Austrian Designers

Klaus Huber at Robert La Roche

28th October 2011 The next stop on our Austrian eyewear tour is to meet Klaus Huber, designer at Robert La Roche, the iconic brand who has been creating statement frames since the 1970’s. Klaus shares his design philosophy with Eyestylist.

“My inspiration for designs is life – it means that I travel a lot. In doing so, I let myself be inspired by urban life, even by the city I am living in. Vienna gives me a special attitude towards Imperial life, the culture and arts of a modern global city. Coupled with the past, it is a perfect ‘Viennese mélange’ – a Viennese coffee mixture. My approach to design is, as with sculptors, working on mass, which is brought by condensation or rejuvenation, into flowing forms. For me, haptics (the science applying tactile touch), sensation and control, plus interaction with computer application, is very important; facets and sloping areas guarantee a special look. Even the surface of the frame is specially shaped, which requires the best manual skills. We produce in Europe/Japan to achieve optimum quality. But it is getting more and more difficult to obtain the highest standards with competitive prices.

“Of course, I love to work with acetate – it feels silky, soft and warm. It is the kind of material where you can feel the special process in our glasses. I try to take care of Robert La Roche’s heritage. I don’t see myself as a caretaker. I rather want to bring the spirit of the past into the present, and develop it further into the future.” JG

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