The Friday edit: Nannacay

305 familes producing hope, bags, hats, and pompoms in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador

This week our Friday spot is dedicated to Nannacay, a trusted sustainable accessories label – by business woman turned creative entrepreneur, Marcia Kemp. With a passion for travel, fashion, and community work, Kemp’s idea for the brand was to create a social fashion project, with benefit to communities in Latin America through their unique craftwork and artisan skill. The brand goes as far as providing orientation and training to the craftsmen and women who work on the styles.

Kemp collaborates with the communities to create a fashion line that is brightly colored and bold, handmade with a modern style that has become well-known in international fashion circles.

“Nannacay was awarded the Eco-Age Brandmark in recognition of strategically enhancing the lives of those involved in the creation of its products. Nannacay aims to preserve culture and improve its communities’ lives through fair trade.”

Above: Aura S/S 20 collection:Brigit Bag

OGI Eyewear
Nannacay – Aura s/s 2020 – Irene Clutch

With carefully  selected sustainable materials such as wool, cotton, and recycled textiles, the handmade designs in the collection including this season’s Aura series, also feature exceptional designs using macrame and crochet derived from communities in Brazil. The label also continues to research new possibilities for the introduction of pieces featuring recycled materials.

Nannacay – meaning ” sisterhood of women” in the Peruvian indigenous language Quechua – is a fashion brand born to transform peoples lives through the making of unique accessories; the bag designs have far-reaching appeal for their balance of style and simplicity, with handmade details that are playful and tasteful, always with a gentle nod to the tribal patterns and time honored crafts from where they are born. Find more designs at


The Friday Edit: “total relax” summer essentials

These particular products are on our wish list for the summer days ahead…

Preparing for staycations, balmy days of summer, moments of quiet relaxation, reflection or just a good read? In our Friday edit this week, we highlight three unique yet simple products that will lift your spirits and sense of well-being in the weeks to come. Above: Morpho + Luna’s silk eye pillow from “Les Irrésistibles” line

Freija pillow by Morpho + Luna – handmade in Italy
1. The “Les Irrésistibles” line of eye pillows makes use of archived fabric from past collections. As with the silk pieces at Morpho + Luna, the pillows are made in Italy from 100% pure silk and filled with meticulously cleaned wheat grown in Lancashire which helps to soothe and relax tired eyes whilst also being gentle on skin. Put a few drops of a favourite essential oil to the inner cotton pillow for added relaxation!
Reading glasses by Frank and Lucie – Ocean Odyssey Collection – inspired by the colours of the sea

2. For reading glasses and sunglasses, Frank and Lucie (Netherlands) have updates in their collection, which explore pretty, delicate tones of aquamarine, seaweed and natural “watery” transparencies of ‘laguna’ and ‘morning swim’. Shapes are easy and well-proportioned with panto and round designs inspired by classic spectacles of the past. The collection also features sunglasses for reading and fun new eyewear chains. Find all the latest designs at

OGI Eyewear
SHED Soy Candles: luxurious, pure and kind to the environment – handmade in the UK

3. Alongside those moments of reading and rest, the Shed Soy Candle is a wonderfully luxurious treat with pure essential oils selected for their therapeutic and calming properties. The high quality scents will add an immediate feeling of wellbeing, while the design is unpretentious and minimal fitting perfectly with any decor – for home or work environments and a perfectly unique and elegant gift. Find our more:


Maurice by neubau

3-D printed bio-based sunglasses

Being a young and admittedly unseasoned fashion journalist – prior to working with Eyestylist, I had made my assumptions about the obvious rising ‘trend’ of environmentally friendly products across every aspect of the fashion industry. Be it in manufacturing, labour, materials – the emphasis and importance on where, why and how our clothing and accessories are made has never been so highlighted by the consumer and by the world. That being said, my expectations for ‘sustainable eyewear’ brands were minimal – if any. Sustainability and environmentalism within fashion has been an interest and niche of my own for a few years now and even so the number of sustainable eyewear brands releasing on the market came as a complete surprise – a very pleasant one at that.

