Sunglass Style Guide

Xenia Deger, Marketing and PR Director at Mykita in the sunglasses named after her

12th May 2011 “I had to choose this particular model, as it carries my name: Xenia. At Mykita all frames have a first name as their model reference, and since this one was named after me I guess it’s my favourite frame for summer 2011. I’ve been working here for 3 years, and now I finally have “my” Mykita frame.

It’s not only right for me because of its name, it luckily also suits me and I like it too! I always wear big sunglasses, plus this frame is quite sexy and sophisticated, but also quite casual. It also goes with most of my wardrobe. I like clothing and accessories that are quite clean and simple. I also wear a lot of black, with the occasional strong colour pops. The Xenia goes perfectly with my new red asymmetric Helmut Lang dress. But also with my everyday black skinny jeans and tee shirt combo, which is my normal “uniform”. It’s an 80’s inspired oversize metal frame with a very strong topline. I also love the colour combination: black and gold, always looks very classy.

Xenia by Mykita

My style is very casual and low key on an every day basis, as I live in Berlin where everybody is following this “code”. Also, our work environment at the Mykita Haus is very laid back, no need to come in wearing heels! But of course we all wear nice glasses, they sometimes make the outfit/look! I like frames that are simple and clean, this is what Mykita’s designs are all about, so I guess I am working for the right company.”