Retro classic style: Fleye – Edward

Fusing modern materials together in one small spectacle design is an art, and one at which the finest of the independent labels excel. The modern style of the Edward frame by Fleye Copenhagen – one of Denmark’s leaders in fine frame creation – is an example of a combination in raw carbon fibre, colored wood and beta-titanium, where each material complements another, balancing lightness and comfort, alongside contemporary style and design. Above: model Edward by Fleye Copenhagen – a round eye shape with narrow beta titanium bridge and hinge detail

Close-up of model Edward by Fleye Copenhagen – 3 materials in one frame

“Each frame is the intersection of craft and art, representing our vision for modern designs, crafted to last.” Fleye Copenhagen

Part of the Elements of Art collection, a range designed as a tribute to the Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen, achieved through a thorough and complex project of experimentation and creative research, this frame offers a shape suited to men and women, with exceptional refinement in the finish and the surface pattern of the wood and an interesting minimal colour palette, reproduced with skill and precision in different artistic combinations.

For more details about the Fleye Copenhagen collection “Elements of Art” click on the link:

Animal magic: a classic print from Lafont Paris

All focus on the animal print

The extraordinary versatility of a frame as an accessory, the possibility of wearing chic animal prints or exciting shapes on the face, unusual colour combinations and fashionable designs that are as graceful and decorative as they are bold in making a statement, this is a world we continue to study and admire, across trends and seasonal expressions – in the world of fine eyewear.

For animal-inspired prints, with an air of distinguished quality and Parisian know-how, with the special attention to detail and colour typical of a fine fabric, Lafont Paris remains a remarkable leader – bringing its history and heritage into the style, and reproducing it for the modern wearer. Often playfully incorporated as a trim, as in the recent Gauloise model (100), the leopard prints are always particularly spectacular, with a level of definition and colour precision in the material that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Gauloise by Lafont Paris – in chic black with leopard trim – the frame is also available in pink, beige, and tortoiseshell

Lafont Paris is an historic leader in French eyewear design, and all their frames are produced in the renowned spectacle-making region of the Jura. The boutiques in Paris – in Boulevard Raspail, Rue Vignon, and Rue de Sévigné represent the ongoing life and creative vitality of the Lafont collections alongside its rich archive, fully displayed at the original Rue Vignon shop, where the evolution of their exotic and chic prints can still be studied and admired today. Find out more about Lafont on Eyestylist at Visit the Lafont Paris website at


Eyeglass styles 2020: Paradigm

In homage to the scholarly, distinguished appeal of eyeglass styles of the 1950s, new model 20-22 by Paradigm, part of a grouping of frames from this independent label, offers eye-catching eyewear chic in interesting, contemporary colours. Above: model wears 20-22 by Paradigm. The frame is one of four new optical styles and four new sunglasses from the brand – designed to complement a wide range of faces

Paradigm 20-22, a winter launch at Kenmark Eyewear – pictured in “umber”

The smart shape of 20-22 uses a popular metal/acetate combination construction successfully incorporating vintage lines and modern colours of sky, grey, and umber.

Paradigm sunglasses 20-61

Paradigm’s focus on comfort, wearability, flattering shapes and predominantly light translucent colours is further enhanced in this series by delightful new detailing and something unexpected, particularly in the sunglass releases where playful tricks with acetate inserts and strong shapes are beautifully articulated. Our current favourite? This reimagined aviator (20-61) in the sunglasses series (it is also offered as an optical), a style which boasts a classically shaped lens enhanced by  unusual acetate edging for a special style-driven statement. Find out more about Paradigm at

Winter Sun with Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

Millinaire, an original shape from the OG archive, first launched in 1968

In 1968, when Millinaire was first launched designer Oliver Goldsmith was already dressing the stars and providing innovative statement eyewear for men and women with a taste for fashion and unique attention-grabbing style. They were appearing on magazine covers, were worn by the likes of Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers and Michael Caine, and famously popped up in movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s (on Audrey Hepburn in 1961).

Millinaire in classic black – the frame is also available in lilac or “anchor” grey

Today the Millinaire model has returned – reintroduced into the Icons Collection at OG as part of the brand’s unique Winter Sun edition for 2020/21.  The small oval shape – typical of the 1960s – is one of the classic shapes that remains integral to the evolution of the brand and its exciting history. The fine handcrafted detailing and design features such as the thick and elegant acetate temples and small subtle metal pins, on front and sides, are carefully reproduced as they were in their original form – and paired with state-of-the-art modern Zeiss sun lenses with especially light tints –  to suit the winter sun.

