Grotesque Frame KG, Villingendorf, Germany

The SeeContainer

5th May 2011 German eyewear designers Grotesque Frame KG have created a new optical store inside two 40 foot seacontainers. The shop is located in Villingendorf in southern Germany, and stocks Grotesque frames, alongside IC! Berlin, Orgreen, Tipton, and Herrlicht. The store has decided to take steps not to represent brands producing in territories they refer to as “low wage” countries.


“We wanted to create an eye catcher from the outside, but a noble, relaxing, clean look on the inside,” explains Daniel Benner, founder of Grotesque. “It has taken us 12 months to create the shop; when you go inside you feel like you are in a very special place, not a container, the contrast is exciting and very unexpected.” CN