Sustainable glasses – Sea2see for Spring/Summer

Recycled ‘seastainable’ frames in fresh Spring-infused colours

The sustainable brand Sea2see continues in its plight to assist in reducing marine plastic pollution whilst creating eyewear with a stylish design, and an increasingly bold and beautiful palette of colours – to step into Spring. With over 250 individual frames in its collection and several new entries such as Volta and Verona, the Barcelona-based independent eyewear brand is shining the spotlight on the climate crisis like no other in optics. The frames are now available across the world in optical stores – and as far afield as Australia, New Zealand and Canada and the sunglasses are also available in their online boutique at Above: Anastasia Schevchenko wears model Volta, photographed by Ivan Caster in a new campaign by the sustainable eyewear makers, Sea2see

Volta 27 by Sea2see: a new level of colour in recycled marine plastic

Exceptional in the way they are created and stylish to wear, Sea2see’s latest sustainable frames offer extensive choice in shape and size for all faces, including new “petite” fit designs. Lightweight and detail-oriented to provide comfort and balanced design, the frames are characterized by timeless yet contemporary colour combinations and graduated and nature-inspired ‘ripple effect’ tones.

OGI Eyewear
Götti Switzerland
Verona 08 by Sea2see: a sophisticated ripple effect in recycled marine plastic

About Sea2see: Sea2see frames are made in Italy exclusively from 100% marine plastic waste collected by Sea2see. This waste is up-cycled into a reusable raw material in the form of pellets called UPSEA PLAST. The material is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified and represents a first major sustainable development in ‘recycled” marine plastic eyewear, combining a quality finish with durability, lightness and ease of wear.  The company is led by “sustainable” entrepreneur and nature lover, Francois van den Abeele.  Find out more  at Sea2see is now available globally through leading opticians. In the UK, the award-winning frames are available in selected independent opticians including Henry Smith + Hamylton Opticians –

Men’s glasses: Haffmans & Neumeister, ULX Collection

A “most wanted” effortless shape in Spring 21 – quintessentially 1970s

Young label Haffmans & Neumeister have risen quickly in the world of glasses design. The frames like Harrington, in stainless steel sheet, are pure, minimal and effortless – technically focused, with the smallest components and “reduced” hinge design concepts, in narrow and delicate constructions. Built on timeless classics and well-known spectacle shapes of the past, in this case a 1970s square, with an architectural expertise, the glasses are nonetheless as much a reflection of contemporary style with functionality and the kind of comfort and performance that works for every day.

Götti Switzerland
MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Described as “a straight shoot all the way” – Haffmans & Neumeister model Harrington in the ULX collection – pictured in champagne – a material thickness of 0.7mm is impressive

About the brand: Haffmans & Neumeister is a Berlin based brand creating frames characterised by innovative technical solutions, aesthetic and timeless design and high-quality materials. Concentrating on the essentials of design, the glasses are practical, accessible and ageless. The brand was founded in 2016 by Daniel Haffmans, brother Philipp Haffmans and Jean-Pierre Neumeister. Find out more at

Men’s glasses

Elegantly ‘bespectacled’: men’s glasses at Lafont Paris – SS 2021

With chat about a revival of more formal attire, and a return to semi-normal life on everyone’s minds, a smarter dress code and timeless heirloom or keep-sake accessories are billed to enjoy a rise. In men’s eyewear, “lasting” design, and classical shapes have long been a part of the established “work” wardrobe. Oval, round and rectangular tend to offer a stylish and professional air when created in fine materials, and the countless renditions of these glasses ensure that matching face shape, personality and specs no longer comes down to a few limiting rules about proportions of the face. Above: model Harlow by Lafont Paris – described as a sporty panto, this delightful shape with key hole bridge is one of the new “classics” by the Parisian label: it comes in blue, green, beige – with a transparent appearance – and tortoiseshell as pictured.