The original Millinaire model from 1968 is one of over 70 pairs of glasses and sunglasses held at the V&A Museum in London – find out more at – To view the new Millinaire online visit


RES/REI: The Essences Collection

Like a perfume, created by mixing and matching beautiful scents, the Essences collection is conceived through the balancing of transparencies and hundreds of unique colour compositions

New release: The Essences collection by Italian eyewear creators RES/REI is inspired by the magical world of perfume – with a delicate spirit and careful study of light effects with an interplay of colour. Just as fragrances are created by blending different ingredients, the eyewear in the Essences collection is the result of a careful equilibrium of design details and the balance and contrasts created through transparency and vibrant colours. Above: model Anise in dark havana, purple, green and shiny silver.

Almond by RES/REI in grey havana, red and green

With delicate shapes, embellished with metal temples in light shades, the styles – such as model Almond have complex bi- and tri- colour combinations which, when seen on the wearer appear to have a coloured line floating on the face, framing the eyes.

Model Amber by RES/REI in dark havana, purple, green with shiny silver temples

RES/REI’s philosophy puts design, colour and attention to details at the centre of its creative direction requiring a deep and focused approach to research and innovation, to provide contemporary spectacles with a consistently surprising and artistic style and individuality. This season, the brand, whose collections are made by skilled artisans in Northern Italy has launched several new lines in addition to The Essences collection. They include the Diamonds Collection and The Galaxies Collection. Find out more about RES/REI at

Colour edit: Gunn by Erker’s

This season, conversations around colour and colour directions for autumn/winter into 2021 point to a need for versatility and optimism, with tones that are pretty, soft, flattering and enjoyable to wear appearing alongside the statement-making bright tones with a more fashion focused appeal. And with that in eyewear comes a reinvention of the classics – with crystal doing well – particularly those with a gentle infusion of colour such as lilac or pink, as well as those welcome autumn/winter tones which add warmth to winter complexions and flatter natural tones of the skin.

A frame like Gunn at Erker’s, the Saint Louis framemakers – shows that the same shape – in its different colorways – adapts to different requirements. This is a cat eye frame with a classic acetate front combined with stainless steel temples offered in four colours. The burgundy (above) with gold finished temples is what we’d call an ideal classic for the winter months, a confident colour that also has the ability to flatter skin colours indoors (rainy days) and outdoors in the months when there is less natural sun light.

Gunn by Erker’s – delicate pink infused crystal

The delicate crystal version (above) – an altogether different look – is equally sought after as a style statement this season, paired with gold metal accents which add a stylish contemporary elegance to this unpretentious easy-to-wear design. Gunn also comes in classic black, a very easy choice with a distinguished effect or a ‘patterned’ navy – in line with this year’s flattering and reassuring Classic Blue – the tone that Pantone voted in as colour of the year. For more frame styles at Erker’s, visit the brand directly online at

Handmade in Italy: Essedue 8c

Handmade eyewear has an instant allure, and the Italian independent labels producing artisan collections of high calibre continue to show their magical creativity and commitment to tradition, even in these harshly competitive and difficult “Covid” times.

One of the new models at the Italian label Essedue – the 8c – combines the classic inspiration of a cat’s eye shape with a beautiful sinuous style derived from looking at flowers in their natural setting. Made in a substantial Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate, the small family-owned Essedue factory (located in Irpinia near Naples) has become one of Italy’s best kept secrets in eyewear production, creating designs born out of love for craftsmanship and a passion for authentic Italian elegance and  individuality in style. The frames carefully balance comfort and design, with attention to details and small inserts of colour on the frame front and temple ends, defining a special and uniquely crafted character. Each frame has a small red ‘logo design’ on the inside of the temple tip, a signature of the brand and a sign of authenticity and style finesse.

Essedue 8c – the new cat’s eye style from the Italian label

To see more new styles and visit the online shop visit To see our top 10 frames of the month visit on Pinterest.


Autumn/winter colour: Morgana by Tree Spectacles

As the seasons change, rich acetate colorations of magenta, cinnamon, rust, berry and maize, and a touch of pattern offer flattering looks with a wintery vibrance. At Tree Spectacles, the Acetate Bold Series by TREE Spectacles conveys both colour and a soft touch of decoration – similar to a marbling effect – with delicate transparent pastels through to intense 1970s inspired reds, browns and soft aubergine hues. The line is produced in two classic materials, eco-friendly acetate and advanced Japanese titanium.

Morgana by Tree Spectacles: colours in sync with autumn/winter trends

Tree Spectacles is a small brand from Belluno in Northern Italy an area of outstanding beauty known for its spectacle making traditions. Their versatility in working with a wide selection of fine materials and their desire to achieve artisan perfection in everything they create has helped them to evolve as one of the leading family-owned eyewear companies in the region today.

