Winter luxe

Sunglasses with technical enhancements

7th December 2011 The biggest issues for me when I ski are the misting up aspect, whether I’m wearing goggles or sunglasses, and the need for really good visibility in all weather conditions, given how mountain conditions can change dramatically in a short space of time. I would also recommend asking about the lenses you are buying. There are lots of high-tech properties, and as these two examples show, these should be part and parcel of the package. Both of the models reviewed here have a variety of enhancements, coatings and comfort benefits that can improve your overall sports experience.

I like the look of the Terrex Fast by Adidas (pictured above, in white and green) and I’ve used a couple of Adidas wraparounds in the past for skiwear that worked well so I would definitely consider this one for the future. Recommended for hiking and mountaineering, the style is described as being very light because it is made from shatterproof SPX material and it has a technical sports look. I like the idea that the nosepads and temples are adjustable, the UV protection is obviously a key factor, and the frame is pretty versatile, so you can change the arms for a headband and the lens colour according to weather conditions. You can also remove the foam liner to give the frame a less sporty, more everyday feel for apres ski. The frame can take the Adidas prescription insert for those needing correction which I have used and find comfortable and easy for good vision during sports.

Serengeti Fasano

For simple styling and reliability in terms of technical performance, this wrap by Serengeti also appears to tick lots of boxes. It has a minimal unpretentious design and high performance lenses, made from a top level lens material with excellent optical quality, called NXT. Common to all Serengeti lenses, the Polar PhD lens delivers proprietary Spectral Control, designed to provide good contrast and superior colour enhancement by filtering out specific colours within the visible light spectrum. This basically means that you get crisper colour and clearer images. Serengeti lenses are also designed to block blue light, eliminating ‘blue blur’ that leads to eye strain and fatigue. And as if that wasn’t enough to ensure good protection and comfort, the Serengeti Polar PhD lens boasts an anti-scratch hard coat, seven layer backside anti-reflective coating, and oleo phobic coating technology for oil and water resistance. The Fasano is retailing in the UK at £149.00. CN