Haussmann by Lafont Paris: a combination design

With larger proportions and a distinguished narrow brow line, the two-tone effect of Haussmann is both modern and elegant. Much like the tone and textural contrasts in the fabric of a suit, this style balances, fresh colours and materials with a very fine structure that offers lightness and long-term comfort. Haussmann sums up the menswear mood for Spring 21 with its “smart casual” versatility and touch of brighter colour on a brown metal base.

Windsor rims  with 1920s + 30s origins are now on-trend: Casanova by Lafont Paris – a titanium design with vintage saddle bridge

Casanova is an all-time favourite at Lafont and a permanent feature of their Reedition collection. Windsor rims of this calibre are consistently sought after for their intellectual refinement and crafted finish, and in 2021 already, this shape appears to have a new found desirability among all ages. Whether that’s because it is part of an historic cultural notion of fine dressing and vintage refinement, this style of eyewear continues to be associated with handcrafting and artisan details even now with the more widespread use of materials such as titanium or stainless steel. The Casanova model in titanium has some different colour choices, ranging from  golden to grey, silver to tortoiseshell. For more information about men’s glasses trends and our selection of fine specs and sunglasses for 2021, click on the Eyestylist bulletin:

Joyful colours: Kirk & Kirk Centena collection

New hot-pink and purple tones!

Pink has always been prized in the Kirk & Kirk collections, a highlight for a window as well as a talking point to wear. Their unique acrylic material lends itself to strong, statement colours, characterised by a light-reflective translucency with a tendency to brighten skin tones. For Spring 2021, the UK label continues to put out small and frequent new releases in what Jason Kirk describes as “a new mode of working most successfully in the current climate”, and two new colours light up the ranges  – at the candy end of the colour spektrum.

An homage to the singer, colour ‘Prince’ offers a beautiful burst of fresh purple while the new Cadillac tone offers a hot even more punchy variety of pink than we’ve seen before at Kirk & Kirk, judged as just the colour to provide a lift or boost in the current climate – and particularly so in a statement shape. Above: Photographer Kathi Harman wears model Cecil in colour ‘Prince’

Esme at Kirk & Kirk: the new hot pink tone Cadillac
Miriam at Kirk & Kirk  in the new ‘Prince’ tone

This season, Kirk & Kirk have also issued a new matte “ice” tone – another variation that works well in the acrylic material – creating a soft ‘glowy’ effect that is striking and unique.

OGI Eyewear

About acrylic eyewear at Kirk & Kirk: the British company is the only eyewear label using acrylic to produce their eyewear collections in France. The benefits of the material are practical – it’s comfortable and lightweight to wear – and aesthetic – it can be produced in beautiful bright colours which will enliven and ‘accessorise’ different outfits or looks. The use of 10mm acrylic is also a benefit for those needing the more challenging and “thicker” lens prescriptions. You won’t need to compromise on style as these lenses work perfectly in these statement designs!

To find out more visit – to read more about the brand on Eyestylist, visit

Pursuit of the senses: Padma Image

The Japanese label by Meiji Hasui adds new colours for the asymmetrical ‘Shichisan’

Simplicity. Artistry. And a delicacy of style. The Japanese label Padma Image first appeared on Eyestylist in 2014 and is gradually growing, under designer Meiji Hasui’s careful eye.  Breaking with conventions and traditional design features, the label’s new collection (available in Japan and local markets to Japan) includes one of the classic styles in the Padma Image repertoire – the asymmetrical model Shichisan, inspired by a traditional Japanese hairstyle – a Japanese ‘look’ characterised by a parting to one side. Above: Shichisan frame on model. The design was first introduced on Eyestylist in 2015:

Götti Switzerland
MOREL par Jean Nouvel
Shichisan by Padma Image: made in Sabae

“Like an asymmetrical and natural side parting, I thought that even if the upper half of the glasses were asymmetrical, there would still be an elegant harmony with the eyebrows,” says Hasui, who has produced several asymmetrical style frames in the last years, including the Ue-Shita and the Moku-Moku, featured on Eyestylist. “We work with a small factory in Sabae which uses advanced technology and skillful craftsmen for absolute quality design.” To read more about Padma Image in English click on the link:   For more about the brand visit