3D printed + steel: Gotti Switzerland Dimension LITE

Combining materials with expertise

Gotti Switzerland’s economy of style and focus on the minimal aesthetic takes a new leap forward in the Dimension LITE collection and the combination of two outstanding materials, 3D printed Polyamide and filigree stainless steel. Above: Pasha – one of the  three styles (the others are Pata and Pine) which make up the new Gotti Dimension series combining Sandvik stainless steel with a 3D printed Polyamide front – made in Switzerland.

Pata by Gotti Switzerland in colour ‘stone’ – a modern hexagon shape

The frame designs in the LITE line, such as Pata above, use a screwless hinge which attaches to the polyamide element with a click and offers stability and strength in a design that comes in a wide selection of interesting organic tones, from natural elemental colours such as stone (above) and slate, to fruit or plant-inspired hues of berry or moss.

Gotti’s Dimension collection is a tour de force of 3D printed design and performance, with a highly studied approach to comfort as well as finish and details such as matte surfaces with a distinctive velvety look. For more details about the stylish and sleek Dimension LITE collection, visit

Gogosha: capsule collab with eyewear label

“Familiar everyday forms inspired by daily architectural details, commonly expressed through wood and ceramic, translating the inspiration to the temples….” Julia Gogosha

Dimensional, textured, graphic, and tactile. A new super limited capsule by Julia Gogosha, owner of one of the most famous optical boutiques in the world, and eyewear label Baars, introduces frames inspired by ceramics, woodturning and glassworks. The frames have a new form of expression, with temples replicating wood turning and ceramic work or glass structures, and fitting to the front with a patented magnetic connection. Just 100 pieces have been produced, with the models photographed exclusively by Jimmy Marble.

The capsule collection presents four neutral colours, inspired by warm skin tones (coffee, hazel, dune) and a cool clay hue. The UV lenses are created in colours which harmonise with the frame tones also allowing the wearer the intimacy of eye contact during conversation.

Julia Gogosha told Eyestylist: “It’s a proud moment and a long time in the making. To contribute a design, an idea to be part of a larger conversation. To question how objects are made and what inspires us to make them in our image, referenced by other objects. Eyewear is art to be worn and every component, element and surface is an opportunity to explore a new way.” Find out more:  By Clodagh Norton All rights reserved.

McKenna by Lowercase NYC

When an architect, an investment analyst and a craftsman combine the result is apparently founding a quality-driven, on-trend and up-and-coming eyewear brand in the Big Apple: Lowercase NYC. Gerard Masci first realised his passion for eyewear as young as 13. Years later, he was connected with Brian Vallario and then with Ryan Langer – the three used their respective industry acquired skill sets to forge a team unmatched in artistry and individuality creating a collection of pieces that showcase exactly that.

The team’s passion for quality and style is obvious in each aspect of their small-batch product design and manufacturing; using an immersive approach they source high quality materials – such as Italian and Japanese acetate, Carl Zeiss sun lenses and German engineered hinges – and a mix of technology as well as handcrafting techniques to deliver each pair of glasses with their onerous stamp of approval. Aside from the physical materials and labour that play a part in the production of each piece, Lowercase maintain an intimate level of knowledge in each step of the journey – from design conception to send-off – a 30 step process to be exact, all done over the course of two weeks from the comfort of their amazing Brooklyn Army Terminal workshop.

Victoria wears the McKenna frame by Lowercase NYC – in Ox blood

The workshop itself is iconic and like no other – standing since 1919 it was once the largest US military supply base during the Second World War. Now, in Brooklyn – the most ambitiously creative and diverse district of NYC, it houses artists, designers and makers from all stretches of the industry – each working alongside one another and inspiring each-other to create – and yes, it is open to visit.

I have the McKenna frame (Ox blood colour) – a striking style with a subtle cat eye lens; the subtlety means they maintain the sharp finish and statement impact desired in a cat eye shape – but make it less intense and more rounded. These frames are versatile, there is no outfit that these won’t adapt to or improve. The quality is noticeable…Carl Zeiss sun lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, and the barrel hinges and coated screws ensure long-lasting accident proof structure. In spite of their high-fashion, fun and delicate appearance these sunglasses block out UV rays and rest firmly and comfortably on the face; the levels of quality in each part of the design, manufacturing and production process can be seen and felt.

Lowercase have an engaging and immersive website which allows customers to experience every aspect of the brand and its collection including a step by step video on the production of the glasses within the Brooklyn Army Terminal – right up to them being delivered into the customers hands, as well some further information on some interesting initiatives the brand takes in their endeavour to be as sustainable as possible. For more information visit and find the McKenna – in Ox Blood, Powder Blue or Gold Flake, at A review by Victoria G. L Brunton.

The Friday edit: a piece of paradise (PFB)

Peoples from Barbados: sunglasses + glasses for beach, city or paradise holiday

The sea, the sun, and the sand….Peoples from Barbados is the first independent Caribbean eyewear label with a colour palette inspired by the natural elements of the beautiful island, the culture and the daily life.

Hartman’s joie de vivre and love for her homeland is translated into her designs with precision and passion, to create statement eyewear that is both stylish and different. The leading boutique optician on the island, she has taken careful note of what her customers love and translated those qualities into designs with a luxury feel and a lightweight build.

“My handmade frames embody the spirit of the island and my passion for this beautiful place. Every colour and texture, every combination and creative detail has been inspired by the beauty of Barbados…” Alicia Hartman, Peoples from Barbados

Style PFB-13 (above) has a delicately bevelled or sculpted surface, and a cat-eye inspired shape with soft edges combined with the signature stainless steel temples. The colour combinations include the stunning lilac tones inspired by a Bajan storm, and a deep red/tortoise combination that combines perfectly with gold stainless steel temples. Take a look at the whole collection at

Sustainable: plant-based at Rolf Spectacles

Part of the Substance collection announced in May 2020, the new frame designs in this modern, functional line are defined by refined contours, slim temples and strategically placed curves. The finish of the material has a natural surface texture and colours are paired down, with gentle hues that complement skin tones. Above: model wearing GILA (in stone grey).

The styles are made from a species of the Euphorbiaceae family and as a material it is both versatile and good-looking.

“The plants are grown in tropical climates without any kind of genetic engineering, they don’t compete with food crops, and they can grow very tall, very quickly: where aspruce or a beech will only grow a few centimeters taller every year, this remarkable plant will shoot up six metres in just four months, and it comes back every year,” explains company founder Roland Wolf. “This makes the material more sustainable and kinder to the environment than ever–and the perfect foundation upon which to build a new collection of glasses…meeting the current demand for more climate-considerate products.”

ROLF’s award-winning Flexlock hinge is a feature here: printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology, ROLF artisans can make each of the parts all at once keep the number of external suppliers to a minimum. In addition to the high performance of the screwless and patent-pending Flexlock hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame.

ROLF Spectacles are available worldwide in specialist optical boutiques. The new unisex Substance collection is coming to stores soon: find out more at

The Friday edit: discover 3QUARTERS

3QUARTERS is a 5 year old sustainable brand with a concept that is as unique and creative as the designs that it makes: the upcycled materials used to make the bags are remnants of awnings used in Athens on apartment balconies.

Committed to the principles of sustainable design, and small-scale artisan production, the label works to raise awareness about slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion, through timeless designs with a modern attitude and range of colours.

3QUARTERS upcycled collection – handcrafted with care

The awning fabrics are almost exclusively synthetic and in Greece there is no infrastructure for recycling, disposing of, or repurposing these fabrics. So far, 3QUARTERS has reclaimed and reused at least 2 tonnes of unwanted materials. The brand has a zero-waste policy and creates no waste whatsoever. All leftover fabrics, threads, and metal parts are repurposed into new products or donated to affiliated organizations.

About the brand: 3QUARTERS has a retail presence in numerous countries around the world, is a founding member of Fashion Revolution Greece and in 2019 was awarded the Common Objective Leadership Award for “having the courage to do the right thing – and doing it well. The CO leadership awards put the spotlight on businesses with great products or services – that maximise benefits to people, and minimise the impact on the environment.” In 2020, one of the co-founders of 3QUARTERS was selected as one of the judges for the 2020 European Commission Social Innovation Competition, entitled “Reimagine Fashion” and focusing on the future of the fashion industry. Find out more at

Handmade in Brazil: Lapima’s Cora sunglasses

Bug eyes! Snug on the face, brightly toned or classic white, with a contrasting lens hue for an enhanced elegant style : the bug eye sunglasses had their heyday in the 70s and 80s and today we’re seeing them return to the catwalk – smaller, neater and all the more quirky – this look is here to stay – for ’21!

Cora in mint, by Lapima – a favourite in the Lapima SS20 collection

Lapima’s beautiful Cora – reminiscent of the ‘bug-like sunglasses’ – is created with a sharp, modern aesthetic, narrow, elongated and fitting over the eyes with a mask-like effect. The chic sculpted artisan frame by the Brazilian couture eyewear label is much like the handmade sunglasses of the 60s and 70s, with a stunning glossy, smooth finish and pointed end tips that could only have been worked and shaped by hand. The UV protective lenses come in pretty, matching or contrasting tones – a gorgeous off-white acetate is paired with a yellow lens, the mint comes with a brown gradient lens, the ultra violet has a solid green lens….another 8 colours are also available – each colour pairing offering a distinctive character and style.

