Men and Their Glasses

Daniel Benner – Benner Eyewear, Germany

28th February 2012 “Men’s frames must not be as playful and colourful as women’s. For men, more straight and clean lines are needed. Designing women’s frames allows more creativity. Absolutely, men are more aware of fashion, brands, and quality now. I feel that men are as interested in vintage as women – there is no difference between men and women requesting vintage or classic styles.

Holey - designed by Daniel Benner - which he wears in the photo above

Men are still not as daring with colour as women. Using vibrant colour for men is still difficult. I think men’s frames will never be very colourful, but this is also good as it is a challenge for eyewear designers to create something original, and special, without using much colour, but other design elements. For my personal clothing designer favourites, I like how Desigual followed their very colourful and great women’s collection with a men’s collection, that is original but wearable. Using more patterns than colour, it’s still out of the box, without using too much vibrancy”. JG