Author and Eyewear Enthusiast

Mark Tungate launches latest book at Le Bon Marche, Paris

20th March 2012 Mark Tungate, author and acknowledged eyewear fan, was busy signing copies of his newest book Le Monde de la Beauté at the launch party held in the elegant book department of Le Bon Marché in Paris. The French edition, published by éditions Dunod, has been translated into French after the success of his original book in English – Branded Beauty – published by Kogan Page. The book is a fascinating study of the history and evolution of the beauty business – a compelling read coupled with excellent research. Tungate also researches his glasses – he is as particular about his frames as with his prose. “My glasses  are from jlc, my favourite optician on The Left Bank. (There is also a branch in Le Bon Marché). They have a fine collection of Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith and vintage frames, all of which suit my slightly retro tastes. The spectacles I’m wearing in the photo are jlc’s own brand. I was attracted to them because they’re made of genuine horn; they have a slightly matt look, and an intriguing pattern that’s even more subtle than tortoiseshell, like traces of grey smoke amid tobacco brown. The shape is softer and a little rounder than some of the more angular frames I own, without being owlish. I may need a new pair of specs soon because I  think my prescription has changed a little – must be all the late night proof reading! But my wife says: ‘No, keep those, they are perfect!’ So it looks like the horn rims won’t be relegated to the spare specs drawer for a while yet.” JG