Sunglass Style Guide


6th May 2011 Michaëlla Rene (above) works in the Communications Department at French brand Face à Face. “For this summer season, I have chosen, the Face à Face model Moons1 in the colour 676 (rust and pearly grey). This is a large and squared shape that fits my large, round face. I wear it with brown colours, in matching tones or with black/dark colours to make a contrast, depending on my mood.

Model Moons is a design with graphic strength and elegance. In a spirit stemming from the 60s, Moons offers irresistible Glam-Style. Two superimposed sheets of acetate open up like the wings of a butterfly. This original sculpture gives breadth to the volumes and a sophisticated touch.

I am not a fashion addict, but I love accessories. I think that accessories help you to give real personality to a style: shoes, bags, rings, earrings, brooches and sunglasses of course. All these accessories make the difference. In Paris, I have my favourite accessories designers, each of them with their own style and talent.
A pair of sunglasses has to be elegant, with colours and subtle details in the design. Regularly at a terrace of a café, people ask me the brand name of my sunglasses!”



Moons 1 from Face à Face