Lapima packaging: the minimal white protective case is produced in leather

Lapima is a luxury sunglasses brand founded in 2016 by Gisela and Gustavo Assis. The brand works to unite cutting-edge technology with handmade craftsmanship and has proven to be a disruptive presence in Brazilian design. By overcoming traditional aesthetic limits with an avant-garde vision, the label is an invitation for individuality with geometrical lines that play with volume, light and shadow in frames carved by hand in Italian acetate. With the highest quality of materials sourced throughout Europe, Lapima sunglasses are handmade using a 28-step process at their in-house atelier in Sāo Paulo, Brazil.

The brand is available at boutiques including Moda Operandi, The Webster, Tasoni (Switzerland) and Gogosha Optique (LA), with celebrity supporters including Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Alba, Kate Bosworth, Katie Holmes, Kerry Washington, Kristen Bell, and Olivia Palermo. For more information about Lapima sunglasses, and to browse the online store visit

The Friday edit: Soru Jewellery

Statement pieces – ideal for summer – which balance colour and classical details with gemstones and pearls, Soru Jewellery’s Treasures Collection is influenced by ancient Italian treasures and historic heirlooms. Made using 18ct gold plated silver with an organic finish, the line encompasses delicate necklaces with minute detailing, bold, oversized rings and finely crafted earrings with a tasteful yet opulent Sicilian infused style.

Gold features prominently in the line. The coin motifs of the Roma earrings pair beautifully with other unique pieces. The Coral style (below) is one of the highlights, with sparkling golden and opal Swarovski crystals on an 18 carat yellow gold vermeil on a sterling silver base. Across the collection, a nostalgic love for handmade quality and Italian design flair is evident along with a desire to create a decorative, yet wearable jewellery style for everyday and all occasions.

Summer style: Soru Coral ring and Roma earrings – which feature 1980s Italian lire coins and St Cristopher ‘medallino’ embellished with baroque style pearls

Soru, meaning ‘sisters’ in Sicilian, was founded by English-Sicilian sisters, Francesca Kelly and Marianna Doyle in 2013. Each Soru piece is ethically handmade in Italy or Turkey using gold plated sterling silver and semi precious gemstones. The brand has an impressive and diverse celebrity following counting HRH The Duchess of Cambridge, Chiara Ferragni, Negin Mirsalehi, Rita Ora, Jessie J and Millie Mackintosh. Soru Jewellery is available in the UK at Selfridges, Harrods, Fenwick and Harvey Nichols. Or visit the online store at and Instagram @sorujewellery

@searchingforchinook with @sea2see

The sustainable eyewear label by François van den Abeele is lending support @searchingforchinook to save the orcas of the Pacific Northwest

The SFC Chinook collection features 5 different styles produced in Sea2see 100% recycled marine plastic. The initiative is focused on supporting @searchingforchinook in documenting the fight for survival of the last 72 Southern resident orcas and inspiring people to take action to prevent their extinction. The project is directed by Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams (Executive Producer), Alexandra Johnston (Executive Producer/Presenter), and Maria Nangle (Producer). Above: model Alex by Sea2see – the frames are made from recovered marine plastic. Sea2see has created its own program to collect the waste plastic from the marine environment in Europe and Africa and recycle it into raw UPSEA™ PLAST pellets which can then be turned into new colourful eyewear designs.

Games of Thrones actress Maisie Williams in Sea2see ‘Alex’ sunglasses

Find out more about the project to save the orcas at or follow the team @searchingforchinook on Instagram. Find the Chinook sunglass edition at

For all face shapes: Morel 80002A sunnies

Multi-sided shapes have been increasing across product lines – the versatility of the styles for different face shapes and their stylish look which balances classic with quirky is great for men and women alike. The latest style in this genre at the French eyewear company Morel is an example of a look that gives a nod to the 1990s, minimal and well-proportioned (not oversize) with a slightly elongated octagonal eye shape and a UV protective lens – in a range of colours for all tastes – black, emerald green and pink. The frame comes from the Azur collection – a dedicated sunglass line which balances tradition and know-how with some notable technical attributes including 100% polarized lenses (by Italy’s Divel Italia) with an internal anti-reflection coating – available on all men’s and women’s models in the line for the current season. Find out more at

The Friday edit: lode.jewellery

Chris Cooper’s jewellery line brings another style of glasses accessory into the optical arena. Produced in metal materials such as silver, tarnished silver, gold finish and raw brass, the pendants are designed to keep specs safe while having a unique style as a piece of minimal jewellery. Above: Gemi pendant with an oscillating feature – available in a choice of finishes

Lode loop: model Apse with gold finish

Each metal loop design comes in different finishes and is supplied with a 60cm snake chain or black thread. The label pays special attention to the finish of the raw material and a style and quality to match favourite specs or sunnies. Find out more and visit the web store at

Cat-eye frames: Karyn by BOZ (JF Rey)

Cat-eye frames remain a fashionable statement in 2020 and there’s usually a style to suit us all; 1950s, elongated and upswept, or bold and modified to create dramatic head-turning sunnies.

