Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones

Millinery History and Hat Artistry in New York

21st March 2012 Hats ranging from a twelfth-century Egyptian fez to a 1950’s Balenciaga chapeau, plus couture creations from Stephen Jones, the world’s foremost hat designer, are on display in a captivating exhibition at the Bard Graduate Centre (BGC) in New York City. Jones’s masterful hat creations have graced the heads of many celebrated clients – including Diana, Princess of Wales – and he creates hats for films, which include Coco Avant Chanel, W.E. and Atonement. Jones spearheaded new interest in hats in the 1980’s with his use of unusual materials, extraordinary craftsmanship and daring designs. He is also associated with leading fashion designers – including Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs.

The intriguing exhibition – a collaboration between The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Stephen Jones – includes a wide range of Jones’s eclectic styles, plus motorcycle helmets, berets and unique items – including the top hat worn by President Franklin Roosevelt to his fourth inauguration; Babe Ruth’s baseball cap, and Estee Lauder’s turban. The exhibition is a fascinating anthology of ¬†hats from the last century to the present day. Through 15 April at the Bard Graduate Center, New York City.¬†www.bgc.board.edu JG

Photos courtesy of The Victoria and Albert Museum in London and Bard Graduate Centre