Optik Thoma

Tom Davies Exclusive in Swiss Boutique

9th December 2011 A beautiful river, alpine splendour, a history that dates back to the Neolithic age, and a majestic castle all contribute to the Swiss charm of Thun. The region has exciting 21st century developments too, including the first state-of-the-art optical shop to offer, exclusively, the couture eyewear collection of British designer Tom Davies. The concept is a collaboration between Davies, and Matthias Thomas, owner of Optik Thoma and the Zeiss Vision System Store. “My idea started with the imagination of combining the highest standards in optics, which includes Zeiss devices and lenses, with very high level, well designed, luxury, bespoke frames. I also wanted a stylish décor and furniture. With Tom Davies and Zeiss, we have the most perfect product combination for the high-level customer. The imagination became a reality. We have almost every TD ‘ready-to-wear frames’ plus the Limited Edition collection, the Bespoke Service, and the TD Couture and Natural Horn frames.”

The three level boutique includes a Design Room where customers select the material and style for their frame. When the frame is ready, clients meet in the Portfolio Room to see the design, and discuss any changes or details. All of these service are offered in luxurious surroundings of oak floors and leather chairs, while the wood furniture was made in Hungary, and painted seven times to get a super shine.”The gold mirror (visible in the photo below) we found in Germany and it’s dated 1883.

Optik Thoma Interior

“We also offer classes for customers who are interested in the whole aspect of frame design and who want to be more involved. There are classes for three to five people, and sometimes these workshops are very funny. The customers love to design frames for themselves or their class colleagues. The workshops are also attended by our make-up and colour stylist to help customers choose the correct colours for their face, fashion and style. Tom Davies was here for the opening event, and it was such a success. Tom is very busy these days, but I’m quite sure that he will come back for another event.”

The picturesque Swiss town of Thun now has another historical note – that of a forward thinking optician with an innovative concept. www.tdtomdavies.com  www.optikthoma.ch JG