Coup de Coeur in the Hybrid Collection! – by J.F. Rey

Three creative, colourful additions introduced in the combined metal and acetate frame collection at French design label, J.F. Rey : JF3060, JF3061, JF3059

Fresh, bright, creatively colourful! The new designs, which include the hexagonal shaped model JF3060, offer custom-made acetate laminations in a blend of colours and patterns on a lightweight metal structure in complementary hues. Each style celebrates the possibilities of unexpected combinations and an aesthetic uniqueness – wholly characteristic of the J.F. Rey brand!

For all three styles, the frame fronts are adorned with a bespoke acetate construction: a play of laminations blending colour, pattern, and texture -assembled carefully to highlight the idiosyncratic beauty of each shape. Above and below: JF3060 by J.F. Rey

JF3061 by J.F. Rey – a striking round model offered in bright, alluring colours and contrasts of saturated and crystal colours – pictured above: the JF3059

The velvety satin finish of the metal frame structure enhances the three new designs, adding a contemporary elegance described as “an expressive, distinctive and memorable visual signature” that reflects the essence of J.F. Rey’s dedicated work in colour. Find out more at