At the independent French label BOZ, a brand synonymous with a chic and flamboyant, colourful style, the latest collection highlights Karyn, a classic cat-eye shape designed with a prominent metal brow featuring a delicate Deco twist. Above: the expressive frame silhouette we continue to love – KARYN cat’s eye by BOZ (France)

KARYN8065: the BOZ collection boasts exclusive acetate colours this season

A combination frame in metal and acetate, inspiration comes from the 1960s and superstar Marilyn Monroe. As well as the quirky silhouette reminiscent of frames she wore, a small rhinestone is featured on the temples as a tribute to the actress and her uniquely glamorous and sassy style. Find this style and more by the Marseille label at

The Friday edit: Lisa King masks

Face masks: the new essential accessory and fastest evolving product category in fashion

Beautiful, artistic masks – to wear with statement eyewear – are now a category of their own. Many fashion companies and designers are launching their own lines, many of which have been created from existing fabrics and remnants from other lines.

London-based print artist Lisa King’s styles are upcycled from fabrics used in previous collections. Made from 100% silk and produced in London, Lisa is working closely with a family run factory; the creation of masks also meant that Lisa could continue supporting workers, following the devasting effects on small businesses from Covid-19.

Each mask has been designed for a snug fit with double layered silk and adjustable ties, with an inner pocket which can hold a disposable filter for extra protection.

The collection of masks – with designs for men and women – showcases Lisa’s signature prints which are hand printed in Worcestershire, UK and retail at £30. In support of the London based artist and offering their customer access to a conscious and considered face covering option, on July 2nd renowned British department store Fortnum & Mason launched an exclusive selection of Lisa King masks online and in store. Above: the artist modelling her own new mask design

Lisa King masks: unisex prints and colours – 100% silk

Echoing the brand’s philosophy on conscious manufacturing and sustainable efforts, Lisa King produces products on demand and creates pieces as a canvas for her art in her London based studio. Following a limited number of masks that are now available on the brand’s website, Lisa King adopts a made-to-order approach which results in waste reduction and minimises their environmental impact. In addition, Lisa King uses compostable or recyclable packaging throughout her products.

Lisa King distributes 10% of proceeds of face masks made through the brands website to The Black Curriculum – an initiative that teaches Black history all year round in schools for students aged 8-16, alongside the Emergency Designer Network – a volunteer-led collective supplementing PPE stocks for the NHS (UK) in the fight against COVID-19. For more information and to purchase online visit

YM® x TVR® SERIES 2 2020 Edition Preview

Clean lines and a diamond cut finish, handmade in Japan

The collaboration between Japanese label TVR® and Yamada Mitsukazu®, the eponymous brand of the Japanese craftsman Yamada-san will see a second edition launch this September  — Yamada Mitsukasu® x TVR® SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut.

Based on an iconic 1940s French panto shape, the style combines a high hinge and full-bodied base, a detail which creates a wide pantoscopic view for the wearer. Complementing the vintage shape, traditional rivets from the 1920s are added to give an elegant, old-school finish to the fronts.

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2

Distinguished by  diamond cut edges that contribute to the clean lines, simplistic 90-degree angle with smooth curves and protruding hinges — the bold and masculine structure is balanced with wide library temples tapering to flared tips.

The upper part of the frame is derived from a square shape, meticulously hand-cut with precision in mind. The use of an 8mm front perfected using the diamond cutting technique also ensures a beautifully flat bridge surface and excellent fit of the temple. The diamond edge finishing is also another feature that’s perfected by Yamada-san himself who has over 60 years of artistry and experience of spectacle-making.

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut is also an expression of ‘East meets West’, where traditional Japanese handcrafted artistry paired with vintage French design. Above: Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® SERIES 2 

Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® — SERIES 2 – luxurious pure gold plating on seven barrel hinges and arabesque metal detailing

The frame fronts also undergo a special polishing process that lends a certain artisanal handmade quality to each frame. “You can say that the polishing skill is based on my ‘sixth sense’ because it is entirely based on what you see and how you feel. There is a lot of attention in the detail involved in the making of this collection,” explains the master craftsman.

The Yamada Mitsukazu® x TVR® — SERIES 2 French Panto Diamond Cut 2020 edition will be available online and in selected stores in Autumn 2020.The collection comes in four individual colours — Black Diamond, Brown Beer, Olive Crystal and Yellow Crystal — vintage tones which have a true.

GIVEAWAY – @eyestylistmagazine (Instagram) today, we’re Giving Away a stunning 1 Pair of TVR 504 glasses (with plano lenses ready to be fitted with lenses at your local optician) – made in Sabae, Japan. Visit our Instagram profile today to take part.