neubau is known by most as the creative epicentre of Austria’s capital – similarly, with the 100% bio-based line of optical and sunglass frames ‘neubau’ eyewear – the independent lifestyle eyewear brand could very well be at the creative epicentre of progress in the sustainable eyewear segment. Their range is diverse – with anything from a minimal optical frame to a statement sunglass available.

neubau sent me the Maurice frames from their three-piece special edition collection; the other two styles are Romy and Alain. The Maurice style comes in evergreen matte/graphite or black coal matte/graphite frame/lens – I have the evergreen frame / amber lens and that particular colour pairing is beautifully different and eye-catching. The amber lenses are light on the eyes but succeed in blocking out harsh rays just as well as a black or dark grey lens – it must be noted that the lens production is equally technical in it’s own right; made of polycarbonate and providing 100% UVA/UVB UV400 protection – the optical clarity is flawless. The frame shape is sporty, sleek and lightweight with no compromise on comfort or durability. These particular sunglasses are made using neubau’s natural3D process – with an entirely natural material in a 3D printer. The material used is an oil extracted from castor oil plant seeds layered repeatedly with any excess material being made into other frames – ‘innovative’ does not do this completely circular, scientific and almost magical process justice. On top of the modern aesthetic, scientific facts and the physicality of the frame, the natural origins of the material means that the surface is basically pore-less and sits comfortably on the skin.

OGI Eyewear

For further details and deeper insights into how neubau works I also thoroughly enjoyed the neubau blog, where enthralling stories, product details and updates on their See & Do Good initiative make for an engaging and informative read and explain how the sustainable focus is at the heart of this stunning collection and in neubau’s evolving story. Website and blog at  A review by Victoria G. L. Brunton


The Friday edit: La LOOP La Mask

Elizabeth Faraut expands accessories collection with LA LOOP mask chain

As the market floods with new styles of mask in all shapes and sizes, Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Elizabeth Faraut has added a new mask accessory combining functionality and style in her beautiful luxury accessories line. LA Mask is a hand-designed solution to today’s need to wear masks in public places and helps keep track of them, says Faraut.

The concept for LA Mask came when Faraut was faced with trips outside her home on weekly runs to the market and it was too easy to leave her mask behind. “As the LA LOOP is the simple way to hang one’s eyewear around the neck, LA Mask performs the same function for the personal health mask.”

LA Mask by LA LOOP

When worn with a mask, LA Mask can hang from one’s neck with the mask hanging against the chest so that it is at one’s fingertips ready to be put on at a moment’s notice. When the mask is removed (by unclipping the clasps) LA Mask is a necklace or can be wrapped around the wrist and worn as a bracelet. For wider social benefit, through June and July, LA Mask will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to Downtown Women’s Center (DWC), an organization in Los Angeles focusing on serving and empowering homelessness and formerly homeless women. DWC envisions a Los Angeles with every woman housed and on a path to personal stability. LA LOOP has a long history of supporting the charity.

OGI Eyewear

LA Mask is handmade in Los Angeles. The Vintage masks collection by LA Mask features fabrics like Guatemalan Indigo, seersucker blue, white pin striped cotton and Italian linens. The Classic collection masks are 100% cotton blend.

Along with this functionality, LA Mask’s creator says the product is connecting consumers and community. LA Mask customers are placing gift orders, asking their purchases to be sent directly to loved ones. Faraut is handwriting gift notes with orders that read: “Stay safe and healthy. I love you.” Find out more at

Titanium trends: Annie by Blackfin

Slim, pared down, and as light as can be. The new Annie model from Blackfin, the Italian independent brand, is part of the label’s Razor “retro-infused” collection created from 1mm Japanese titanium sheet and made in Italy. The eyewear producer has developed special micro mechanical processes to create the frames which, it says, have been custom-engineered to achieve a technically sound construction and finish – one of their lightest yet.

