Sunglasses: summer’s bold and colourful looks

In sunwear, the choice of glamorous shapes and colours is particularly enticing this season, as a desire for self-expression  – alongside safe, high-quality UV protection, continues to drive creativity and an individuality of style 

While some say the season’s apparel was about playing it safe, sunglasses this season are served up less discreetly, as the ideal opportunity to add effect, drama, humour, or an individualised expression of style. Enter a whole host of oversized and sculptural shapes – including square, geometric, oval and cat eye, with some tremendous detailing – sometimes subtle and sometimes over-the-top – and a fascinating colour story which is extremely broad, and bursting with exciting colours to enliven any outfit. Above: model Rose Sun by Jisco – the Spanish eyewear brand – is an elegant, oversized square-shaped sunglass style, offered in four colourways – with sun lenses in eye-catching contemporary hues,

Lapima – Lisa in “daisy yellow” – a light, zesty citrus tone

Brazilian label Lapima brings audacious notes of brightness to their collection in models like Lisa, a distinctive rectangular acetate design with thick rims that have a handcrafted “sculpted” finish. The new yellow tone that has been introduced for several models in a limited edition is said to offer an expression of “celebration and vitality, a toast to the summer of ’24!”

Zaiku 1 by FACE A FACE – a playful concept from the Parisian eyewear brand

The Zaiku 1 by FACE A FACE – in the Japan Now! collection – is inspired by the Yosegi-zaiku “parquet work” – a type of traditional marquetry which resembles a mosaic – and is most well-known for its use in creating Japanese puzzle boxes. The frame combines this influence with a gorgeous combination of several bright and intense tones and transparent coloured acetates.

Marni by RSF – Magneticus in the colour “lazuli”

The unisex Magneticus frame at Marni is a bright spark in their new collection for summer: the butterfly shape has a rounded lens design and a 1950s inspired twist in its detailing. Thick temples feature distinctive forked tips while the overall structure is full of character with its sculpted look and natural custom finish.

Odd Fruits by Gigi Studios – the Citrus sunglasses

Tones of bright pink, yellow, red and orange are all part of the mix in the Spring/Summer sunglass collections. The Odd Fruits collection by Gigi Studios has based its colour palette on some of them, inspired by unusual exotic fruits and their beautiful tropical or citrus variations.

theo’s Suprematisme is a striking multicoloured sunglass (unisex) with an artistic theme

In theo’s new Artisme collection, the sun models such as Suprematisme are like miniature artworks, with complex structures, unusual shapes and saturated colour schemes with striking patterned sections, all combined together for the most creative and eye-catching “denouement” to accessorise the eyes! Find out more about this new artsy collection from the Belgian design label at