Alisio by GOOD’S

The Architecture Collection in M49 bio acetate – a first collection from Good’s in Naples (Italy)

A fascinating appreciation of art history and references to architecture have had a consistent influence in the making of a first collection at GOOD’S, where contemporary taste, culture and a refined and researched artisan style play a part in forming something new, quality-driven and intriguing with a design style that combines vintage-infused looks with eco-friendly materials comfortably – and with auspicious know-how. This first line features seven models in six different colours, each one inspired by Neopolitan architecture and architects, after whom they are named.

Alisio in black – vintage inspired gold cello metal and M49 bio acetate

Model Alisio – inspired by Giancarlo Alisio (1930-2005) – is a tribute to the eminent university professor of the History of Architecture in Naples. Other models are the result of detailed studies of Napoli’s rich architecture and specific buildings which include the Baroque church and monastery San Gergorio Armeno, the church of Gesu Nuovo and the landmark Certosa di San Martino on the Vomero Hill.

This small creative Italian label is led by Piero Buono (Co-Founder), Walter Engle (digital director) and Francesco Maria Stazio (architect and creative director). A second line – the Book Collection, is already in the pipeline and will launch in September 2020. Find out more: By Clodagh Norton

The Friday edit: Nannacay

305 familes producing hope, bags, hats, and pompoms in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador

This week our Friday spot is dedicated to Nannacay, a trusted sustainable accessories label – by business woman turned creative entrepreneur, Marcia Kemp. With a passion for travel, fashion, and community work, Kemp’s idea for the brand was to create a social fashion project, with benefit to communities in Latin America through their unique craftwork and artisan skill. The brand goes as far as providing orientation and training to the craftsmen and women who work on the styles.

Kemp collaborates with the communities to create a fashion line that is brightly colored and bold, handmade with a modern style that has become well-known in international fashion circles.

“Nannacay was awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of strategically enhancing the lives of those involved in the creation of its products. Nannacay aims to preserve culture and improve its communities’ lives through fair trade.”

Above: Aura S/S 20 collection:Brigit Bag

Nannacay – Aura s/s 2020 – Irene Clutch

With carefully  selected sustainable materials such as wool, cotton, and recycled textiles, the handmade designs in the collection including this season’s Aura series, also feature exceptional designs using macrame and crochet derived from communities in Brazil. The label also continues to research new possibilities for the introduction of pieces featuring recycled materials.

Nannacay – meaning ” sisterhood of women” in the Peruvian indigenous language Quechua – is a fashion brand born to transform peoples lives through the making of unique accessories; the bag designs have far-reaching appeal for their balance of style and simplicity, with handmade details that are playful and tasteful, always with a gentle nod to the tribal patterns and time honored crafts from where they are born. Find more designs at


The Friday Edit: “total relax” summer essentials

These particular products are on our wish list for the summer days ahead…

Preparing for staycations, balmy days of summer, moments of quiet relaxation, reflection or just a good read? In our Friday edit this week, we highlight three unique yet simple products that will lift your spirits and sense of well-being in the weeks to come. Above: Morpho + Luna’s silk eye pillow from “Les Irrésistibles” line

Freija pillow by Morpho + Luna – handmade in Italy
1. The “Les Irrésistibles” line of eye pillows makes use of archived fabric from past collections. As with the silk pieces at Morpho + Luna, the pillows are made in Italy from 100% pure silk and filled with meticulously cleaned wheat grown in Lancashire which helps to soothe and relax tired eyes whilst also being gentle on skin. Put a few drops of a favourite essential oil to the inner cotton pillow for added relaxation!
Reading glasses by Frank and Lucie – Ocean Odyssey Collection – inspired by the colours of the sea

2. For reading glasses and sunglasses, Frank and Lucie (Netherlands) have updates in their collection, which explore pretty, delicate tones of aquamarine, seaweed and natural “watery” transparencies of ‘laguna’ and ‘morning swim’. Shapes are easy and well-proportioned with panto and round designs inspired by classic spectacles of the past. The collection also features sunglasses for reading and fun new eyewear chains. Find all the latest designs at

SHED Soy Candles: luxurious, pure and kind to the environment – handmade in the UK

3. Alongside those moments of reading and rest, the Shed Soy Candle is a wonderfully luxurious treat with pure essential oils selected for their therapeutic and calming properties. The high quality scents will add an immediate feeling of wellbeing, while the design is unpretentious and minimal fitting perfectly with any decor – for home or work environments and a perfectly unique and elegant gift. Find our more:


Maurice by neubau

3-D printed bio-based sunglasses

Being a young and admittedly unseasoned fashion journalist – prior to working with Eyestylist, I had made my assumptions about the obvious rising ‘trend’ of environmentally friendly products across every aspect of the fashion industry. Be it in manufacturing, labour, materials – the emphasis and importance on where, why and how our clothing and accessories are made has never been so highlighted by the consumer and by the world. That being said, my expectations for ‘sustainable eyewear’ brands were minimal – if any. Sustainability and environmentalism within fashion has been an interest and niche of my own for a few years now and even so the number of sustainable eyewear brands releasing on the market came as a complete surprise – a very pleasant one at that.

neubau is known by most as the creative epicentre of Austria’s capital – similarly, with the 100% bio-based line of optical and sunglass frames ‘neubau’ eyewear – the independent lifestyle eyewear brand could very well be at the creative epicentre of progress in the sustainable eyewear segment. Their range is diverse – with anything from a minimal optical frame to a statement sunglass available.

neubau sent me the Maurice frames from their three-piece special edition collection; the other two styles are Romy and Alain. The Maurice style comes in evergreen matte/graphite or black coal matte/graphite frame/lens – I have the evergreen frame / amber lens and that particular colour pairing is beautifully different and eye-catching. The amber lenses are light on the eyes but succeed in blocking out harsh rays just as well as a black or dark grey lens – it must be noted that the lens production is equally technical in it’s own right; made of polycarbonate and providing 100% UVA/UVB UV400 protection – the optical clarity is flawless. The frame shape is sporty, sleek and lightweight with no compromise on comfort or durability. These particular sunglasses are made using neubau’s natural3D process – with an entirely natural material in a 3D printer. The material used is an oil extracted from castor oil plant seeds layered repeatedly with any excess material being made into other frames – ‘innovative’ does not do this completely circular, scientific and almost magical process justice. On top of the modern aesthetic, scientific facts and the physicality of the frame, the natural origins of the material means that the surface is basically pore-less and sits comfortably on the skin.

For further details and deeper insights into how neubau works I also thoroughly enjoyed the neubau blog, where enthralling stories, product details and updates on their See & Do Good initiative make for an engaging and informative read and explain how the sustainable focus is at the heart of this stunning collection and in neubau’s evolving story. Website and blog at  A review by Victoria G. L. Brunton


The Friday edit: La LOOP La Mask

Elizabeth Faraut expands accessories collection with LA LOOP mask chain

As the market floods with new styles of mask in all shapes and sizes, Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Elizabeth Faraut has added a new mask accessory combining functionality and style in her beautiful luxury accessories line. LA Mask is a hand-designed solution to today’s need to wear masks in public places and helps keep track of them, says Faraut.

The concept for LA Mask came when Faraut was faced with trips outside her home on weekly runs to the market and it was too easy to leave her mask behind. “As the LA LOOP is the simple way to hang one’s eyewear around the neck, LA Mask performs the same function for the personal health mask.”

LA Mask by LA LOOP

When worn with a mask, LA Mask can hang from one’s neck with the mask hanging against the chest so that it is at one’s fingertips ready to be put on at a moment’s notice. When the mask is removed (by unclipping the clasps) LA Mask is a necklace or can be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. For wider social benefit, through June and July, LA Mask will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), an organization in Los Angeles focusing on serving and empowering homelessness and formerly homeless women. DWC envisions a Los Angeles with every woman housed and on a path to personal stability. LA LOOP has a long history of supporting the charity.

LA Mask is handmade in Los Angeles. The Vintage masks collection by LA Mask features fabrics like Guatemalan Indigo, seersucker blue, white pin striped cotton and Italian linens. The Classic collection masks are 100% cotton blend.

Along with this functionality, LA Mask’s creator says the product is connecting consumers and community. LA Mask customers are placing gift orders, asking their purchases to be sent directly to loved ones. Faraut is handwriting gift notes with orders that read: “Stay safe and healthy. I love you.” Find out more at

Titanium trends: Annie by Blackfin

Slim, pared down, and as light as can be. The new Annie model from Blackfin, the Italian independent brand, is part of the label’s Razor “retro-infused” collection created from 1mm Japanese titanium sheet and made in Italy. The eyewear producer has developed special micro mechanical processes to create the frames which, it says, have been custom-engineered to achieve a technically sound construction and finish – one of their lightest yet.

Annie by Blackfin, the Italian independent label: lightweight, timeless design

Blackfin is often ahead of the game in its launches and new high-tech titanium eyewear proposals – and even in these difficult and challenging times, the Razor concept represents a clear expression of pushing forward through innovation and bold design, for those who seek quality, technical construction and detail.

The colour palette for the Annie style ranges from the more sombre monochrome black to metallic powder pink, metallic blue, metallic Burgundy red, bright metallic violet and optic white – plenty of choice for all tastes and moods this season. Two-tone versions include white/polished silver, dark metallic bordeaux/polished silver, or Nano-Plated Champagne Light Gold combined with raspberry or bright metallic blue. Check out Blackfin’s full ranges at