Annie by Blackfin, the Italian independent label: lightweight, timeless design

Blackfin is often ahead of the game in its launches and new high-tech titanium eyewear proposals – and even in these difficult and challenging times, the Razor concept represents a clear expression of pushing forward through innovation and bold design, for those who seek quality, technical construction and detail.

The colour palette for the Annie style ranges from the more sombre monochrome black to metallic powder pink, metallic blue, metallic Burgundy red, bright metallic violet and optic white – plenty of choice for all tastes and moods this season. Two-tone versions include white/polished silver, dark metallic bordeaux/polished silver, or Nano-Plated Champagne Light Gold combined with raspberry or bright metallic blue. Check out Blackfin’s full ranges at

Götti Switzerland


SoupCan Milled: new from Tavat

The new Milled concept for 2020: performance, design + innovation – in Bronze edition

Tavat Eyewear’s individualistic Soupcan design – first released in 2015, is back with the introduction of a new Milled concept – in bronze. The frames were one of a series of avantgarde eyewear innovations due to show at the cancelled Mido fair in Milan in February – but nevertheless launched and now available, heading out to leading optical stores as we write.

Model Retros – an oversized panto from Tavat’s new Milled line – in 3mm bronze

Each frame has been milled from sheets of bronze and through elaborate machining techniques unique to the company’s production in Italy, the SoupCan design has reemerged with a fresh and modern guise. Contemporary architectural shapes and elegantly balanced metallic colours fuse alongside Tavat’s precision and refinement in production and hand finishing for the ultimate contemporary artisan line. Tavat frames undergo more than 100 production and artisanal steps with meticulous quality control throughout each work cycle. The sunglasses are fitted with Melanin sun lenses to offer enhanced contrast, sharp vision and high level protection for the retina.

OGI Eyewear
Model Tank in Tavat’s Milled SoupCan range

Model Tank is conceived to embody the “live larger than life, dream larger” ethos. In line with former SoupCan editions, model Tank and all other styles in this series are built with specific technical details including an anti-rotation screw (inside the watch-crown hinge) a rim-lock under the nose, and Tavat’s signature temple made from Niclafor®, a flexible, easy to adjust material that gives a lasting high quality finish. For more details about the technical properties of these new state-of-the-art Tavat designs in the SoupCan Milled edition, visit

The Friday edit: leather design / Beaumour Paris

Eyewear accessories which serve another practical purpose are unique at Beaumour. The Paris brand has tapped into convenience alongside quality, with a nicely balanced design finesse for products which carry a mix of personal essentials.

Above: the collection is produced in naturally dyed leathers. Founder Quentin Stubbe has created timeless artisan-made designs adjusted to the modern lifestyle.

Card holder glasses case at Beaumour Paris

The range includes a card holder glasses case with space for up to 4 credit cards, a compact design made of full-grain natural leather (above).

Glasses wallet at Beaumour Paris – practical and minimal

The lightweight glasses wallet has the appearance of a slim eyewear case – on the inside there is space for eyewear, credit cards and bank notes making it ideal as a way to carry around essentials without the need for several individual accessories.


The range is made from sustainable raw materials including natural tanned leathers free from chemicals and made to last. For more information and for the online shop visit


The Friday edit: Orris London

Bio acetate has become a hugely desirable commodity in fashion eyewear, and optical accessory designers are also making it their own. The Orris London range is produced in a material made from wood pulp and cotton fibre. It’s kind to the skin, petroleum-free and 100% natural and biodegradable.

“Sustainability is at the core of orris London,” says founder of the label Tara Shen. “Designed in our London studio, each chain link is individually laser cut, shaped and hand-polished, with pieces taking up to seven days to finish. Long-lasting design and ‘buy better, buy less’ are mantras we live and work by.”

