Model 203


Presented for the first time this week, the Italian brand W-Eye’s new collection in wood and aluminium ¬†introduces new colour schemes and a new Alpi rainbow decoration, featured here on the interior of the frame. This colouring is inspired by the multicoloured plumage of the Rainbow Bee Eater, and is achieved by dying multi-laminar wood sheets by Alpi, a firm reconstructs/reprocesses wood. The raw material comes from the trunks of Ayous trees, from environmentally managed forests in Central Africa. There is a lot of technical work done here to achieve the designs and to create the detailed colouring….I like the attention to comfort which is always very precise in Matteo Ragni’s designs, the two layers of aluminium combined with 7 sheets of wood make these frames super flexible and the frames are hingeless so they are very light indeed. They are also lovingly finished by hand so they are beautifully smooth to the touch, gorgeous modified catseye and very original construction. CN