Men And Their Glasses

Simon Palmer, Managing Director, C.W. Dixey & Son, London

3rd February 2012 Throughout the month, as part of our focus on men’s eyewear, Eyestylist speaks with men who bring creativity, knowledge and experience  to the eyewear scene, as they kindly share their ideas with our readers. We start the series with Simon Palmer from C.W. Dixey & Son.

“An increased awareness of men’s eyewear has certainly taken place due to the profusion of lifestyle magazines and online sites. Whilst this has led to many seeking grand brands, it has inevitably led to discerning individuals seeking less well known companies that create high quality, discretely branded products, that are infused with heritage and provenance. Yes, men are interested in vintage, but probably not as amenable to wearing it, as society expects men to be a little more conservative with their look.  However, the same principle holds that men will always be interested in timeless design.


Chartwell by C.W. Dixey & Son London 1777

In the global eyewear market, I think brand, design and colour are the main determinants for the majority of people. Sadly, quality, authenticity, and the ethos of the company seem to be valued less. The most exciting eyewear companies give design, quality, authenticity and ethos equal weighting. The very finest understand that the most important consideration is how a frame makes someone feel. For men’s fashion, I like the long-established, and independent houses of Savile Row, London. Whilst not exactly a men’s clothing brand, the heritage and archive of Fabergé fascinates me.

I have been immersed in the ethos and design archive of C.W. Dixey & Son for over twenty years. I am not a trained designer, and have been fortunate to work alongside highly creative and talented individuals, who have been able to translate our ideas and archive pieces into beautiful, contemporary eyewear.” JG