OGI Eyewear

One of several designs, the bio-acetate Spaghetti chain (pictured above) launched in Paris for SS2020, is the most original design in the collection, with a super-sleek silhouette to fit all styles of glasses and sunglasses. Available in Liberty’s, Le Bon Marche Paris and selected independent fashion + optical stores you can also buy these designs for purchase on the Orris London website. To find our more about Tara Shen’s designs, made in the UK, visit

Vysen model Panache

Described as a favourite within the collection, Vysen’s latest colours for the unisex Panache style are eye-catching and brave, a new spin on a design that is one of the strongest futuristic highlights in this collection by the independent label from Miami.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
For quality finishing, these Vysen sunglasses, which feature a double rim and open section below the lens are made with a versatile, ultra-light, durable stainless-steel.  The new colours combine black and rose gold with a rose mirror lenses or black and silver with a silver mirror lens, both of which bring a luxury finish to the unique, avantgarde shape. Find out more about Vysen sunglasses at

Friday edit: Jellyfish headpiece by JCN Fascinators

Handmade fascinators by Italian designer Claudia della Frattina / JCN Fascinators, Rome

In a world of its own accessory fantasy, Claudia della Frattina’s Seaweed collection, a concept first launched 2 years ago, explores nature and sea life in rich colorations with adornments and beads. Combining a hand blocked round base in three layers of sinamay, with sinamay strands below, each delicate thread has been hand finished with minute crystal beads, creating a dazzling almost magical light effect.

Handmade headpiece by the Rome based designer – JCN Fascinators

The double headband is trimmed with raffia and has several big AB glass beads, balancing the overall effect and reflecting rainbow colours onto other surfaces when hit by the sun.


Claudia della Frattina makes handcrafted hats, fascinators and head pieces from her atelier in Rome, Italy. Her work is featured every year in the UK at the annual X Terrace press preview  – an event for designers and innovators in millinery and hat design from around the world (For details visit: Find out more about JCN Fascinators at

Celebrity style: Decadent Too by Anna-Karin Karlsson

Spotted on celebrities including Paris Hilton, Kris Jenner, and Giovanna Engelbert, Decadent Too sunglasses by the renowned Swedish designer Anna-Karin Karlsson are the model of choice for overstated jewellery style. Impossible to slip by unnoticed, these striking sunglasses are adorned with a crystal setting over lightly toned Carl Zeiss sun lenses. This extraordinary quality and finish is achieved through the craftsmanship and expertise of individuals with passion and pride in their extraordinarily accomplished metier.

The Anna-Karin Karlsson eyewear collection is created for an exclusive audience with designs produced in only 20–100 pieces worldwide. An authenticity card is provided with each frame and they are individually numbered. Find out more at

OGI Eyewear

The Friday edit: Morpho+Luna eye masks

Tired eyes and too much screen time in quarantine? Created by Cécile Gavazzi, Morpho+Luna eye masks have become our go-to accessory for relaxation and deeper, more restful sleep. These beautiful eye masks are made by hand in silk, with light padding for the ultimate comfort. Above: blush tone eye mask with a silk snow piping and elastic strap. Ideal to block light during a daytime garden siesta or for better quality relaxed sleep at night.

Made in Italy: Morpho+Luna eye mask

Morpho+Luna is a womenswear brand specialising in sleep and homewear. The name comes from the combination of a vibrant blue Morpho butterfly and a delicate white Luna moth—inspired by a rebellious baroness: an adventurer who constantly sought out a new space for her ideas, her expression, and her very being.

Deep Blue Silk Eye Mask: a limited edition silk mask from Morpho+Luna

The products are made in Italy with a careful focus on design, craftsmanship and fine quality fabrics and prints. Find out more :

Götti Switzerland

‘The Friday Edit’ at Eyestylist is a new review series of elegant accessories and lifestyle products for the weekend and beyond. Watch this space.

Fine-jewellery sunglasses: Subsolar by Falvin

Jewellery embellishments bring exceptional luxury finesse to handmade eyewear. At the Danish independent label Falvin, precious black diamonds with a chic, rare coloration provide the contemporary mood and sparkle for the new Subsolar edition, a women’s sunglass shape balancing exquisitely feminine lines and technical finishing.

