balancing the technical precision of the Danish company’s frame construction with unusual art-focused design elements and colours.

The Nordic Light eyewear collection launches shortly at the SILMO fair (trade fair) in Paris. Find out more about Fleye frames at : CN

Blackfin One: Bayou in titanium

New main line titanium styles by Blackfin are hot off the press for the Autumn season, with a careful focus on innovative technical details and uncompromising quality construction – features that have long been at the heart of this tech-loving, innovation-driven family firm. The five shapes releasing include a panto-inspired frame called Bayou, a classically round Blackfin design with ultra-flex titanium bridge and temples in beta titanium – a material selected for its extra strength and flexibility when combined with titanium.

The color palette for Bayou ranges from the more masculine – dark blue paired with a bright red (below), black or midnight blue – to the more feminine shades of blush pink or midnight blue combined with the brightest tone of magenta.

Blackfin Bayou: a brighter lining creates a fresh colour mix

All the new styles in the range are fitted with tilting nose pads and Blackfin’s Swordfish temple tips. Find them at Silmo Paris this month and visit the website for all the latest releases as they appear at CN

For more on Blackfin visit: