No. 1 Heather


I have just had this Mykita frame fitted with my prescription by my local independent optician, Wilson, Wilson & Hancock in Tenterden. I have picked out this frame for practical reasons. I like the most high-tech metal frame designs for their comfort and lightness and this ticks those boxes. While I am more used to wearing titanium (also very light and comfortable), this line is created from 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheets, and it is very light. It is also ¬†interesting for its functional snap-hinge, the clever design of which means there are no soldered joints or screws used in this style. As far as design goes, Mykita No 1 offers frames for all wearers…you can choose a classic one or a very trendy look. The Heather is a good compromise for me in this area, I see it as an every day frame – not too much of a statement, but there is a vintage feel which makes it a bit special. It is easy for work, everyday wear and subtle enough to be worn with any outfit. I am wearing the Heather in blackberry; the gold is also striking.¬†CN