Falvin Eyewear: black diamonds are a glamorous feature of the new Subsolar – shot by Henrik Adamsen

Falvin Eyewear has special expertise in luxury frames with jewellery settings. Founder and designer Birgitte Falvin seeks out unique materials for her contemporary collection which is produced exclusively in Japan. The diamond settings – assembled by a leading jeweller in Denmark, are mounted using traditional techniques to ensure a long-lasting quality. Find out more:


Blackfin model Lynn Haven

Tricks with titanium are part of the mastery and craftsmanship of Italian label Blackfin. The bas-relief effect of model Lynn Haven – achieved through a state-of-the-art micro mechanical  processing technique – allows for a two-tone colour scheme, in this case balancing delicate pink and blue/green. Comfort is a key to the design with a lightweight construction and several special features such as tilting nose pads, and overall the styling delivers a smart, modern, clean-cut elegance that reflects our era whilst maintaining timeless aspects popular in today’s eyewear selections. This women’s frame is also created in red/blue, silver/gold, brown/magenta and silver/black. The design is recommended if you have sensitive skin as the materials are non-toxic and bio-compatible, free from residues of nickel or other heavy metals. To find out more about Blackfin eyewear read our latest post at and visit

Accessory love: Diffuser Tokyo – Japan

The Japanese brand continues to lead the way in the production of stylish leather glasses accessories and related design pieces

Japanese accessories experts – Diffuser Tokyo – add to their collections for the coming  season with new leather cases and cords for men. The Diffuser range now includes two-tone stitched leather cords which come in khaki and yellow, orange with bronze and red with dark brown with carefully finished metal details with a ‘tarnished’ like vintage effect.

High-quality hand-finished ccessories from Japan: Diffuser Tokyo

The brand has also introduced a natural leather book mark, and the Horween leather eyewear case inspired by traditional natural leather spectacles cases with an envelope style lid, fastened with a popper. Diffuser Tokyo is now stocked worldwide in luxury optical boutiques. Find their products at high level optical stores and concept stores including Bromptons Opticians (UK), Lunettes Selection (Berlin), and Selima Optique SOHO (NYC). To purchase online visit

Street art inspired: JF1494 by JF Rey

Designer Jean-François Rey plays with colour in acetate in the new JF1494 Urban Collage design. Inspired by the eye-catching tonal palette and details of famous street art in his home city of Marseille and the vibrant bohemian quarter of Cours Julien, Rey applies spectacular acetate materials with mixes of tones and patterns in designs which are literally bursting with personality and French-infused style.

Cours Julien, Marseille – colorful street art is a feature of this quarter

The designs (of which there are 12 in the Urban Collage collection) focus on the careful selection of the materials, the asymmetrical and diagonal lamination techniques – unique signature elements in the range – and the fun and fanciful mix of colours. Various tortoiseshell shades in graphic combinations and contrasting styles add an assertive, distinctive look to the final designs. For more information visit


Fassamano: award-winning readers

Cristiana Vannini describes her glasses concept as ‘micro architecture for the face’. The designer and art director of Fassamaneria srl – the company which owns the Milan-based reading glasses brand – has created a unique style of fast reader, worn on a chain or leather cord, specifically for instant tasks such as reading menus or text messages, with a luxurious artisan design – borne out of the Venetian craft tradition.

Fassamano: a charming, stylish reading accessory, worn around the neck

Created in hand polished Mazzucchelli 1849 acetate, with metal parts in  laser-cut German silver, the product combines a beautifully-finished jewellery style with a practical, lightweight – yet sturdy – construction. A choice of 9 colours – including a delicate blue (Capri) and delightful spotted green havana – with variations for men and women, are available with lens strengths of +1 to +3.5 dioptres. Photochromic sun lenses have also been added to the range.

Fassamano X Laura B: a collaborative design with Laura B, featuring gold and silver plated chains

Elegant chains, charms and brooches with cabochons are available to transform the basic design, for those who wish to wear the design as an artistic piece of luxury jewellery. These chic distinctive details come to life in the sophisticated capsule collections by the talented jewellery designers Sharra Pagano and Laura B.

Götti Switzerland

Fassamano was the winner of the Golden A’ Design Award and Competition 2019 in the ‘Jewellery, Eyewear and Watch Design category’, a well-known award which recognises qualities such as innovation and sustainability alongside design excellence. For more information on Fassamano readers and accessories and for the online store visit

RockOptika: classic with a twist

British design label RockOptika takes the classic forms of vintage eyewear and re-creates them with the same finesse and style of yesteryear with a delicate slant on colour and sizing for the modern spectacle wearer. Designed in the UK and produced in a small artisan factory in the Jura, the collection is featured in a new photographic series by brand owner and photographer Tom Herrington who shoots his frames on friends and family (above, Philly wears model Sinistre).

Sinistre in Crystal

Model Sinistre, one of the signature pieces in the line, is available in several colorways including crystal, black Havana and Greengage Crumble. The art deco styling with key hole bridge was inspired by a 1930’s children’s spectacle found at a brocante in Lalinde, South West France. For more information and to find the frames from this unique British label visit

OGI Eyewear

Earth Bio: The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear, Italy

New sustainable series in bio acetate: Earth Bio by TBD

Vintage-inspired designs continue to hold their own: they’re cool, easy-to-wear and nostalgic. Add an element of eco responsibility and the effect – for eyewear – is contemporary and glamorous to boot.

From Italy, and now available to purchase online, The Bespoke Dudes Eyewear company (TBD Eyewear) have launched a series of sunglasses in bio acetate, a material with an elegant and smooth style – and attractive translucent “natural-look” colorations. The Earth Bio collection encompasses iconic bestsellers from the main line in the newly adopted material which is produced from cotton and wood pulp.

Götti Switzerland

Men’s model Blazer from the Earth Bio Collection – (tried and tested at featuring eye-catching vintage look rivets and key hole bridge

Previewed at the 97th edition of Pitti Uomo earlier this year, and preserving its dedication to sophisticated style and attention to detail (all the frames are made with a production process carried out entirely in Italy), the line is yet another well-focused edition born out of style connoisseur Fabio Attanasio’s passion for quality, design and menswear with finesse and style. For more information about the Earth Bio collection or to shop online visit

Limited Edition JF 2910SL sunglasses – Jean-François Rey


French Designer Jean-François Rey is a 1980s enthusiast and reminisces with fondness about those years when he first made a name for himself as a creative designer of sunglasses and specs. Today, his eponymous line includes the 1985 collection – highlighting emblematic revisited classics of this significant decade in fashion as well as some creative styles that point to this particular passion and influence.

The most recent addition is the Limited Edition JF2910SL – a concept frame with an inventive design inspired by tennis wear of the 80s, and more specifically the sport’s retro visor cap.

JF Rey – JF2910SL

This metal model offers a round retro eye shape with a top bar which wraps around the front. The “peaked structure” appears to rest on this bar shading the eyes with a layered solid and textured construction.

The style is available in raw urban tones of ruthenium, black or khaki finely highlighted by hand in electric tones which add to the innovative sporty design. A range of related designs include an optical version – JF2910SL – (pictured above) and the minimal JF29120016.  For more information:

Colour pursuits: Essedue new-season sunglasses, Italy

Big, colourful and bright! Essedue’s acetate sunglasses for Spring/Summer are for those who love statement design and Italian finesse with quality UV protection. Model 360 has a wide enveloping square-ish shape and a sculpted ‘bevelled’ effect on the front, a charming detail which highlights the artisan skill.

Model 458 by Essedue: in fluo pink (pictured), black and tortoiseshell

Model 458 – inspired by a cateye in a thick sumptuous glossy acetate, is an equally glam shape with a clear retro inspiration and a modern pop of colour (choose the pink fluo with baby pink temples and cute end tips matching the front) for the perfect new season revamp.

OGI Eyewear


Couture finesse at Lafont Paris: model Gala

If there’s one thing Lafont always carries off with elegance, it’s their refreshingly creative blending of colours and patterns. Part of the new Spring eyewear collection, the bold classical rectangular shaping of model Gala takes on a whole new vibrancy of character in wonderful mixes of translucent light tinted crystal, patterned and deep hued voluminous acetates, each one bringing a statement style all of its own. Above: model Gala (7115) pictured in a delicate purple with pastel tones of blue and grey.

Lafont Paris: Gala 5163 – light pink tinted crystal with multi-colored ‘snake’ tortoiseshell

The patterned materials, much like refined couture fabrics with complex, highly worked details, are matched with precision and expertise – surprising combinations rooted in vintage inspirations, are revitalised and refreshed with exquisite quality and modern flair in signature effects inspired by natural feathers and animal prints.

OGI Eyewear
Lafont Paris: Gala 5157 – a mix of tortoiseshell and pheasant feather lining

Lafont Paris frames are produced exclusively in France and are registered with the “French Origin Guarantee” certification to uphold quality, transparency and traceability of all their unique products. For more information about the new collection 2020, visit

Sleek precision : LINDBERG strip titanium

In keeping with the architectural overtones of eyewear trends for Spring, the new models in the strip titanium collection by LINDBERG recall the most daring of ’70s and early ’80s inspired frame shapes – revised with sharp edges and a sleek precision for contemporary impact.

LINDBERG’s ability to evolve this collection into a minimalist yet edgy concept is reliant on classic inspiration and shapes which will always be in fashion. The frames have a layered effect with acetate – achieved through precision craftsmanship that takes the interplay between the titanium and the slender acetate inner rims to new heights.

Götti Switzerland
LINDBERG strip 9745

LINDBERG’s strip titanium collection continues to push boundaries through the use of innovative advanced materials combined in spectacular ways to offer absolute comfort alongside a precise and minimal aesthetic. The frames are built for the individual with a choice of special features including four different nose pad designs, three different temple lengths and multi-adjustable temple ends to establish an ideal fit. For more information about the latest styles at the Danish company visit the website

3D Printed Exclusive: Gotti launches model Ahlf

Known for an elegant lightweight minimalism in acetate, titanium, and buffalo horn where exceptional comfort and durability pair with fresh, modern design, Gotti Switzerland has fast become an innovator in another specialism in eyewear design: the world of 3D printed frames.

Fresh for release this season, a new statement design – model Ahlf – has been added to their advanced repertoire – fashioned as a statement piece with a bold and futuristic style.

Futuristic style from Gotti Switzerland – Ahlf in colour Slate-G
The oversized visor-like curved frame front features a layered effect (in 3D printed Polyamide achieved via laser sintering) to create depth and provides a startling contrast to the narrow metal temples (produced in this line in Sandvik stainless steel). The frame can be created in progressive colour schemes which include the option of a two-toned effect.
Gotti Switzerland first launched their 3D printed collection DIMENSION in 2018, and since that time they have been able to explore and evolve the possibilities of 3D design in the context of luxury eyewear. The 3D printed ‘screwless’ frames are typically lightweight, flexible with interesting surfaces and a very wide choice of high-quality colours and semi-matt finishes. For more details visit:

Japanese craftsmanship: TVR® Arnel® Alumi

A Japan Edition by the exclusive Fukui label, TVR returns to Milan this month with all kinds of new eyewear treats for special release. They include the Arnel® Alumi Bespoke series, the first vintage style model in the line with Alumi (aluminium) temples combined with a 6mm Zylonite front. The Arnel® Alumi design has a three-dimensional line effect on the temple which  also offers lightness and corrosion-resistance. Above: Alumi Bespoke in matt marmalade with light grey Alumi.

TVR® Arnel® Alumi: green crystal with dark green Alumi temples

Frames featuring aluminium were popular in the 1940s and 1950s. TVR® has perfected the material by adding an additional coating, ensuring it is scratch-proof and elegantly finished with vivid colours. The aluminium construction makes the frame extremely durable and tough while providing a sleek all-metallic look.

Götti Switzerland

The Alumi Bespoke frame, the shape of which is inspired by the classic James Dean horn-rim shape,  is available five colour combinations and a new greenish-blue clip with polarised sun lenses. The design is the exclusive work of the master craftsman Sawada Yaemon from Sabae, Japan.

Feline with sparkle: Vera Wang model Diana

Cat-eye sunglasses, and even the sparkly varieties, are much more versatile than you might imagine, looking beautiful and stylish with swimsuits or boho flares – as much as with wedding or special occasion wear. For SS20, the classic styles are strong and statement-driven, with pointed corners and angular contours; colours continue to pop, from dreamy and classic  (black, milky white, crystal), through to bold or extreme – if you wish (neon pink, baby blue, canary yellow). Above: @pamelatick wears model Diana by Vera Wang in black with Swarovski decoration. Photographer: @findyourcalifornia

Diana by Vera Wang: a classic retro silhouette available in tones of black and dove

Model Diana by Vera Wang endorses the full classical shape of the cat’s eye, whilst also playing with the uplifting shimmer of Swarovski crystal clusters, a much loved detail borrowed from the 1950s when jewellery-style detailing was ‘a la mode’. The new collection by Vera Wang includes feline cat eyes, square oversized sunglasses and trendy geometric metal-rimmed aviators – styles that will trend for Spring 2020. Find out more at

Classic Original Penguin: The Cricket Sun

Classic sunglasses will be shining this Spring/Summer: 2020 appears to be heralding in a renewed love for all things elegant and refined and a style code for men and women that offers a smart, chic focus – from head-to-toe. For sunwear, and men’s styling, many decades will be referenced through shapes and colours – and distinctive details will embody a heritage spirit with sophistication and finesse.

Firmly classic: The Cricket Sun – inspired by iconic sunglasses of the 1950s

The Cricket by Original Penguin is one of those refined, easy styles to wear, built on traits of the 50s and a ‘Buddy Holly design’, with subtle updates and modifications that make the frame comfortable for a variety of face shapes. The frame is equipped with advanced quality polarized lenses, and the detailed, glossy colorations typical of the Original Penguin collections with choices ranging in this model from Black or Crystal, to Grey Sunset (top) and Tortoise (above). Find out more at

OGI Eyewear

Crafted with style: Coblens Stadtgarten

The harmonious colours, relaxing ambiance and natural beauty of the ‘Stadtgarten’, (in English, ‘city parks’) are behind a new line in acetate with titanium, by Coblens Eyewear (Germany). The company is known for its exclusive crafted titanium designs, and with Stadtgarten, it adds a new element to the design and presentation of the line, with a pure, translucent and colourful Japanese acetate.

Above: a new elegantly styled campaign identity illustrating the look, colour mix and fit of the frames on different faces. Model Rosengarten – pictured in a two-tone bold blue with translucent cappuccino hue was released this month. A deep square-ish eye shape with cat eye corners on the upper rim, the frame is also distinguished by visible vintage style rivets, two at each corner.

A two-tone front – model Rosengarten from the Stadtgarden collection by Coblens

Coblens is a German eyewear design company named after its city of origin, Koblenz (in old French Coblence). The brand has become a leading innovator in fashionable high-quality titanium frames, led by Ralf Schmidt and Nils Kaesemann.

Götti Switzerland

All titanium materials by Coblens have exclusive PVD titanium coatings to achieve a wide range of special tonalities and to ensure a high-quality scratch-resistant, corrosion-resistant finish. For more information: